An Unusual Job Requirement

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Tiffany was in a bit of a bind.


Her sugar daddy, Richard, had completely ghosted her two weeks ago, and the things he paid for- her downtown apartment, the lease on her BMW and all of her credit cards, were all in her name. She needed money and she needed it fast. Luckily, she had just happened run into her old friend Lily, at a bar last night. They hadn’t spoken in years, but it just so happened that Lily knew a way to make her financial troubles go away. Lily had been offered a job as a nanny for a wealthy family that paid $2,000 a week, but she couldn’t make the hours work with her school schedule and told them she’d help them find someone else. It was a perfect opportunity for Tiffany to make more than enough to pay her bills, and she would finally be able to support herself instead of having to rely on a man to provide for her.


She had spoken with the client on the phone this morning. They needed someone who could start ASAP and asked if she could come in the afternoon to interview. That was perfect for Tiffany, because ASAP also happened to be exactly when she needed money. The top was down on her convertible as she drove through the neighborhood and admired the grandiose but tasteful architecture as the breeze blew through her long red hair, stopping when she found the address and tying her messy locks back in a ponytail.


Tiffany rang the doorbell and couldn’t help but be shocked at the appearance of the woman who answered. She was a very stylishly dressed woman in her late 30s, but the one feature that stood out above everything else was her hair- or more accurately, the lack thereof. Her head was completely bald, without even a hint of stubble, and her eyebrows were also absent. Tiffany did her best to pretend not to notice, lest she say anything to offend her client and miss out on a lucrative job.


“Hi, I’m Vivian, and you must be Tiffany” the bald woman said graciously as she extended her hand to shake. “Have a seat in the dining room over there, can I get you anything to drink?”


“No thanks” Tiffany responded as she sat down.


“Well then, lets get down to business” Said Vivian “My husband and I need a nanny for my son Jack. He’s very well behaved, should be an easy job. We just need someone to be here during the day to make sure he’s ok while we’re at work and he’s taking classes online. I work from home on Fridays so it will just be 8-6 Monday through Thursday, can you do that?”


“Absolutely” exclaimed Tiffany gleefully. The job sounded even easier than she imagined


“And as we discussed this morning” Vivian continued “The pay is $2,000 a week, plus full medical and dental. Now, I know that’s a lot for this position, and you’re probably wondering what the catch is.. well… I see you have noticed my hairdo”


“Oh… No I barely” Tiffany lied. She had barely been able to keep herself from staring since she got there.


“Jack has a very rare allergy: Human hair. Unfortunately there is no cure, and anyone who is around him must be completely hairless or he will go into shock. It’s a sacrifice my husband and I have had to make for the last 8 years, and we do so gladly, at this point it looks like I never even had hair and as low maintenance as this is, I don’t think I’ll ever go back, but I understand it’s a lot to ask. We would reimburse you for all grooming products, as well as pay for a wig which would look just like the hair you have now. I’ve run a background check and you don’t seem to be any sort of criminal, so I’m prepared to offer you the job right now, and today would be your first day. Are you in?”


“Hmm…” she muttered sheepishly as she ran her fingers through her red mane “I don’t know”


But she did know. A six figure salary and all she had to do was watch some brat for 40 hours a week and wear a wig. It was a no brainer for her.


“You know what? Yes. I’ll do it!”


“Great!” Responded Vivian. “I know this is all very sudden, but I would love it if you could meet Jack today! The one thing though is that you would have to… ahem… prepare” she said, rubbing her smooth scalp.


“Ohh… um…” responded Tiffany “I didn’t realize this would all be happening so suddenly.”


“I know it’s a lot to take in, but if you can meet Jack today, I’ll go ahead and pay you for the full day even though it’s already a quarter past 4. In that bathroom to the left there are all the supplies you’ll need.” She pointed to a bathroom door


“Ok” Shrugged Tiffany


“Yay!” Vivian smiled gleefully as she hugged Tiffany “And remember, you need to be completely hairless. Everywhere. The slightest amount of hair can shed and trigger an allergic reaction.”


Tiffany wasted no time heading into the bathroom. It was a gorgeous, spacious bathroom with quartz countertops, floor to ceiling mirrors and a walk in shower. On the counter sat a set of electric clippers, a can of shaving cream and two handheld razors, one blue and one pink.


“Alright, well, lets get this over with” Tiffany muttered to herself. She slipped her shoes off and slid down her jeans and panties in one motion. Her pubic hair had been shaved into the shape of a heart, with a few days’ worth of stubble. Richard thought it was cute, but she wouldn’t be needing that anymore. She lifted her leg onto the counter and in a couple motions of the clippers reduced the orange heart to the faintest of stubble. She could tell the clippers were top-of-the-line the way they ate through the hair with no resistance. A spray of shaving cream and a few scrapes of the blue razor later and her cunt was smooth as glass. She did each of her legs next, scraping away the stubble she had been too lazy to remove lately. After that, she took off her shirt and bra, spread the cream across each of her forearms, and shaved away the barely-visible hairs, then made quick work of the slight amount of stubble in her armpits.


Now the hard part. Tiffany picked up the clippers and held them to her forehead as she stood naked in front of the mirror. Everything she had done so far was regular maintenance that she would have done anyway, but once she slid those clippers across her scalp, there would be no going back. Until she got a wig, people would stare at her the way she stared at Vivian. She closed her eyes, thought of the money, and pushed the clippers back, right down the middle. They slid through easier than she imagined, and when she opened her eyes, there was a strip of pale skin right down the middle of her head. The stubble was so short and light you could barely even tell it was there. Tiffany lifted the clippers to her scalp and moved another path to the left of the first one, this time watching as the clippers reduced her prized locks to pale skin, untouched by the sun. Another pass, and then another, and another, and just like that the whole left side of her head was covered in nothing but the faintest stubble, with a few patches of red.


Tiffany stopped to rub her scalp. It felt… good. She couldn’t believe it was her head she was touching, but yet, a look in the mirror confirmed it was. One side looking exactly has it had this morning and one side as it never had before. She held one hand in front of her reflection and moved it side to side to see the contrast. To get the full effect, she picked up the clippers again and shaved off her left eyebrow. After a few minutes of admiring her half-shaved head, she picked up the clippers and got back to business. Just as she had done to her left side, she did to her right. Quickly, she mowed path after path, long red hair falling to her feet and bits of stubble landing on her breasts. A quick pass across the eyebrow and she was done. All that remained was a minute vestige to remind her that she had ever been a redhead.


She shook the can of shaving scream and sprayed a dollop into her hand, coating her entire scalp in a white cap and then rubbing a finger over where her eyebrows had been to cover them as well. She picked up the pink razor off the counter and slid it through the foam on her head. This razor felt a bit more dull than the one before, and after she had completely finished scraping the shaving foam from her scalp and eyebrows, she wasn’t quite satisfied with the results. If she had felt that amount of stubble on her legs, she would have shaved them again. She looked in the drawers and cupboards for another razor, but they were all empty. With no choice, she lathered up her head again and repeated the process, pushing down a bit harder this time. she drew a little bit of blood in spots, but after the second pass, she was sure that her hair was smooth and safe for someone allergic to it.


Since she was covered in tiny pieces of what used to be her hair, Tiffany figured she would need to shower. She turned on the water and stepped in. Once she had soaked herself, she heard the door open and saw three silhouettes.


“Whoa, whoa, what the hell?” She screeched as she opened the shower door. Tiffany held one hand over her crotch and another over her breasts.


She recognized two of the three people who had barged into the bathroom. One was Vivian, and the other was Lily. The third was a stranger, a tall brunette woman in her 40s. All three of them were laughing at her.


“Oh my god I can’t believe she actually did it” the stranger cackled maniacally, almost keeling over in laughter.


“I told you I could get her to do it, now pay up” said the bald woman. The stranger counted out a wad of 100 dollar bills and handed 10 to each of the other women in the room.


“What is happening” Tiffany asked, here eyes starting to well up. She held her hands to her face, not even caring that she was exposing herself.


“You actually though hair allergy was a thing?” Vivian taunted her “That doesn’t even exist… it would be… just wow. Ha!”


“Then why are you bald” asked Tiffany, sobbing


“I have alopecia, I look this way naturally, you look like that because you’re an idiot.” She retorted.


“And why you, Lily?”


“You seriously don’t remember why we haven’t spoken in 3 years? You fucked my boyfriend you bald slut.” She shook her head.


“Oh… Right, but who are you?” She questioned the stranger


“You don’t even know who I am or where you are because Richard only fucked you in cheap hotel rooms.” She rolled her eyes. “This is Richard’s house, I’m his wife Linda, and you’re the dumb skank he thought he could get away with banging on the side. You just use people so much you don’t even stop to consider there might be people out there who want revenge. Well except for Viv here, she just has a smooth scalp and a sick sense of humor. I’m gonna leave this red mop and the video I took on Richard’s bed like that scene in the godfather.”


Tiffany stood there, wet, naked, sobbing and defeated. “So there is no money, no job?”


“Oh there is money” Linda said with a maniacal grin on her face. She slid down her skirt and panties effortlessly, revealing a hairless cunt with a diamond piercing through the clit hood.


“So smooth” Linda purred as she rubbed her pussy. “Oh you didn’t… you didn’t use my razor did you? The pink one? Eww, that’s for my lady bits you weirdo.”


Tiffany’s jaw dropped in shock


“Well, are you going to just stand there or do you want some money?” She questioned, continuing to rub herself “I’ll pay you a thousand bucks to eat my cunt right now. Don’t act like you’re not a whore.”


At first Tiffany was angry, but she conceded that she couldn’t possibly be humiliated any more than she already had, so she might as well.


“Fine” she sighed “I’ll eat your pussy for a thousand bucks. But they have to pay 100 if they want to watch.”

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