An interesting salon

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Mary went to an interesting salon recently. The place was a small, vintage establishment with decor to reflect that fact. There was only one chair and one barber.

It was a very slim but beautiful, elderly lady. She seemed to be the one depicted in the photos covering the wall. In her prime, she seemed to be a pinup girl. That’s what the pictures showed.

”Why, hello there miss”,the woman smiled warmly at Mary,”I’m Clara. Won’t you please come sit”

The woman graciously escorted her new customer and prepared her for the haircut. Mary’s hair hung freely down her back in its chestnut color. It was thick and shiny, ready for new trails.

”So, my dear”,the woman continued her brushing through the mass,”Are you ready?”

Mary knew that something was amiss but nodded anyway. She was always looking for something new. Her stylist separated the front from the back. With it all divided, the clippers were drawn. They came live and from no man’s land, the vibrating blades started to clean off the back of Mary’s head. Everything behind the dividing line was clipped off.

The girl, all this time, couldn’t see anything but felt it all. A cold blanket soon enveloped the back of her skull. Then something began to strip off the cold in long strokes. A warm towel took over the coverage and gave Mary a pleasant feeling.

When Mary could finally see herself in the mirror, nothing seemed to have been changed. She saw the woman rolling up all the hair up front, pinning it to secure this peculiar style. Looking this way and that to check the barber’s work, Mary saw that everything in the back was gone.

“Proper up front and clean in the back”,Clara said smiling.

The cape was removed from Mary and she stood. Her body turned so that she could see the bare backside of her head. It was all so new and strange and she really loved it.

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