Austin’s Razor: Kit’s Playground

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Austin’s Razor: Ellie’s Awakening

Here is the next story in the Austin’s Razor series. Just because Ellie and her notorious serial kidnapper lover have gone dark, doesn’t mean there aren’t lasting effects. Something dark has been awakened in Ellie’s former lowly assistant, Kit, and now the locks of women of a new city are in danger.


Spraying the foamy shaving cream into the palm of her hand, Kit began to massage it onto her bald scalp. She felt the prickles of the day’s worth of growth under her fingertips. It never stayed as smooth as she wanted but she loved shaving it. The razor gliding over her head, the shiny newness of it as she stripped away the minuscule amount of growth.

Naked in front of her bathroom mirror, still dripping wet from her shower, she picked up her razor. She began the process, starting on her nape, pulling up with the safety razor. This was all she had left from the most amazing part of her life. Shaving her head every day was the only reminder she had. That and the wig she wore every day so that she would have at least one secret from the rest of the world.

It never made sense that the most notorious kidnapper the city of Austin or even the state of Texas had ever seen had been so quick to abandon his mission. Ellie had told Kit how close of a call it had been with the FBI agent when her former master had told her their work was done. Just like that, the dream had ended. And with it, her friendship with Ellie.

As she shaved the last bits of the back of her head, she embraced the feeling, trying to remember the ecstasy of the first time she had been shaved. When Ellie had shaved her perfect brown bob off and left her as hairless as she was making herself now. Ellie who was not bi like she was, who instead was Austin’s Razor’s perfect little whore who could seduce anyone and was well practiced in pleasuring her numerous partners.

Kit’s life had been transformed by Austin’s Razor. Not as much as Ellie’s had been. She had seen on Instagram that the girl had already had her son, the one given to her by the anonymous barber. Her hair was long now, almost reaching her chin in a sexy blonde lip length bob with a buzzed nape. It felt unfair to not even have the chance to meet the child of her idol, but in Kit’s life, little felt fair.

Sure, she had prospered in the wake of the Razor. Her shop had been extremely profitable as women, one by one, began to feel comfortable growing their hair out as the kidnappings had ceased. Knowing the market for hair growth supplements would explode, she bought out every supplier she could find. Now she could find attractive girls, either with freshly cut pixies ready to begin the process or with shaggy overgrown pixie cuts months into the grow out, standing in the line at her store.

The money had been so good, she had been able to open a new store in a new city. Leaving her original store in the capable hands of a general manager, she had moved to Dallas to open her new store. It had been too hard to stay in Austin. Too many memories and too many temptations.

As the owner of now two prosperous stores with plans to expand further, Kit had been able to buy a nice house and had spent some of her new disposable income on some new wigs. Her bob was her favorite, a gift from a man and woman that she equally loved and hated. But she bought others for something new she had planned.

Shaving up on the right side of her head in what, after a year of upkeep, was now a well practiced routine, she smiled at herself in the mirror like the predator she was about to become. She didn’t need Ellie. Or the Razor. She would become the new terror of a new city. Using the identity of Austin’s Razor, she would go bigger and go further in Dallas. She had already scoped the club scene. Drugs and alcohol and lots of pretty girls with long, expensively maintained locks ready for the taking.

She glided the razor over the skin of the left side of her head, dipping it in the water she had in her sink to clean after each pass. Everything she needed was ready. One day of meetings with her business manager and realtor and suppliers, then it would be Friday night. She would find her first victim tonight, she was sure of it. Ellie had taken weeks to find a victim but Kit knew she was better. She would take her first on her first night of hunting.

Making the last few passes over her crown and then feeling her entire head over for missed rough patches she looked at herself with pride. Her naked body was toned from the intense exercise regimen she had undertaken. She was determined. She had what she needed. Soon, she would be hunting.

The First Hunt

It was time. Wearing a sexy black crop top that showed off her flat stomach and black skin tight shorts that clung to her shapely ass and left her hairless and toned legs completely exposed, she sat in the passenger seat of the white work van. Her boyfriend and accomplice, a sweet and simple man with a hair fetish and a hobby for martial arts named Ben drove her. He would have done anything for her, including committing multiple felonies in the pursuit of satisfying her dark cravings.

He was dressed like he was ready for his task. He wore nondescript clothing, wore a ski mask like a beanie over his head, partially covering his collarbone length brown hair that poked out from the bottom in a low ponytail. They always delighted in the fact that his hair was long while hers was gone. Some nights they even styled his hair like a woman’s and swapped roles, appealing to her attraction to men and women, and to his pleasure in being dominated by his strong girlfriend.

She pulled on her long blonde wig as they drove, primping and prepping it in the mirror that she folded down from the ceiling of the van. Smiling at her devoted boyfriend, she spoke for the first time.

”So you remember the plan, right?” Kit asked.

”Yes, love, of course I do. Drop you off a block away, park in the lot we picked out last week, and wait. Once I get the text, pull into the back alley where you’ll be waiting with the girl. Then I help you get her in the van and keep her in while you drive us to the Salon,” Ben said.

The Salon was what the pair had decided to call the basement of the abandoned house they would be using as the location for their forceful haircuts. Ben had already staged lights and mirrors, a chair, and all of the supplies Kit would need to cut, shave, dye, or just outright ruin the hair of the women she captured. Her goal was to humiliate the unsuspecting women as much as she could.

Pulling over on the side of the city block, just next to the club, Ben put the van in park and nodded at his girlfriend. Kit could see that he was already rock hard at the excitement for what was coming. She was excited too, but there was much to be done before she could achieve her release. According to Kit’s rules, Ben wasn’t allowed to achieve release either. Not until she did.

One last check to make sure her wig was on straight, she stepped out and began her walk to the club. The ridiculously high heels she wore made the walk uncomfortable, but it was worth it to not be seen in association with the van. The license plates had been removed so it would be impossible to identify but she still wanted to be careful, just like she had learned from the Razor and Ellie.

It was already long since sun down as she made her way through the line to enter the club, a blonde that was dressed like her having no trouble being let in by the bouncers. Drinks were already flowing and there were plenty of potential targets already. Her work would be easy. Austin’s Razor had gone silent a year ago and that was at least a four hour drive south from where she was now. These long haired beauties were ripe for the taking.

Kit ordered herself a drink. Just one. Something sweat she could sip on but strong enough that it would calm her nerves. She was so ready, craving this act so deeply, something she never would have expected a year ago. If she was weird, awkward, or anything other than sexy and smooth, she wouldn’t be successful.

Scanning the room, she searched. The girl she took would need to be alone, not with a group that would be watching out for or with a boyfriend or girlfriend that would be taking her home. It needed to be a girl that was either looking for a hookup with a girl like Kit, or a girl that was drunk enough to be lured into friendship, out to a new and better bar.

She almost felt like she might lose her nerve, like she might have just wasted all of the time and money she spent preparing for this night. Then she saw the perfect girl.

Alone, in the middle of the dance floor was the most beautiful blonde girl. Her hair was long and straight, hanging down to the small of her back. It was a beautiful natural blonde, gold and yellow in color. Her skin was tan, likely from time spent around the pool in the warm Texas summer. Even from across the room, Kit could see her eyes were a beautiful blue color. She wore I tiny strapless yellow dress that only just covered the parts required to be able to go out in public. And she looked completely and utterly drunk.

Kit downed the last of her drink and moved her way to the middle of the dance floor. She began to dance, in a way she could only dance after being a drink in to the night. Moving close, she feigned an accidental bump, just hard enough to attract the attention of the beautiful girl who was only more attractive up close. She had a splash of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her apologetic smile revealed dimples and white teeth.

”Oh my god, I’m so shorry,” the girl slurred.

”No, I’m so sorry!” Kit said, putting a hand on the girl’s exposed shoulder.

”Oh my god, I love your outfit!” the girl shouted overly loudly.

”I love yours! I’m Ellie!” Kit said, using her former master’s name as an alias. She decided to use it as it somehow made the experience all the more exciting.

”Ellie! Hi! I’m Dani! You’re my friend now! Come on!” the natural blonde said.

Kit was swept away as Dani put her arm around her shoulder. Suddenly this seemed like it would be easier than Kit ever expected. Or maybe she was just lucky because Dani was really drunk and because girls around here weren’t as wary as they were back in Austin. Kit texted Ben that it was time to move into position and followed her new “friend” willingly.

”How are you so hot?” Dani asked. “Not that I’m into girls but holy fuck you’re so hot!”

Kit laughed, “I was going to say the same about you! Can I buy you a drink?”

”I wish! These motherfuckers won’t serve me anymore because they said I’m too drunk!” Dani shouted, holding up both of her middle fingers at the bartenders.

”That’s so fucking dumb! We need to get out of here and find somewhere better!” Kit suggested.

”Yes bitch! Let’s get the fuck out of here! Us blondes have to stick together right?” Dani drunkenly picked up the end of some of the hair from Kit’s wig. Kit had never been a blonde before and she was quickly discovering that maybe blondes did have more fun.

”I know a place! They aren’t stuck up bitches either, let’s go girl!” Kit flashed one of her middle fingers and swept Dani out of the club through a back exit, to an alley that Kit knew had no security cameras.

”Woo! Fuck yes!” Dani screamed as they walked in the dark alley, so drunk and so stupidly trusting that she would never have expected what waited around the corner.

As they approached a corner, Ben was there waiting. Wearing his ski mask, he jumped out and grabbed Dani. The girl was so drunk, she barely put up any kind of a fight. She could only slur out one statement.

”You are so mean!”

Ben pulled her into the van and slid the door closed. Kit’s heart pounded with excitement. She knew within the van that her boyfriend would be putting the girl in handcuffs and gagging her by stuffing a rag into her mouth and covering it with duct tape. Lastly he would cover her bag with a dusty smelling back so their victim would be throughly panicked by the time they reached their destination.

Then, something Kit didn’t expect to happen, happened. She heard a shout from behind her.

”Hey! What are you doing to that girl?” she heard a male voice say angrily.

She whipped her head around and saw a big bald man with a black shirt that said “Security” in big white letters started running in her direction.

Kit hopped into the driver’s seat and threw her wig into the empty passenger seat. She could hear muffled struggles from the back of the van and knew that there was no chance that Dani would get away from Ben. Kit looked back and saw the security guard getting close and put the van into reverse. Backing up as quickly as she could, she hit two trash cans, sending the occupants flying across the alley. She kept driving and as she quickly peeked to her front, she saw the security guard trip over the trash.

As casually as she could, Kit backed onto the street and began her drive. She pulled the blonde wig off of her head and pulled on a baseball cap, part of her disguise. If anybody passed her, she wanted to look like some blue collar worker in a work van. Her bald head only further helped that look.

She could hear sirens in the distance as they turned into the dilapidated neighborhood and her heartbeat sped up. The Razor and Ellie never had police called but after the security guard saw her, she was sure that he had called the police. It was a good thing she and Ben had both been in disguise. There were plenty of slutty blondes in the area so Kit had easily fit in.

Parking around the back side of the foreclosed house, Kit got out and ran into the basement. Inside, she changed clothes, putting on what she had seen Razor wear. They were loose fitting, hopefully disguising her feminine figure. She pulled on a mask that was identical to Razor’s and she had, after much searching, found the voice changer that Razor used so she would even sound like him. She also slipped a pistol into her waistband, just like she had seen her idol do so many times.

The First Haircut

Wearing her costume, she emerged just in time to see Ben carrying Dani in. The girl was complaining, more about the bag and being carried, than by being kidnapped. The sirens outside had Ben looking panicked, even if she could only see his eyes through the black ski mask he wore.

”Get her inside,” Kit said, the voice changing making her voice into exactly what Razor sounded like that first night she was shaved by Ellie. When her dangerous addiction first began. The gagged girl let out a muffled scream but Kit couldn’t work out what she was saying. She was definitely scared though.

”You’ll know soon enough,” Kit said as she followed Ben into the house.

Ben placed Dani in the barber’s chair in the center of the concrete floored basement. He first attached her legs to the chair as she feebly kicked. Then, he released her hands from the cuffs one at a time, placing her in wrist restraints in the chair. He finally used a leather strap across her chest to firmly hold her in the chair.

His role in the night now complete, Ben moved into the darkness and flipped on the floodlights. Dani flinched in her chair, the bright lights even shining through the bag that was over her head. Kit took a deep breath and ripped off the bag.

”Don’t scream, bitch. Don’t try to get away. You won’t be telling the police what happened here. If you do, I will kill you. I know where you live and I will know if you tell the police any important details from tonight. The only thing you have permission to do tonight is cry. And beg,” Kit said, showing the terrified girl her gun, which unbeknownst to the girl was unloaded.

Dani squinted up the masked woman in front of her who looked like anything but a woman. She started to scream but nothing but her muffled voice came out. Her blue eyes looked up at the masked woman desperately and she tried to spit out the rag but couldn’t.

”If you want that rag out, no screaming,” Kit said.

Dani nodded pleadingly. Kit rolled her eyes under her mask and ripped the duct tape off of her first victim’s face. Dani winced at first but as kit pulled the rag from her mouth with a gloved hand, she nodded gratefully.

”Thank you, sir. Please don’t hurt me! I didn’t do anything wrong!” she pleaded.

Kit walked around the girl slowly, picking up a strand of her long hair.

”Maybe not, but you have made a mistake. Hair like this is disgusting. It must be removed,” Kit said.

”Wait? What’s wrong with my hair? What do you mean by removed? Are you going to cut my hair?” Dani asked in rapid fire fashion. The fear was rapidly sobering her up.

”You could say I’m going to cut your hair. And perhaps other things as well. And if you fight, it will only make things worse. But like I said, you can beg,” Kit said, turning and picking up a pair of scissors.

”No! Not my hair! Please don’t cut my hair off! I’ve never had short hair! My boyfriend will dump me! I was out tonight because I was mad at him but I don’t want to lose him!” Dani begged.

Kit sectioned out the front of Dani’s hair to make bangs. She had planned what humiliating and horrible style she would be giving the girl as she was driving to The Salon. Twisting the hair out in front of the girl’s crying face, she made the first cut. Her bangs fell halfway down the girl’s forehead. As Kit dropped the hair in Dani’s lap, she was sure that her pants had to be soaked through because of how wet her pussy had grown. This was just as good as she hoped it would be.

Dani’s cries intensified as Kit stepped the side, revealing the mirrors pointed at the victim, in all directions so she could see herself every direction she looked.

”What the fuck? What the fuck?” Dani sobbed. “Why would you kidnap me to give me shitty bangs?”

Kit walked behind Dani and collected her hair into a low ponytail and began to saw through it with her scissors.

”I didn’t just kidnap you to give you shitty bangs,” Kit said sharply.

She made her way through the hair as Dani continued to plead with her. Making it through the last of the hair, she held it up in front of Dani’s face.

”Oh my god, you cut off all of my hair!” Dani cried.

”And it will make a great souvenir. When we’re done, I want you to remember that while you’re missing your hair, I’ll be enjoying it. And the memory of taking this away from you,” Kit said, teasing Dani’s face with the limp hair.

”You sick fuck! Stop please!”

”Oh, but we aren’t done yet, whore,” Kit said, mocking the girl who was strapped to the chair.

”Stop calling me that,” Dani cried.

“That’s what you are, you stupid whore,” Kit said as she began the next stage of the haircut.

Using a comb and two hair ties, Kit made two small pigtails on either side of the back of Dani’s crown, letting the hair around them fall down.

”What the fuck are you doing now?” Dani asked, trying to watch in the mirror.

”You’ll see, whore. And you should be more respectful to me. I could make this much worse,” Kit said.

”Yes sir. I’m sorry. I’m just scared. And sad that you’re taking my hair away,” Dani said softly, clearly defeated.

Kit nodded with pleasure. Dominating this woman was so much more satisfying than being subservient to Ellie had ever been. She picked up electric clippers and flicked them on. As they hummed to life, Dani tried to crane her neck to look directly at her captor.

”Wait, are those clippers? What are you doing?” she asked.

”You’ll see,” Kit said. “If you want to leave with any hair at all, you’ll sit still, whore.”

Tears streamed down Dani’s cheeks but she nodded and sat still. Starting at the bases of the pigtails, Kit used the sharpest and closest cutting clippers that she had been able to fine and buzzed outward. Leaving two islands of hair, she began to remove the already short hair from Dani’s head.

Noticing that Dani had closed her eyes as she silently cried, Kit nudged her.

”Open your eyes and watch, whore. I want to watch yourself be transformed,” Kit ordered.

Dani opened her eyes and saw her scalp being slowly exposed by the clippers. “Oh god, you’re shaving my fucking head,” she said, full of fear.

“Not all of it if you continue to be a good girl, whore,” Kit said.

Dani nodded, “Yes sir. Whatever you want. Just please don’t make me bald. And please don’t hurt me.”

”That’s a good girl,” Kit said approvingly. Dani’s posture and voice both told Kit that the girl was resigned to her fate.

As she shaved out, first shaving the crown of Dani’s head, Kit found so much intense pleasure. Pleasure at the fact that aside from the hiccup with the security guard, this was all going well. Pleasure that her voice changer and disguise were so good that Dani thought she was a man. Pleasure that Dani was bending to her will. Pleasure that Dani’s blonde hair made the clippers shave made her look as bald as Kit looked after a razor shave. Pleasure that finally, she was in charge.

”Sir, may I ask a question?” Dani asked politely yet still tearfully.

”Ask, whore,” Kit replied.

”Sir, I think I’ve heard of you. Are you Austin’s Razor? I have friends that went to UT and they talked about you. They all still won’t grow their hair out because they’re afraid of you. I understand why now,” Dani said.

”What do you think?” Kit asked, answering her victim‘a question with another question. This was yet another symbol that things were going exactly how she wanted.

”I think you are. I remember watching stuff in the news and this was all that the girl’s who you took would say. Thank you for not shaving me bald like you did to some of them, sir,” she said. The tears still soaked her face but she had stopped crying finally.

”You’re a good little whore. I bet you even like this,” Kit taunted.

Dani began to cry again. She was afraid to answer but she clearly was not happy with her treatment. Had shaved completely around one of the pigtails, revealing the intended style. Dani would be left with her short bangs and then a small pigtail on either side of the top of her head. It was a horrible hairstyle but it appeared as though in Dani’s mind, it was better than being shaved bald.

Kit shaved up Dani’s nape, sending the rough cut hair falling down her exposed back. Like the Razor, Kit had foregone a cape, instead wanting her victim to be littered with scraps of hair. Dani looked almost like she was wearing the fur coat of some blonde animal. It was all a hilariously humiliating picture and Kit was proud.

There was only a small bit of hair that needed to be shaved. Kit moved to Dani’s left side and shaved upward, around her ear and through her sideburn. The look was nearly complete.

”I’m almost done, whore. Now I just need to trim these pigtails a little shorter,” Kit said.

”Thank you, sir. That’s just what I need. I am a whore and I needed to be punished,” Dani said.

”That’s right,” Kit said. She looked down and saw that the seat had grown damp, hair sticking between the girl’s legs.

”You are enjoying this, aren’t you whore?” Kit asked, amused.

”I have a degradation kink, sir. This isn’t a haircut I would ever get but fuck all of this is turning me on,” Dani said, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

Kit stepped away for a moment. She returned with a vibrator toy, something she had purchased specifically for an incident like this. This would both increase Kit’s pleasure and further humiliate his victim who was clearly embarrassed to be enjoying this as much as she was.

She pushed the button and the vibrator came to life. Dani perked up, still embarrassed but also looking to be excited as well.

”Does my whore want to cum?” Kit asked, pulling Dani’s lacy underwear to the side.

”Fuck, yes. No. But yes. Please sir. I’m confused,” she answered hesitantly.

Kit shoved the vibrator inside the young woman and left it there, holding it in place with Dani’s underwear. She instantly began to moan with pleasure. Kit smiled behind her mask.

”You are a disgusting little whore. Only a sick whore like you would enjoy this. You are right to be embarrassed. You should be ashamed,” Kit said, using her scissors to trim the pigtails down to around five inches long. They stuck out wildly as the hair was shorter than it had ever been.

”Oh god you’re right,” Dani said, tears in her eyes as she continued to moan in pleasure.

Kit had one last step to complete Dani’s treatment. Using a permanent marker, Kit wrote a “WH” on Dani’s right cheek, in line with her open, moaning mouth. On the left side she wrote an “RE.” As the delightfully embarrassed girl moaned, her face read “WHORE.”

”You’re finished, whore,” Kit said, grabbing the girl’s face and looking into her eyes.

”Thank you, sir. I deserved this punishment. There is something wrong with me,” Dani said, ashamed. The vibrator continued to hum as Kit could see her victim was continued overwhelmed with waves of pleasure.

”Get the bitch out of here,” Kit said, stuffing the rag back into Dani’s mouth and putting on a new piece of tape. She then put the bag over her head and Dani’s world went black.

Kit heard Ben turn off the video camera he had been running and moved to restrain their victim in handcuffs again. The two smiled at each other and shared a kiss. They then set to the work of dropping Dani off outside the address the found on her ID. She had turned 21 that day.

Within the hour, Dani had been dropped off, still gagged and covered with a bag but no longer in handcuffs, and Kit and Ben had returned to Kit’s house. Time and again the first time kidnappers fucked one another, Kit cumming again and again until she could no longer stand it. Only then did Ben also get the opportunity for release.


At the Austin station of the FBI, one agent took notice of a random kidnapping of a drunk college girl. One agent noticed that a girl in a club with long hair had been kidnapped, her hair had been cut, and she had been dropped off all within one night. The agent, a young woman in her twenties with a ring of stubble on both sides of her head and on the back of her head, who had a crown as smooth as a man who had lost his hair, took notice.

Scratching her itching scalp through her wig, AJ read the police report. To herself, she whispered one short phrase. “He’s back.”

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