Beauty of Family Gundu – Part 4

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Nirmala’s Tirumala gundu

Pranati and Nimmy received them at the parking lot. Pranati hugged the four bald ladies and caressed their smooth domes. Maalu shed tears of joy while hugging Pranati and said “Thank you aunty a thousand times”. Nimmy was surprised to find the four women – Renuka, Ramani, Gayatri and Malati exceptionally beautiful with their round and bald heads, nose stud, ear studs, bindi, bangles and nicely worn sarees. The beauty of a family tonsure was quite apparent to her looking at these two happy and bald families. How nice if her family also will have a family tonsure like this, she thought fleetingly. Bodi Malati was bubbling with joy, once in a while caressing her own nice and smooth head. Nimmy hugged her, caressed her bald head and said “I will call you as ‘Bodi Maalu’ only” with a mischievous smile while others giggled.

That night a bald and naughty Renuka called her two sons and two d-i-ls aside and told them with a mischievous smile, “Girls, I know what you were discussing on the way to Tirumala. That was not the place. Now I am telling you, you both should get fucked by your husbands well and through. You (pointing to Rajesh) start your first kid tonight and you (to Rakesh) your next one. I would like to hear the sound of the cots creaking well into the night. Ok, girls?” A shameless and naughty Gaayu made a thumbs up sign, an embarrassed Maalu smiled shyly and went to her room with Rajesh. And the cots did creak, not in just two rooms, but in the third room also occupied by Renuka and her husband. The two bald kids slept peacefully in the room of Rakesh and Gaayu oblivious to what was going on. Pranav, slept off on the couch in the hall oblivious to the creaking sounds.

Pranati had invited one couple to occupy one of their spare rooms for the next two nights, since Rajesh’s flat was overcrowded. Satya and Ramani shifted to Pranati’s house for the night. A naughty Pranati told Ramani not to feel shy but enjoy the night, the first one after her Tirumala tonsure. Ramani smilingly agreed. Pranati and Nimmy had been charged up seeing the beautiful bald ladies. Ramani anyway had been charged up with her fresh bald head. So the cots in the three rooms of Pranati’s house also creaked!

Next day afternoon they all had lunch in Nimmy’s house. Renuka thanked Pranati for having convinced Malati. It was some sight to see 11 baldies – of them two middle aged beautiful ladies while two were young beauties – sitting around and having food. Now Nimmy lost all doubts regarding the beauty of a family tonsure. In the evening, Nimmy and Pranesh accompanied the bald gang to a few places. They all had dinner in Mayya’s. People smiled seeing 11 baldies of whom four were women. Pranav was dropped off to catch bus to Chennai. That night also the cots creaked and creaked. On Monday morning they visited a few places in Bangalore.

That evening, the Kurnool duo left to Hyderabad by bus. Before leaving, Ramani said “Maalu, I never knew that a family gundu at Tirumala gundu will feel this great. We will do this again after Pranav’s marriage. I hope his wife, whoever it will be, agree for it” and giggled. The Guntur gang left in their Innova. A bald Gayatri drove it for the first leg.

That night, Nimmy forced Rajesh and Maalu to have dinner in her house. Maalu narrated her experience of going bald in Tirumala for the first time. She said “Aunty, just as you said, getting that bum long wet hair scraped off is such a great experience! I have told my m-i-l that I will never again say no to it.” Everybody enjoyed her colourful narration of her mom’s and then her own gundu. After her narration the four of Nimmy’s family did some leg-pulling on Maalu and Rajesh.

After they left Nimmy told her m-i-l “Atte, you pulled my leg yesterday. Now, tell me. Will you and maava (f-i-l) accept it if I also become a baldy like Maalu?” and gave a broad smile. Pranati beamed from ear to ear and with tears of happiness hugged Nimmy. She said “Nimmy, if you happily get a Tirumala gundu, it will be the dream day fulfilled for me!” “Then when can I shave off my head?” she asked eagerly.

Her f-i-l said “Great, Nimmy. I will be happy to own a bald d-i-l. Why don’t you become a ‘bodi’ along with the first mundan of your kid?” Pranati interjected “No, Nimmy. I will not permit you to go bald unless you promise me certain things.” The other three looked at her askance. Pranati continued “One of course, not during your pregnancies. Two, once you shave off this shoulder long hair, you should not grow it back beyond a boy cut. Three, you must get at least three, preferably four kids. Four, you must introduce a family gundu in your sub-family – maybe once in two or three years. And it will be fantastic if all your female kids and your d-i-ls will keep a short boy cut like Rukku.” And then Pranati giggled for a while. Nimmy herself smiled and asked “Why are you giggling, atte?” Pranati replied “Oh! Just imagining my whole family – barring me and your f-i-l of course – becoming baldies together once in two years and going around with nice and short boy cuts! So nice it will be!”

Nimmy thought over it for a while with a smile and looked at her husband who gave a thumbs up. She told Pranati “It will be done, Atte. Agreed for all your conditions.” Pranati said “Then as your f-i-l has told, your gundu will be with the mundan of your first kid in its 11th month – does not matter whether male or female. And no need to abstain from cutting hair in your further pregnancies. But, plan your gundu schedule to the times when you are not pregnant.” Nimmy was on cloud nine. But she had to wait for 15 to 16 months!

Next day, in Nimmy’s house, Bodi Maalu was very happy to learn of her dear friend Nimmy also going bald, though about one and half years later.

M: Nimmy, by the time you become a baldy, I will be quite hairy!

N: You become bald once more along with me. What is the big deal?

Everybody laughed. Pranati knew that things are not that easy to co-ordinate in such matters. Each family has its own parameters. She said “Let that time come. We will decide then”.

Time passed. Maalu was not interested to keep short hair, though suggested by many, including Nimmy and Pranati. She said she would cut her hair only in a religious place and that too to the roots, but as often as desired by her m-i-l. Her m-i-l was happy to hear it. Rajesh drilling Bodi Maalu in the night of returning from Tirumala had borne fruit making her pregnant. Six months after Maalu’s Tirumala gundu, Nimmy delivered a baby boy, Gautam. Three months later, Maalu, with about eight inches of hair, also delivered a boy, Kamesh while in Guntur, Gayatri delivered another girl, Prajna, a day later. Another seven months passed and it was May 2010. Gautam completed 10 months. Pranati reminded Nimmy about her resolve – gundu with the first mundan of Gautam.

In April 2010 Nimmy had reminded Maalu about both being baldies together this year. Maalu talked to Rajesh and also her m-i-l. Renuka said, “Look Maalu, if you want to get a gundu along with your friend, I have no objection. But you cannot skip the five yearly tonsure in Dec 2013.” So Maalu and Rajesh decided that the three – Rajesh, Maalu and little Kamesh – would become baldies in Tirumala in Aug 2010, if Nimmy also accompanied them and got a gundu for herself. Nimmy and Pranati discussed on this. Finally they decided to do the first mundan of Gautam at home in May while he would have a second gundu at Tirumala in Aug.

And that is what happened. End Aug 2010. Malati, Rajesh, little Kamesh and Pranav reached Tirumala. From Guntur, Rajesh’s parents, Rakesh, Gayatri, their three kids including Prajna went to Tirumala. Gayatri’s brother, Ramesh accompanied them. From Kurnool, Satya and Ramani reached Tirumala by bus. Pranesh, his parents, Nimmy, little Gautam, Nimmy’s parents and younger brother, Jayant went to Tirumala on the same day. The two groups had planned not to club the visit to Kalyanakatta or darshan, but would meet at guest house before heading back to Bangalore.

In Rajesh’s family, Kamesh sat on Pranav’s lap and got his head shaved. Similarly, little Prajna sat on Ramesh’s lap and got her head shaved. After that, all barring Renuka and Ramani got their heads shaved. That included Gayatri and Maalu also. The two d-i-ls had shoulder long hair – about 12 inches long. Gayatri and her family had decided to limit their kids to three. Maalu and Rajesh had decided to fuck after returning to Bangalore to make their second kid.

In Pranesh’s family, Pranesh, Nimmy, little Gautam, Jayant, his father and, lo and behold, his mother also got fully tonsured. Only Pranesh’s parents returned with their hair intact. Nimmy’s mom suddenly got enthusiasm to get it done after seeing so many ladies doing it happily. Anyway, Jayant’s marriage was at least 2 years away. So she proposed to do it and her husband not only happily agreed, but he also joined the group. Jayant did not want to be left behind. And Nimmy also felt extremely happy getting her shoulder long hair scraped off to smooth dome. Henceforth, no more long hair for her, she happily announced. She and her mom looked very beautiful with their bald heads.

And Maalu’s dream of seeing herself and her dear friend Nimmy both being smoothly bald together was realised. After returning to Bangalore, just like Rajesh and Maalu, Pranesh and Nimmy also fucked to make their next child. When both went to office together with their smooth bald heads, the whole office started ragging them. Many had a nice time caressing the smooth domes of the two ladies! The two friends were really happy being bald together.

Mid November came. Nimmy had about 2 inches of hair and was carrying her second child. Pranati said that it was sufficient for a nice and short boy cut. Nimmy expressed the doubt whether she could cut hair now. Pranati said, “Strictly speaking, no. But we could relax some things. No tonsure. But haircut is ok, as per me. So let us get going” and holding Nimmy’s hand dragged her out to the barbershop situated inside their apartment complex. Being an upper class apartment complex, many ladies used to go to the ladies only beauty parlour for getting their hair cut, but a few would come to the barbershop also since it was so much cheaper. Pranati told the barber to give Nimmy a short boy cut with no 1 clippers on back and sides. Nimmy got a very beautiful and short boy cut, with back and sides clippered to just a fine 3 mm pelt and the top neatly trimmed for combing. Nimmy fell in love with this style. She happily told the barber to give her a similar cut once a month.

Back home, her f-i-l and Pranesh also fell in love with this style of Nirmala. And she regularly got this boy cut once a month, even three days before she delivered – a girl this time, whom they named Samhita.

Now in 2019, Nirmala is a mom of four kids – son Gautam, daughter Samhita, son Vikram, daughter Vineeta. Having been inspired by her m-i-l’s encouragement and Maalu’s family, she has introduced biennial family tonsure in her sub-family – Rajesh, herself and her four kids. They have visited Tirumala every alternate year and got a family gundu – 2010, 12, 14, 16, 18. Barring Gautam the other three kids were conceived while she and Pranesh were both bald. And since her kids are small, she is keeping their head bald every summer, either in Tirumala with razor or in barbershop with clippers if there is no Tirumala visit. She keeps the girls also with a nice and short clipper boy cut in the intervening period. The boys will continue to get a barbershop gundu in alternate summers, while for the two girls, it will be stopped once they cross 10 years of age.

As for herself, for about a year Nimmy got her sides and back clippered with no. 1 in the beginning of her boy cut avatar. In summer of 2011, Pranati forced her to try no. 0 on back and sides and that too to about one and half inch above the ears. Nimmy giggled a lot at her own image but felt very good with it. Now she gets her back and sides clippered with no attachment – almost to skin. Her in-laws and Pranesh are very happy with the out-and-out male avatar of their d-i-l which looks very cute on her.

Maalu has produced three kids – a boy and two girls. She is following her m-i-l’s policy strictly – no haircut for the girls except gundu at Tirumala including the five yearly family tonsure at Tirumala. So her family had family gundu in December of 2013 and 2018. Fortunately for Malati, she had got back her bum long hair in four years after her tonsure in 2013. And before her tonsure in 2013, she had hair upto midback, a fast growth in under three years since her Aug 2010 Tirumala gundu. Currently in the nine months since Dec 2018 when she last got a gundu, she has grown almost 7 inches of hair – a very fast growth indeed.

Malati’s brother Pranav married Preeti, a B.Sc. graduate from Hyderabad in 2011 and settled in Chennai. Having seen and even taken part in the family gundu in 2008, Ramani was desirous of introducing it in her family also as desired by her m-i-l. When she suggested this to Preeti before marriage, she happily said yes. In Preeti’s family it was considered very auspicious for ladies to get a gundu at Tirumala on occasions, though there was no regular family gundu. Preeti as a college student had got gundu in first year of B.Sc. and had enjoyed it thoroughly. Her mom had done gundu four times after her marriage. So a month after the marriage, Pranav, Preeti, Pranav’s parents and Preeti’s parents went to Tirumala for the ‘inaugural’ family gundu. Preeti’s mom was very happy that Preeti had happily agreed for a gundu soon after marriage. So she suggested that her family also do a family gundu along with Preeti and her in-laws. Her daughter-in-law Nalini happily accepted to get a gundu along with her m-i-l.

So in this Tirumala trip, Ramani, her husband, Pranav and Preeti became baldies. On Preeti’s parental side, her dad, mom, her elder brother, his wife and a 2 year old girl kid all happily became baldies – again two families getting family gundu. Maalu was very happy to learn this. Preeti, though a housewife, wanted to keep her hair a boy cut to which Pranav and his mom happily agreed. So to this day Preeti, a mother of two kids, always sports a boy cut. The family had family gundu in 2016. They will have their next family gundu in May 2021.

All in all, Maalu is extremely happy about the family gundu in her family and her parental family and also about the family tonsure in Nimmy’s family. Pranati’s husband is very happy – a boy cut d-i-l and boy cut grand-daughters. Pranati is the happiest, having realised her dream of not only a boy cut d-i-l and boy cut grand-daughters but also frequent family gundu in her son’s family.


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