An Unwelcome Surprise

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Jordan was heading out to meet a friend at a coffee shop when she saw herself in the mirror. Her hair was long — longer than it had ever been in her life. The glossy brown strands passed her breasts and were still damp from her earlier shower. She could tell the ends desperately needed a trim — it was obvious even when wet. She frowned, wishing she hadn’t missed her usual summer haircut. 

Truthfully, Jordan never liked having long hair. Every day when she was in high school, she would tie it up in a top knot or pull it back away from her face so it didn’t get in her way during soccer practice. Most days, she didn’t feel like doing it and found it more trouble than it was worth. The only reason why she never wore her hair short was because her mom insisted she keep it long. It was prettier that way, she insisted, and most of the other girls at high school had long hair too. Jordan never protested since it was easy enough to tie it in a bun, but maybe now that she was in college, it was the time for a change. 

As she readied to leave her dorm, Jordon combed through her luxurious caramel hair, leaving smooth ends in her wake. Her signature red baseball cap added a playful touch, paired with her trusty Jansport backpack. At age 20, Jordon’s slim, athletic figure and smoldering green eyes beautifully complemented her natural beauty. Although she didn’t put too much emphasis on it, she knew she was pretty. Whenever she ventured to the local nightclub with friends, she often had to deflect advances from locals and fellow college students, especially when she took the time to flat iron or blow dry her hair.

As she walked to the coffee shop, the August sun heated her hair, making it feel like a warm scarf on her neck. It was a good ten-minute walk. By the time she reached the entrance, sweat beads had formed on her neck and forehead. As she passed by the local salon, seeing a picture of a girl with a pixie cut, she thought about how much cooler and easier it would be to have that kind of haircut. A buzzed nape with longer side-swept bands would keep her neck cool during the summer. Or even an undercut with buzzed back and sides and the top hitting below her ears. 

When she arrived at the coffee shop, she saw that her friend August had already secured a seat for her and sat next to him. August was a political science major and several years older than her. They had met through a mutual acquaintance and had become fast friends over their shared love of soccer and Tarantino movies. Though she found August a bit sexy, with his dark hair and more mature look, they had never been more than friends. One of them always seemed to be in a casual relationship when the other was single, and now that it was summer, August was seeing a girl back in his hometown. The only reason why they were alone was because their other friend had canceled. 

“So, what are your plans for the weekend?” August asked after they chatted for a few minutes. 

“I was thinking about getting my haircut,” replied Jordan. “I usually get it done back home, but this time I’m thinking about doing something a bit different. Shorter, maybe.” 

“How much shorter were you thinking?” asked August. 

“I don’t know. Maybe a bob or a long pixie or something. Haven’t really decided yet,” she said nonchalantly. 

“I think you could pull it off,” he said. Jordan pretended not to be surprised. Usually, guys looked at her funny when she talked about cutting her hair.

“Yeah, I just need to find a place that isn’t too expensive.” 

“I can cut it for you if you’d like.” 

Jordan rolled her eyes playfully. “Sure, because you’re a secret barber?”

“Actually, I trained to be one before coming here. I can cut your hair, and I’ll even pay you if you let me choose the style.”

Jordan watched the waitress behind them clean off the table. The waitress had an undercut and a henna-style tattoo on her shoulder. Besides her close friends, she doubted anyone would care if she cut her hair. Plus, the idea of a mystery haircut excited her. 

“As long as it looks good, I’ll be happy. It’s not like hair doesn’t grow back.” 

“Well, I’ll be sure to give you a complete head shave then,” August joked, miming clippers over his long black hair. “Make sure you don’t have any hair left when I’m done.” 

Jordan laughed. “I think I’d be able to handle it.” 

They discussed the logistics of going to his place for the haircut and agreed to meet later that weekend. By the end of the conversation, Jordan was brimming with anticipation over getting her hair cut. Although she suspected she would end up with a shorter haircut than originally intended, the idea of him doing what he wanted excited her, even turned her on a bit. After returning to her dorm, she decided to curl her hair to prepare for a girl’s night out. It would be her last weekend with long hair, and she figured she’d make the most of it. She pulled out her phone and snapped a picture for her Instagram, receiving dozens of likes within a few minutes of posting. 

Jordan pulled up to the house, matching the address August texted her. It was an unremarkable little house with overgrown hedges and black shutters. The driveway was empty, signaling his roommates were out of town. This morning, her lacy black tank top and mini skirt seemed appropriate for the occasion, but now, as she pulled into the shabby little house, she couldn’t help but feel slightly overdressed. She knocked gingerly on the door, and August greeted her in a tight v-neck and dark jeans. He widened his eyes, seeming surprised at her choice of outfit. 

“Wow, you look…” he said.

“…hot?” she countered, completing his sentence. 

“A bit overdressed for getting your haircut.” 

Jordan frowned, finding his reaction and his silence when ushering her into his bedroom a bit awkward. Was he annoyed at her? Had she said something to offend him during their coffee date? Either way, she felt like she violating his space just by being there. It was clear that he had cleaned his room to prepare for her visit. It was free of the usual college messiness — no dirty laundry strewn around, no stacked textbooks cluttering the room, just a single wooden chair parked between his dresser and bed. 

August cleared his throat. “Before we begin, I just want to make sure that you will be okay with whatever haircut I give you.” 

Jordan sat awkwardly in the chair. “Umm…I guess, as long as it looks good,” she said. “You’re not planning on making me look ugly, are you?” 

August shook his head. 

“Well, I trust your judgment. You’re in full control.” She was looking at him. He was looking away. That’s when she noticed his collection of haircutting tools — scissors, a cape, and even clippers —  arranged in a neat row on his dresser. 

“Oh, can you make sure to tie my hair into ponytails so I can donate it when I’m done?” 

“I’ll be sure to do that. No problem. You’re gonna look really good when I’m done with you.” 

Jordan’s heart was thumping. She hadn’t been this nervous since her calculus final last semester. She took a last glimpse at the hair she was about to shed and then at the collection of haircutting tools, feeling a tingling sensation down below. His preparedness and the fact that there were mere inches from his bed turned her on. As he went into the bathroom to grab more tools, Jordan fantasized about stripping naked on his bed and having him cum inside her.

“Just a trim before we start the real haircut.” August ran the comb through the mids of her hair, thoroughly removing the tangles. His large hands touched her hair as he removed the knots. It reminded Jordan of when her ex-lovers would yank her hair in the bed. She could feel herself growing wet as he used the spray bottle on her hair. 

“So, are you seeing anyone right now?” Jordan asked. August had mentioned going on a few dates with a girl earlier this summer, but she hadn’t heard any updates in a while. 

“I am not.” August combed the ends of her hair, positioning them parallel to each other. Pieces of brown hair onto her tank top. 

“What about what’s her face…Amanda?” 

August laughed, trimming a piece of her hair using his fingers as a guide. “Oh her? Yeah, she wasn’t really looking for a relationship.” 

“Oh, well. I’m sorry to hear that.” 

“It’s for the best.” 

Jordan was impressed with how carefully he trimmed her hair. By the time he finished, it looked nice and neat. That’s when she noticed a bulge sticking out from his pants, one that looked pretty big and in need of some attention. Without looking at her, he unclipped the cape. She looked into his deep-set brown eyes and then looked at his crouch again. 

“Would it distract you too much if I took my shirt off? I’d hate to get hair all over it.” 

August smiled as a wave of understanding passed over his face. “Only if you take off your skirt as well.” 

Jordan raised the tank top over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her nipples, visible through her lacy black bra, were hard and erect. The matching black panties came into full view when August pulled her skirt down moments later. 

He took her hand and placed it on his crouch, then brushed her chin with his fingers. 

“You’re going to look so fucking sexy when I’m done with you.” 

She leaned her head back, putting her hand down her panties. Before she could blink, she was bent over his bed, stripped naked, his hand grabbing the hair on the back of her head. He steered his massive cock into her pussy; its sharp mass was a welcoming pain as he thrust back and forth violently, forcing her into moans of ecstasy. When it was about time to finish, he pinned her back to the bed and pointed his penis toward her face. Buckets of cum fell all the way from her hairline to her stomach. 

Before she could protest, he pulled her to the shower. He poured shampoo all over he head and finished her off as the hot water washed the cum from her face. Her orgasm was explosive, radiating shocks of pleasure through her body. She moaned loudly, nearly falling over in his shower. When it was over, he soaked the ends of her newly trimmed hair with conditioner, filling the bathroom with lavender. 

It took about five minutes for them to finish showering, and when it was done, August dried her off using an old hair dryer. 

Jordan was shocked at how much the simple trim had restored her hair. It hadn’t looked this beautiful in months. Glossy brown strands hung to her bust, further enhanced by her natural sunkissed highlights. She let August take pictures of her naked body and freshly trimmed hair. In the photos, which he had taken with his DSLR, her hair glistened in the light, looking long and healthy. She would become shocked at the length when she’d stumble on the photo months later. 

August showed her the picture through the viewfinder. 

“Take a long look because you’re not going to look like this for a really long time.” 

She was naked and about to be shorn. The trim, the sex, the photo shoot, it had all happened so quickly that Jordan didn’t even have time to process that she was about to lose something she had for her entire life. 

She sat down in August’s chair. Her boobs and shaved pussy were in full view in the mirror. 

“Are you ready?” he asked. 

“Yes!” she said. The closest she had to short hair was when her mom let her cut it to her shoulder in 9th grade. She’d loved the length then. How bouncy and free it felt, even if it did pull back as easily. She couldn’t wait to go much shorter. 

Before she could react, August took the scissors, cut off a chunk of her hair, and handed her the severed strand. Jordan felt the missing piece near the top of her head. It was just a few inches long, shorter than she imagined cutting her hair. She couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Just a little tease,” August smirked, trading the scissors for a comb and elastic. The little piece of hair looked silly, sticking over the rest of her hair. Although she had wanted a longer pixie, she thought a shorter one would feel breezy and liberating. August sectioned the back of her hair into two ponytails and put the front pieces in little clips. She thought about how cool her hair would feel once the scissors had done their bidding. 

She smiled in excitement as August picked up his clippers. He turned them on. They roared to life. The buzzing sound filled up the room as it moved toward her head. Its noise changed as it effortlessly sliced through the first ponytail. There was no going back now! The first ponytail fell to the ground. As the clippers shorn the hair on her nape, she realized she forgot to ask what guard he was using. It almost felt as if the clippers themselves were touching her neck. She felt very exposed and vulnerable. But she loved the idea of the neck being very short. That was the part of her hair that became unbearable during the summer heat. 

As the second ponytail fell, Jordan wondered when August would switch out the guard. She was facing the mirror but had no idea what was going on the back of her head. She felt the clippers work up the curve of her skull, nearing the top of her head. Without thinking, she turned her head, and what she saw was shocking! Pale skin and faint stubble were all that remained on the back of her head, and it went all the way up her scalp. She wasn’t just having her hair cut; she was being shaved!

Still giddy from the sex earlier, she started to laugh through the shock. 

August turned off the clippers and laughed mischievously, like a child doing something he wasn’t supposed to.  

“I’m not giving you something you didn’t ask for,” he said with a naughty grin. “But if you’re too scared, I’m happy to stop.” 

He combed the hair over the missing sections. Yes, she could hide it, but she’d have to wear her hair in a specific way. It seemed she had no choice but to let him continue the haircut, even if it looked like he was turning her into the marine. 

“I think it will be fine. I trust your process.” 

“You’re going to be so hot when I’m done. I can’t wait to cum all over your head.” 

August took the clippers and ran them straight through the middle of her head. A waterfall of brown hair fell onto her lap. Jordan nearly screamed. The path of pale skin meant he was shaving her bald. 

“I’m guessing this isn’t what you had in mind?” 

Jordan shook her head, nearly in tears. This wasn’t what she wanted. August sectioned the front pieces into crude pigtails and then used the clippers to sever them from her head. Then he carved another path of pale skin onto the top of her head. After a few more swipes, she had an old man haircut, and then a few more, she looked like Gollum. Unbelievable amounts of hair fell onto his bedroom floor. What had once been her best feature now lay lifelessly on the ground. He pressed her ears down one at a time using his fingers and then shaved the last strands by her hairline. A figure with large green eyes stared back at her in the mirror. 

When August dropped the severed ponytails onto the dresser and rushed to the other room, Jordan felt too scared to move, like the woman in the mirror would strangle her if she tried to escape. Slowly, after the paralysis came to pass, she lifted her hand and stared to feel around her scalp. The divot she felt when she rubbed her hair in the shower was now visible. She thought the shape of her skull looked like an alien’s. It was wide and much larger than she realized, with crescent ears sticking out of the sides. She moved her fingers up and down the scalp, feeling the harsh pricks of the hairs. She thought she looked hideous.

She was about to tear off the cape and head home when August returned to the room. “We’re not done yet.” He smirked, holding a can of shaving cream and a hot towel. She bit her lip, shocked at how tempted she was to cry. The towel nearly burned her scalp and made the shock of the cool shaving cream even more uncomfortable. 

August placed a circle of shaving cream into his hands and used one of those barber brushes to lather it over her scalp. August carefully peeled away the remaining layer of her hair, leaving nothing but smooth, shiny skin in its wake. If he hadn’t been working on her head, she could almost admire his skill with the razer. August finished in about ten minutes, wiping the last bits of shaving cream with his towel. Jordan was as smooth as a newborn, with no hair to distract from her massive green eyes. Shaking, she lifted the palm of her hand to her skull, feeling its silky smoothness. She knew it would take years to grow her hair back, and she began to cry from the shock.

August laughed louder, making her feel more ashamed.

“I never pegged you as someone who cared so much about hair. Are you really that vain?” 

The tears dropped from her cheek onto her breasts. She was naked but didn’t even feel like putting her clothes on, and when August realized she was actually upset, he looked uncomfortable, unsure of what to do next.  

After standing there for a few minutes, thinking of ways to comfort her, he left the room. He was gone for a few minutes when Jordan pressed her ear against the bathroom door and heard him grunting. Her shock turned the fury once she realized what August had done. She used all her strength to fling open the door and found August inside, vigorously stroking his penis. 

“You better give me more than $50 fucking dollars, you disgusting pervert.” August turned beat red. He pulled up his shorts to cover his penis, nearly tripping all over his stuff.  

“How much do you want?” Jordan could sense that he was scared, and she relished that power.

“I want a thousand dollars.” 

August was hurryingly digging through his stuff. “I don’t have a thousand.” 

“Give me $800, then.” 

“Look, I have $480 in my bank account. If I give you all of it, will that be enough?” 

She spit on his face but took his money while throwing on her clothes. She didn’t want to give him any chance to move his money or cancel his account, so the first thing she did when she got into her car was head to the bank. The other customers stopped to stare at her, confused at the sight of the bald woman dressed in a lacy black tank top and mini skirt with fury in her eyes. They could stare all they wanted. It didn’t matter to her. She liked the attention. 



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