An unwanted short hair cut

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Suhana is a 20 year college going girl she is pretty and admired by her family and friends. This story is about how she got her haircut above her ears.She has her hair just until her shoulders and she went for a trim one day. She went to the nearby barber shop. It was empty so the barber asked her to get on the chair. And then she asked her how she would like her hair to be cut so she said she needs a trim.

Barber than caped her and sprayed a lot of water on her hair. Then he started cutting her hair at a very high level that all her nape is visible, she was unsure but she did not speak because she was not able to see. By the time Barber started cutting the hair in the front , she realise the length but she couldn’t do anything. Then Barber takes clippers and start cleaning her neckline until above her ears. So  by the time she got down the chair her hair was very short it was almost to her ears she look like a kid.

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