Adriana’s Submission

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Damien’s eyes were fixated on the beautiful woman who stood before him. Her auburn hair cascaded down to her beautiful round globes, her green doe eyes, and soft plump lips. Everything about her was gorgeous. And Damien was no less mesmerized by her beauty. He stared at her long and hard. Her face was partially hidden in auburn locks, her petite hands fidgeting with the hem of her floral summer dress. On the other hand, Adriana was equally drawn to the tall, handsome man in a dark suit who stood before her. Finally, when the marriage was arranged between them – Adriana turned rebellious.

Damien loved his wife even though it was a short duration of their arranged marriage. But what he didn’t tolerate was her childish behavior every day, cursing and throwing tantrum around the house like a little brat. She needed to be taught a lesson, he thought to himself. A punishment that should keep her in line and teach her to behave like a civilized human being.

The day she was brought home, drunk and wasted, Damien’s anger knew no bounds. He was furious at her irresponsible actions. The next morning she woke up with a pounding headache and a very angry husband beside her. She knew she crossed a dangerous line and feared of the consequences of her actions from last night knowing how possessive and territorial her husband was. Drinking, driving recklessly and kissing another man – her transgressions were too many to forgive. However, she put up a brave face and ignored him completely, striding into the bathroom to clean up. Damien knew what needed to be done and thus wasted no words on her.

When she finally came out of the bathroom, freshly bathed and wrapped in a short robe, Adriana saw her husband sitting on the bed as if waiting for her.

“Do you need anything, sweetheart?” she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Come here, Adriana.” Damien crooked a finger at her. His voice held a soft but dominating tone.

Reluctantly, Adriana walked up to him and sat down on the bed. He unwrapped the towel on her head, releasing the damp, glorious auburn hair falling all over her back. He had a soft smile playing on his lips as he trailed his fingers through her hair gently. Adriana longed for his touch. And such mere sensation of his fingers through her hair made her forget every shred of defiance she had. Instead, she gave in to his soft touch, caressing her hair.

“You have beautiful hair, love. So long and pretty,” he commented absent-mindedly.

“Thank you. I have been keeping them long since I was 8,” she said, still blushing at his compliment.

“Nice,” Damien drawled.

“Why aren’t you mad at me for last night?” she asked finally, unable to suppress the confusion within her.

“I don’t like getting mad at you. But yes, there should be some consequence for your actions. We’ll talk about that later.” Adriana slightly nodded at his consideration. “I have a surprise for you, love,” he added. “But I have to blindfold you first.”

“No, but-” Her sentence was cut short when he placed a strip of black cloth on eyes. He walked her into another room and seated her in a chair with a padded leather cushion.

“What are you doing, Damien?” she asked in a slightly hyper tone, squirming in her chair nervously.

“You’ll see. Sit tight, baby.” No sooner than he completed his sentence than she felt leather strap around her wrists, binding and strapping her to the chair. Once her hands, ankles, and shoulder were nicely bound and strapped to the chair he took off her blindfold.

Damien placed his hands on either side of the chair, leaning into her slightly. “I told you, Adriana, there would be consequences of your actions. You got drunk, you bashed the car and you kissed another man.” His steeled voice ran a shiver down her spine.

“Yo-you can’t punish me like this, Damien. I am your wife. I am not a kid.” She tried too hard to put up a brave facade. However, her stuttering gave her away.

He let out a soft chuckle cupping her chin. “You are my wife, my beautiful wife,” he mused gazing her sweet face. “And I don’t want anyone else kissing these beautiful lips other than me.” He pressed his lips against hers, drawing a sweet moan and slightly calming her.

Once the kiss broke, she looked into his eyes almost apologetically. “Sorry, I was way out of line yesterday. I don’t know what’s got into me. I am really sorry, Damien.” But she wasn’t sorry. She was always the disobedient and rebellious woman who did exactly what she was prohibited. Damien knew that very well. He also knew how to tame her wild, insubordinate spirit and mold her into a respectable lady.

“You’re not sorry, baby. But you will be. Soon, very soon.” He leaned in once again, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead.

Adriana was getting impatient. Although she was clueless of his intentions, a sick knot twisted in her stomach indicating the outcome of her actions to be grave and perilous for her. While he disappeared behind her back to retrieve the things, she squirmed and writhed against the binds trying to catch a glimpse of her back. And when she couldn’t, she lashed out. “You ass, enough of this now! Untie me, Damien, right fucking now or you will regret this later,” she barked.

Damien shook his head and smiled. “And here I thought you were sorry and trying to make amends.” He reached behind her, stroking her beautiful neck with his fingers. She tried shaking her head but his grip tightened enough to stop her from moving. He leaned in and whispered into her ears, “Forgive me but I think I need to shut you up, baby.” Wasting no time, he gripped her jaw and put a duct tape over her mouth.

“Shh…you need to calm down now, Adriana,” he admonished in a stern tone. The only time he used her name was when he was dead serious. And this was one of those times. Adriana stopped whimpering, anticipating what consequence she was about to face. She felt his hands gathering her hair at the back, brushing the almost dry hair so gently and securing it into a low ponytail. Her auburn hair not only had volume and length but also smooth and naturally straight.

“I have tried so much talking sense into you, Adriana,” Damien spoke, his fingers still caressing the long ponytail. “But you don’t want to listen to me. You’d defy me at every turn and put yourself at risk. You’d flaunt yourself to other men, seductively, knowing how much it infuriated me.” Adriana kept whimpering against the tape. “You want to behave like a kid?” he asked, knowing full well that she could not answer. “Then you need to be punished like a kid. I am going to take away something you love very, very much.”

His hands picked up the clippers and sprung it to life. Before she could sway her head, he grabbed her ponytail and struck the Clippers at the base of the ponytail. The metal bit into her hair, severing the long auburn tresses and leaving her with just shoulder length hair. He took the severed ponytail, dropping it down on her lap and stood before her. Adriana, by now, was a sobbing mess whimpering like a child. She could not believe her eyes. Almost twenty inches of her long hair laid lifeless on her lap.

“This is a just the reminder that you are to behave properly from now on.” Reaching behind her back, he ran his fingers throughout the short length and spoke, “Knowing you, my wife, you haven’t learned your lesson. Yet.” He picked up the clippers once again and pushed her head down lowering her chin.

Adriana stopped fighting by now and surrendered to her fate. She had no clue what Damien was doing to her hair except feeling the vibrations all over her nape and chunks auburn hair raining down from both the sides. Slowly, the Clippers clawed up towards the crown severing more and more hair in its wake. It almost felt like an eternity when the buzzing stopped but just momentarily.

Damien moved to the sides, using the comb and clipper combination, he sheared away the hair from temple to the crown. Once both the sides were shorn to his satisfaction, he stood in front of her shuffling the longer tresses around her forehead.

“You love your hair too much, Adriana. Now you would know how it feels without it,” he spoke whilst cutting her hair close to an inch from the scalp, leaving no bangs or fringes. Her face was covered in small tufts of hair stuck with the tears. Very thoughtfully, he took off the tape from her mouth.

“What have you done, Damien?” Adriana broke down with her head hung low.

“I gave you a pixie with a clippered back. I think this suits your beautiful face impeccably.” Damien’s finger reached out to wipe off the tears and snippets of hair from her hair.

“Please untie me now.”

“I am not finished with the back, love. So stop wiggling.”

“There’s…there’s nothing left, please, let me go now.” She sobbed some more.

“Shh…let me finish what I started baby.” He reached out and grabbed the largest clipper and with the utmost ruthless precision almost shaved her back, leaving fine buzzed hair and nothing else that tapered layer towards the crown.

“Done,” he announced positioning himself in front of her. He cupped her jaw, lifting her face up. “You will keep this haircut from now onward. No more long hair for you Adriana.”

“You can’t be serious!” she gasped with widened eyes.

“I am dead serious. And if I find you being stubborn again, I will give a buzz cut with a shaved back. Now, do you want that?”

“No, please, no. Don’t do that, Damien. I will behave,” she said in a soft voice.

“That’s my good, beautiful wife.” Damien gave a soft smile before pecking her on either cheek. He righted himself to full height, untied her and helped her walk back to their bedroom.

And just like that, Adriana was never allowed to grow her hair back. Every three weeks, he sat her down to the same chair and trimmed her hair in a pixie cut with the clippered back. No matter how much she begged, he wouldn’t allow her hair to grow an inch more than he wished.

Adriana did cry every time he pushed her head down clipping her back in a ruthless, dominating fashion. But she had no other option than to be shorn by her husband. It was to remind her to behave properly or face the consequences. Every time the haircut was completed, he would run his fingers all over her head repeating his warnings as a reminder.

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