Automatic hair salon

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It was 2050, there was a girl that needed a haircut and she seen the salon called automatic haircut walking down the side walk, so she decided to try it out. After walking over she found out she needed an appointment. The person at the front desk gave her a business card that gave the phone number. When she got home she called the number to get an appointment. They asked her if she just want a haircut or go through with the complete haircut? She chose the complete haircut. They didn’t tell her what to expect for fear of her backing out. She was able to get in the next day. Once she got there, she went and sat in the waiting room and waited for her name to show up on the screen. Once her name showed up on the screen a door opened for her to enter. Once she entered she was greeted by a barbers chair. She looked around to see if there was anybody that was going to coming in. A machine scanned her body and it revealed that she still had clothes on, so a tool with scissors cut through her clothes including her bra and panties. After her clothes were taken off, she was scanned again so the machines knew what her body type was and how much hair she had. An arm with a screen attached came in front of her and asked how she wanted some of her body parts to be rid of hair? Waxed, shaved, or combination? She chose to be completely shaved. After that the chair started to move on a belt attached to bottom of the chair. The first stop was to get her head shaved. There an arm with clippers attached to it will shave her head completely then a foil shaver would get ran over her head as well. The next station would be to get her face shaved and that includes ears and nose. Eyebrows were shave with clippers first then her whole face was shave with a foil shaver. Four robotic arms came out, two for the ears and two for the nose and they had vacuums attached the tints hairs could be sucked away. At that moment she tried to get up but the restraints were activated. The next station is the middle section. She had a foil shaver run over her whole middle part. The next station is getting  pussy shaved. She got the mini oster clippers run over pubic to make it look smooth. Then the foil shaver came to life and went to work making it extra smooth. The next station is the arms and legs including the armpits. The rotary shaver took care of all the hair on her arms and legs. After she was all getting shaved she went to the next station which was the vacuum station. She got vacuumed off from head to toe to suck up all the clipped hair. After getting vacuumed off she went to the wash station where she got washed off. Then she got scanned again to make sure all hair was gone and it was. Being she didn’t have any hair left on her, she got to go to the buffing room where you get a good polishing and where the robots focused on were her clean shaven pussy and her head.

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