Automatic hair salon 2

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It’s been awhile since she had a haircut or shaved. So she decided to back to the automatic salon but this time she would let the robot choose how she got dehaired. Same thing as last time she had to wait until her name came up on the screen. She had to be scanned. Her clothes were cut off and sucked away. She choose the option the the robots can decide what to use clippers or wax. When she got scanned she thought it was all robotic but the image of her body went to a room where a person was running all the robots. The person in the back chose what to use. The first station was the wash station, where she got scrubbed all over her body. It was different this time getting her head shaved, instead of a helmet coming down the chair reclined and her head was in a box. Her ears and nose hair were waxed. Once done in there her armpits were waxed but her arms and body were shaved. Once it came time to do her pussy, the legs of the chair spread apart and she waxed but the clippers were used first to shorten the hair. She also got her butt waxed. Her legs were shaved. The person in the back also decided to have her vacuumed off and washed again. She also got polished which like last time focused on her bald head and pussy. Before she got to go she had to get teeth cleaned and mouth cleaned.

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