Anusha summer special

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It was hot summer girls were getting tired of their long hair. Mostly everyone was cutting their hair short.
Anusha was studying 11th stdandard . She was the dream girl for all the boys in the school. She will come to school with high ponytail. Most of her friends have hair till shoulder length which was cut to short bob due to summer. One day Anusha’s mom was combining Anusha’s hair noticed her hair is longer than what she is needed. She asked Anusha can we cut your hair for this summer as the heat is high. Anusha refused in the beginning then later her mom convenced her. Her mom gave her some old dress to wear as they were getting ready to go out for the haircut. She wore the dress. It was short skirt and a T-shirt. The skirt hardly covered her thigh. Her mom saw her and felt its too small.but then thought its just only for a haircut. And she took her out. Anusha left her hair opened. Her mom told her to put ponytail. Her mom hair was just below shoulder that was cut in a straight line. She kept her hair in a small ponytail. They both came out to the street and started to walk. They were walking to the streetend and saw Anusha was sweating as it was too hot.they were waiting for the bus. Anusha mom was whipping Anusha sweat with the handkerchief. She noticed a barbershop near by and was empty. She took anusha and went near the barbershop to wait in the shade. There was one lady came out in Anusha mother age with bob cut. Anusha mom thought a while and took Anusha inside. Anusha was little nervous . Once they both entered the shop the barber welcomed both. Anusha was begging to go to beauty parlour. Her mom told keep quiet. Her mom lifted her ponytail and showed to the barber ,this s too long for the summer. She needs something really cool to beat the heat. Anusha thigh were shivering. The barber noticed that. The barber told okey how about you madam do you want any shortcuts?. Her mom opened her pony and took a comb from the draw and combing her hair asking suggestion from the barber. The barber asked her mom to sit in the chair and Anusha to wait in the waiting are. Lets finish your haircut first before your daughter. As she needs a big time to clean her. Anusha was siting nervously in the waiting area. Barber opened a white cape and tied around her neck. Her hair was very tick barber noticed and told are we ready for short cuts?. Her mom told no I just need a trim . Don’t cut shorter than shoulder length. The barber grabbed the spray bottle and made her hair wet. He was combing her hair and after 5 min he took the scissors and was giving her good shoulder length bob. Anusha was feeling happy that her mother s planning only trim for both of us. Anusha was sweating a lot because of the nervous. Her mother haircut is finished and got down from the chair. She took a comb and styling her hair. The barber signaled Anusha to come and take the seat. She came and sat her skirt was short such that once she sat it went little high so that her leg s completely visible. The barber took a cape and tied around her neck. He took the ponytail and saw the volume. It was thicker than her mother. He turned her towards her mother and asked what to do. Her mother was thinking for a while and told give her the same haircut like mine. Anusha thoght that was too short for her and convinced herself. The barber took the scissors and chopped all the hair without waiting . He finished cutting shoulder level bob and removed the cape.her mom came close and saw the result .she was combing Anusha hair and checking the length. Anusha was about to get up her mom asked to sit still sweetheart we need to clean you a little. Can we give her chin length bob? Her mom asked the barber told yes mam. Took her hair sprayed more water than needed started to cut her hair from back her mom saw the barber and told little higher. Anusha lifted her head seeing that Anusha mom holded her head tightly. The barber cut the hair higher than her mom signalled. Her mom thought it was good to be as short as possible till summer ends. The cape and anusha face was covered with only hair the floor was raining with her hair. The barber cut her hair with chin length bob and higher in the back. When she saw the haircut in the mirror she thought I’m looking like skool kid. Barber asked for bangs. Her mother told yes please. He completely combed all the front hair forward and took the spray bootle made her hair wet snipped to the mid of her forehead. Anusha saw her face and started to cry. . The barber brought thinning shears and reduced the front hair. Tears were flowing down. He took the comb and combing her hair making sure all are perfect. Anusha was crying and her mom hold her chin and told its only for summer sweetie it will grow fast don’t worry.and she was checking the length. The barber told let me know if we can go shorter. Anusha got shocked and nervous. She was sweating . Her mom thought it was due to summer. She hold the back volume and told the barber please cut everything. She turned back and took the waiting chair. Anusha told mom please it’s already too short. Barber hold anusha chin and told keep quiet. Else i will shave you bald. Her mom heard that statement and was thinking. She went out and saw the climate. With in 10-20 min all the hair was cut and reduced to pixie cut. Barber called her mom her mom was watching the weather outside.he called again she turned suddenly her bob hair was swinging. She saw a small girl sitting in the chair where here hair was so short tat it can’t ne hold. The barber gave her very short haircut before her mom noticed with the clippers. Anusha was crying like small kid and told mom enough lets go home. The barber hold her head a told stay silent else we will shave your head. The barber saw both anusha face and her mother face. Her mom came and told sweetheart its almost over just few minutes left and signed the barber. The barber forcefully pulled her back rubbed her head hard and started to shave her mom was satisfied. She told him to smooth the head and apply powder. Once done anusha got up and her mom saw her top to bottom. Her mom payed the barber and both left. Anusha this will keep yu cool for the summer. He mom told by rubbing her head. She was crying. They both walked back home. The barber gave card to anusha mom for the weekly trim . Anusha went school next day morning all the teachers were shocked to see her head shaved. Some even told her to maintain till the 12th let me talk to you mom . She studied well.

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  1. A little feedback from a fellow haircut author. Always state the length of the hair of the girl whose hair is being cut before the cut. (My stories aren’t on here yet, in case you’re wondering.)

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