Ann’s salon visit 2.0

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I’ll make this really short. Running into Ben (the guy that cuts my wife’s’ hair) days ago at the local wing fest festival paid off today. Ben was with several friends,as was I, and we had words and a few beers. After all Ann spends $250 a month with ole Ben – probably why he bought me a few beers! And after throwing a few down I said with a laugh…

“Hell, my wife sees you more than she she’s me” just a joke as Ann does visit the salon every other week!

“I thought she said once that you really liked her hair short?”

“Man it looks great, you do a great job and she loves it – really, she’s just always so busy and trying to get by every 2 weeks with her schedule and recent promotion gets tough at times” I said, lying like hell as I heavily influence her bi-weekly nape trims. I think she said she feels bad not going because in her words ” he counts on that money I’m sure”

‘No worries my man, I certainly don’t want her to think it’s a bout the money – hell I’m booked solid every week!

Saturday morning rolled around, we were headed out of town for the w/e – I dropped Ann off at the salon at 630 an early appointment for a cut, but like he said- he’s always booked, so Ann gets an early slot!

As I waited in the parking lot, Ann walked out of the salon. It was foggy, still a bit dark as she opened the car door and got in.

Holy Shit – something was different. As she settled in, asked where we were getting breakfast, I could only think, did he not show her the cut when she left? Did she trust him so much that she didn’t even look or feel her new haircut?

We drove off and I could not help for the next 300 miles, staring at Ann’s super short, buzzed pixie, she looked stunning. The precision of his almost bald fade on the nape on over the ears looked incredible! I couldn’t help but to periodically reach over and gently rub her smooth neckline.

“Baby he really lowered your ears this time” as I flicked up on the sides to reveal only stubble high above her ear.

And with a wink and a smile Ann said;

“If you guys would’ve had a few more drinks, I would be bald right now! He had those clippers on my head for 30 minutes! It seems as if he waits till all the hair dryers and shit are off to turn on his clippers – as if he wants everyone in the salon to watch me get scalped. Whatever, it’s all good babe – I know you love it!

And with that and a smile – she settled in for the drive!


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