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Suki had finally made it to America. Her life that she knew was over. She had decided to leave Japan and move as far away as she could. It wasn’t a move made out of malice but she needed to get away for a while.

An apartment was tricky to get but she managed, as always, to find and rent a good place. Another step Suki took to start her new life out with was wearing denim overalls with a white shirt underneath. She kind of looked like a kid with her hair done into two, twin braids resting down on each shoulder. They had to go, she decided.

Walking downtown, her search turned up a small shop wedged enbetween a clothing store and a flower shop. The shop was run by an older woman, pushing sixty, who held the door open to Suki. She had on loafers which made the newcomer giggle a little.

”Ay they’re comfy”,the old woman innocently shrugged,”And durable. These babies haven’t split or cracked in my years running this place”

”I bet”,Suki took a seat in the leather chair. The older lady took up a striped cape. She swaddled Suki in the cloth, letting the twin tails out to breath before snapping the cape’s buttons to secure it.

”So, hun”,the woman asked sweetly,”What will it be today?”

”I just arrived here”,Suki confessed,”I was hoping that you had something in mind”

”Hmm..”,the woman inspected her client intently,”I might have something cookin’”

Almost instinctively, the woman took her clippers from off the counter and turned them on. The blades quickly ate through the strands of black and severed both twins in ten minutes. Suki watched the woman grab a comb and she used it to continue the haircut. A slight smile formed on Suki’s face as she watched her hair get sheared away rapidly.

Whatever black stalks laid on the back and sides of Suki’s head was obliterated to only minuscule stubble. Her crown hair was lifted and pruned precisely. When all was said and done, as the woman finished up the fine details, Suki looked at herself in the mirror but couldn’t recognize the image.

”Let’s get this hair bleached”,the woman lightly ran her hair atop the hair on Suki’s head.

Suki was a bit surprised. She had never bleached her hair before. It stung a little and Suki sometimes felt her head was on fire during the process but the end result was worth it.

”This is sure different”,Suki awed, lightly running her fingers through her hair to the bare skin in the back. The barber had taken it upon herself to remove the stubble from the younger lady’s head, including a clearing behind the surrounding forest of short, blonde bristles.

”I haven’t done one of these in a while”,the old woman dusted off the remnants of hair still clinging to the cape under and behind Suki’s neck and shoulders,”Much less, on a young lady like yourself. I’m glad I bleached it though”

”It sure is different”,Suki stood up from the chair after the cape was removed,”And unique”

This was the start of her new life.

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