Amanda’s Pixie Cropping Session

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This is a true story.

Amanda used to be a neighbour of mine that I briefly spoke to when I saw her out with her dog. She is a bit of a bohemian lady, mid-late 40s & wore a shoulder length one length cut that was regularly bleached blonde & looked awful because she was a natural brunette & due to her vocation as a swimming teacher, the chlorine in public swimming pools was quickly turning her colour a ghastly brassy tone!

I spoke to her once about allowing me to restyle her locks into a shorter more manageable style for both her lifestyle & vocation in life & she replied that she was recently thinking the same, going back to her natural hue & that a friend of a friend whom worked in a local salon was going to do the honours so I complimented her on her choice & gave her one of my cards just for future reference!

I saw her a few months later in late September 2021 as I was out & about stomping with my 3 incredibly cute Cockapoos & true to her word she had been cropped shorter & her hair now looked much healthier as she had gone back to her roots & was now a brunette again! Amanda told me she was pleased to have had her locks cut shorter but wasn’t happy with the cut as it wasn’t edgy enough so had grown it out & was seeking a new stylist!!

She informed me that she still had my card & was pondering whether to call me as we hadn’t seen each other for a while & when I told her that I would cut on her a short & choppy Halle Berry type of crop on her if I had the chance….her lovely facial features lit up & told me she would call me within the next few weeks as that was one of the original styles she had in mind when she pondered going shorter!

2 weeks later I got a message from Amanda asking me when I was free & two days later she was knocking at my door eagerly awaiting her first cropping experience with me & her first ever haircut given to her by a male stylist!!

Now seeing as Amanda had already been shorn short & had lost a lot of bulk & damage by a previous female stylist, I informed her after consuming the customary coffee that I make clients & friends that call upon me & my services, that I was simply going to recrop her locks shorter & tighter at the nape as her locks become quite bush like at the sides & had the effect of adding width to her facial shape & using my gorgeous Matakki Texturing shears, I would simply cut into her hair freestyle & then take weight out of the crown keeping the length but allowing the hair to have a very choppy & textured feel to which she loved the sound of!

Whilst in the chair being shorn by me she commented how she loves having her hair cut & styled & found the experience very relaxing but hates the business like attitude of many salons & that like a lot of ladies who wear short hair, found it hard to find competent cutters.

After 45 minutes of being shorn in the chair with a bit of Miles Davis playing on the CD player & the rhythmic sound of the my Matakki shears doing what they do best my work was complete & I could tell that Amanda was well & truly in pixie cropping heaven & when I took the cape of flowing the usual coconut oil & sea salt spray spritzing & fingered blow dry she admired my work in the full length mirror & stated that it was the best cut she had ever been given & was amazed at how much hair I had cut off whilst keeping the length & loved the choppy & textured feel to the crop!

She messaged me the following day to tell me that her female colleagues all loved her new cut & asked if she could pass on my contact details to a few colleagues for future reference & that she looked forward to her next pixie shearing session with me!

I knew Amanda would be true to her word as we had exchanged a few pleasant messages over the course of the next few weeks & a week before her second pixie shearing session with me she asked me about going much shorter at the nape to which I replied would be a great idea for I was hoping she would say that as I had planned to crop Amandas hair much shorter at the nape with my gorgeous Babyliss Volaire Ferrari red hue clippers next time she was in my chair in my usual playfully dominant manner….of course!

To be continued….

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