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Ever since high school, Kristen had cultivated the ‘sexy witch’ look. By the time she was 22, she was claiming to be a real witch complete with magic powers. She did seem to hold a certain power over men, but that could’ve been attributed to her choice of revealing, often skin tight attire. This raven haired beauty never left the house looking anything but impeccable-hair, make-up, clothes, she had the looks of a model.

Her ‘witch’ act was all a good time for her. At least until the day she met an actual Witch!

“Oh, yeah! I can get any man I want with a simple spell!” she told Serena over a drink at her favorite bar, “I can get them to leave their wives, girlfriends, whatever! And don’t get me started on the gifts! HA! Last week I got some Shlub’s Visa card! Good luck on him figuring who rang up what charges! Magic ROCKS!” The sultry brunette was totally into her looks as she checked herself in her pocket mirror several times as she finished her drink.

“The guys call me Elvira. I can see it, I guess…but I’m WAY hotter!” she laughed, “Hey, maybe I could give you some pointers some time. You know…after you get yourself prettied up some? Anyway, it’s been great. I’d love to continue this conversation, but I have an appointment for a little touch up at the salon..ha! Not like I need it! Ciao!”

Serena was NOT impressed with this one sided conversation and felt like this hotty could benefit in some REAL magic. Snapping her fingers, she re-appeared at the very salon
Kristen had her appointment. This time as Ellie, the new girl. And as the only one in the salon, it was time for fun!

“Ahh, yes. My 1 o’clock. You’re a little early…Kristen is it?” Ellie said.

“Yep. That’s me! I just need a little trim. Think you can handle that, Sweety?” Kristen replied.

Ellie smiled “I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Please have a seat in booth 13…we’ll take care of you shortly!”

Kristen entered the booth suspecting nothing. She deviously scanned the room looking for something to pocket. With her bush getting slightly out of control, she eyed a set of electric clippers. Easily to hide, “You’re going home with–” the clippers slid away as she reached for them!

“What the??” she said as she tried to grab them again. As before, they slipped out of her reach!

Kristen shook her head and wondered if she had too much to drink at lunch. After a final try and again having the clippers move one their own, she decided it was too weird. Backing away and about to leave, an unseen force shoved her back into the chair with a loud ‘SHHRRRIIPPP!!’ tore her dress off in the process! Her screams went unheard as she tried to get up! That bush was definitely out of control as she wasn’t wearing panties. The same force then pulled off her push up bra! Out spilled her less than perfect boobs! They were nowhere near as firm as she presented them and her nipples were long and hard! All she had on was a pair of black silk stockings!

She screamed, struggled and hoped Ellie would come help her, but that didn’t seem to be happening. The chair twirled to face the mirror. Her legs suddenly splayed wide open as she squirmed around, then it got even weirder!

The clippers she was about to steal, as well as 2 other pairs, buzzed to life and began floating around her! One pair floated down between her legs and comically ‘sniffed’ her bush! Floating up to her face, they began circling her head ominously. Terrified, Kristen shook her head ‘no’, but it was too late.

With no warning, they all suddenly attacked! Kristen screamed as they began shaving her head! Pass after pass sending her long shimmering black hair raining off her head! All she could do was watch in horror as that once gorgeous mane was reduced to mere stubble! With 3 of them working on her all at once, it wasn’t long before they soon went silent, and the ruby lipped beauty was sitting there with a buzz cut!

The clippers, all but one, quietly put themselves away. The one remaining then took aim on her pubes. “No…no, please…not there..” she muttered as the buzzing clippers plunged into her muff! Desperately she tried to buck them off, but it was no use! Up one side of her vulva and down the other! In no time at all, cuffs matched collars! She hated shaving ‘down there’. Her thick wrinkled labia protruded out, making her look ‘loose’.

“NOOOO!!!” she screamed, “My..MY HAIR! WHAT’D YOU DO TO MY HAIR?!?” Still unable to move she sat there with her chest heaving as she stared at her bizarre new look. Her ears and hooped earrings now appeared so much larger minus that head of big hair. “This can’t be happening..this has to be a dream.” Kristen thought it was over, but she was mistaken!

Nervously looking around, she saw the lid float off of the hot lather machine. Her eyes widened as an old fashioned shaving brush dipped itself in, then flew over and began lathering up her round, stubble covered dome. Her screaming did nothing to stop it from completely covering the area that needed it!

With no warning, a drawer burst open and a dozen or so Lady Gillette razors swarmed out! Kristen’s jaw dropped as they attacked her lather covered scalp like hungry piranhas! Moving so fast she could barely see them as they made light work of her hair care woes. The speed of the scraping and clearing of her scalp was incredible. All she saw was a blur and in under 5 minutes, Kristen had been rendered as bald as a cue ball! The only hair that remained was her raised eyebrows!

“I..I’M BALD! I’M COMPLETELY BALD!!” Kristen screamed. Indeed the once attractive young woman was as bald as Kojak! It was look some would be fine with, but a girl of her stature would definitely NOT be one of them! As a final indignity, the unseen forces buffed and polished her naked head with a variety of hair removers, leaving the hapless hotty…permanently BALD!

Suddenly, Kristen was released. Her legs clamped shut as her hands rushed up to check her hair, which-as the mirror confirmed-was GONE!!! Her nervous hands darted all about her naked scalp, as if her hair was merely lost up there and she might luckily find it, but no, she was indeed totally bald-headed!

Screaming like a banshee, Kristen bolted from the booth. She was still naked as a jaybird except for her black stockings and high heels! Her smallish sagging boobies flopping around as she ran out desperately clutching her hairless noggin! That loose vag fully exposed as she sobbed about her clean shaven head!

“Well, “ said Ellie, “Looks like you’ve taken care of yourself there! But you’re still going to be charged full price for this.”

“WHAT?! Are you..LOOK WHAT THAT..WHAT IT…WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!! I’M BALD! I’M TOTALLY BALD!!!” Kristen shrieked. A couple of older women in the waiting area were openly laughing.

“Why on earth are you naked, Baldy?” one asked.

“I recognize her!” said the other as she pulled out her phone and began taking pictures, “She tried to get my husband to run off with her! Can’t wait til he sees these!”

Kristen had been so preoccupied with her newly shaven head that she momentarily forgot she was nude! Looking down, she immediately threw her hands over her exposed breasts and pussy! This of course this left a clear view of her now shiny bald head! As she attempted to get back to the booth to recover what was left of her clothes, she found the door was inexplicably locked!

“I think it’s time for you to go.” said Serena, now looking as she did at the bar. Kristen’s eyes widened. She suddenly felt several slaps to her ass which seemed to guide her to the front door of the salon. Both of the waiting customers were now taking pictures!

“But I…but I can’t..” she whined.

“Beat it, Cueball!” Serena said, flicking her finger. Kristen screamed as she was shoved out the door onto the crowded street! Naked and bald, the horrified hairless hotty bolted towards her apartment several blocks away! Her ass jiggling like jello as she ran, her arms alternating between hiding her tits, pussy, or her completely bald noggin! Something was always left exposed!

“Shit! That girl’s so bald a wig won’t help!” commented one witness to the bizarre scene. A statement that would prove to be true!






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