Barbershop Baring

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Barbershop Baring


By Shorngirl


Looking back, it all seems rather amusing. At the time, however, it was excruciatingly embarrassing. To this day, I can honestly admit, the experience changed my life forever.


Summer’s Over


I had just turned nineteen, and when I say just, my birthday had been three days before. I had taken a year off from school, but now it was time to bite the bullet and start university.

The hardest part was breaking things off with my girlfriend, Janine. We had been seeing each other on and off for almost three years. I was going to be halfway across the country, so it was a practical decision. That didn’t make things any easier.

We knew it was coming. We had discussed it, trying to come with some way that we could keep things going. In the end, we had both come to the same conclusion. We would split, date other people and if the fates decided, we would get back together. Of course, I knew the odds of that happening were next to naught.

That was when Janine had the most outrageous idea. “We should do something profound, you know?” She had blurted as we walked down the main street of our little town. “To signify how much we had meant to one another.”

“Like a parting gift?” I suggested.

“Nothing that easy.” Janine insisted. “I think it should be something that costs us more than money.”

I had no idea what she could be thinking. “Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“We should shave our heads.” Janine grinned.

“What? No way.” So, you have to understand, I was definitely the feminine partner in this relationship. I had blonde hair that fell well past my shoulders, whereas Janine sported a rather boyish style; over the ears and touching her collar, but a lot shorter than mine. Her hair was dark, in contrast to a fair complexion, and a match to her black Irish heritage.

“I guess I didn’t mean that much to you then.” Janine snapped.

“You know that’s not true,” I argued. “Let me think about it. It’s a lot to cut off for me, you know.”

“Tomorrow. You leave Friday, so it’s got to be tomorrow.” Janine pointed out.

We parted company at the walk that led up to my parent’s house. Things had grown quiet between us since her suggestion, and when I tried to kiss her, she shied away.

“I’m not going to kiss you ‘till we’re both bald,” Janine promised, leaving me standing on the sidewalk as she slipped around the corner.

I tried to imagine what was going to happen. What would my parents think? I mean it was tough on them when I’d come out in my junior year. Now, I was going to shave my head, bald? “They’re going to think you’ve lost your mind,” I murmured out loud as I climbed the steps to the porch.

Later that evening, my phone pinged.

Janine: Call me.

Still uncertain about my decision, I did as she asked.

“Well?” She pressed.

“Janine, I’m still…

“Oh, come on, Allie. It’s just hair for crying out loud.” There was a moment of silence. “Besides, I have a little surprise.”

“Oh, really?” I chortled. “And what would that be?”

“It’s Wednesday, so the barbershop is closed. I’ve arranged a little privacy for us.” She said, suggestively.

“You’re kidding? You mean we’re each going to shave the other’s head?” All of a sudden, the idea seemed a little more appealing.

“Your head and anything else I can rid you of.” Janine giggled.

I sighed, audibly. How could I refuse her when she’d gone to such lengths. Besides, the idea of having her shave me seemed almost erotic. I did wonder what she meant by ‘anything else’, though. “Fine.” I gave in. “What time?”

“Noon, baby. Meet me at Gleason’s Barbershop.” And with that, the phone clicked off.


Gleason’s Barbershop


Just as Janine had promised, the place was locked up tight. On the sign, it said, ‘closed’ and for a moment, I thought that maybe Janine had chickened out.

“You’re early,” Janine said from behind me. “You’re never early. I figured you might not even show up, and you’re early.” She said again. She produced a key, and slipped it into the brass lock, and turned it with a deep click. “We’re in.”

It was weird. I hadn’t been in a barbershop since I was eleven, and that was with my older brother. The smells and ambiance were so different from the salon that I frequented.

The blinds were drawn over the window, so we searched for a light, rather than open the world to our private encounter. I still couldn’t believe I was going to let her shave my head.

“You first.” I insisted.

“Oh no. You have that honor, Allie. I arranged the venue.” Janine lifted one of the clippers from its hook under the counter, hefting it. “Heavy.” She remarked.

I couldn’t argue with her logic. “Fine, I’ll go first then.”

I froze solid as Janine wrapped the cape around my shoulders and fastened the thing tightly around my neck. It was an odd feeling, being so completely at someone else’s mercy.

“I think you should get a little more comfortable,” Janine suggested.

“I’m comfortable. The chair is soft.” I answered.

“Strip.” She insisted.

I knew that tone, and I knew better than to disobey. “Are you sure? Is it safe?”

“No one’s coming in here, Allie. Now give me something to remember you by.” She caressed my breast through the cape.

Without any more prompting, I slipped off my sneakers and jeans. I was glad I had worn a button-down top, as it afforded me a little privacy as I stripped naked under the cape. With my clothes in a pile on one of the chairs opposite, Janine slipped her finger through my moist pussy, eliciting a gasp from my lips.

“I’ll miss this.” She sighed, as she again lifted the clippers from their perch. “Let’s start with this.” She tugged at the blonde curls that covered my sex.

Spreading my legs, I gave her full access, but was unable to see what she was doing because of the cape. I could certainly feel the softly buzzing clippers running over my mons, and the slight tickle of loose hair as my pubes fell down between my cheeks.

“Well, look at that.” She grinned. Her fingers felt different against the closely shorn stubble; different, and incredibly erotic.

“Ohh. That feels nice.” I moaned. I saw Janine reach into her pocket and remove something black, but I didn’t know what it was until it was pulled over my head. A blindfold. “How are you going to do this with that on my head?” I asked, blindly.

“I’ll manage. I just don’t want you seeing until I’m done.” I heard the clippers pop to life once again, and I felt the warm steel press momentarily into the skin at the top of my forehead. Without any warning, she swept the blades over the top of my head. I imagined my soft blonde locks floating softly by, as I felt them caress my naked legs on their way to the floor.

A second pass next to the first sent more slithering tendrils over me, and I began to get seriously aroused. Without thinking, and hidden by the cape, I allowed my fingers to stroke my hairless pussy for the first time, reveling in its nakedness and sensitivity. The more hair she peeled from my scalp, the hotter I became. I must have been a sight to behold as I moaned and writhed under the cape, as naked as the day I was born.

I raised my feet until they hooked into something and allowed me to spread myself open. It was so fucking hot. “Oh, God, Janine. Yes!” I called out, my fingers frantically working my clitoris which must have been so lewdly exposed.

She stayed silent, undoubtedly concentrating on the task at hand. The cool air on my scalp was adding to my excitement, and I knew that I was almost bald. I felt the strap of the blindfold lift slightly as the clippers worked underneath. Struggling to see around it, I failed as it snapped back into place. I would have to wait for the big reveal.

I knew all my beautiful hair would be gone, but at that moment it just didn’t matter. When the clippers finally fell silent, I waited for her to say something, anything. Instead, I felt fingers slowly, and strangely running up the sides of my bald head as they lifted the blindfold away.

Suddenly, there was a roar of laughter and applause all around me. Looking in the mirror, I saw the man that had apparently shaved my head, laughing along with the rest of them. Men. There must have been twenty if there was one, standing around me in a circle, all laughing and applauding. I looked desperately for Janine, but she was nowhere to be found.

The humiliation was beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, as I realized what these men had witnessed. What I thought had been an intimate encounter with my girlfriend was nothing more than the degrading sex show, staged for these men. As I went to get up, I was held there by the barber. Still in too much shock to fight, I sat there in stunned silence as he ran the clippers over my brows, removing the last trace of hair from my body.

The barber tossed me my clothes. “Here. The can’s in the back. Oh, and she left this for you.” I stood with the cape still wrapped around me for whatever modesty it offered, and moved to the privacy of the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the small, dingy mirror, my bald head, and naked expressionless face a complete embarrassment now. The small piece of paper still folded in my hand, I almost dreaded reading anything she could have to say to me.

After I was dressed, and hoping beyond hope that my audience had dispersed, I unfolded the paper.

“Thanks for the broken heart, Allison. Remember me!”

 And I did. Eventually, I forgave her for what she had done. I must have, because she is lying beside me, asleep in my arms.


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