Barbers’ Revenge

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The affair had begun about a two years earlier and lasted only a few months. I met Sharon back last winter when I walked into a local barbershop for a haircut. She was tall gal, a bit on the heavier side, but with a great smile and bubbly personality. Her barbering skills were amazing! We immediately hit it off and at first our relationship centered around just casual conversation. After stopping in for a few haircuts, we began to talk more and eventually went for a few beers one evening. We didn’t hide the fact we were both married, and at times I talked about my love of short hair and how it seemed to always be a source of contention between us. Ann, my wife, wore her hair in various short styles over the years, but nothing that I truly loved. One evening, Sharon and I were planning to meet for drinks at a bar several miles from town, and upon arrival, I was in shock to see Sharon had gotten her hair cut into a super short, pixie style, which looked amazing! “I told Grace at the shop to go short, how do you like it?” Sharon said with a huge grin. “Looks amazing” I said as we lead each other to the car, the destination being a hotel room on the other side of town.

Over the next few weeks, we met in various places far from town, and the sex was great! During our passionate encounters, I often talked about my love for short hair, and she really seemed to enjoy the dirty talk… “The deeper you go, the shorter I’ll go baby” and it became a battle cry during our sexual encounters and during the next few months, she went shorter and shorter with her own style, eventually going to a short fade, flat top like cut- which was incredible!

Our encounters were crazy and the sex was great, but we both soon realized that our lives were too complicated to continue the fling. Over the next few months, we eventually broke off the affair and I we both agreed that we would not see each other again – I even had to find another barber. Life for me returned to semi-normal and Ann and I continued on as a seemingly happy couple.

One evening, we ran into Sharon and her husband in town and after the initial “oh shit” awkwardness, we introduced our spouses, me mentioning that Sharon and I had known each other back in high school, which was a complete lie… After a brief conversation, Sharon looked over at Ann. “I really love your hair, it’s soo cute.” “Thanks” Ann said, Kevin is loves it short, and it is definitely much easier in the mornings. It’s just hard at times to get into the salon for an appointment every 2 or 3 weeks” “I totally understand “Sharon said, I have clients that book every 2-3 weeks, and I always to my best to get them in” Sharon said, as she peered my way. “I own a shop in the East Village, you guys should come give us a try sometime, my partner Grace is master barber as well. I took Sharon’s card and we walked away, Ann commenting on how nice Sharon was. “Maybe you should give her a try, you really haven’t found a barbershop you like since the barber you spoke so highly of moved a few years back” This is where it all began to go wrong. “Let’s give her a call and we’ll  ride over if she has any appointments for in the morning” – the hidden meaning being “we”… “She could probably clean yours up as well, don’t you think”? I said knowing the response was going to be “why don’t you stop with the hair shit”. Surprisingly, Ann said “Will it shut you up for a few weeks”? Nothing else was said and the next morning we were off to Sharon’s shop.

We walked in and Sharon immediately thanked us for the booking and said she be with us momentarily. Just then, Grace, the other barber, walked by and asked me to take a seat in her chair. “Sharon will take care of your wife in a few minutes, let’s go ahead and get started.” “I think I know how you like it, I spoke with Sharon before you guys came in” Grace began by using shears to fade my hair down, the clippers oddly not in her tool bag. We spoke as she cut my hair and Sharon asked Ann to come over and have a seat. “Ann was blindsided by the comment, however, slowly got up and walked to sit in Sharon’s chair. “You’re a lucky girl” Sharon stated, not many ladies who love their short hair have husbands that feel the same way. If I came home short, my husband would probably divorce me”! Grace turned my chair toward Sharon and walked away to take a call. Sharon caped Ann and began pumping he chair, with Ann facing me. She stepped back for a second and opened her drawer, which was full of large clippers and assorted guards.

Just then, I received a text from Sharon, as I looked over to see her cell in her hand. “The best sex in my life was when you used to rub my bald nape and pound me harder, the text read, maybe you wouldn’t have cheated if your wife knew how deep you could go – I hope this helps your relationship, or with any luck, it may re-kindle ours!

With a few more pumps of the chair, Sharon fired up the large clippers and firmly pressed Ann’s head down.  I could see Ann’s eyes through her bangs as she tried to look at me. With several quick, firm passes up her nape, hair fell in Ann’s lap, Sharon making sure she dropped it on the cape. Sharon spun the chair around, Ann now looking away from all three of us. Grace stopped for a moment. “You better leave some hair on that girls head, her husband may not approve”, Grace said with a smile. “She’s lucky” Sharon said, He loves it super short” as she began racing over the ears on both sides, and eventually using a triple 000 guard to fade to bald Ann’s nape area. After a half hour or so, Ann was spun back around – her not saying a word. She looked at the mirror for the first time to see a bald, fade, high-n-tight haircut. Next, the lather was dispensed and Sharon rid her neckline of the stubble. Sharon placed a hot towel over Anns bald nape area and again picked up the phone for a few seconds.  A text message came through -“This will either really help or really hurt your relationship honey… I would love to have the same cut! Love Sharon..

We walked out of the shop and started driving off. Ann was furious, and was using every bad word known to man. “Look what that fucking bitch did to me” I hope you don’t like this shit” she said as she slapped me as I was driving. After a few minutes had gone by, Ann gained a bit of her composure, still pissed to no end. I reached over and stroked the back of her nape as she slapped my hand away. “Don’t you ever fucking touch me again” you asshole…

Just then, my phone vibrated and Sharon sent over a final text. “I’m in Grace’s chair at the shop, let me know if you want to grab a beer later, I’m having her take me a blade or two shorter than I took your wife, I might have lost the last battle a few years ago, but I’m going to win the war!

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