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Antonio and I (Alana) met when I was 20 and he was 40, that was two years ago. I worked as his secretary, it was a great job. I enjoyed it a lot. It was love at first sight.

We got married a year into our relationship and it was magical.

Do I regret it? No.

I love everything about Antonio and I’m willing to do anything for him. The sex is uncontrollable and alluring. I felt like I was in heaven whenever we had sex.

(Time skip – present time)

“A-ahhh keep g-going-“ I screamed as Antonio plunged his balls deep inside my wet pussy.

My red painted nails griped the side of his smooth bald head.

His back rested against the headboard as I kept bouncing on his penis. My black breast length hair was pulled by Antonio as I could feel we was both about to cum. My legs were wrapped around his large waist.

“Mmm don’t stop baby-girl keep going.” My husband begged. This made me thrust harder and harder. “A-ahhhh-“ I moaned as I was very close.

“A-Antonio I’m c-close-“ I stuttered. “Cum now.” He demanded and I didn’t have to wait a second.

The sticky substance oozed out of both of us and I collapsed onto his chest.

We laid there quietly for 10 minutes. Antonio’s fingers ran through my hair multiple times, my naked side was pressed against his and my red nails ran up and down his face.

God I was absolutely in love with this man.

“You would do anything for me right baby-girl?” My husband deep, raspy voice rang into my ears.

“Of course, i’d do anything for you.” I softly spoke lifting my head for a better view of my sexy husband. “Good.” He leaned down a pressed a kiss on my head.

“Let me shave your head.” My hands froze on his face. “W-what?” I whispered as I stared deeply into his blue eyes. “You heard me baby-girl. Let me shave your head.” He said sternly pushing my choppy bangs to the side.

“W-why?” I asked hesitantly. “You said you’d do anything for me? You don’t want to do this for me?” He replied without answering my question.

“Y-yes I did say that but this just shocked me I guess.” I said back as his fingers stroked my cheek.

It’s the truth. I mean Antonio said it out of nowhere. “Mm understandable but would you let me do it?” He asked his eyes were filled with hope.

I honestly don’t want to shave my head, I love my hair so much. I thought Antonio did too but I guess I was wrong.

However, I love him so much and I just want to make him happy. Plus it’s just hair right? It’ll grow back in a few years.

“Okay” I smiled gently. My husbands lips started to form into a small smile. He grabbed my face with one hand and kissed my lips roughly. My arms wrapped around his neck as we kissed deeper and his penis inserted into me and made love to me.

“I love you Alana, my sweet baby-girl.” He whispered into my ear, I let out a small giggle as his beard was poking my face and whispered back “I love you too Antonio.”

“Come Alana.” He stood up and let his hands out and I grabbed them pulling me up from the soft bed.

Antonio picked me up in bridal style and led me to a secret room, I didn’t even know we had.

The room was painted in a dark red wine colour and honestly I love it very much. There was a large barber set up. It had a red barber chair, with handcuffs and ankle straps, different clippers, scissors, straight cut razors, a spray bottle, shaving cream and combs. However what confused me the most was when I saw a couple of weird looking devices. I ignored it and continued looking around the room.

In the right hand corner there was basin, a hairdryer, shampoo and conditioner.

Warm hands wrapped around my waist making me slightly jump at the sudden touch as I was admiring the new room. “Do you like it?” My husband asked.

I don’t want to lie, I like it a lot. I wouldn’t say love but it’s very interesting and I’d love to have a one time experience.

“Y-yes.” I breathed out when I saw a giant bed. “It’s very n-nice.” I moaned out as Antonio hands circled my sex. “Good. Now be a good girl and go sit in the red chair in front of the mirror.” Without any hesitation Antonio let me go and I slowly walked to the chair. My toes dug deep into the soft red carpet making them warm instantly.

The cool leather slapped against my butt immediately making me shiver. I stare at my reflection through the mirror and Antonio appears behind me smirking.

I can confirm the nerves have started.

My stomach starts doing weird flips, my leg starts bouncing and my fingers fiddles with each other.

Antonio’s fingers massaged my tense shoulders causing me to moan lightly. “Alana you’ll be fine. Stop worrying.” He said pecking my neck.

I stopped my nervous movements and sat still in the chair eager to know what’s going to happen.

My husband bent down in front of me and strapped my legs. He repeated the same step however with my wrists.

I was bound.

“Don’t make any noice and I’ll reward you.” Antonio said grabbing a comb from the counter and stood behind me.

Taking large pieces of my locks, he brushed through them gently making sure not to hurt me. He did that for a few times and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and relax.

He quickly threw on a red cape and neck tissue over my bare body. He pulled my hair into a ponytail and tied it up using the hair band.

A loud hum vibrates all over the room. I get goosebumps, my sex starts to tingle, butterflies in my stomach takes control.

“Do you trust me Alana?” My husband asks. Those were his first words he asked me after we had 20 minutes of silence.

I nod. Of course I do.

“Words baby-girl.” He demands looking into my eyes through the shiny mirror. “Yes.”

Without any more words, the clippers were positioned under my bangs which was the base of my hairline. In a slow, long movement the clippers severed through my hair forcefully.

My eyes started to well up with tears.


He ran the machine over my bangs, Antonio  even placed his large hand on top of my head to prevent me from any movement. By now I’ve shed a few tears.

He stopped the clippers and stared at me. My hairline was invisible and I looked like a old man balding front first. I saw a stubble left on my head. My forehead was so large now.

Worst part? The back of my head had a pony.

My husband removed my cape but left the tissue around my neck on and unclasped me from my restraints.

I looked at him confused as I remained in the seat.

Why hasn’t he shaven the rest? I really hope he isn’t done, I look like a dumb person who messed up cutting their hair.

Noticing my confusion, he told me why he did that. “Since you did pretty good for the first bit, do you want a reward?” He asked pulling me out of the chair. I found myself nodding at his request.

I was now laying flat on the soft mattress awaiting my reward. Antonio was on his knees in front of me smiling lowly, I smiled back.

I love him so much.

Without any warning, he dipped his head into my cunt and began to eat me out like ice cream. “O-OH-“ I screamed as he caught me by surprise, my eyes widened as he flicked his tongue over my pussy.

My hands pushed his head further down my sex. “A-AHH-“ My legs wrapped around his muscular shoulders, his warm breath made me tingle. His beard grazed my smooth pussy, making me moan even louder than before.

In 3 minutes I squirted all over his face.

My cum was slathered across his face.

“My My. Look at you baby-girl.” He praised and picked me up, he threw me over his shoulder and smacked my ass. I gasped at the sudden slap.

He threw me back in the chair, restraining me and caping me again. Not wanting to waste any more time, my husband turned the clippers back on.

Antonio ran the clippers around my head from the side and tops. Avoiding the ponytail. He did it in a medium pace. In order to get my nape area, he pushed my chin to my chest firmly.

I can feel the cold air brushing against my prickly scalp.

The violent clippers roared around my mains pulling down my long locks to the red cape. After my hair has been severed from my scalp (apart from my ponytail), Antonio jerked my head around making sure all pieces have peeled off my scalp.

Feeling unsatisfied, he turned the clippers back to life and run them over my stubbly head a couple of time.

I didn’t look too bad being bald, however that ponytail was ruining my bald head.

“Soon you’ll look like me in less than 2 hour.” My husband claimed, pushing my head back, grabbing my stubbly neck and kissing me on the lips passionately. “Y-yes, I love you.” I murmured on his lips. “I love you too baby-girl.” He said back.

Antonio unlocked me against my restraints and took the cape off but like before kept the tissue on.

He led me to the bed and told me to get into a doggy position.

I obeyed his commands.

Taking the ponytail, he wrapped it over his palms making my face dig into the mattress. With his other hand his inserted his penis into me from behind and began thrusting in and out of me.

Holy fucking shit.

“O-oh m-my G-G-“ I whimpered as my husband went faster and fucked me harder from behind. My bald prickly head dug deeper down the mattress.

My ponytail felt like it was going to be ripped out due to Antonio’s hold. My scalp burned, I didn’t care though. I was in a whole different world.

Pleasure and desire.

Antonio’s hand was removed from my waist and now was rubbing my scalp while my ponytail was wrapped around his other hand.

“Fuck yes.” He let out he deep sexy groan making me moan.

My husband continued to bury deep inside me and I felt the urge to cum. “A-Antonio I’m c-c-“ I didn’t even get to finish. “Cum now.” He demanded and we both came.

He collapsed next to me due to our rough session. I flipped over and landed on top of him, my fingers rubbed his smooth bare head.

His forehead connected with mine and we both just stared at each other.

His fingers played with the ponytail and suddenly he ripped off the hair band that secured it. “We need to shave the rest but before that lets give this- a wash.” My husband said while tugging the long pieces.

“Okay.” I smiled, kissing his luscious lips.

We both stood up and he led me to the basin and made me sit.

He brought over a different cape that was black and put it over my naked body. My neck fell into the head holder and the tap starts to turn on.

The water was Lukewarm just how I like it. My husbands hand immediately starts massaging my scalp and his fingers scratches it. He then moves on the “ponytail” and run his fingers through the thick locks.

After wetting my hair for some minutes, he squeezes out the strawberry scented shampoo into his palms and rubs it all over.

I close my eyes and smile at the feeling and even let out a couple of quiet moans. Then we’re done after a few minutes.

“Sit up baby-girl.” Antonio says and I do what he asked. Suddenly a loud noise fills the quiet room.

It was the hair dryer.

Antonio picked up my wet “ponytail” and the heat of the hair dryer dried it down making it completely dry.

Then we went back to the red chair and he tied the cape around my neck and took the wet tissue off my neck.

“I won’t tie you up but you have to be a good girl.” He uttered while taking the same clippers. “I’ll be a good girl.” I reply back and the clippers hums back to life.

My husband stands behind me and the clippers are placed at the middle of the back of my head and shaved down to nape.


He did a couple of passings. Then rubbed his hand all over my now bald prickly head before the clippers ran all over it again.

“Wow. You look beautiful bald baby-girl.” He smiled lightly.

I looked in the mirror and he was right.

The bald style suited me and I mentally thank my parents for giving me a nice head shape.

“Thank you.” I smiled back blushing. “Now, we aren’t done yet. Still 3 more steps.” I frowned.


“My head is smooth so should yours. First I’ll shave your head with a straight razor, so we can take off those stumbles. Then I’ll be doing a laser treatment on your bald head, this means you’ll have a smooth head for 3 months before the hair follicles grow again and if you want we can make it permanent. I chose the permanent laser treatment for myself. The last step is a tattoo on your head but of course that’s your choice.” My husband explained.


That’s a lot to take in.

“Oh that’s a lot.” I breathed out. “Yes it is.” He said back running his hand over my prickly scalp.

I don’t mind having a permanent bald head or tattoo.

However I think I’ll do the tattoo on my head but I won’t do the permanent bald head yet.

“Uh I think I’ll do the laser treatment but not the permanent one and I’ll get a tattoo.” I explained back as Antonio took my cape off and pulled me out of the chair.

“Great choice baby-girl.” God he makes me blush so much even though I’ve known him for 2 years.

He led me over to a wall that had an “X” shape and fastened the cuffs around my feet.

My husband then slid a bench in between my legs and told me to sit and bend over.

I did what he had asked. My head was practically in the air and my arms hung at each side of the bench.

Antonio handcuffed my wrists to the bench that was exactly in the same as my legs. I was now bent over, my head in the air. Basically like a dog.

My husband pulled a bench for himself and sat right in front of my bald head. As I couldn’t move, he pulled my head up and immediately shoved his penis into my mouth.

“You will suck my cock while I shave your head bare, zap your naked head with the laser and tattoo your head.” He says rubbing my shaved scalp.

As I was sucking his cock, I jumped lightly as something cold was firmly applied onto my scalp.

My vagina was getting soaking wet especially because my husband’s dainty fingers kneaded the cream.

I sucked his cock faster. Because of this he came inside my mouth and I swallowed. “Fuck yes, keep going.”

He continued to moisten my bald head all over. His finger folded my ears to get the corners and he also went to the corners of my nape.

“Stop sucking but keep very still I don’t want to hurt you.” He places a cold straight razor at the end of my nape and slide up to my crown.

He did each inch of my nape till my crown as my head couldn’t hold up by itself any higher.

My husband repeatedly shaved my nape/crown area 3x until he felt satisfied. It was very hard as his penis was right in front of me and I had the urge to suck.

He stood up and brought over a collar and put it over my neck making sure not to wipe any shaving cream off my head. He tightened it a little but made sure not to choke me. The collar connected to the “x”.

My body was in the same position as before but my head was held very high.

Antonio stood in front of me instead of sitting, he put his cock down my throat as a gag and a way to hold me still. “Hold very still. I know it’s hard but hold it and don’t suck.”

He put the razor to my crown and shaved me smooth. The long strokes began from my crown to my invisible hairline. He did it without stopping.

The stubble I had was gone from one stroke and the blade continued to scrape away the stubble from my skin. Antonio pinched my ears to get the corners. When all the stubbles and shaving cream had been peeled away from my head.

My husband rubbed my head all over and felt it need more shaving. So he shaved my head 3x again until he felt satisfied.

Throughout this I had his cock in my mouth. He needed to get something so he took it out of my mouth.

Once he had finished he wiped my silky smooth bald head with a towel and gave me a head rub of soothing gel.

“Ah so beautiful, your bald head is better than mine. You can feel it after I’ve finished the whole process.” My husband praised while stroking it, rubbing it and even kissing it.

He remove the collar off me and I let my head dropped, I was out of energy.

Antonio came back to the space he was at before and sat in his spot before and put his cock back in my mouth. “Suck.” He demanded and I wasted no time.

“You will not stop sucking until the laser removal is done. It’s quite painful and sucking my cock will be your reliever.” He warned me and I took his thick shaft in between my lips thrusting deep down my throat.

“Ah perfect, just like that. Keep going.” He groaned out coming pushing my naked smooth head down his penis.

The sound of zapping noise joined my sound of sucking. Without warning, my husband placed the laser down my nape first and took his time working his way up to my crown. He held my jaw with one hand to keep me still.

It burnt and smelt very badly.

My brows furrowed in pain, my eyes stung with salty tears.

He continued doing it till my crown and went back to do my collar to hold my head up. He continued to do the zapping for an hour while I was still thrusting his penis into my mouth until it was finally over.

My eyes were almost falling asleep, I had snot dripping from my nose, my cunt was dripping wet, my bald head was all red and worst of all I was in severe pain.

I couldn’t keep count of how many times his semen spilled in my mouth.

He unclasped my bounds and quickly picked me up laying me on the bed. As my head was burnt anything that touched it also burnt.

“Well done baby-girl. I’m so proud of you, now you look like me.” My husband praised, I smiled lightly and muttered a small “thank you.” I was so exhausted from all this.

“We’ll do your tattoo later, you’re in too much pain right now.” He said but his voice  sounded like it was a million miles away.

(Time skip – 5 days later)

It’s been 5 days since I had my head shaven and my laser removal. My naked head has healed and I love my bald head especially my husband.

He’s constantly touching, kissing or rubbing it.

Currently he’s pulled me back into the same room I was 5 days ago. “What are we doing here?” I asked confused.

“We’re doing your tattoo today.” Antonio replied making me sit on the red chair, he clasped the cuffs around my ankles and wrists. “Oh okay, what am I getting?” I asked curiously.

“My name.” I smiled I felt like my cheeks were going to rip.

Antonio already had my name tattooed on his head. It was at the very top of his head.

Alana Knight

“Am I also going to get it like yours?” I questioned. “Yes.”

He pushed my head down and turned the red chair around. “Don’t move because it might hurt. Also keep your head like that.” Antonio said pushing my head back to my chest.

He took the tattoo gun which was filled with black ink and started writing on my head. Each time he would write a letter he wiped at the same time. It didn’t really hurt that much but it was still pretty painful.

After 20 minutes, Antonio finally turned the chair around and I saw the result.

Antonio Knight

It was written in cursive and I loved it so much. Antonio took me out of the restraints and kissed me on the lips.

“You don’t know how sexy you look.” He quickly scoops me up into his arms and smashes his lips against mine. As he kisses me he slips his tongue into my mouth.

Our foreheads touched each other’s and both of us rubs each other’s hands over our heads.

He walks towards the bed and throws me down and grabs my wrists holding me down. He takes my lips with his, controlling the kiss.

Pleasure, moans, desire, love and dominance takes over the dark red wine room.



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