Bald with cousin’s

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note- to understand this story plz read (haircut and piercing pt-1&2)

 i am saima yes that who had her pixie cut and nose piercing in winters.
My board exam went great. I scored highest in class (90%).

Currently i just passed my 12th and i have taken one year drop before going to college
It’s been 2.5 years i hadn’t gone to Grandma’s house.
My father got call from his company and company said you have to go abroad for six months training but the problem was we couldn’t go because nisha exam is their. So my father went abroad for 6 months. After nisha exam were over my mom planned to go to Grandma’s till my father came back from abroad. I was very excited to go to Grandma’s house. My hair has now again reached my waist. When we reached their we were having fun with cousins. This time my mama (divya’s husband) has came back from work for summers.

after 2-3 days

After dinner we all went to room for sleeping. We were gossiping about what to do this summer meanwhile we were gossiping aunt divya enter are and said girl be ready early in the morning. We have to go salon for summer haircut.
Summer haircut? (We all said shockingly)
Yeah of course it’s summer and it is hard handle long hair aunt said and gone.

next morning

We all were afraid that what type of haircut we all we get.
Aunt called us. Hurry we are getting late.
We all 4 went inside car. My aunt was driving car and my mom was sitting beside her. After half-an-hour we reached jessi’s salon. We went inside. Jessi greeted us with smile.( Jessi hair were grown and it was reaching her butts)
So what are we doing today. Aunt said girls need summer trim. Jessi called mary. We were shocked when we seen mary because last time when we came she was having hair till her butts but now she sporting a lob. Mary greeted. Mom complimented her for her hair.
Jessi said saima have a seat and mary asked roshi to sit on another chair. So what type of haircut should we give them jessi asked divya. Mmm give a roshi a lob haircut like mary and saima also a lob
Roshi said mom i didn’t want that short but aunt didn’t listen to her and said mary to cut her. Roshi was crying crying because her waist length is now reduced to neck. My haircut was also done

now it was neha and nisha turns

Have a seat girl neha was having shoulder length hair and nisha boob length hair.
Jessi asked what type of haircut should she give. Aunt said give them chin length bob

They both were shocked but didn’t said anything. Jessi and mary started to cut their hair. After few minutes it was completed. They were just getting from chair.
Both neha and nisha were looking good.Mom and aunt paid money and we went home

after reaching home

We all went for bath one by one. While my mom and aunt cooking and gossiping about neha and nisha haircut. . Meenu said i am thinking of cutting hair short as it is to hot and saima father phone also came he also suggested for haircut. I am making appointment for next week. Ok then you take nisha and neha also. Why mom asked. I think we should them pixiecut for this summer divya said.

Next appointment (1 week later)

Roshi and I had planned to join swimming classes. So we ask mom to take us their for addmission. Mom said she is going for haircut and aunt is also not free so she will take us their tomorrow. Mom called nisha and neha and gone to salon

Hi jessi how are you. Great meenu nice to see u here. I have made appointment of today your salon said meenu. Oh yeah i know. Yes i wanted my haircut and give them a Pixie cut. Ok then let me and mary handle them first. Meanwhile you seat. Their haircut was done and it was mom turns. Have a seat meenu ( mom hair had grown till below her boobs) so what type haircut u want Meenu. Something short.
How about a bob. Ok. Jessi started cutting her into bob. Cut it more mom said. More Meenu said. Jessi said how about a french bob. Oh that will be great and i think make it more shorter. Jessi started cutting it into earlength bob. Few minutes later it was done. Neha and Nisha haircut was also done. They were suprised meenu in ear length bob Meenu paid and reached home

After reaching home
I and roshi were sitting at hall and divya was kitchen. Suddenly door opened we were shocked seeing mom in short hair she was looking gorgeous. Divya said you are looking younger meenu. Thanks meenu said.
After dinner we went to our room. Mom and aunt were sitting at hall and gossiping.
Divya said Meenu after seeing u i am also for cutting my hair. Bhabhi you should must try. Bhabhi let go for your haircut tomorrow only. As i have take roshi and saima for swimming class admission and salon is way so while returning you can your hair also. Ok it’s good idea let me talk to your brother first for my haircut.
Divya asked her husband for haircut. He says ok.

next day

Hey let’s go mom said. We jump into car. Aunt was also with us. We nisha and neha also wanted to go to swimming class to also joined us. We reached their filled our form and were going back home. My aunt was driving suddenly she stopped in front of jessi’s salon. Roshi asked why we have stopped here. Divya said she wants her haircut. We all went inside. Jessi greeted us. We couldn’t recognise her as w 1 week before when we came she having hair till her butts but now she sporting a buzzcut.
My mom was impressed by her looks. Divya took seat and asked for hair cut. Jessi asked how short she said like meenu hair. Her were cut down to ear length. Jessi caped her and we were going suddenly mom said stop. We asked why she says u will also get haircut. As its summer and your haircut is not suitable for summer. So mom said saima u go and have a seat. I don’t want cut my hair. Cut it or i will punish u. Then i went and took chair jessi caped me. And asked my mom about hair cut she said give her pixiecut like last time. She cut my lob cut to pixie. Mom came and sees my hair can we reduce it more sure how about haircut like me yes it will be great i was controlling my tears. Jessi took clippers and set it to 5 and buzzed my all hair. After it was done i was looking like a boy. But now i was buzzed then aunt came near jessi and whispered something in her ear. Jessi silently took out razor then took out shaving cream and started putting on my head and then places razor on head and started shaving my head. After 5 mins i was totally bald. Aunt now ask roshi to sit.
Roshi was caped aunt said to shave her smooth. Jessi started to shave her head.
Her beautiful hair were failling on ground. In 10 min she was bald. After her headshave mom asked jessi does give us weekly
headshave. She replied yes. So mom told we will come on this Sunday to their salon for their reshave. After that we paid and went home.
Afterreaching home i took bath. Mom was talking to my father on video call she came to my room and shown my father bald head i talked to him for 5 minutes and then my again started to talk with him. He was impressed with my bald head. Like wise nisha and neha headshave was also done on next appointment.

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