As Short as You Want

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As Short as You Want


By Shorngirl


         Mary stared at her computer screen, knowing that she should have called in sick. Even though she wasn’t sick, she felt sick, in her heart anyway. It had been three days since Belinda walked out of the townhouse, saying that she’d found someone else. There wasn’t any preamble or explanation, just a simple goodbye, and a somewhat sarcastic, ‘Have a nice life’.

         It wasn’t as though Mary didn’t see the writing on the wall; she had. Frequent nights out with no explanation, a lack of communication where it once was copious. No, Mary knew it was coming, but it did little to soften the blow when the inevitable happened.

         “Hello?” Thea mused, knocking at the inside of the open door.

         “Oh, jeez, sorry.” Mary sighed, pushing away from her desk on the well-worn roller chair. “I’m a bit lost today.”

         “Honey, you’ve been lost since Monday,” Thea observed. “Why don’t we get some lunch and forget about work for a minute?” She offered.

         “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Mary opened the file drawer and pulled out her purse, looking expectantly at her friend of three years. Thea had been the first person to really warm up to her at the office when she started there. It was both a help and a worry that she was gay, and Mary had dealt with Thea’s numerous covert attempts at wooing her away from Belinda. Now, she silently wished she had done. “I’m starving.”

         Mary had quickly risen through the ranks in the office and was now a manager. She was in charge of several departments, including Thea’s. That never stopped the advances, however, but Mary had a soft spot for her friend.

         “Are you surviving alright in that huge apartment, Mary? You know I could always move in and keep you company.” Thea was persistent if nothing else.

         Mary looked down at her salad and frowned, wishing she had ordered the burger and fries that Thea was working on. She speared a tomato and stuffed it into her mouth. “I really have no idea how long I am going to be getting over this, as comforting as your offer sounds.”

         It had been Belinda’s idea to rent a townhouse in the Waverly Estates, even though she had no idea how they were ever going to afford it. Somehow, they managed, but with Belinda gone, Mary knew she would have to move. “I really have to start looking for a smaller place.”

         “I’m month to month, Mary. It really would solve a few issues. Just think about it, okay?” Thea eased, resting her hand over Mary’s. “You really ought to switch things up. Change something. Do something drastic, you know?”

         “I’ve never been much for drastic.” Mary sighed, combing through her waist-length hair with her fingers, and knowing that was what Thea was speaking of. “I’m not cutting my hair.”

         “Oh, come on. You know it was Belinda’s idea to grow it out. You really should change it, if only to distance yourself from that.” Thea chortled. “You’d look great in a pixie, by the way.”

         Mary struggled to imagine herself with so drastic a haircut, wrinkling her nose at the notion. “I just couldn’t.”

         One thing led to another, but Mary eventually took Thea up on her offer to share the apartment. There was a second bedroom that Belinda had converted to an office, but that was empty now. Thea made herself at home there, and soon the townhouse was sprinkled with Thea’s presence, all traces of Belinda effectively erased.

         Mary couldn’t believe how easy it had been to let Thea into her life, and even though they were far from dating, she could sense a new closeness. She pictured the two of them together that way, and it wasn’t a far-fetched idea. They had similar interests and liked the same music. There were a few things about Mary that Thea had yet to learn, and that fact gave her pause. All of… that, was safely locked away in a footlocker in her closet.

         Of course, it finally happened one day after work, when they had ridden together. It all seemed perfectly innocent; that was until Thea kissed Mary as they stood outside the townhouse. It wasn’t unexpected, in fact, Mary had been secretly hoping that Thea would take the initiative.

         They had been flirting with the idea for weeks, little caresses and a shy closeness that had progressed to that moment. Mary returned the kiss, deepening it until their tongues tested the other’s in an erotic embrace. Mary finally broke the kiss, realizing that the neighbor across the drive had been watching. “We better take this inside.” Thea didn’t argue.

         The next day, Thea moved her things into Mary’s suite, and just like that, they were lovers. Work seemed to drag on the following day, and all either of them could think about was resuming where they had left off the night before.

         “Have you always shaved… down there?” Thea asked, desperate to break the silent tension in the car.

         “Uh…, no. It was something that Belinda insisted… uh, liked.” Mary admitted, haltingly, and then a worried look crept over her face. “I really hope it’s okay, because they aren’t growing back.”

         “Why’s that? Did she make you get them removed permanently, or something?” Thea asked, kidding.

         “Actually, she did,” Mary admitted, worried what sort of image that conjured in Thea’s mind. She didn’t have to worry for long because Thea was quick to pick up on the inference.

         “To be honest, I love the smoothness of it. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to pick errant curls from my mouth after.” Thea giggled. “Do you like being told what to do?”

         Mary glanced over at Thea, taking her eyes off the road momentarily, before swerving back into her lane. Nothing more was said, but Thea’s question burned in Mary’s mind until they were safely inside. “There’s something you need to know.”

         Thea raised an eyebrow; not certain what Mary might be on about.  She followed her into the master suite, and over to Mary’s walk-in. Thea was only a little surprised when she dragged a footlocker into the middle of the bedroom. When Mary opened it, however, a look of amused shock replaced her curiosity.

         Thea stooped to take in the generous assortment of bondage gear that nearly filled the large box. “Jesus, Mary. I had no idea.” Thea mused. “Well, I had a little bit of an idea, but this… this is on another level entirely.”

         “It’s been a long time, but I used to…” Mary hesitated.

         “You enjoy this, don’t you?” Thea asked, a corner of her mouth quirking into a smile. “How submissive are you?”

         “More than I’m comfortable admitting to.” Mary winced, uncomfortably, worried that Thea might bolt at any moment.

         “Tell me.” Thea insisted.

         “All the way.” Mary looked down at her shoes and then back at Thea, hoping that this wasn’t going to ruin everything.

         “All the way?” Thea stood, and Mary swore she saw a change in her demeanor. “Strip.”

         Without thinking, and seemingly without a second of hesitation, Mary tore off her clothing until she stood utterly naked before her new lover. Her eyes were cast downward, her long blonde hair hiding her reddened face.

         Walking away, Thea flopped into one of the club chairs that framed a table at the alcove end of the bedroom, pointing to the floor at her feet. “Kneel.”

         Crawling most of the way on her hands and feet, Mary quickly complied, inwardly grateful that her embarrassing admission had been met with such approval. She rose until she knelt upright, her legs spread and her hands resting palms up on top of her slender thighs. Again, her eyes were cast downward to the floor.

         “Someone’s had some training, it seems.” Thea mused, reaching forward to raise Mary’s face with her fingers. “How does this make you feel, Mary?” The heady scent rising from Mary’s open sex was evidence enough, but Thea wanted to hear Mary admit to her feelings.

         “I feel like a slave.” Mary sighed, as if she’d said it a thousand times, and perhaps she had.

         “Do you want to be my slave, Mary?” Thea asked, almost hopefully. She’d often dreamt of something just like this; to have a servant, a slave to order about and do her bidding, pleasure her, and see to her every need. To her surprise Mary dropped to the floor, her tongue lapping at the tips of Thea’s pumps. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

         Rummaging through the footlocker, Thea found what she was looking for, returning to the chair with a rather ornate-looking dog collar. “Do you want this?” Thea asked, as she returned to the empty chair, Mary still kneeling before it.

         Mary nodded her head, but then quickly responded. “Yes, Miss, I do.” She leaned forward, offering her long slender neck and lifting her hair away from it as if begging to have the leather caress her skin.

         As Thea fastened the collar around Mary’s neck, she couldn’t help herself. “All this has definitely got to go.” Tugging at the golden silk that Mary held out so dutifully. Thea could see the consternation on Mary’s face as she allowed the hair to fall back over her shoulders, concealing the collar, save for the large chrome ring at the front.

         “Yes, Miss. Whatever you want.” Mary sighed, unable to hide her angst over such a thing. Now, there was nothing to stop it from happening.

         “Yes, it is whatever I want, isn’t it?” Thea mused, acerbically. This girl, whom she’d been fantasizing over for three years was suddenly hers, and the power of that realization was just beginning to hit home. The fact that Mary was her boss, only sweetened the pot.

         “Yes, Miss.” Mary chirped, shortly, the moisture between her thighs spreading over her hairless mons as she allowed her fingers to slide through her folds. Belinda would have thrashed her for such a flagrant violation. Perhaps Thea would be more lenient.

         “Are you horny, slave? You’d do well to keep your fingers away from your delicious little slot if you know what’s good for you.” Thea warned. “You don’t get to come until you’ve done something for me. And, call me Mistress Theodora. I want my name to fill your mouth when you say it, slave.”

         “Yes, Mistress Theodora.” Mary managed, desperately wanting to return to touching herself.

         Thea left her there, kneeling, while she searched Mary’s bureau for a pair of well-worn jeans and a T-shirt. She tossed them at her new charge. “Put these on.”

         Mary grabbed the old jeans that had been worn out years before. She’d meant to throw them out. Now she was being forced into them, the holes in the knees and the slight split at the crotch becoming evident as she snapped them around her hips. The t-shirt was worse, the neck stretched out and mustard stains from a long-forgotten hotdog still present between her breasts.

         Thea smirked at Mary’s unkempt appearance. She was aiming for dressed down but was overjoyed with slovenly. A little more effort found an old pair of All-Stars in the closet, the laces long gone. They barely stayed on Mary’s feet as they made their way to the door. Thea knew how meticulous Mary was about her appearance, and to be seen in public as she was then would be difficult.

         Even through the old jeans, Thea could smell Mary’s arousal. Perhaps the split that did all but expose her sex, was enough to allow the scent to escape. It would be well appreciated where they were going, she was certain. Mary sat, obediently in the back seat as Thea drove her car. There had been no objection as Thea lifted Mary’s car keys from the rack near the door. She was going to enjoy driving the BMW instead of her broken-down Corolla.

         About ten minutes into the trip, Mary suddenly realized that she was still wearing the dog collar. Her fingers wrapped inside it, feeling its tightness and terrified of what others might think of seeing her that way.

         Thea noticed Mary squirming and saw what she seemed to be fretting over. “Don’t worry, slave. Think of it as a necklace, if that helps at all.” Thea joked, spying their destination as they pulled into a small shopping center.

         “You can’t be serious?” Mary squealed, out of character as she spied the shop that Thea pulled up to. “I mean, please, Mistress Theodora. Don’t make me go in there.” Mary begged.

         “Why ever not?” Looking up through the windshield at Sharp’s Barbershop, the red and white pole spinning gleefully above the entrance. “You do want to be my slave, don’t you?” Thea tested.

         “Yes, Mistress, I do but…”

         “Then don’t question your betters, slave.” Thea chided, harshly, seeing Mary’s resolve crumble into dust. “How about we make a deal? The shorter you have them cut it, the more committed you are to serving me, slave.” Thea mused, wondering just how far Mary would go to prove her newfound servitude. As they climbed out of the luxury sedan, Thea observed Mary as she filed in behind her, almost cowering.

         Pushing inside, Thea immediately felt the eyes upon them. Two attractive women visiting such a bastion of masculinity was not unheard of, but certainly out of the ordinary. The air was laced with smells unfamiliar to her as she pushed a very unkempt-looking Mary in front of her.

         “Can I help you two?” A man asked, as he stepped out from behind a large swivel chair.

         “She needs a haircut.” Thea offered, taking a seat in an available wooden chair, leaving Mary standing awkwardly just inside the shop. An older man was in the process of receiving some sort of crewcut, by the looks of it, and turned to join the barber in eyeing the two.

         “You girls need to find a salon or something. I don’t cut long hair.” The barber complained, running his clippers over the comb that was sifting through whatever hair the old guy still had remaining on his balding head.

         Thea raised her eyebrows at Mary, obviously wanting her to convince him of their intentions.

         “Can you cut my hair short?” Mary asked, wincing almost painfully.

         “I guess it depends on what your definition of short is.” The barber answered. The two men chuckled together, knowingly.

         Mary glanced at Thea, who was busy waiting for her to continue. “As short as you want.” Mary finally blurted, immediately getting the attention of the barber.

         “Is that right? Well, have a seat and I’ll be with you in a moment.” He began whispering something to the man in the chair who burst out in a raucous guffaw. Their laughter did nothing to calm Mary’s nerves, as she took a seat next to her Mistress.

         “There, that wasn’t so difficult, now was it, slave?” Thea said, certainly loud enough for her to be heard by the two men, only a few feet away. She noticed the little dark spot on the crotch of Mary’s jeans. Apparently, all this humiliation was sparking something, and Thea was pleased to see that her slave was getting some enjoyment out of this, however unbidden.

         Mary was silent as she watched the old man climb out of the chair, running his hand over the invisible stubble that still covered his head. “Short enough, Harry.” The barber asked.

         “Any shorter and you’d need a blade.” The old man chortled, placing a twenty-dollar bill on the counter. “Keep the change.” He sauntered by the women, shaking his head and then chuckling to himself as he pushed through the door.

         “You’re next, young lady.” The barber shook out the cape, launching a small cloud of white stubble into the air.

         Mary stood and walked, straight-legged toward the barber, climbing into the chair which quickly dwarfed her feminine form.

         “Hold it up for me, girl.” He demanded, not missing the spiked dog collar that she was wearing. With her hair raised, the collar was on display for what it really was. He smiled, knowingly, as he fastened the cape below where the collar cinched around Mary’s neck. “Short as I want, huh?” Mary was silent as she eyed the instruments of destruction laid out on the counter below the large wooden framed mirror. “Well, there won’t be any hiding this, when I’m done, that’s for sure.” He tugged at the collar, sending a wave of arousal coursing through Mary’s sex.

         Mary quickly allowed the hair to fall back, temporarily preventing the man from seeing her humiliation. She watched as the barber picked up a menacing set of clippers from the counter, slipping a different blade on the front.

         “She’s yours?” The barber questioned, looking up at Thea. The idea that this man knew she was Thea’s slave only intensified Mary’s arousal, and she squirmed under the cape as her pussy flooded the crotch of her jeans.

         “She is,” Thea confirmed, and Mary wished she could crawl under the chair she was sitting in.

         “Anything to say, or is all this mine to take?” The barber asked, as he flipped on the clippers, their whine filling Mary’s ears. Mary didn’t hear her response, too intent on the whir of the machine so terrifyingly close to her beloved mane.

         She felt the vibration of the blades as they were placed against her forehead, a muted humming that shook her to her center, and tickled like a sex toy. The humming deepened as the blades met resistance. He was really doing it! The barber had already made a long sweeping pass down the middle of her head before Mary could look up. When she did, however, the mirror showed the truth of her predicament.

         A stubbled path had been carved down to her scalp, sending waves of golden silk sliding lifeless over the cape and onto the floor. Mary gasped, but not out of shock. It was impossible, but she swore that an orgasm had just sliced through her. The barber chuckled as he placed the humming blades back on her forehead again, pressing down, as if knowing just what they were doing to her.

         “Responsive little minx, isn’t she?” He mused, talking to Thea in the mirror. Another pass of the clippers only widened the damage as more of the pampered locks made their way to the floor.

         It was so humiliating. It was beyond humiliating, Mary thought as a wave of pleasure shook her to the core, the barber watching as their eyes met, knowing full well what was happening in his chair. “Number two, is good for you, isn’t it, little slave?” The barber mumbled, but loud enough for Thea to hear.

         Mary looked over at her, eyes begging, but Thea was almost oblivious, enjoying the spectacle that she was providing them both. Looking back at her reflection, her eyes popped, seeing the top of the head shorn to almost nothing. As the barber began to work at the sides, her ears were exposed. The delicate pink cups that had been hiding for years under her crowning glory popped into view.

         She had always been told she had lovely ears, but now, with all her hair so drastically removed, they seemed odd, their cherubic shape foreign to her. Chubby little flaps of skin, that’s what they were, driving Mary’s humiliation deeper still.

         Mary felt the clippers slide up the back of her head, the last vestige of covering for her quickly balding skull. The collar looked oddly correct now, as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Her stubbled head looked the part of a collared slave, and there was no denying that was what she was now.

         The last of her hair fell to the floor, and the clippers finally stopped their insistent whirring. She wasn’t bald, but damned close. The barber had left her a quarter inch of stubble and for that, she almost felt grateful. She reached up and scrubbed her fingertips over her bristly scalp, smiling at the sensation. “Thank you.” She sighed, looking back at Thea, who was beaming at her from her chair.

         “For the haircut, or the orgasm?” The old barber mused, as he swept the cape from her exposed shoulders, the rest of her hair falling limply to the floor.

Mary stood, turning to look at herself in the mirror, her long neck now completely revealed, and the collar for all to see. Mary reddened, “Both, I guess.”

Thea approached the chair, a twenty-dollar bill in her hand but the barber waved her off. “No charge, as long as I get to do this again from time to time.” He added.

“Next week?” Thea asked.

“I look forward to it.” The barber smiled, rubbing Mary’s head as she slid into Thea’s arms.

Mary was in a daze, as Thea pushed her out of the shop. “I can’t believe you let him cut it so short, Mistress Theodora.” Mary sighed. “What are they going to say at the office?”

She had a point. Mary was in a position of authority. “Well, they’re just going to have to get used to it, I guess.” Thea mused, looking back at her slave, her white scalp gleaming beneath the stubble as the streetlights shone through the window.

“Are we really going to keep it like this, Mistress Theodora?” Mary asked, having stripped out of what little clothing she’d been allowed.

Seeing Mary, her boss and slave, naked, collared, and shorn in the backseat of her own BMW, sent a wave of excitement through Thea’s sex. “Just wait ‘til I get you home.”

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    1. Thank you. I wanted Mary to feel as though she was not in control at a certain point, and I hope that came across. Submitting to the whim of the barber, and inadvertently redirecting her submission to Thea, was something that just sort of happened as I was writing. Funny how some things seem to just materialize, and become an integral part of the plot, more of their own volition. Thank again for the kind comment.

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