Becoming a stripper

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Jodi grew up in a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She knew she wanted to leave ever since she was 14 when she began to become very pretty and all boys ran after her. She enjoyed the attention.

She was fairly tall, skinny with soft curves and had long blonde hair. It was a rather dark and sandy blonde. She hated the term dirty blonde but maybe that was best to describe her hair colour. Once she graduated High school she packed her stuff into her car and moved to a big city, far away from home.

While others went to college she wanted to become a stripper. In the city however she started working as a cashier for 2 years while trying to find a decent stripclub. All clubs either wanted her to be a prostitude or were shady. Sometimes girl became drug addicts and that was no coincidence. Bigger, more ethical clubs had high expectations. Jodi didn’t fit in. It became depressing.

In the city she met Betty. She was what you would consider a big tiddy goth gf. They got very close. Betty was a hairstylist who also did nails, eyebrows and skincare. However her business didn’t go too well lately but she was still fairly successful. They often met at bars.

One of these evenings they sat at a bar, had a few drinks and discussed a little. As suddenly Jodi felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a man looking at her. He introduced himself as Zero, owner of the new Zerotic club on the other side of the road. Betty and Jodi let the man lead them to that club. It was quite aesthetic. Purple, blue and red lights. Lots of LED and glitter, shimmer and luxury. The music was rather quiet. Zero showed them around a bit. Betty wasn’t too impressed but Jodi was head over heels in love. After a little tour Zero offered jobs to the girls. As bartenders. Jodi didn’t hesitate and signed the contracts given to her. Soon after she quit her job and her first shift started the next day.


Zero was a little perverted but otherwise a nice guy. Jodi curled her hair, wore heavy black makeup, red lipstick and a short black dress with red heels. She did a good job. But the strippers teased her for her looks a lot.


To be fair she kind of just looked like a girl playing dress up. She clearly didn’t know what she was doing. Customers didn’t take her flirty nature seriously and just used her to find out about her much more desired colleagues. It didn’t sit well with her.

So after a few months of working there she asked Zero for advice. He was confused and didn’t listen until she asked to get a position as a stripper, as one of the girls quit recently. He raised his eyebrows looking at the cute but not sexy girl. She looked so simple or basic or whatever. She wasn’t right. But Zero gave her a chance after an hour of discussing. He told her to not wear makeup or curl her hair and come in normal attire the next evening.

So she did that. In the dressing room Zero handed her a bag. In it were some clothes. She tried it and they fit. Her colleague Lana did her makeup. Just a bit of natural lipstick, some fake lashes and eyebrow tint and she was done after 30 minutes. Now she looked like a real stripper and was ready to work.

Her first time a customer chose a private dance. She went into the room with him and just did a lap dance. She told him to unzip her dress and he slowly did. It fell on the floor. He touched her ass and his hands slowly moved to her tits. So did hers and she begand opening it in the back. After a few seconds of teasing him it fell as well. That guy was very hard now. What they didn’t know is that Zero was watching. He was hard too.


The session was over after an hour. She got dressed, took her money and left to the dressing room to drink some water. She noticed something was wrong with her bra so she undressed to get another pair of underwear out of her little closet. She undressed. First her dress, then her bra and then her panties. As she wanted to grab another pair she was hugged from behind by someone. She was naked so it was a little scary but luckily it was just Zero. He complimented her on how good she was and how surprised he was. He explained her that she may lack looks but she was a decent stripper.

From that day she was much preferred by him over the other girls. He even took her shopping and to hotels and restaurants. He even got her a new apartment that was big.

She was clearly happy about it. But Zero told her she will have to change her looks sooner or later. She was good, but not as desired as the others. Customers rather asked for her colleagues.

So one day Zero called her to his office. She came in and sat on the chair to talk to him. He informed her that this day she will change her appearance. This would be the first step. She listened to his plan. Tattoos, cosmetic surgery, permanent makeup, haircut. He didn’t say what his plans were exactly but it would start today. She was a bit shocked but she was desperate to fit in so she agreed and signed the contract.

First they headed into a tattoo studio. She got some small face tattoos, underboob, thigh and collarbone. It hurt and it took them the whole night. She was tired but he wasn’t done yet. He drove her to a cosmetologist and she got lip and chin injections. And a bit on her cheekbones. After all that pain he let her go home and sleep and she got a week off to let everything heal.


He picked her up to go to the basement of the club. In the middle there was a barbers chair. She didn’t know what was awaiting her. Her hair almost reached her ass. It was straight and beautiful. She hesitated but decided to sit in it. Zero told her to undress as he forgot his cape. She did, with a bad feeling. So she sat there, naked, shivering and scared. He grabbed her wrists and placed them onĀ  the sides. Then he slowly attached handcuffs on each sides. Next he spread her legs a bit, attaching her feet to the chair. She tried moving slowly but she was so tightly tied to the shair it was impossible. Zero examined her and gave her a kiss. She got wet. He saw that and smiled. He kissed her pussy as well but then stopped to get to business. First he took a clipper and showed her. Jodi’s eyes widened.


She immediately screamed, telling him to put it away and how it would take ages to grow back this long. He told her to shut up. All the other strippers either had red, black, blonde, brown, straight or curly hair. But they all had one thing in common: They all had long hair. So he wanted something different. Jodi was ideal. She was not as pretty as the others so she had to stand out at least. The other girls didn’t want to change their hair but Jodi seemed desperate enough.

Zero began stroking her hair and her head. She calmed down. He put the clippers on the table and took a razor and a bottle of water. He sprayed her face with it and she closed her eyes. She slowly placed the razor between her eyebrows and started shaving the right one. The razor slowly moved to the right until it was completely gone. He repeated the same with the other one.

She looked a bit funny. Luckily there was no mirror nearby. Jodi was quiet. Zero began brushing her hair forward with a comb. He slowly cut her some side swept bangs. She now didn’t see anything. Not even that he took the clippers again. She heard it and cried. But she didn’t fight it. He stood behind her, shaving from her nape up to the top of her head. He did it so fast. In the end nothing was left except her bangs. He cut them a bit shorter but still covering the place her eyebrows used to be. He grabbed a big mirror. She was so shocked she cried.


He started petting her head which made her crying even worse. He left and came back with shaving cream. He evenly spread it on her head and started shaving the stubble until it was shiny. Then he massaged something else on her head. She saw everything in the mirror.

He slowly stroked her bangs, the only hair left on her head. He told her to look and held it up to show her shaved off eyebrows. Her eyes widened. She looked like an alien. He grabbed the clippers again and shaved the last bits too. Then the razor and cream and now she was completely bald. Her mouth was wide open all the time. He untied her and pulled her to the dressing room, where she was supposed to shower. He turned it on and pushed her a little inside. She couldn’t talk. She looked down on the floor. The water hit her head and it felt so scary.

After she was done Zero dried her body and head with a towel. She quietly cried so he grabbed her face and kissed her. She calmed down so he got her a leather short dress and thigh high leather boots. No panties, no bra. She slowly put the outfit on. He watched her and was amazed. He was all over her. He grabbed her, kissed her, fingered her and then ate her out. That was the best sex he ever had. He came on her bald head and face. After they were done he wiped it off and went outside with her. Her colleagues gasped and stared at her. So did all customers, no matter how busy they were. Zero placed his fur jacket over her shoulders and took her to his car. There they made out another time.


They skipped the permanent makeup part, as Zero liked her browless look. Sometimes she would draw some on. But Zero kept her shaved every few days. Her popularity grew since then and she made way more than the other girls. But most importantly Zero was her biggest fan.


Sometimes she missed having her. As popular as she was, she still envied the other girls with their long hair and perfect on fleek eyebrows. She missed it. But that was the price she paid for attention


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