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Pre-warning: you may find this story too offensive, disgusting, or a bit off the beaten track. If it’s just a hair story you’re looking for, this isn’t the story you’re looking for. As I remind you in all my stories, my English is not very good, but I tried to improve it a bit in this story. I hope you enjoy.

You might think people would be better in 2123, but the world got worse. capitalism dominated the world. slavery is back with a few differences, people choose to be slaves because the other option is death. The people are so poor that they sell their entire life, their future, for a living or for their families. There are varieties of slavery, the noble rich decide according to their wishes.

Melina was at the bottom of the people. She was very beautiful, she had a heart-shaped face and full warm brown long hair. It had an instantly recognizable beauty in its surroundings. She was fighting not to be a slave. She was working all kinds of jobs, trying to take care of her 5 younger siblings. She was the eldest child of the Adams family. Melina woke her sisters that morning. she gave them the food capsules and sent them to school. then she went to work at her job at the factory. she had her ID read, but the ID didn’t allow for the pass. She tried again and again “no no no this can’t be”. She pushed the door through and began punching heavy steel to get through. all around got quiet. sad eyes turned to melina and the countdown began at the door. This meant that if he didn’t come out before the time was up, his whole family would be executed. had been fired. She had only one choice, she turned and went out of the factory. She went straight home to see how many supplies she had. they had used the last food capsules in the morning, the water capsules were already finished yesterday morning. she was making money daily and every day had value. thought a lot of things but none of them was a solution. She knew what she had to do, but she refused until the last moment. When he finally decided what needed to happen, he went out. She bought cheap beer with the last money in her pocket. She knew she couldn’t do what she was going to do while sober. When her siblings arrived, melina told them to collect special family heirlooms. “You don’t need more,” she said. the six brothers set out for the great center. Melina hadn’t told her sisters what was going to happen. All her siblings knew was that Melina had found a new job and lived comfortably.

melina first recorded her siblings. Now, Melina was going to ensure that her siblings would receive the income, which was the reward for the work she would do for the rest of her life. their siblings were taken to a luxury apartment to spend the rest of their lives in peace and prosperity. Now it was Melina’s turn and she was left alone with her fate. The receptionist surprised Melina by saying you have a special buyer. “How? I decided to come here today. My registration is now done. How could someone special have pre-ordered it.” said melina, the receptionist replied. “oh honey why do you think you got fired. nothing is a coincidence. nobles get what they want when they want. now let me explain the situation to you. slavery has been chosen as a animal of your kind. we have been informed of the changes, implants accordingly. Your first place is your hair.

Melina was seated in a comfortable chair. He began to follow his surroundings with frightened eyes. I made a mistake, she thought, as the effects of alcohol slowly left her body. this is a big mistake. panicked. She was about to get up to escape when she realized that her arms and legs were cuffed. she lifted her head and noticed the red-haired, extremely sexy woman standing above her. The woman began to speak. “Honey, don’t worry, this happens to everyone. When you sit here and think for a few seconds, everyone panics and thinks they’ve made a mistake, but forgets that they have no other choice.” the lady chuckled. “And even if you’ve made a mistake, it doesn’t matter anymore. There’s no going back. So stop whining and get used to your new life. You’ve been given a complete cure, do you know what that means?”. Melanie shook her head no and the woman spoke. “Well, you’re about to find out then.” The woman’s vague conversations weren’t helping Melina at all. her fear was growing. The lady began to speak again. “I’m sorry your life is going to be like this. You have beautiful long hair. You’re almost perfect. I wish I could do something for you.”. melina was grateful for this sudden intimate moment. As sad as it was, it wasn’t fake.There was understanding in his eyes. the full brown hair was combed and tied for the last time. Melina asked, averting her eyes from the mirror. “What’s your name? Are you also a slave or do you just work?”. Now it was her turn to be surprised. There had been a lot of young women drowning in their own troubles sitting in this armchair but no one cared about her. she replied. “My name is Ilayda and I’m not a slave, but I was made for this job. I didn’t have a mother or father. I was inseminated on synthetic media. So my situation is a bit complicated. Okay, now we have to get you into that compartment. Don’t open your eyes. Don’t breathe. Exactly 1 minute after the door closes you I’ll take it out.” Melina nodded and went inside. When he was taken outside a minute later, he was out of breath. Melina was laid on a long metal stand. Ilayda took a cloth and started wiping every inch of Melina’s body. Melina suddenly realized what was going on, and tears began to flow from her eyes. She was silent as she wiped her face. He was mourning everything that had gone. her eyebrows and eyelashes were pulled from her face, she. Finally, Ilayda grabbed her tied hair and pulled it. painlessly, without any difficulty, his hair was parted from his head. Melina’s head was starting to spin, she had lost all her radiance and the beauty that made her smile in her miserable life. she started to cry and sob more when she saw herself. Ilayda consoled Melina.ilayda broke the silence. “Maybe we’ll meet again someday, but right now you have to move on to the next station. You can’t be late.”. melina was taken to the next station by the guards. There, a surgeon met him, whom he later learned was magnus. A seat was coldly and rudely pointed at Melina. Melina sat down without protest. Magnus began to study him with a thick pen in his hand. He struggled a lot with Melina’s head. first, he identified two symmetrical points on its apex. his nose, mouth and chin were enclosed in a rectangle. After thinking for a long time, he took notes on his tablet. He smiled broadly and spoke. “yeah we can start now are you ready for the new animal life?” melina was aware that there would be a new life, but she would still work and serve. He thought that after all his hair had been plucked, his appearance could no longer deteriorate, and he paid little attention to Magnus’ words. She was about to see how wrong she was. She lay down on a stretcher and, for the last time, as a human being, she let herself fall into the sweet arms of sleep.

When he awoke, everything was blurry. He felt something strange in his breathing. She tried to speak it was very difficult. It was as if his facial muscles had disappeared. “Magnus with difficulty,” she muttered. After a while, magnus appeared. He scrutinized the melina from head to toe. averted his eyes. “Oh you poor girl,” magnus muttered. Melina was about to die of fright. Magnus began to speak with a fake wide smile on his face. “Yes, your melina owner wanted a cow slave. He informed us of the changes he wanted for this. Your chin has been elongated. Your nose has been removed. Your mouth has been widened to remove your lips. Now you have a full cow mouth. You may have trouble speaking. Most of your cheek muscles have been removed. You can barely talk. Well cows don’t make gestures, right? The good thing is you can breathe more easily. We got rid of the bone pile now you only have two holes above your mouth. We struggled a lot with your ears. Now you have beautiful cow ears. Your hands and feet are not functional now. They’ve turned into hooves as they should. That’s fine for a cow. The vertebrae in your back are aligned and their mobility is impeded.your shoulder and hip joints are highly restricted. You can use your knees and elbows only when you are sitting as a cow. One of the most important parts is that your breasts are now four. your uterus has been enlarged. Your owner wants you to be a milking cow. Of course we can do this artificially but your owner wanted it to be natural so a cow zygote was placed in your womb. So you’re pregnant.”. Melina passed out after a while. When she woke up she thought she was dreaming. This was impossible. It was explained to her over and over. Melina denied it was real. She cried and cried. When she finally wanted to wipe her tears, she couldn’t move her arms and she cried more when she saw her hooves instead of her hands. She fainted.

After a while, when Melina did not know how much, she left this station with all fours, from which she came with two legs. He was in a desperate acceptance. At the next station, a man named Eric was waiting for him. It was clear that he was enjoying the whole job. He looked at the before and after photos of Melina. she laughed out loud. “I hope you have a good reason to do this to yourself.” she said. Melina did not answer. she had promised herself not to cry again. She killed her humanity so that her 5 siblings would not die, she. A spray was sprayed all over her body and she was asked to wait. After a while, he was told to enter a larger cabin like the one where all his hair was taken. melina followed the same instructions. When he came out, his skin was completely white. Eric explained that this is permanent. and tattooed black spots on various parts of his body, like those of a cow. The owner’s name was written on the back of her head with a tattoo. A large earring was placed in one of the melina’s ears, which marked her, and a large ring was placed in the holes where her nose should have been. It was handed over to its owner with a rope around its neck. melina spoke days later “why did you do this to me? i was just trying to live”. The owner, Mr. Russo, replied, “I love stealing beauty. It’s fun to watch pain. Feeling helplessness in the face of my strength…”

Melina gave birth months later. She was milked like a cow for the rest of her life. She never lived like a human again.

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