All it takes is one hair

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Sandra opened her eyes quickly,”I’m late!”

She quickly showered and bid her pooch farewell, she couldn’t be late again.

The restaurant was in full swing and Sandra had a lot of orders to fill.

”Sandra!” her boss bellowed,”Where the f were you!”

”Sorry, Mr. Loon”, she apologized,”It won’t happen again”

”Better not or I’ll smoke your ass”

Sandra feared his tone but still, she was late and so; had to work twice as fast to keep up with demands.

She stirred at the soup pot and even though her hair was tied tightly in a ponytail, a single, black strand left her head and was submerged in the thick liquid but dumbly, she didn’t notice.

Sandra had no care for what that hair would do to her so she went back to dishing out soup bowls and watching them out the kitchen door.

The bowl with lone hair in it traveled past tables of customers and was placed on the table of an English art dealer by the name of Miss Elizabeth.

She was eating with her bodyguard when he offered to take the first sip for the reason of checking for poison.

”Don’t be daft”,Miss Elizabeth assured her man.

”With all due respect”, he replied,”I am paid to protect you from all threats to your life. Now, please”

She relented and he scooped up a spoonful of soup that happened to capture Sandra’s lone hair.

He put the soup into his mouth and instantly detected an intruding entity, thinking it some kind of virus, he wiped it out with a napkin but it was no bio-weapon; it was a hair.

”How rude”,Miss Elizabeth raged,”Waiter!”

”Madam”,the tall drink of water waiter  greeted,”What seems to be the problem.

As soon as she heard waiter, Sandra then remembered that one hair that she foolishly let slip, her body went into a flurry of emotions and she ran over to the soup pot, it was licked clean.

”Oh shi-“

”Sandra!” her boss’s voice roared, he stomped into the kitchen with the napkin that bare the hair,”Is this yours!”


”Is this yours!”he repeated, Sandra nodded honestly.

”You go out there”,he ordered,”And apologize to the customer, hurry up”

She went like a whipped dog, with her tail between her legs.

Sandra made her way to the table and stood before the dealer and her bodyguard.

”I- I’m sorry”, she apologize with a thousand suns,”It won’t happen again”

”Yes, we’ll make sure of it”, cryptically spoke Elizabeth.


”You’re excused”, Elizabeth waved Sandra away, the poor girl could only comply.

Sandra worked her butt off for the next seven hours and each hour, she could see the dealer and her man at their table; they intended to stay til closing.

At that time, while the lot of staff was filing away, Sandra was called to the dining floor.

Mr. Loon was chatting with the couple and when he saw the novice cook, he tipped out; leaving the three figures alone with each other.

”So, Sandra”, Elizabeth broke the silence,”Do you regret your mistake?”

”Yes, very”,sucked up Sandra, trying to ease the anger of the woman before her.

But Elizabeth was intent on making sure no other patron would be befall the insult that she was served.

”Und”, she called.

As quick as a flash from a match, Sandra was apprehended and her body was bent on the table.

”Wha- what are you going to do to me?” Sandra released in segments of fear.

Elizabeth took out her hair-tie and spread her black waves on the table,”I am merely making sure no hairs will fall off this head.

From her bodyguard’s suitcase, filled with so many mid-evil torture devices, the dealer plucked up a pair of clippers.

No!, Sandra’s mind yelled as she struggled at the grip of the giant bodyguard.

”Let get you cleaned up, love”, slyly put Elizabeth, flicking on the device.

Raising some of Sandra’s black tresses, the dealer entered the clippers into the girl’s scalp.

From crown to nape, Sandra’s middle scalp became fine stubble and both of her sides followed suit.

She was left a stubbly mess, her tears had stained the tablecloth, she now was a sad buzzed girl.

”Stand her up, Und”

Sandra’s body was lifted off the table and Elizabeth was now eye-level with her.

”Let’s make sure that nobody will sure undergo the trespass that you did to me”

A finger under Sandra’s chin to stabilize it, Elizabeth made great progress in dehairing her assailant,  taking off her brows with the clippers.

With it all stubble, Elizabeth discharged her punishing tool and picked up another: a straight razor and tube of shaving cream.

In loving strokes, Sandra’s head was covered in the stuff.

The razor glided over the cream and soon, a freshly shaven cook was all that was left.

”I’m still not satisfied”, Elizabeth confessed, putting away the tools and taking out the tweezers.

Sandra quickly shut her eyes at the sight of tweezers.

One by one or in chunks, Sandra’s eyelashes were plucked off.

When all was bare, Elizabeth ordered that Sandra be let go and when she was on her knees, the poor, hairless girl was given a broom and dustpan.

Sandra was silent when sweeping up her dead locks and lashes.

”We will be coming again in eight weeks and if I see another hair in the soup or on your head. You know what will happen”

When all of the foliage was swept up, the dealer and her man left the restaurant.

”Come again”,Sandra could only say.

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