After the Wedding

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I wrote this story about two years ago.  It was inspired by a haircut I gave my wife after our wedding, although we didn’t go quite as far as the story does.


After the Wedding

“Do you think it’s time for the cut?” Tim said as they finished unpacking from their wedding weekend. “We leave for the honeymoon in 3 days. You don’t want to deal with all that extra hair in the salt water and heat, do you?”


Jen had been growing her hair out for almost 2 years. She used to wear a short bob and let Tim keep her neck clean, but she wanted to grow it out for their wedding to have more hair to work with. Their engagement had been drawn out an extra year in order to secure the venue they wanted, and her hair was the longest it had ever been, hanging down between her shoulder blades.


Jen hesitated for a moment. “Let me make sure I can get an appointment before we leave. I trust you, but not that much.” Jen twirled a lock of long dirty blonde hair around her finger as she texted her stylist. She had mixed feelings about cutting it. Despite wanting to get rid of the bulk and length she had been caring for, she felt she might miss her longer hair. “Alright, she can squeeze me in Wednesday. I am kind of looking forward to getting this length off.”


Tim felt some movement below as she said that. He liked her longer hair, but he missed her short, chin to lip length bob and wanted to make up for the time he’d spent patiently waiting for this day. Jen had said before that her hair was his to cut after the vows, and he was eager to take advantage of that. “Well then, let me know when you’re ready.”


Before Tim could get his suitcase put away in the closet, Jen was standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror, naked from head to toe, water running in the shower. “I’m going to shower and wash my hair, then you can cut it.” Jen said. She looked in the mirror, her light hair hanging in front of her down to her breasts, then she brushed it behind her shoulders and tilted her head back, shaking it gently as it swayed behind her back. Tim was immediately eager to cut it. He joined her in the bathroom, running his hands through her longer hair one last time before grabbing it hard at her neck and kissing her.


While Jen showered, Tim got his cutting tools out. He laid a hand towel out on the counter and placed his kit there, inspecting his scissors and clippers, and setting out his clipper guards in a row from long to short. “How short are you thinking?” Tim said. “I’ll aim for a bit longer so your stylist has something to work with.”


“It’s up to you.” Jen said from the shower. She turned the water off and grabbed her towel. “I promised you that it would be yours, and you’ve waited patiently. I’m ready to do what you want.” She walked over and grabbed her brush, combing out her damp hair with it. When she was done, she set it down and picked up the scissors and a comb, handing them to Tim. “Just remember that you have to look at me, too.”


Tim took the scissors and comb and started combing her hair back and down until it was straight down her back, looking for the point he wanted to start at. He picked a point at the base of her neck in the center and started cutting, angling down a bit as he moved outward. Jen trembled slightly. Tim controlled his excitement the best he could, and the shaking in his hands died down. Once Tim was through, he handed Jen the comb so she could part her hair. As it dried out a bit, she could see that it hung an inch or so above her shoulders, but came down longer in the front.


Jen inspected her hair in the mirror. “I kind of like this, but you know you don’t have to stop here. If you stop, I’m still probably going to have it cut above chin length Wednesday.”


Tim smiled. “Alright then, but I gave you your chance. I could just clean this up a bit and still be happy with the length I’ve already cut.” He picked up the comb again and pulled two hair clips out of his bag. Jen had a slight look of surprise on her face. Tim looked her in the eyes through the mirror and said “You said it was mine, but you can stop me if you want.” Jen shook her head with a big grin on her face. Tim combed through the shorter hair at her neck, choosing a parting line mid way up her ears, then sectioned it off with the clips. He grabbed the clippers and a #2 guard. The clippers popped and Tim pushed them through the hair on the back of Jen’s neck.


When he turned them off, Jen smiled and ran her hands up the back of her neck. “I missed this. I almost wish there were more of it.”


Tim didn’t hesitate. Without a word, he unclipped the hair, and let it down. Then he combed her hair all to the left side, and sectioned off the hair on the right from her temple to around the back, bringing the sectioned area in the back well above her ear on the right, ending at the top of her ear on the left. Once Jen’s hair was clipped in place, the clippers popped again and immediately plunged in to the hair. Tim worked from front to back, shearing the side and back to a quarter inch. Jen was trembling and wet with excitement and Tim was having trouble controlling himself. He removed the guard from the clippers and went to work around the perimeter, fading her undercut down nearly to the skin.


The clippers went silent and both Tim and Jen found themselves breathing heavily. Tim pulled the clips out and let her now mostly dry hair down. Jen shook it out, tossing her newly shorter hair to the side and admiring the fresh fade on her right side. Jen was losing herself in the heat of the moment and said “you can’t stop here. You need to cut it shorter. This is hot, but I want my short hair back.”


Tim looked at her in the mirror and straightened her head out. “Alright, but I offered to stop.” There was no way he could have stopped himself, though, with how turned on he was. He took the comb and parted her hair, then combed down the back and started cutting. The buzzed fade was visible below the cut line, and as he angled the scissors down his cuts barely came below Jen’s ears. Jen gasped as he made a final snip in the front, right in line with her lips.


She looked at the blunt, but evenly and carefully cut short bob in the mirror, hanging down to her lip in the front, and felt the back. She could tell he had cut it high, and the stubble of tight fade gradually turning in to a longer fuzz felt incredible, making her even more wet with excitement. “She can tidy it up Wednesday.” Jen said as she looked Tim up and down. He was hard as a rock, and his hands were shaking slightly with excitement. “For now, I have to deal with you.” She said as she grabbed him and pushed him toward the bedroom.


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