Amber gets Buzzed

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Amber began to pack her belongings up, right after she woke up.

She was no longer going to live under her mother’s roof after what happened the previous night.

As she loaded what little she had into her vehicle, her mother walked out of her shop.

Her mother lit a cigarette before she said anything to Amber.

After she exhaled the her first hit of the cigarette, she said “come into the shop, so I can finish your haircut”.

Right after her mother said that, she took another hit of her cigarette.

Amber closed the rear hatch of her vehicle, and then said “I never want to see you, again”.

As Amber made her way to the driver’s side door of the vehicle, her mother said “stop embarrassing me, and get your butt in my chair”.

All her morning clients saw Amber loading up her vehicle, as they entered and existed the shop.

When Amber drove away her mother flicked her cigarette into the street, and then walked back into her shop.

After 20 minutes of driving, Amber had arrived at her father’s driveway.

Her heart thumped, as she made her way down his long driveway.

Nicole and her father lived in a cape cod style cabin.

It was located off the beaten path.

The board and batten cabin definitely fit into the wooded environment that surrounded the cabin.

She loved being out there, but she also loved her Starbucks coffee.

There was a Starbucks coffee in her hand, as she knocked on the door.

It was cool when she started loading her car.

She was wearing a dark blue hoodie, as she stood there hoping someone was home.

Her father kept all the vehicles they owned in a 3 car detached garage.

Her sleeves were covering her hands to the bases of my fingers, as she knocked on the door for a second time.

A few minutes after her second knock, her father came to the door.

As she walked into the cabin, her father said “what happened to your hair”.

With out even thinking about it, she said “it’s a long story, dad”.

Her father pointed at a dinette style table set, and then said “take a seat”.

Amber walked towards the 4 chair table set, as her father said “I see you have your own coffee”.

She sat down, as she said “yup”.

Right before her father sat down at the table, she said “I can’t think that crap Nicole calls coffee”.

Her father laughed, and then said “I can’t either”.

He was not a coffee drinker.

When her father had eye to eye contact with her, he said “let’s cut the small talk. I already know you pay to much for designer coffee, and you already know I only think dew and water”.

Amber looked away, and then said “mom did this to me, last night”.

Her father touched her jaw, as he said “what reason did you give her”.

He guided her face back to where they had eye to eye contact, and then said “I can help you, if I don’t understand the situation”.

When he moved his hand away from her body, she said “I broke curfew”.

With out even thinking about it, he said “are you staying back with your mom”.

Amber looked down at the table, and then said “I was”.

In a louder tone of voice, her father said “what happened to that nice cabin you were living in with that nice boy”.

She was still looking down at the table, when she said “he isn’t as nice as think”.

He guided her face up with his hand, and then said “I’ll walk over to that gun cabinet, if you say he done you wrong”.

Before Amber could comment, Nicole made it to the bottom of the steps.

Nicole walked out of the living room into the foyer, as she said “don’t go getting that boy killed, because you wanted to change the favor of the tea”.

As she passed the table they were sitting at, Amber said “I wanted to cut my hair into a bob cut”.

At this point, her father didn’t know what to say.

He knew he had to say something, so he said “I can understand a man having a preference”.

After he said that, he walked into the kitchen.

When he was right in front of Nicole, he said “I’m just glad I found you”.

Nicole took a sip of coffee, and then said “why would you say that. I don’t meet all your preferences”.

With out even thinking about it, he said “we have an ear guage tool in the basement”.

Before Nicole could comment, Amber said “you want her to guage her ears”.

He knew he couldn’t win the ear guage fight, so he said “I have to go”.

As he walked past Amber, he said “tell him you will wear blonde wig in public, and keep it shaved for him in private”.

Once the exterior door of the cabin closed, Amber said “are you wearing a wig”.

Nicole began to walk towards the table, as she said “text your man, and see what he replies”.

Amber took drinks of her grande caramel macchiato, as Nicole drank her straight black coffee.

They were talking for about 10 minutes, when Amber got a text that said “fine”.

After Amber showed the text to Nicole, Nicole said “I’m all booked for the day, but my son could shave you”.

Right after she said that, she got from the table.

She walked to the basement door, as Amber said “sure”.

Before Nicole closed the basement door, she said “I’ll text him, when I get down there”.

Her two chair salon was located in basement of the cabin.

Ten minutes after Nicole left, there was an attractive man knocking on the door.

He looks to be in the age bracket of her son.

The man on the other side of the door was tall.

His hair was cut into a traditional military flat top.

Amber got lost in his green eyes, as she opened the door.

When the door was fully open, he said “are you Amber”.

With out even thinking about it, she said “yes”.

As she stepped a side so that he could walk in, he said “I always thought it was weird that I never got to meet you or Cheyenne”.

After she closed the door, she said “I know”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “our parents have been dating for like 10 years, now”.

As Amber dropped her phone into her handbag, she said “where are you going to shave me down at”.

He walked towards the basement door, as he said “mom has a extra chair down there”.

Amber hoped they would be doing it in a more private location, as she made her way to the basement steps.

His hand graze her lower back, as she enter the stair well.

He quickly began following down the warmly lit stairwell.

When they got to the bottom of the steps, Amber opened the door to the salon.

The cutting area of the salon was two ordinary stations.

Wash basins and hair dryers were in a different room.

Customers entered the salon though the door on the walk out basement side.

As Amber made her way to the salon chair no was in, Nicole’s client said “where have you been”.

Amber knew who the lady was.

It was her ex boyfriend’s aunt.

Amber sat down in the salon next to this lady, as the lady said “you got a hearing problem, or are too stupid to realize what the question is”.

When Amber still didn’t respond to her, the lady said “when the princess stopped showing up to work, law enforcement tried to put together a case against my nephew”.

Nicole continued to work on the lady’s under cut, as she said “didn’t you tell your employer that you were going to Louisville”.

Nicole knew that Amber wasn’t in Louisville, but she wanted to shut the lady up.

Robert, Nicole’s son,  rotated the chair to face the waiting room area.

As Amber looked at the beautiful door her father installed on the walk basement wall, she said “no, it must have slipped my mind”.

Nicole hug up her clippers, as she said “Amber got her hair buzzed at the fourth street live”.

Robert was grabbing a cape to cover Amber, as he said “I was shocked when I saw her on stage. I thought she was going to run off the stage, when it was turn to take one of the chairs”.

The cape was getting removed from the lady, when she said “who the hell are you”.

He grabbed a piece of tissue, and then said “I’m Nicole’s son, Robert”.

She was getting up from the chair, when she said “your mother talks about you all the time”.

As he stretched out the piece of tissue paper in front of Amber’s neck, he said “I bet she does”.

Right after that was said, Nicole said “can’t a mother be proud of her son”.

The lady was handling Nicole money, as she said “don’t they normally buzz your whole head to one length”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I can’t help, but notice the top is dramatically shorter than the sides”.

By this point, Robert had the cape secured to her neck.

He was about to pick up the clippers, when Amber said “one of my fans agreed to donate $5,000, if I got this cut and wore it for 2 weeks”.

The lady laughed, and then said “I think it’s time to delete that web page. Your cheerleading days are way behind you”.

The lady walked towards the beautiful doors, as she said “she probably gets wets, just thinking about all the guys beating off to her pictures and videos”.

Robert tilted her head to the side, as he said “where were you really at”.

Before Amber could respond, Nicole said “I’m going to go in the other room, and make sure everything is ready for my next client”.

She loved Amber as if she was her own.

Nicole feared Amber was up to no good, and she didn’t want to know were Amber really was.

He flicks the clippers on, as Amber said “I was just taking some down time”.

Up until a few weeks ago, Amber had only seen clippers used on other people.

A few weeks ago, she would have never thought a set of clippers would ever be used on her.

Robert drove the clippers up the right side of her head, as he said “I understand”.

Bald scalp appeared, as she said “I’m no longer a high school cheerleader, so I don’t see why I have to live as I’m”.

He continued to peel hair off the right side of her head, as she said “I’m just a 20 year old lady that works at 7th Street nails”.

When he started to work on the right side of her  nape, he said “your so much more than that”.

Her nape continued to be reduce to just stubble, as she said “your wrong”.

Robert didn’t want to upset Amber, so he just continued to drive the clippers up her nape.

He was making his final pass on her nape, when she said “you only know what your mother tells you”.

As he turned the chair, he said “let’s change that”.

Her head was tilted to the side, as she said “how are we going to do that”.

He made his first pass up the left side of her head, and then said “your going to show me this town, after I finish your cut”.

It wasn’t until Robert turned the chair, that Amber could see herself in the mirror.

She could now see how pale her scalp was.

It was a stark contrast to the rest of her tanned skin.

He pushed her ear forward, as she said “first stop will be the tanning salon”.

As he made his final pass with the clippers, he said “I was in a similar situation when I got my induction cut”.

The clipper got hung up, as he said “there was no spray booth for me to go to”.

At this point, Amber didn’t know what to say.

She knew she needed to say something, so she said “there will be one in mine”.

Amber took her hand out from underneath the cape.

As he rubbed the top of head, she said “I always enjoyed love rubbing a fresh buzz cut”.

Robert looked at her though the mirror, and then said “is that your way of telling me your not wanting me to shave you with a straight razor”

She laughed, and then said “not this time

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