Barber Le Femme Pt 4

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My once cherished locks now lay dormant on the distressed timber floor in a scattered pile surrounding the base of the chair. So much had just happened in the past half an hour, I’d seen a side of me that I never knew existed, or even could exist. Confusion and elation coursed through my mind as I struggled to concentrate whilst sweeping the lifeless tresses into a manageable pile. Not even every 20 seconds I would catch a gaze of myself in the mirror and finger my new bob, I absolutely loved it and for the first time in my life I felt like a young woman, I felt sexy. Zoe glanced over and smiled as she continued to count the days takings. I was no longer fearful of her, or embarrassed, I felt like I belonged and I had set myself free. Who would have thought a haircut could be explicit and so… so…liberating??

“Will you be right to lock up??” Zoe called from across the shop. I was still turning my head from side to side in the mirror. “Yeh, no problem” I stammered, not paying much attention. “Ok, well you have a good night, I’m off” she called. It was then I realized she was leaving… “Oh Zoe, thank you so much again. I just love it, I really owe you one”. She smiled, “It was my pleasure, you look hot! Perhaps we can get you behind the chair soon? Give me a hand??” she queried. “Me???” I questioned pointing at my chest. “yeh, why not?? You can prep some customers for me tomorrow, Sonja will love it. You’ll love it, that third chair might be yours one day…???”. My mouth was agape but her proposal sounded amazing. I didn’t manage to respond cause I had nothing to say, just pure excitement. “haha ok well I’ll see you tomorrow??” she questioned. I nodded, “definitely, thanks again Zoe!” she smiled, put on her coat and the door closed behind her. I locked it, then immediately lent my back and against it and closed my eyes….what a day.

A moment later I realized that for the first time I was in the shop all alone. No Zoe, and my aunty wouldn’t be back until after dinner. I quickly pulled the blind down on the front door and walked back over to the vacant chair. A long black cape lay idle on the armrest. I slipped it off and let it open with a flurry gripping it by the collar. Mimicking Zoe, I whipped it against the chair and called out ‘next!!’ whilst curling my finger to a pseudo waiting client giggling to myself. The prospect of helping Zoe prep clients the next day was very exciting, its what I wanted desperately. After throwing the cape across the armrest I looked to the counter where my hands then glazed over the tools in front of me until I stopped at the scissors. Having no idea how to hold them, I leant forward and picked them up. The cold steel felt amazing in my hands, so much power and authority. I opened and closed them right near my ear, the blades so sharp they barely made a noise. That snipping sound was so precise…

I then noticed the clippers hanging on a hook, I couldn’t wait until I could experience them again, it’d been simply blissful. Far too difficult to explain in words but the sound, the feeling and symbolism was a thing of beauty. I closed my eyes and recalled Zoe’s hand firmly atop my head, staring at my cape covered lap as she made pass after pass shearing my neck to stubble….Opening my eyes I then picked the menacing object up off the hook, much heavier than I had of imagined. They cradled in my hands perfectly as I imagined running them through someone else’s lifeless mane with slow but deliberate strokes, passing my experience onto them. I then couldn’t resist, I plugged them in and flicked the switch. After a short pop, they came to life and low drone filled the shop. I sat in the huge chair, closed my eyes and lowered my head reenacting early events….heavenly. They continued to hum in the palm of my hand, the feeling of empowerment absolutely indescribable. I now longed to take someone else on the journey I had just been….

The next day I awoke very early, simply beaming with excitement. I had showered, dressed and had breakfast before my aunty had even risen. I was doing a load of towels for the shop when she walked in… I quickly remembered that she hadn’t seen my haircut yet! “Sally! What on earth happened to your hair!” she exclaimed… “uuuh… I got Zoe to cut if for me…” I stammered nervously. “Your mother is going to murder me!!” she stated as she reached forward and ran her hand up my nape… “oh god she clipped you too!!! What are we going to tell your mother!?”… “She’ll be fine, I’m old enough to choose my own hairstyles now” I pleaded as Sonja looked at me concerned, “well this had nothing to do with me, ok??” she then broke into a smile… “it looks wonderful though, simply gorgeous! Do you like it??” she queried. “Sonja I love it, its amazing and I think I found my career…” I said with a beaming smile. She was somewhat surprised, “Is that so?? Well maybe we can get you a little more involved around the place?? Give you a taste for it??” I nodded in excitement, “that’d be great!” “Well you finish doing those towels and meet me out the front, we’ll get started”.

As I walked into the front room, the door opened. A businesswomen entered and began to take off her coat. It was the same woman who had been in previously when I first started. She was equally as elegant and beautiful as the first time I saw her. It seemed less than a week since her last visit. To the naked and inexperienced eye, you wouldn’t say she needed a haircut. Instinctively I took her coat from her and hung it on the rack before she made her way to Sonja’s chair like many times before. “Have a seat, Deborah” welcomed Sonja. “Sally, could you please get a clean cape from the laundry for Miss Harrison??” requested Sonja as Deborah eased herself into the soft leather chair with elegance before crossing her legs.

I quickly scurried off into the laundry to find the gowns I had washed the day before, luckily for me they had dried overnight. I made my way back over to the Sonja’s chair where the two conversed. I went to pass the cape to Sonja who stood back from the chair and smiled back, “All yours darling…” she said gesturing towards the seated lady. I looked at her, then at Deborah through the mirror. “Prep her for me please….Miss Harrison is having a haircut today”, she prompted. I immediately got nervous, began to panic and started feel nauseous. I took a deep breath and stood behind the lady as I fumbled with the cape trying to find the collar. I went red as I wrestled with the large material before finally gripping onto the ends. I had seen and watched Zoe and my aunty cape tons of people before, they looked so expert and swift. I reached in front of the lady and started to swing the silky gown over her before Sonja called out, “stop!”. I held the cape and looked back at her quizzically. “Forgetting something…?” she queried, not in a condescending way. My mind raced, what was I doing wrong? “Neck strip, darling?” she queried. I apologized and once again felt slightly embarrassed. “Remember love, It’s a health and safety legal requirement. We also like our customers to feel comfortable and prevent those loose hairs from falling down their back, particular on hair above the collar. Zoe and I pride our self on our professionalism” she continued.

I nodded and began to pull out a long ream of tissue from the dispenser, it reminded me of my time in the chair yesterday. I tore it loose before stretching it round Miss Harrison’s neck whilst I gripped the cape under my arm. I continued to fumble with the tissue trying fold it tight. It sat loosely around her neck before falling open. Deborah sat patiently as I began to fluster. “Sorry” I apologized meekly. Sonja walked forward and remove the tissue before throwing it in the bin, “don’t panic, it’s not as easy as it looks” she said reassuringly, I forced a smile. Sonja then expertly pulled a new length of tissue before positioning herself behind the chair. “Now, extend in your figure tips and stretch open. The client will naturally accommodate you” she said as Deborah did just that. “Now, bring it behind, left hand under right and fold”. It was perfect as you would imagine. She then removed it and made me try for myself. “Someone’s had a haircut since last I was here??” queried Deborah trying to change the subject and make me feel slightly more relaxed. I blushed, “Oh ummm yes…yesterday” I blurted. “It’s very nice on you” she said calmly with a wry smile. There was something about this woman that was so overpowering, such an aura. “Perhaps you will try something shorter next time??” queried Deborah.

I blushed and pulled a new length of tissue free before placing it in front of her. She raised her chin as I stretched it around her neck and brought it back folding the left end under the right, I did it! “Excellent!” remarked Sonja. “Now, you can cape her. Its very important to prep a client with confidence, it’s reassuring for them and your chance to set a professional tone and take control” she added. I gave the cape a good shake and settled it over before drawing the ends together around the tissue. Our capes all had buttons, or ‘snaps’ as I later learned. I couldn’t quite get the button to close before Sonja stepped in and showed me, she was now prepped. “Not bad at all darling, very good. You’ll be prepping all the clients today”, and prep them I did. For 8 hours we were none stop. I invited all the clients to their respective chairs and prepared them all for their services. By the end of the day I could do it with my eyes closed and was beaming with confidence, I yearned to learn more!

Finally the day was over, this was declared when Sonja ushered her last client to the door before flipping the closed sign. “Well done today Sal, you certainly picked it up quickly” said my aunty with praise. “Now Zo and I are going to go out for a drink, will you be right to clean up by yourself?” she queried. I assured her I would be fine then continued to sweep after than walked out the door.

About ten minutes later I was just finishing up when there was a knock at the door. There sounded like some commotion outside so I went to take a look. Sure enough, standing at the entrance were two women. I opened the door… “Oh I’m sor….” I started before I was cut off abruptly by the older women. “I know you’re closed, but I need your assistance desperately and will pay you handsomely”…. “Oh no you see I…” I tried to get out but was again interrupted. “Can we please at least come inside?? She requested. I opened the door and now realized it seemed to be a mother daughter combination. The daughter began to plead with her mum as she was being dragged into the shop, “oh please mum!! NO!!! Pleaseeee!!” I closed the door and didn’t really know what to do. “Not another word!” she bellowed with a stern gaze. At a guess I’d say she would’ve be about 17, quite pretty with long blonde hair mid-back. The mother was tall, stood well over her daughter in black leather boots and suit. She wore thick rimmed glasses and had a dark bob which grazed her collarbone, not a hair out of place.

I started again, “listen I’m not a hai…” before I was cutoff. “This here is my daughter….she’s in her final year of high school. Today I came home early from work to not only find her cutting class, but also in my living room on her knees with her dropkick boyfriend’s penis in her mouth…..” “Mooooom!!!” the girl complained. The mother turned to her and grabbed a fist full of her blonde hair, the girl yelped! “See this???… this is going, tonight…… all of it…now!!”. She turned back to me, “how much??” she queried. My mind was racing, did she just want me to shave her head?? I could do that….I’d love to do that in fact….. I think the mother took my silence as a no. “$500…. To take it all off…..” she posed. $500?? I thought, wow. That was more money than I would see all summer I pondered. Not sure what possibly came over me next but I got an air of confidence and made my way to the spare chair. My heart was racing as I slipped the long silky black cape from the armrest. I spun the red barber’s chair around to face the waiting area before I flicked the cape open and whipped it against the chair, “next!” I shouted with authority.

“Now… you go sit in that fucking chair, and don’t dare move until she’s finished!” Tears welled in her eyes as she pleaded with her mom. “Now!!!!!” she screamed. I still stood next to the chair with cape in hand waiting for my first ever client. She gingerly made her way across the floor as if it were an electric chair. I slapped the leather backrest, albeit in a little bit of a mocking way. She finally climbed into the chair and I spun it to face the mirror. She continued to sob as I sectioned her hair out of the way. I threw the cape over my own shoulder as I pulled a long length of soft tissue off the roll. This was placed out in front of her and stretched around her neck. She squirmed as I folded it perfectly tight, I could feel her pulse racing and body tremor in fear, I loved it! As Zoe had done to me, I aggressively shook the cape out and let it settle over the quivering figure with a rustle. I didn’t avert my gaze once, she was terrified. It was buttoned tightly, a little tighter than would be comfortable around the tissue. I pumped the pedal on the chair as it began to ascend jolting up and down, now for the fun to begin…

The mother sat crossed legged on a waiting chair, reading a magazine and occasionally glancing over to check progress. I let down the girls long locks from a sectioning clip and began to comb through it before calling to the older lady, “so how short are we going, Ma’am?” I queried. She closed her magazine and made her way over to the chair, he stiletto heels echoing throughout the shop. She began to rake her flawlessly manicured nails through her daughters mane, “well its all going… what do you think?” she asked turning to me. “uumm, well I guess its just a matter of choosing a suitable guard length for the clippers” I replied as I continued to comb through it. “I see…what’s the shortest??” she asked. “Well that would be no guard at all, similar to what you might see in the military” I stated. “That sounds perfect, maybe this haircut will be a good reminder of where she might end up if she doesn’t step into line??” she said glaring at her daughter. “No problem, would you like me to spin her to face you or the mirror??” I queried. “Oh she can face the mirror, I want her to think about what she’s done as she watches you work”. She made her way back to the bench.

My mind raced, I didn’t know what to do next. Should I sectioning it off? Cut it with scissors first or just shear her ruthlessly?? I decided I wanted my first haircut to be as dramatic as possible so there would be no sectioning or precutting lengths. I picked the clippers up off the hook and blew the loose hairs from the blades whilst giving the girl a little smile, she must have hated me! A few drops of oil and the switch was flicked. The girl jumped with the ‘pop’ as I turned them on close to her ear. A drone filled the room as the mother peered over her glasses before returning to her magazine. I moved in next to the girl who began to sob, she looked down at the ground. I couldn’t have her miss the first pass, my first pass ever! I placed my left hand under her chin and gently lifted her head back up so she was starting at the mirror, the clippers still purring in my right hand. I thought my heart was going to explode as I cupped the back of her head with my left hand and brought the clippers to her front hairline. Tears wept as I gripped her tightly and made the first pass slowly and deliberately down the middle of her head. The drone slightly changed in tone as they bit into her hairline. She had a lot of hair but it was fine, no match for my clippers. A fresh pale white strip now lay down the center of her head, the long lengths spilled down the back and side of the chair over her caped shoulder with a flick of my wrists. Before she knew it I had began the second pass. More and more silky blonde hair rained down as I continued to shear her, this was bliss!

After barely a minute and about 10 strokes the top of her head was the palest of white pate. Nothing on top but the lightest of stubble, being blonde it looked completely bare. I think she was still in shock, as she barely blinked or moved. Next I spread my hand firmly on top of her, the stubble felt amazing. Holding her in place I started to make passes up the side past her temple. The clippers continued to effortlessly plow through her tresses as they soon floated to her lap or the floor. I folded her ear down and made pass after pass, gaining confidence with each flick ensuring she saw the hair fall as dramatically as possible. With my grasp firmly atop her head I could feel all the vibrations with each stroke. This was a brutal and graphic shearing, I was loving it.

After finishing her left side I moved to around the chair and repeated the process. Gaining increasing dexterity her locks peeled off faster and faster with the pile on her shoulders, lap and floor growing by the second. With both sides and top complete she was left only with long lengths at the back. I stood behind her and made eye contact with a wry little smile, she knew I was enjoying myself and I didn’t care. I wanted her to fear me, I wanted her to know who had the power and who was in control… me. Placing my hand firmly on hair stubbly crown, I pushed her head down so she was staring at the pile in her lap. The blonde hair was such a contrast to the black cape. I racked my nails through what was left and positioned the clippers at her nape. Once again, with a long deliberate stroke up her neck, she was stripped bare. Hair spilled to the floor with each pass as I maintained my pressure on her forcing her head down.

Moments later her mother appeared on my side. I didn’t even hear her walk over, I was too intoxicated with the task at hand. I paused the clippers briefly as her mother examined progress. She raked her nails over the stubbly remains with a stern but approving nod, the raspy sound gave me shivers. “Excellent” she remarked, “we’ll see how Sam likes your new haircut wont we???” she posed. I assumed Sam was the boyfriend. The daughter wept and looked at the floor. Whilst I agreed it was a harsh penalty, it certainly seemed to be having the desired effect. Serves her right for being a little slut I thought, smiling to myself. I continued with the last few passes as lengths continued to float and gather around my feet. The timber floors were strewn with blonde highlighted piles.

Finally I was finished. After running them all over her head a few times to pick up any strays, they were shut off. Silence filled the room except for my shoes shuffling to the counter for the edging trimmer. Just then the door opened…. It was Zoe & my aunty. My mouth dropped, they paused. The mother looked over from the waiting area… “Oh… you stayed back late tonight, dear??” questioned Sonja with a wink. Relieved, I smiled back, “yeh, just had one walk in late”. The mother looked over, “I really appreciate her staying back to help me, she’s done a wonderful job” she stated with praise. Sonja walked over to assess the damage. “Wow…this is quite a severe change??” she said quizzically with a raised eyebrow. The mother walked over and introduced herself. She told my aunty the entire story as I looked over to Zoe. She was grinning and gave me a cheeky thumbs up. I flicked the switch and began finishing her neckline etc. A minute passed as dusted her free of clippings. I can only imagine what the last 20mins had been like for her. I unbuttoned the cape and removed the tissue, using it to dust her neck. Then expertly I peeled the long cape away, dumping its contents next to the chair. She sat there in shock as I shook the cape out and began to fold it. Her mum noticing I had finished, “Well… that’s much better”. Lost for words a hand slowly raised to touch her head. It was like she was stepping into a hot bath with the caution she used. I pushed on the foot pedal as the chair descended to its original position. “Come on! You’ve wasted enough of this girls time already!” scolded the mother. She gingerly rose from the chair looking down at the remnants from her haircut. I actually thought it looked quite good, she had a pretty face for it, last thing she wanted to hear though! Her mother lent forward and rubbed her head over her freshly clipper head. “You’ll be back weekly for a wet shave from Sonja if your behavior doesn’t improve” threatened the lady.

As previously discussed, the woman paid me handsomely and apologized for their inconvenience. “Thank you ladies, Sonja I’ll be back soon to have my bob trimmed” she stated. “Anytime, I look forward to it” my aunty replied. “Good night” she said as she closed the door behind her. I nervously looked around to Zoe and Sonja who stood there with raised eyebrows… I didn’t know what to say or do but pass Sonja the $500…. There was silence…….“Welcome aboard…” she said with a smile.

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