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Aung, a beautiful young Burmese woman with slim body, bright brown skin, and fragrant knee length black hair. A woman of beauty both physical and character. I was lucky enough to win her heart even though we’re far apart. However, with hard work and financial planning, I was able to move to Myanmar and live with my beloved Aung.

Aung was a submissive woman when we’re alone. I would twirl her hair around my fingers, and sniff it. Brushing that long mane and playing with it. She even taught me how to make a bun using a pencil.

I was amazing how a pencil could hold all that hair. It feels tight and looks good. I buried my nose into that bun and feel its silkiness with my cheek. I put out the pencil letting loose of that mane. After a few attempt, I successfully learn how to used it to make a bun.


One great late afternoon, Aung and I were having nice conversation. I was laying my head on her lap. She talks about how modernize my country compared to hers.

Aung long hair covered my face while we’re talking. I was enjoying the scent of her hair. I secretly stroke the long mane all the way to my penis and gave myself a nice hairjob while she’s talking. Aung heard a moaned from me and saw what I was doing.

Aung (smiling): Dear, you should have told me you wanted a hairjob.

Me: Sorry, I didn’t want to stop our conversation.

Aung instinctively move my hand away and gave me a nice stoke on my penis with her hair.

Aung (playfully asking in a soft tone): Do you like my long so much?

Me: YESSS… baby! ahhhhh !!!

Aung: Cum on it. Its yours….

Aung sweet voice, soft hands, and amazing hair. I let a huge one out. She gently wipe it with her with hair, kiss me on cheek, got up and walk to the bathroom for a hair wash. I feel the luckily guy on the planet to have a beautiful woman who indulge me.

Months pass… 

Now, I have been living with Aung for the 3 months, everything was smooth sailing. One day, I came back after a little walk around town. Aung was sitting on the chair looking at her plants.

She didn’t hear me coming. I stood there for a moment looking at that beautiful straight hair that touches the floor. I caressed her shoulder. , kiss her head and smell her sweet scalped.

Me: What you’re thinking?

Aung: I have been thinking about moving to your country.

Me: Why? What’s wrong with this place? I like here and there’s no need for you to move out.

Aung: I have been thinking about the future. I know you sooner or later, you’ll have to go back when your money is low.

Me: I’ll come back again when I earned enough.

Aung: And you’ll leave again when you don’t have money. I don’t see the point of going and coming back again. I think its better to moved to your country.

I know in my heart that Aung said was true. After our little argument, I decided to let go of my pride and agree with her. Once I got her passport and documents, Aung and I will leave her home country.

A couple of months later

Aung was excited. The wait was over, she got her passport. Before we leave, she wanted to stay in Myanmar for a couple of weeks. I agreed because I knew this was going to be an emotional time for Aung leaving home.

The next morning, I was having my coffee and watching the news on my phone. Aung was cooking breakfast and pop a question.

Aung: Dear, could I get a haircut.

Me (spitting out my coffee): “cough cough” What ?! Why?

Aung: Just wanted a new style before leaving.

I was trying hard to convince Aung not to cut her hair. I love her long hair. Since the first day living with her, my hands were never off her hair.

Aung: I know you love this hair. But please let me cut it. I’ll grow it again.

Me: NO! I love that HAIR !!

I got up and went to the room angrily. After I have cool down, I thought about Aung hair. Inside me there’s a attachment to her long hair. But, deep in my heart I wanted to cut off all that hair. Once my mind clear up, I went out of the room.

Aung was crying. I walked towards her and gently hug her.

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to burst my anger about your hair. You can get it cut my love.

Aung (wiping her tears and a hint of smile): Thank you, but I wanted you to cut it because you love my hair so much.

Me (kissing her cheek): That would be fun.

Last days of Aung’s long hair 

Aung was wearing her favorite dress, hair in a ponytail. She looks amazing and elegant in that white dress. We were going to a pagoda temple, giving our offering to the gods in exchange for their blessing. 

There was a festival nearby the temple, Aung and I decided to go there and have some fun. My eyes were locked at Aung’s slim body and hair. People were praising her beauty and long hair that made me so proud to have Aung.

Aung (taking off her ponytail): I think for now, I want to show off my hair.

Me (jokingly said): So people could remember you with long hair.

Aung(pretending to be angry): Hey…! my hair is the most beautiful and longest the village. (She toss her long hair into my face, indicating her displease)

I stand there smiling knowing she’s in a good mood and I follow her behind. Watching Aung’s long hair bounced as she storm through the crowds. Little kids would come and touch her hair in admiration. I wonder what would these children reaction when they see Aung with short hair.

The departure 

I got my things packed ready for tomorrow. Aung was sitting at the balcony looking outside.

I sat behind her, finger comb her long hair. I gathered all her hair in one hand, pull it lightly and sniffing that fresh scent of locks.

Me: hmmm…Your hair looking and smelling great today.

Aung: You have until tonight to go crazy with this long hair.

Me: I forgot to ask. How short do you want it to be?

Aung: I don’t know. I’ll let you decide.

Me (wrapping her hair my neck playfully): Maybe a chin-length bob would suit your face, or maybe shoulder length? 

Aung: lol… whatever you decide my dear.

The whole day, I was playing with Aung knee length hair, getting myself warm up for the big haircut. I got so aroused just thinking about cutting her hair.


Aung washed her long hair for the last time. She added more shampoo and condition into her hair, blow dry, and combing it. I was sitting behind her watching everything, stalking her hair every movement.

Aung: Done… my hair is all nice and clean.

Me (standing behind her and smelling her fresh shampoo hair): hmmm… extra fragrant today. Can we have a little fun before I cut that off?

I carried Aung to the bed and bang her butt full force. Yanking her hair hard and riding on her butt. She enjoyed these kind of hardcore sex, screaming in pleasure and fun.

Me: You like that? Do you like me pulling your hair?

Aung: Ahhh… yes, more please, pull it hard.

I pull her hair so hard till her neck almost making a U. I got out of the bed and drag her by the hair to the chair. I sat on it, and stroking her hair. She proceed giving and a handjob.

Me: Your hair so beautiful my dear. Let’s make full used of your hair

Immediately Aung took a thick piece of hair wrap my dick and blowing it.

Aung: HMMmm… you like it? hmmm… you like this way?

Me: Yes… that’s nice… keep doing that way.

I got my scissor and gave it to Aung.

Me: Dear… I want you to cut that thick piece of hair.

Aung place the scissor and slowly cutting through it. As the thick piece of hair is cut off, her hair fell nearly to her chin. She drop the scissor and continue blowing me with her hair that has been cut off.

Me (stroking Aung long hair): Are you ready, dear? I’m going to free you from that long hair.

Aung (in a soft tone): do it….

I took my clipper, turn it on. I place on in the middle of her head, and ton of silky hair fall out like water. Aung was sucking my dick as I stroke her head with the clippers. I kept going until I didn’t see any long hair on her head.

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I looked down to see pile of silky long hair on the floor. I cannot hold it anymore and CUM on Aung buzz head.

Aung: Hehe… did you like that? I didn’t expect you to buzz off all my hair.

Me: I sure did. You said it was my choice. When you grow it out again, it will be fuller and thicker.

Aung: I like this, could we do it again when it reach to knee length?

Me: lol… maybe. But I prefer it long.

Aung collecting her hair on the floor and put in a bag.

Aung: I going to bring this hair to temple as offering. Will come with me?

Me: Temple? Is that the reason why you want to cut of your hair?

Aung: Yes… I was to emotion to tell you. I was afraid that you maybe think its a silly idea to offer my hair to the gods.

I held Aung tight and kiss her. I realized offering her long hair exchange for blessing for our love is a big sacrifice. She’s doing it for us, and not for herself. We kissed and slept. The next day, after we gave her hair to the temple. We left her hometown and lived happy in my country.

















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