Another Inch Please…

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My affection for short hair has been well documented for sure. All things short, always preferring the clippered pixie cut for sure. Over the past few months, Faith had grown her hair to a super stylish, short stacked bob, with the longer angled bangs. I walked in from a long day at the office to see my wife standing at the bar area, with her back facing me. It was clear she had gotten a haircut, her bob noticeably shorter all the way around. And with a warm kiss on her neck, and a firm grasp of her pussy, the night started.

“Short enough for you babe?” as she slowly lowered her head and placed my hand on her nape.

“I had him take it up high on the neckline, I know you really like that. He left a slight stubble as well, I wasn’t sure if I should leave it or go real smooth” Lindsey didn’t have time for my color today, so don’t hate me for the gray – haha!  – it was kinda a spur of the moment thing, right?

As I starred at my wife’s neckline, her cut now a super short bob, just rising above the lobe of her ears.

Within moments, we were in bed, Faith riding my cock like a rodeo cowboy, with her ass facing me. I could see her newly shorn neckline, which was sexy as hell, as she began running he hands up her nape. the longer bobbed part flipping through her fingers…

“God damn fuck me baby, I love riding your cock” as I continued to pound her – all in the name of love!

“How do you like my hair babe, tell me you fucking love it – right now” she said as she spun around and again placed my hand on her nape…

‘Deeper babe, go deeper in my pussy with your fat dick, oh shit, don’t fucking stop, don’t you ever stop fucking my pussy like that”

I pounded her as hard as I could, grabbing her gently by her short bob…

” Oh baby, he cut you short” as we fucked like rabbits.

“I’ll bet I could find another inch or so if you could lose another inch right here” I said as I rubbed her neckline and continued with my assault. I continued to rub her neck and actually pull on her short stubble.

‘This shit needs to go as well, babe…” I said used my thumb to really rub her nape with reckless abandon…. Concentrating on the part that I wanted off her neck and on the salon floor…

“SHORTER, YOU WANT IT FUCKING SHORTER”? Faith was now in a damn trance and was screaming at the top of her lungs…


“GOD DAMN BABY” as she clinched my ass – the sign that her crazy ass orgasm would now be on my cock……  oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, that was fucking amazing……………………..

We fucking had the best sex ever – and it was only 4 pm in the afternoon. What would the night hold? I was pretty sure I knew the answer to that when after I showered and grabbed a beer,I overheard a conversation on the phone.

“Hi, this is Faith Massaro, I have an appointment with Lindsey next Saturday for color, but can I ask a favor. I was in the salon today for a cut with Calvin, and I wanted to see if when I come in on Saturday, he could also trim up my neck as well. Sure, I’ll hold.”

After just a few seconds…

“Sounds great – and thank Calvin for fitting me in as well”

I walked past the bed and Faith grabbed me and forced me back on “my back”!

“If I’m giving you another inch, I’ll need to suck that cock a bit more to make sure I get what we agreed on. They say if you keep the blood flowing, your penis will love it…”

And with that, Faith inserted my cock in her mouth and again, led my hand over her neck and nape area.

“Better feel in now babe, Saturday, this shit will be all gone!”



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