Bald Girls’ Day Out

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This follows on from the story in ‘Club Hairless’ and begins one day later.

September 20th

Sue arrived at Diane’s house punctually at 9.30 in the morning.  The sun was shining on a bright autumnal day.   Diane answered the door and invited her in.  Sangita was flustered.

‘Sorry I’m running a little late.  I dropped my fucking phone in the loo a few minutes ago.  I’ve tried to dry it but it isn’t working at the moment.  Diane has put it in the airing cupboard to see if that will work.  I could really do without the hassle given that I’m going on holiday tomorrow.’

‘I just need the loo myself before we go,’ said Diane, as she scurried off.

‘I dropped mine in the sink once.  It took a couple of days for it to dry out and it worked afterwards.  I will keep my fingers crossed.’

‘Are those hot pants tight enough, Sue?’ Sangita asked with a chuckle, ‘Any tighter and people in Birmingham will be able to lip read!’

Sue laughed.  Her lycra hot pants were very short and figure hugging but they weren’t the only skin tight item of clothing she had on.  She was also wearing a tight fitting pink single-shoulder sports vest which was little bigger than a sports bra.  The whole of Sue’s midriff was bare, as were her long, tanned legs.  True to her word, Sue was bald headed and wasn’t wearing any makeup or eyeliner.

‘They may be tight, but I’m not showing a camel toe – yet,’ Sue replied cheerfully.  ‘Besides, you stand need to poke fun.  Does that top plunge enough at the front?  Any lower and you might as well not bother wearing a top!’ 

Sue’s point was a valid one.  Sangita was wearing a light turquoise, low cut, strap crop top.  It was every bit as tight fitting as Sue’s but it had a more plunging neckline.  Her top was so low that Sue couldn’t help but wonder how her ample breasts didn’t spill out of it. She was also wearing an extremely short denim micro mini skirt.  She too had a bare midriff.   

‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it,’ said Sangita.  ‘Mind you, if I wasn’t wearing a bra, I might well flop out.  Seriously, though, I haven’t worn this top for years and even then it was abroad on holiday.  I daren’t bend over in this skirt either.  You don’t think I’m ‘mutton dressed as lamb, do you?’

‘No – we may all be in our 30’s but we are in our prime!  Anyway, I’m older than you, so if anyone is mutton it’s me.  I love that belly button jewellery.  I didn’t know that you had a pierced belly button.’

‘I haven’t – it is a clip on.  I rather like it but I don’t fancy having any body piercings at the moment.  It will probably fall off before we get home anyway.’

By now, Diane had rejoined them.

‘I’m ready when you are.’

‘I love your dress.  It is really summery,’ Sue observed.

‘Thanks.  I had a short top and mini skirt but decided against wearing them.  I will feel self-conscious enough as it is without showing off my tummy flab.  My tummy isn’t as flat as your two,’ replied Diane.  I chose this strappy cotton dress instead.  I always liked it, though I have only worn it on holiday’.

Sue and Sangita glanced at each other.  Diane’s choice of clothes was hardly demure – her dress, plunged at the front and was almost backless.  It was every bit as short as Sangita’s mini skirt, or Sue’s hot pants for that matter, and barely covered her bottom.  The top was plain while the skirt had a delicate pastel blue floral pattern.

‘Well you look fantastic all the same,’ Sue said reassuringly.  Are we all ready to turn some heads?’

‘About as ready as I’m going to be,’ groaned Diane.  ‘I don’t know about turning heads, but my stomach is turning.’

‘Well, you and I are bald and proud of it, aren’t we, Diane?  What are we?’

‘Bald and proud of it,’ mumbled Diane, almost imperceptibly.

‘Speak up, Diane!  I didn’t quite catch that.’

‘Bald and proud of it, Diane replied, still rather quietly.  ‘Is that better?’

‘A little.  You may not be convinced yet, but you will be bald and proud soon enough.  Have you both put suntan lotion on?’

Diane and Sangita both confirmed that they had.  As the three of them emerged from the front door, Diane hoped that none of her neighbours were looking.  She subconsciously pulled the hem on her dress down, an action which was completely futile – the dress remained steadfastly short.  They reached Sue’s car without incident – it was only a few feet away.  


Forty minutes or so later they arrived at the car park in Brindleyplace in central Birmingham.  ‘It’s one of the few car parks I can find easily in Birmingham.  It probably isn’t the cheapest but I’ve never not been able to park there,’ said Sue.  ‘Anyway, it is a nice day and it is only a 20 or 30 minute stroll to The Bullring shopping centre.  It should be quite pleasant today.  Are you ready to go bald in public, Diane?’

‘Not in the slightest – I feel sick.  But I’m here, I’m bald and haven’t got anything to put on my head.’

’A 20 or 30 minutes walk! I’m hobbling around as it is,’ groaned Sangita,  ‘I’m aching all over after yesterday’s bodybuilding session.’’

‘A gentle stroll will loosen your leg muscles.’

‘That’s as maybe but I bet I will look as though I‘ve crapped myself when I walk,’ replied Sangita, chuckling.

They left the car park and ambled towards the International Convention Centre, crossing the canal on their way and watching a narrow boat as it slowly passed under the bridge.  

‘It aways feels as though I’ve travelled two hundred years back in time when I come here and look down at the canal and watch the barges.  It still amazes me that there are more canals in Birmingham than there are in Venice,’ Sue said, looking towards the Sea Life Centre .

Diane was convinced that everyone was staring at her, but she was comforted slightly by the fact that Sue was bald too.  As they walked through the ICC, it was just as well that she didn’t notice that two security men did a double take – their eyeballs almost on stalks and their jaws virtually hitting the floor.  Sue was well aware of their reaction but said nothing and just smiled to herself.

It was indeed a warm day and they made the most of the sunshine as they meandered through Centenary Square and past the library.

‘Not keen on those decorative hoops on the library.  That next building is more in my line,’ Sangita commented. ‘Hmm.  Baskerville House.  That’s a strange name.  I wonder if it has any connection with Sherlock Holmes.’

‘I quite like the hoops, but I can see what you mean,’ Diane replied. 

Eventually they wandered past the Council House and down New Street and past a living statue painted from head to toe in gold.

‘If all else fails, I could go for the semi-permanent gloss gold setting on the machine and stand out here all day and earn a few quid,’ laughed Sue.

‘You would piss on his parade if you did,’ replied Sangita, ‘especially if you were naked like you were yesterday!’

Diane had a fit of giggles for the first time that morning.

A few minutes later they reached the Bullring shopping centre, which was typically busy for a Saturday.  By this time, Diane had started to calm down quite a bit and, although still extremely self-conscious, actually began to enjoy herself.  After an hour and a half of ‘retail therapy’ and window shopping they decided to sit down for a coffee break.  Sue and Diane both ordered skinny lattes and Sangita a cappuccino.

‘How are you feeling, Diane?’ asked Sue after they had sat down.

‘Starting to feel slightly better, thanks.  I can’t stop looking at myself when we pass mirror or a shiny surface.  I think my bald head looks really nice.  Once I get over the novelty and feeling self-conscious, I’m sure that I will be all right.  I still feel as though everyone is looking at me though,’

‘Only one or two,’ replied Sue, knowing full well that they had been getting a great many looks.  Whether it was to do with the three of them all showing lots of leg and cleavage or whether it was because two of them were bald, she didn’t know.  ‘Anyway, I told you so! I knew you would get used to it.’

‘I can’t say that I’m used to it,’ replied Diane. ‘It will take ages.’

‘You two really do look really good, you know,’ said Sangita.  ‘Despite my initial reservations, I’m actually rather envious.’

‘Easily sorted,’ said Diane, smiling.

When they had almost finished their coffees, Sangita asked, ‘Would you two mind if we split up and meet back here in an hour or so before we go for lunch?  I don’t want to be unsociable, but there is something I need to get and I don’t want to put you out while I go looking.’  

‘Of course not.  What time shall we meet?’ replied Sue.

‘Would 2 o’clock be too late?  Can you wait until then for lunch?’

‘Fine with me,’ said Diane.

Sue was happy with the arrangement.

‘Back here at 2.00 then.’

Sangita’s search

Sangita headed off down the mall, took the escalator up to the top floor and walked out of the shopping centre.  She quickly reached New Street.  She knew exactly where she was heading as they had walked past it earlier that morning.  A couple of minutes later, she stood outside a hairdresser’s, took a deep breath and went inside.

‘Hi, how can I help you?’ said the girl on reception, smiling pleasantly.

‘Is there any chance of a haircut without an appointment?’

‘Our stylists are all busy at the moment but we have had a cancellation, so we could fit you in at about 1.15.  Would that suit you?’

Sangita looked at her watch. ’That isn’t too long to wait.  That will be fine.’

‘May I take your name?’


‘Take a seat, Sangita.  We will give you a call when a stylist is free. Would you like a drink while you are waiting?’

Sangita declined the offer and sat down on a leather sofa where she flicked through a couple of magazines, not really paying much attention to what she was reading.  Her mind was elsewhere.  It wasn’t long before one of the hairdressers came over and said that she was ready.

‘Hi Sangita, I’m Tracy.  Sorry if I’ve kept you waiting.  Would you like to come through?’

Sangita looked up at the stylist.  She was tall and solidly built with dark brown eyes and olive skin, a long raven-hair ponytail which reached halfway down her back and thin but well groomed eyebrows.  She was wearing a short sleeved tunic and appeared to have quite muscular arms.  ‘She must work out,’ Sangita mused.  She put the magazine down and followed Tracy to her work station.  Tracy invited her to sit on the chair and wrapped a gown around her.

‘What can I do for you?’ she asked, pleasantly.

‘I want to go short – maybe even a short clipper cut, if that’s OK.’ 

‘No problem at all,’ Tracy replied, so matter-of-factedly that it could have been a common request.  ‘How short would you like?  You could try a pixie cut or even a little shorter if you prefer.  If you want a crop I can do anything from a number 7 setting – that’s about an inch all the way down to a number 0 setting – that’s about a sixteenth of an inch.’

Funnily enough, Sangita hadn’t expected the question.  She had decided earlier that she was going short but, like Diane before her, hadn’t really decided exactly how short.

‘Two of my best friends have both gone for the totally bald look and both look great.  In fact, I am seriously thinking of joining them, but first I wanted to see whether really short hair would suit before I decide.  I think I will go for a short crop.’  

‘Wow! Two of your friends are bald?  That isn’t something that you see very often but I actually like the bald look.  When I was in my early 20s one of my friends shaved her head.  I thought she looked wonderful and would probably have tried it for myself had I not been a hairdresser.  It isn’t really the look for a hairdresser though, is it?  Anyway, back to business.  Are you sure about a short crop?  Your hair is down below your shoulders,’ replied Tracy.   

‘I know.  I’m ready for a completely new look but I’m not sure how short I should go to begin with.  What do you think?’

‘There is a difference of about 1/8th of an inch between each setting on the electric clippers.  I think that you could carry off any of them.  It just depends on how daring you are.  Maybe a number 2 to begin with – that’s about a quarter of an inch?’

‘Well, you do have a point.  There is only one way to find out.  Can I start with a number 2 please and then go shorter if I want to?  One of the friends I mentioned, had a number 2 cut until she decided to go bald yesterday, so I have a pretty good idea how short it will be.’

‘Of course – I haven’t got any more clients until after lunch, so I have plenty of time. Ready?’

Sangita nodded.

Tracy placed the appropriate guard on the electric clippers, switched the clippers on and put them to Sangita’s forehead.  With a single movement Tracy slid the clippers from the front of Sangita’s head to the back.  Another movement and another strip appeared.  Tracy continued relentlessly.  In well under five minutes, the hair on Sangita’s head was no more than a quarter of an inch long.

‘What do you think?’ asked Tracy, holding a hand mirror up behind Sangita.

‘I wanted to see what I looked like with a short crop.  It is lovely and I like it, but can I go straight to the number 0 setting?  I’m pretty sure that it will suit me.’

‘I was hoping you would say that.  I’m sure you are right about it suiting you.  Your head is just the right shape and size to carry it off’

Tracy removed the guard from the clippers and began again.  As the clippers glided across Sangita’s head they left little more than stubble in their wake. Within a couple of minutes, Sangita was virtually bald, as Tracy had predicted – the hair on her head looking more like iron filings than hair.  Once again, the whole process took little more than a couple of  minutes to complete.

‘Done!  And it definitely does suit you.  What do you think?’ Tracy enquired, again holding the hand mirror up behind Sangita’s head.

Sangita looked in the mirror in front of her and gasped, ‘Oh, goodness! You were right – there is almost nothing left!  I love it.’ 

‘So do I.  You know, if you were to actually wet shave your head you would look like that bald woman in the first Star Trek movie.  I can’t remember her name.  You have her skin colouring.  Short hair really suits you but a bald head would be better still.’

‘You mean Persis Khambatta?  She was a Miss India before she did the film!  If I thought I would look half as good bald as she did, I would let you shave my head now,’ said Sangita, laughing.

‘I’m not one to badger my clients, but I really do think you ought to.  You wouldn’t regret it, you know.  I’m almost tempted myself.  I will be entering a bodybuilding competition in December and if I were to shave my head I would definitely stand out from the others.  I have only ever seen a couple of women competitors with bald heads.  I wlll have to think about it.’

‘I thought that you perhaps worked out, but didn’t want to appear rude by asking,’ replied Sangita.  ‘I started a bodybuilding program myself yesterday and hope to get a few more muscles of my own.  While I’m thinking about it could you also tidy my eyebrows?  They look a bit bushy now.’

‘Definitely.  I specialise in threading.  Do you know what style you want?’

‘I didn’t tell you, but my friends and I have all used an advanced hair removal system.  I’ve had my entire body done, but the others have gone all the way and no longer have any hair at all – not even eyebrows or eyelashes.  Maybe if you make my eyebrows really thin I might get more of an idea of what it would look like if I decide to remove them.’

‘Your friends are bald from the top of their heads to their toes?  Now I’m really intrigued.  I bet being bald and browless makes them look really striking.  I wish I could use a hair removal system like that – I hate body hair and I’ve kept my body completely hair-free for as long as I can remember.  I’ve never shaved above my upper lip though.  How thin would you like me to do your brows?  If you are considering shaving them off, shall I thread them as thin as I can?  It will give you a much better idea.’

‘Good idea.’

Tracy tilted the chair back and asked Sangita to put her head back on the headrest.  Tracy picked up a cotton thread and started work on Sangita’s brows.  ‘So are you taking up bodybuilding too?’ Tracy asked, instinctively flexing her right arm.  ‘Some of my colleagues here think female bodybuilders are a little strange.’

‘I don’t think there is anything odd about female bodybuilding.  I have always liked the more muscular look women but never done anything about it.  I have trained with weights for years but nothing serious.  I only started training properly yesterday but I have had a bet with one of my friends.  She is following a more athletic program whereas I am now following a bodybuilding routine.  The challenge is to see who has changed most after a few weeks.   In fact, the friend I am going on holiday with is a bodybuilder herself.  I’m sure that she will make sure I keep working out.’

‘Bodybuilding has a habit of taking over, you know.  Before you know it, it can become addictive.  I can’t keep away from the gym.’

Tracy continued to work on Sangita’s eyebrows for a couple more minutes and then announced, tilting Sangita’s chair forward,  ‘There – finished.  Take a look.’

Sangita looked in the mirror and saw a woman looking back at her.  The woman was almost bald and her eyebrows were so thin that they looked as if each comprised a single row of hairs.  Sangita thought how attractive the woman looked looked.

‘My goodness, my brows are so thin!  You’ve done a brilliant job.  You know, I think I would look without them.’  

‘Thanks – glad you like my handiwork.  Now, just an idea I have had, but how would you feel about going for ‘The Full Monty’ and letting me shave your head, face and eyebrows?’ replied Tracy, picking up a can of shaving gel. ‘Your facial hair is hardly noticeable but face shaving is getting quite popular among women these days.  It helps get rid of dead skin cells.   And since your friends don’t have eyebrows I could do yours too.  I could trim your eyelashes too if you want.  If you aren’t quite ready – no pressure.’  

Sangita took a deep breath.   ‘I suppose I did come in here for an ultra-short haircut and was planning on joining my friends in the next day of two anyway.  You’re right.  I might as well jump right in and have a go.  A full Full Monty please – head, face, eyebrows, and short eyelashes.’  

‘Excellent.  Relax and keep your eyes closed while I do it – I want to see the look on your face when I’ve finished.’ 

Tracy placed a hot flannel on Sangita’s face and after a few seconds began applying copious amounts of shaving gel.  Picking up a razor, Tracy gently first stripped away the very fine hair on Sangita’s upper lip before proceeding to do the same to her cheeks, chin and neck. The process did not take long – the hair had indeed been almost imperceptible.  

‘Don’t look yet, but you no longer have any peach fuzz on your face.  I think you will love the results when you open your eyes.  Now it is time to turn you into a baldie, I think.  OK?’

‘Mmm, mmm.’

This, combined with the smile on her face and the tiniest of nods, confirmed that Sangita was ready for Tracy to take the next step.

It didn’t take long.  Tracy quickly spread more of the shaving gel to Sangita’s scalp and proceeded to sweep the razor from her forehead to her crown.  A bald stripe appeared in its wake.  The razor made another long sweep to the left of the first.  The bald stripe widened.  Then another.  Tracy swapped sides and moved to the right.  After a while Tracy paused and chuckled.

‘If you fancy looking like my dad, I can stop now.  You are bald on top but you still have a stubbly horseshoe around the sides.  Or should I continue?’

Tracy didn’t wait for an answer but simply rinsed the razor and carried on down to Sangita’s right ear.  Within a matter of minutes Sangita’s head was completely smooth.  As soon as she had wiped Sangita’s scalp, patted it dry and applied a moisturiser Tracy moistened Sangita’s eyebrows, spread a little shaving gel on each and picked up the razor again.  She gently slid the razor across Sangita’s left eyebrow from the centre outwards and then repeated the movement in the opposite direction.  She wiped the excess foam off with a flannel.  Sangita’s left eyebrow had disappeared.  Sangita’s right eyebrow quickly met the same fate.

‘OK, I’m ready to do your eyelashes.  How short do you want them?’  

‘As short as you safely can.’

‘Keep your eyes closed and try not to move. I have very steady hands but don’t want to cut you with the scissors.’

Supporting her right hand on her left arm, Tracy very carefully started to trim Sangita’s eyelashes.  She made sure that she didn’t cause any nicks on Sangita’s eyelids, but at the same time clipped the lashes as close as possible.

‘You can look now.  I think you will be pleased.  You look phenomenal.’

Sangita gasped with surprise as she saw herself in the mirror.  ‘I can’t believe how different I look.’  She stroked her head with her hands and ran a finger across her missing right eyebrow.

‘What do you think?’

‘Wow! God I’m so bald!  You know, I think I do look a little like Persis Khambatta but without eyebrows.  I like it a lot.’  

‘So do I.  Going completely bald has transformed your appearance but I really like the ‘no eyebrow’ look.  As I said, it isn’t something I have come across before.  And if you end up with bald eyelids, I’m sure that they will suit you – short eyelashes certainly do.’

‘I’m sure you think I’m really odd for doing this, but I have fallen in love with this style since my friends have been bald.  Now you have given my head the Full Monty I’m just like my friends.’

‘I don’t think you are odd in the slightest.  It may be an unusual style for women but it looks lovely.  In a way it is a bit like being a female bodybuilder.  I might look very different to most women but I like being different and I like the way I look.  I admire your commitment.  

‘I finish at this salon next Friday and will be working at my local gym for a while.  It will enable me to concentrate on the forthcoming competition.  And since I won’t be working as a hairdresser, I’m half minded to get my head shaved too.  I really am impressed with the way you look.’

‘You should.  I think it would suit you.  I have never been to a bodybuilding competition.  Where is it?’

‘It will be in Wolverhampton on the second Saturday in December.  Why not come and watch?’

‘If I am free, I would love to.’

‘If you let me have your phone number I will text you the details.’ 

‘I will have to give you my landline – I dropped my mobile phone in the loo this morning and I’m trying to dry it out in my friend’s airing cupboard.  Unless it is working when we get back, I won’t had the chance to sort it before I go on holiday.  Just leave a message on the answerphone,’ Sangita replied, jotting her phone number down on a piece of paper as she spoke.

‘No problem.  And let me know how your training goes.’

Sangita paid at the till and, having thanked Tracy again and said goodbye, went outside, smiling. 

Running late

Sue and Diane were back at the coffee shop just before 2.00 but Sangita hadn’t yet arrived.  Another ten minutes passed.  As they looked down the mall, they heard a voice behind them.

‘Sorry I’m late.  There was a queue.’

‘I see that you found what you were looking for,’ laughed Sue, noticing immediately that Sangita was bald and had no eyebrows.

‘A new convert,’ said Diane, winking at Sue.

Sangita smiled.  

‘How are you feeling?’ asked Sue.

‘Brilliant!  I couldn’t be better, actually.  Ever since I left the salon, I have felt like I have been walking on air.  I’ve turned a few heads since I came out of the salon and love the attention.   I’m going to be as hairless as you two from now on.’ 

‘I didn’t think you were very keen on bald heads.  What made you decide to have your head shaved?’ Sue enquired.

‘When I first saw you at the gym a week or so ago, I really wasn’t keen on the way you looked to be honest.  It was probably because it came as a bit of a shock more than anything, but since then we have spent quite some time together and, of course. I saw Diane’s transformation yesterday  As we walked from the ICC to the Bullring and around the shops I began to realise how attractive you both looked without hair.  It made me really envious and start to think.  I thought you were both mad yesterday.  Looks like I’m mad today.  I’m ready to join Club Hairless, if you will have me.’

‘Of course you can join, but it will entail you permanently removing every last hair, including your eyelashes.  Are you sure that you are up for it?’ Sue pressed.

‘Definitely.  I hate this dark shadow on my scalp.  It is because my hair is almost black.  I can’t wait to get rid of it for good.’

‘I’m starving.  How about grabbing a bite to eat and then heading back to my house?  I think a sandwich or a panini will do me.  Besides, we need to head home soon.  I think it is time we recruited a fifth member of Club Hairless.’ said Sue, winking at Diane.

Diane’s smile answered Sue’s comment.  

They opted for paninis, a pastry and a drink. After they had eaten, they headed upstairs and out of the shopping centre.  As they walked back along New Street back towards the car park, Sangita suddenly stopped outside a hairdressing salon – it was the one where she had had her hair cut earlier.  Sangita peered into the window and within a few seconds one of the stylists looked over and waved – it was Tracy.

Sangita waved back and pointed to Sue and Diane.  Tracy acknowledged their presence with another wave and a broad smile on her face.

‘What was that all about?’ asked Sue.

‘That was the hairdresser who shaved my head today.  When I said that I wanted a very short haircut, I told her that you two were bald and that I liked the way you looked.  I hope you don’t mind.  From the way she was talking I think she might go for it herself, so I thought it might be worth her seeing the three of us together.  It might give her a bit of encouragement.’

“My, how you have changed! A few days ago, you said that you would never go bald.  Now you and, not only that, you are doing your best to get the Club up and running!’

New recruits

By late afternoon they arrived back at Sue’s house.  When they entered the pool room they found a bald headed man they didn’t know sitting on one of the loungers and talking to Pete.  He looked as though he was in his thirties.  Both men were only wearing shorts.  

‘Can I introduce you to my friend and colleague, Paul?’ Pete enquired.  ‘We have worked together for the last three years.’  

Paul stood up to shake Diane’s and Sangita’s hands.  He was about 5 feet nine inches tall, completely bald and deeply tanned.  There was no sign of hair on his head or body.  Diane thought that he was rather attractive and wondered if he was as smooth under his shorts.  She was oblivious to the fact that Paul found her rather pleasing on the eye.

‘If you ladies want a swim, would you prefer it if Paul and I left?’ asked Pete. ‘We can come down later.’

It was quickly agreed that it wouldn’t be necessary.  As Diane pointed out, she and Sangita had spent the previous evening in the company of Sue and Pete and had been naked throughout.  If Paul didn’t mind, they didn’t. 

‘We will just have a quick dip, then we will leave you to it.  We are going out for some choir practice in a few minutes,’ said Pete, standing up and pulling down his shorts.

‘Which roughly translates as ‘We are going to have a pint or six down at the Red Lion,’ said Sue, pulling her vest top over her head.

As Paul removed his shorts, it became glaringly obvious that he must have used the machine.  He had no hair anywhere.   Diane’s attention was focused on him.  She really liked what she saw.  Paul slid into the pool and turned around with his elbows on the edge of the pool.

‘Paul became our latest ‘victim’ when he used the machine a few minutes ago,’ said Pete as he too, slid into the pool.  ‘We both gave the Bodybuilding program a go too.’

‘I was very interested in giving it a go actually.  I used to be a competitive swimmer and started shaving down for competitions.  I just kept up the grooming when I retired.  A day or two ago I was talking to Pete about the time and effort involved in shaving and he told me about the machine.  I only used it about half an hour ago.  I can’t get over the fact that since I came out of the machine I no longer have any stubble or five o’clock shadow on my face.  Apart from that, I don’t look that much different except an hour ago I had eyebrows and eyelashes and now I haven’t.  Funnily enough I feel particularly naked without them.  No doubt I will get used to it.  That Bodybuilding program was hard work though.  I have only just recovered.’

‘You have no need to worry about not having eyebrows – I think you look great,’ said Diane, who by now was naked and sitting on a lounger.  She immediately reprimanded herself for having expressed her thought out loud.  Her face reddened slightly. 

‘Diane, you look amazing yourself!  Bald really suits you,’ replied Paul, who immediately started to blush himself.  Mercifully for him, his deep tan masked the colour of his cheeks somewhat and the fact that he was standing in the pool next to the wall hid another, rather more embarrassing, difficulty which had arisen.  He delayed getting out of the pool until his ‘difficulty’ had subsided.

The frisson between Diane and Paul didn’t go entirely unnoticed.  Sue gave Sangita a knowing look.

A few minutes later Pete and Paul emerged from the pool and dried themselves.  Pete gave Sue a kiss and promised that ‘choir practice’ wouldn’t keep him out all night.  Just as they were about to leave Paul said, ‘Lovely to meet you all,’ said Paul, his eyes focusing all the while on Diane – a look which she reciprocated.  Both smiled at each other.

No sooner had they left the room than Sangita piped up, ‘I reckon Paul needed to get to the pub to dampen his ardour.  I think Diane could do with a stiff one.’

Diane chuckled.  ’He’s gorgeous.  Do you really think he fancies me?  It has been so long since anyone did.’

‘Do bears have fur and shit in the woods? He couldn’t keep his eyes off you!  I think there might be some mileage with him.  Time will tell.  So, another hair removal session it is then,’ said Sue, turning to Sangita.

‘If you don’t mind, yes.’

The program was set and Sangita went into the cubicle, still naked.  She emerged a couple of minutes later, bright blue from head to toe and walked over to the mirror.  

‘Can I have another go?  I want to be bald for life,’ Diane asked Sue.

‘Be my guest.  In fact, if you go in twice more you definitely will be. I don’t think Paul will mind if Diane does, do you?’ Sue replied, winking at Sangita.  Sue suddenly gave a quick rendition of ‘Love is in the Air’.

Diane burst out laughing and entered the cubicle with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face.  She too, was naked.

By this time, the blue indicator on Sangita had faded.    She looked into the mirror and broke first into a broad smile and then squealed with delight.  She was totally hairless.  

Sangita moved her face closer to the mirror and opened her eyes wide.  ‘Everything is so smooth.  I had short eyelashes when I went into the cubicle and now they have gone completely!  This is fantastic – and all of that horrible blue shadow has gone completely.  I’m so bald!  Am I a member of Club Hairless yet?’

‘Of course.  But if you like your new look so much, why don’t you repeat the Hair Removal program twice more and become a life member?’ said Sue, pretending to be a little pompous.’  

Diane came out of the cubicle and immediately noticed Sangita’s transformation.  ‘About time you had a decent haircut!’ she joked.

Sangita laughed.  ‘You and Sue were my role models.  Oh, and just in case you didn’t hear while you were in the cubicle, I’m going to become a life member of Club Hairless today.’  

Sangita and Diane took it in turns to use the machine.  Within ten minutes, both had completed their third and final sessions. 

‘You are now officially life members of Club Hairless,’ announced Sue, with as much mock solemnity as she could muster before grinning broadly.  ‘The bad news is that you can never, ever leave the club.  The good news is that you will never want to! Isn’t it wonderful?’

Sangita and Diane laughed.  They both knew that Sue was right. 

‘Just look at us three – not a single hair between us!’ said Diane, ’and none on the two lads either, just in case you hadn’t noticed.  Club Hairless has five members now.’

The three women instinctively scanned each other from head to toe, as if they didn’t already know that she was right, but not a single hair was to be found.

‘Well, I’m set for my holiday, that’s for sure,’ said Sangita.  ‘But I’ve just thought of a serious problem – I don’t look like my passport photo any more.  It just never crossed my mind in the excitement.  Have you still got a wig I can borrow, Sue?’

‘I have two or three.  Hopefully one of them will be OK.’

Sue went upstairs and came down with two or three wigs.  Sangita tried them on and chose the one that was closest to her old hair colour and style.  

‘Thanks, Sue. I will have to practice drawing on eyebrows too.  Jane will be in for a shock when we get there.  I will go back to being bald as soon as I arrive.  I don’t know what she will make of it!’

To be continued . . .

Please let me have your comments – whether they are positive ones or constructive criticisms.  They will help me to improve and to decide what direction to go in.  

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  1. I love your series. The overall theme in the first parts was – at least to me – couples are exploring and enjoying their hair-free life. Maybe you should return to that theme – the (future) partners of the new members will certainly love it. So maybe Jane and Sangita…

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