Anjali’s Barbershop : The Aftershock

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 The Aftershock


Thanks for loving my story fetishers!! I can assure you if you keep reading my tales you might break your own tails.

It was time I started to prep my fetish room, where I could keep my precious possessions. I had a small store room and decided on it. It took me a day to clean up the mess which I had kept there earlier. Then painted the whole room in pink, it was looking amazing.  In the corner of the room I hung the reward I took from Sonali, her beautiful long tail was looking amazing I can’t express my happiness in words I admired my first prize hanging there. Offcourse I had played a lot with it in the last 24 hours so before I ruined it I decided to hang it like to prize it was.

Over the course of the weekend Sonali’s mom came for her regular trim a few seconds after she arrived I saw Sonali entering the shop too. She was wearing a cap to hide her short hair, I ignored at first but knowing how chatty her mom was I knew I could bring the topic up in some time.  Sonali glanced at me when she sat on the waiting chair then stared down not showing her emotions to me. When she was done with the trim I intentionally made a comment “Nice Cap” to Sonali to which her chatty mom responded.  “What nice? You know what she did?” Her mom responded in sort of an angry tone, I acted as innocent as I could nodding her to tell me what happened?.  Her mom with some anger removed the cap from her head, I had to act as if I was surprised but I kinda was she hadn’t done anything to her hair since I chopped her ponytail. It was still tied the same way as I had left it. “This idiot got her ponytail chopped by someone in college, you tell me how can that happen? If someone is cutting my ponytail won’t I know? She had such beautiful hair don’t know what she did with them?” Her mom yelled at her while she stood silent.

I started consoling her mom telling her it will grow back in some time,  “She has been hanging out with boys drinking and smoking and she told it to us as if she doesn’t even care about us” She yelled at her slapping Sonali multiple times in front of me.

I tried consoling her telling her she was just a kid and will get mature in a few years to understand what she was doing was wrong. Her mom thought for a few second then grabbed her hand and sat her on the chair. “I don’t want to do anything here” Sonali struggled and yelled at her mom trying to stuff her in the chair. “remove all of this” she announced both me and Sonali were shocked by her decision. “Wait what? No way” Sonali gasped with tears in her eyes. Her mom slapped her very hard the room was all but silence after that loud crack. Sonali looked at me thru the mirror it was déjà vu she was crying looking at me. But she was an arrogant bitch and I wanted to have all the fun I could with this.

I opened the rubber band I had tied, for love of god the girl hadn’t even removed it since the incident. I then started pouring water over her head massaging it to loosen the roots, once everything was set I took out my straight razor and placed a half razor inside.  Standing behind her I pulled her head back so I could start from the top, I looked at her mom for confirmation she nodded her head sternly. The adventure began, I swear I was getting wet when I first placed the razor on her forehead. Scrchhhh scrhhhhhh the first pass was perfect I could see her skin all the way from her forehead to her crown.  “Aunty I don’t think its allowed to shave full head in our religion, some strands of hair are left on the head” I said she thought for a few seconds while I cleared up the forehead clean. “okay leave some here” she said holding a bit of hair right at the back, I pulled her head up Sonali was hysteric when she saw her bald forehead in the mirror she could not stop crying.

A few more slaps followed with warnings of keeping her like this forever, that made sonali swallow her tears. “If you allow me aunty I can keep Sonali with me for some time as an assistant, I can teach her some manners” While I kept on shaving her right side. “I think that will be better keep her here and keep her like this, assistant or no assistant keep her with you for some time may be she will learn to become a better person” her mom said looking sternly at a half bald Sonali while I finished removing the hair on the left side of her head.“I will send some clothes in the morning, its summer holidays from tomorrow you keep her here for the next 3 months I will pay you for her food and rent. But teach her how to behave in life” she announced before leaving. Sonali looked at her mother with tears leaving her at my disposal.

Leaving Sonali sat half shaved I left her walked with her mom till my door, it was already late in the evening. I closed the door and the lights outside then walked back to my bitch sitting in the chair.  She was sitting still no words only tears rolling down her face looking at herself in the mirror. I sectioned a bit of hair on the back, picked up the same small rubber band from the desk I made a little pony on her head. Then sprayed water again on the hair at the back slowly and enjoyably I started shaving around the ponytail. Scrrr scrrr her hair was falling down on her neck, I kept on shaving it as smooth as I can.  I kept on running the razor on her head until there was nothing but the small pony left on her head.

“Come on baby get up lets shower you now” I whispered in her ear running my hands over her bald scalp. She was sitting motionless tears kept flowing from her eyes as she saw herself in the mirror. I grabbed her hand picking her up from the chair, I took her upstairs to the washroom. Are you going to undress yourself or should I? I asked her. She didn’t move or say anything so I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down then removed her t-shirt. She was standing covering her body shivering, I removed the undergarments and pushed her under the shower.

As soon as the show started water drops started reflecting from her bald scalp going in every direction possible. I grabbed her hands and ran them over her head “This feels good doesn’t it, well if it doesn’t now it will soon because I will keep you like this for a while”.


The Story Continues.

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