beauty isn’t important

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Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a girl named Lily. Lily was the most popular girl at school, with beautiful bleached blonde hair that reached her bra strap. However, Lily despised her beauty because she was asexual, oblivious to any sense of attraction. One day, as fate would have it, Lily was paired with a group of classmates for a project. Frustrated with the constant attention and longing to be understood, she declared, “This is the final straw! I need a change.” Being somewhat fascinated with hair, Lily felt a sense of satisfaction watching guys getting their haircuts at the local barbershop. Determined to break free from societal expectations, she gathered her courage and stepped into the shop. As she poured out her thoughts to the barber, he listened attentively. Eventually, Lily expressed her desire to be rid of her beauty. The barber, understanding her predicament, flicked off the guard and ran the clippers over her head, reducing her long locks to mere stubble. Lily’s head felt euphoric as she touched her newly shaved scalp. Uttering a grateful “Thank you,” Lily was pleasantly surprised when the barber offered her free haircuts for as long as she wanted. Her excitement grew, and as she left the shop, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of desire. She hurried home to satisfy the uncontrollable urge ignited within her. The following day, Lily, feeling the stubble growth on her head, returned to the barbershop for another shave. The repeated experience left her feeling liberated and carefree. One afternoon, observing her reflection, Lily felt that simply being bald wasn’t enough. Eager to completely transform herself, she visited a dentist and requested the removal of all her teeth. Although her mouth ached and felt unusual after the procedure, Lily was satisfied with the result. She was no longer pretty; she was different. Returning to school with her new appearance, Lily was labeled a freak. Nevertheless, she felt a sense of relief as no one attempted to make a move on her anymore. However, Lily believed she wasn’t ugly enough yet. On her daily visits to the barbershop, she requested the barber to shave her eyebrows to complete her new look. Now with big wide ears that were once hidden by her hair, a bald head, toothless mouth, and no eyebrows, Lily felt a new sense of contentment. Finally able to focus on herself without the constant pressure of others’ gaze, she embraced her unique appearance. Lily maintained her bald head for the next year and frequented the barber shop without fail. As time passed, she decided to get dentures to replace her missing teeth, realizing the inconvenience of being toothless in certain situations. Ultimately, Lily discovered that true happiness came from accepting and being comfortable in her own skin, no matter how different it may be from societal norms. The tale of Lily, the girl with a shaved head, no teeth, and no eyebrows, became an inspiration for those who learned to embrace their uniqueness and challenge society’s expectations.

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