Blond, Black and Pink

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 This is not my story. Blond, Black and Pink was originally written by y10013y, but I felt it should be here too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Melissa and her older sister Christine both looked up startled when they heard their mother suddenly speaking. “Come on, girls your next.”

They were in the barbershop that all three of them usually went to, they had taken a sit in the waiting area and were engrossed in reading some fashion magazines. Their mother was a pretty stylish and good looking woman in her mid-fourties, with poker straight light brown hair. She wore it long (it reached a few inches past her bra strap), all one length, usually trimmed in a neat line across the back. They had come here today for their mother’s trim, after having visited the mall for some shopping. They didn’t remember deciding to get haircuts too, but mom had some pretty firm ideas about what happened to her daughters’ hair, so they thought nothing of it.

“Come on, Melissa, up you go,” prompted her mother. Kate, their usual stylist, was already waiting near the chair, so the younger daughter got up and walked to the chair. She sat in gingerly and settled in as Kate caped her. Kate had taken care of their hair for quite a few years now. She was a really good stylist, even though she worked in a barbershop, and a lot of people in their small town, both men and women, preferred her over the pricey salons in the city.

Her mother joined them as Kate was getting busy brushing out her long blonde ponytail. 12yr old Melissa also had long hair (both daughters did), which she currently wore up in a tight ponytail at the top of her head. When it was free, her hair reached the middle of her back. Unlike her mother and sister, whose hair was all one length, she had short bangs, cut in a straight line right above her eyebrows. Right now, as she was wearing her hair in a ponytail, her bangs were neatly parted by a clear line from the rest of her hair. As said before, her mother had pretty definite ideas about her daughters’ hair, and she had insisted on proper, neat bangs.

“So, what are we doing today, Paula?” asked Kate, still brushing Melissa’s hair. “The usual trim?” Melissa did a double-take as she heard her mother’s calm reply. “No, Kate, I thought about something more different today,” she said. “Quite short, for both girls, actually.”

Melissa heard her sister gasp in the background, but at the moment she was more concerned about her own hair, since she was already in the chair and caped.

“How short did you have in mind?” asked Kate, apparently oblivious to the girls’ obvious distress. Well, come to think about it, it wasn’t her say anyway. She had known Paula for a long time and she knew there was no point in trying to change her mind about a haircut (or anything else for that matter) unless she herself asked for advice.

“Um, let me see,” said Paula, examining Melissa critically in the mirror. Melissa met her inquisitive eye with dove-like eyes, but it didn’t seem to phase her mother one bit. Shit, she thought, she’s really made up her mind. She knew her mother too. It was useless arguing now, especially since she had already allowed herself to be caught in the chair. Had she known about this earlier, there was a chance she could’ve attempted to play her mother into changing her mind. But her mother obviously knew her daughters as well.

She turned her gaze to the mirror in front of her and turned her head slightly both ways, examining her hairdo. It all fell neatly into place: the long heavy ponytail resting on her back, the silky sideburns, the smooth cape of hair pulled tightly back by the scrunchie on top of her head, the neatly parted bangs. And her mother had said “short”. She shuddered at the thought, trying to guess what she meant. She wouldn’t have to wait long to find out, as the decision was being made right then.

“I definitely want something very short,” said her mother. “Summer break is coming, I’ll be very busy and I’d like the girls to heave neat short haircuts since I won’t be able to bring them in so often.” It was Kate’s turn to examine Melissa’s head of hair. “How about a bob?” she said, placing her hands on both sides of Melissa’s head, level with her chin. “It would be neat and clean.” “No, sorry for not being clear, Kate, I meant even shorter. Please don’t take this personally, but I really won’t be able to bring them in for a while, so I’ll have to go with something I can maintain myself, or teach the girls to take care of. About four months from now I’ll allow them to start growing it again and we’ll be back for something different, but right now I want it SHORT.”

She reached out and tousled Melissa’s bangs as she spoke. Kate was still brushing her ponytail, and all this attention to her hair made Melissa feel good and pampered, yet at the same time anxious about hearing her fate. Her older sister was probably on the edge of her sit, too. She risked a quick look and, indeed, her raven-haired sibling had quite the worried look on her face as she sat there, chewing the end of a long lock of hair.

Kate had decided to cut down to the chase. “Paula, I could offer you quite a number of short haircuts, but many of them require a trained hand, to be frank. A flattop or a bowl cut may seem easy to cut, but actually it’s quite tricky to make them look good. If you really mean it about low maintenance, I can only recommend a small selection of clipper-cuts.” Paula said she was probably right and asked her to continue. “So it really comes down to just a few choices,” said Kate. “Let me see… One would be a buzzcut, where you just use the clippers to cut the hair very short all over. You can go with various lengths, but since you won’t be able to blend it properly at the back and sides, I recommend something very very short, like a quarter of an inch or shorter.” “Yes, that sound about right,” Paula said. Melissa almost fainted right then and there.  She was getting a buzzcut and she was getting it for the whole summer. She was totalled. Her sister looked about ready to cry, and, strangely, for once Melissa felt better. At least I’m not being such a baby, she thought. She’s 15, for God’s sake.

“Any other suggestion?” she heard her mother ask. “Well, there’s always a full headshave,” answered Kate. “You just use the clippers without a guard and shave everything afterwards.” She hesitated, going through the list of short haircuts. She looked at Melissa and suddenly her bangs gave her an idea. “Oh, one more. Melissa has really neatly cropped bangs. You could go for a Chelsea cut. That’s pretty much like a buzzcut or a shave, your choice, except you let the bangs alone. They’re already parted nicely, so you won’t have much trouble with them. Just gotta trim them once in a while.” “Good, good, that sounds about right,” said Paula. Melissa looked at her again, with fearful eyes. She could tell her mother had finally made up her mind.

“Let’s go with that, Kate,” she heard her say. “The bangs really do look kind of good on her. We’ll go with the Chelsea haircut. If anything, I can always buzz her head completely later, right?” “Right,” said Kate. “How about the buzzing for now, how short do you want it?” “Um, give her a clean shave, for once,” said Paula. “I may go with a short buzz later, see how it turns out. But for now shave her smooth and clean, please.”

Kate nodded and she started getting busy around the station. “That’s settled then, you can just go wait, Paula,” she told the girls’ mother. “I’ll call for Christine when I’ve finished shaving Melissa.”

Melissa was looking at herself in the mirror. She felt numb, yet her heart threatened to jump out of her throat. She felt a wave of panic wash over her for a second. She moved her head, looked toward the waiting area, where her mother was talking to a teary-eyed Christine, touching her hair, apparently trying to make her comfortable about her impending haircut. Melissa wished she had stayed behind for once, let her sister take the chair first. Then again, it would have been torture to see Christine going through a drastic haircut knowing she’d be next.

She jumped when Kate touched her ponytail. The barberette had been busy getting ready. Melissa noticed with horror for the first time the red clippers on the station. Then she did a double take and saw the shiny razor and her horror deepened, if that was possible.

“Right, we’re all set, sweetie,” Kate told Melissa quietly. Kate was a really kind woman and Melissa felt a bit reassured about her calm words, even considering she was the one about to cut her hair. “I’m going to ask you to sit still for me, honey, and we’ll be done with this in no time, OK?” asked Kate. Melissa just nodded, sadly. “I’ll use the clippers first,” continued Kate. She reached out and picked them up from the station, then turned them on. They hummed quietly, almost undetectable. Melissa shifted in her seat uneasily. “It’s OK, sweetie,” said Kate. “Look, they don’t feel bad or anything. They just hum and tickle a bit.” Yeah, and they cut all of your hair off, added Melissa bitterly to herself.

Kate went on and touched the running clippers against Melissa’s shoulder. The girl felt them through the cape and the thin fabric of her T-shirt. They were vibrating gently and Kate kept them there for a while, giving her time to get used to it. Strangely, Melissa realised she did feel a bit of comfort knowing what the sensation would be like beforehand.

Kate kept talking to her, explaining everything she was doing. This also helped the girl. For a moment, she actually felt relieved that Kate was so understanding and gentle. “I will now just loosen your ponytail a little,” explained Kate as she proceeded to do so. “I won’t undo your hair, it’s just right the way it is now because it keeps the hair up and we can cut it more easily. But I need to loosen it so I can push the clippers under the scrunchie.” Melissa watched her in the mirror and she felt the woman’s fingers adjust her scrunchie slightly. “Are you OK, honey?” asked Kate. Melissa nodded, then swallowed hard. “Then we’re going to start.”

Melissa tensed under the cape. Kate picked up the clippers again and placed herself behind the chair. She flicked the girl’s heavy ponytail aside and cupped the base of her ponytail in her left hand. “I will go slow, honey. I’m going to ask you stay loose and let me move your head around. I’ll keep my hand on your ponytail and I’ll tell you what I want you to do, OK?” Melissa nodded again, anxiously. “Look, I will begin at your right sideburn. I will go slow.”

This was it, the girl thought. Her eyes went wide as Kate’s hand went up. She felt the woman’s hand on her ponytail, directing her to bend her head to the left. She looked on as the barberette applied the clipper blade to her cheek. Her right sideburn was quite long, and there was a light-blonde fuzz around it. The clippers touched her skin and the woman waited for a moment there, letting Melissa get used to their hum again. They vibrated the way they did before, and Melissa let a long breath out and in again. She swallowed hard.

Suddenly, the humming blade started moving up. It tickled as it nuzzled her sideburn and Melissa gasped quietly. Her sideburn was coming clean off and there was nothing but clean pink skin left behind the blades. And Kate’s hand wasn’t stopping! She pushed the clippers up, up, up, around the ear, to its top. Only then did she flick her wrist and a long strand of blonde hair started falling. It landed on Melissa’s shoulder and then slid into her lap. The girl’s eyes followed it, then jumped back to her head. Her right temple was now completely denuded of hair.

And all of a sudden, Kate was already beginning another move. She placed the clippers on her cheek again, next to the naked spot, and pulled them up once again, this time higher, around the right end of her bangs. She stopped again level with her ear. This time the strand of hair didn’t fall, instead it remained there, hanging from the longer hair on top.

“I’m just cleaning around the ear first, sweetie,” she heard Kate say. Kate’s hand pulled the girl’s ponytail again, prompting her to lean her head even further to the left, and to the front too. She moved the clippers back and Melissa felt the humming blade on her nape, low, behind her ear. Then it was moving again, nuzzling her nape upward. Despite her situation, Melissa suddenly realised the feeling was delicious. She never knew her nape was so sensitive, or that the place behind the ear could be such a sweet spot. She shifted uneasily, confused and overwhelmed by contradictory feelings.

Meanwhile, Kate had shaved neatly around her ear and had even bent it a little, getting all the stray hairs behind it. She switched the clippers in the other hand and pulled Melissa’s head the other way. Once again, the still-blonde girl watched with wide eyes as the clippers shaved her left sideburn, then experienced the rush as her left ear was also cleaned all around.

“OK, sweetie, that’s the ears and the sideburns all cleaned up,” announced Kate as she pulled her head up again. “Next, I’m going to cut off most of your ponytail, so we can reach the back more easily, OK?”

Melissa didn’t bother to nod this time. She watched Kate as she pulled her ponytail straight up taut, then pressed the clipper blade against it, a few inches away from the scrunchie. The long thick strands of hair started to separate, first a few, then more and more. She felt the pull on her hair weaken, and suddenly her head bobbed slightly as the ponytail came off.

She immediately felt quite different. She watched sadly as Kate placed the mass of hair in her lap. It felt heavy, and at the same time her head felt unusually light. For the first time she started to realised just how short a haircut she was getting, and it still had a long way to go. Before this was over, her head was probably going to feel quite a bit lighter, still.

She would have considered her new short ponytail quite cute had the circumstances had been different. It flopped around with newfound energy and looked full and healthy. But before too long, Kate’s left hand was back around it, and this time she pushed Melissa’s head forward, until her chin rested on her chest.

“I will shave your nape and the back of your head now, Melissa,” announced Kate. The girl tried to peek in the mirror but it was useless. Her thick bangs were getting in the way. Besides, there was nothing to see, everything now happened at the back of her head. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations. She left her head be swayed around by Kate’s hand. There was a pause, then suddenly she felt the clipper blade being applied low on her nape. Then it moved up, dead centre. She felt it nuzzle her nape and once again the sensations were crazy, especially since she had her eyes closed and could concentrate on them. She felt an ice cold rush through her chest, coming to melt in a hot one in her belly, as the clippers kept moving higher and higher, not giving any sign of stopping. The seemed to move all the way up to the ponytail. At the same time, she felt a cold brush of air at the back of her head, where the clippers have just passed. She tried to imagine the fact that the only thing remaining back there was now clean, pink skin, but she couldn’t quite acknowledge it.

Then Kate’s hand motioned her head to the left a bit, and the clippers touched her nape again, to the right of the first path. Again, up they moved, shaving her hair off. They were running warm by now, and the feeling was not at all unpleasant. They nuzzled her nape closely and even though she knew in her head that she was being shaved clean she couldn’t escape the delicious sensation.

Kate was making short work of the back of her head, sweeping her hair in long, steady strokes. Pretty soon, she had run into the clean area around Melissa’s right ear, at which point she moved the girl’s head again and started toward the left side. Melissa felt the entire back of her head become cooler and lighter, as she felt the blades separating the long hair from her skin.

All too soon, it was over. Kate pulled her head back straight and Melissa could see herself in the mirror again. She checked her image with hungry eyes, yet not much seemed different, except the entire back of her head felt much, much cooler.

“Almost done, love,” said Kate. “Just gotta do the top now. Please stay very still, I have to work around the bangs.” She pulled Melissa’s head straight and positioned the clipper blade right at the parting of the bangs, on the right side of her head. She started pulling them back and wide eyed Melissa could watch in the mirror as the hair on top of her head started coming clean off. Then Kate placed the clippers on the centre of her head and started running them over the top of her head again. The long strands of hair were flopping around all over the place, holding only onto the ponytail. One more run and suddenly Kate lifted the entire ponytail up in the air and Melissa gasped as her entire head of hair seemed to come off.

Kate dropped the head of hair in her lap as well. It added even more to the weight and Melissa just stared at the incredible sight. It was a positively huge amount of hair, she just couldn’t believe all that hair had been on her head.

As she watched, she jumped as she felt Kate’s warm hand against the back of her head. Except it felt extremely strange, since she was used to feeling it through a thick sheet of hair. Except now she could feel it directly on her skin. She looked up just as Kate started running the clippers all over her head, pushing and pulling her gently in every direction. The rebel strands still stuck against her head were raining on her shoulders and before she knew it, it was over.

Kate was now brushing her head with a soft, pink brush. Melissa just stared at herself in the mirror. She was really, really bald. Her bangs were all that remained of her former crowning glory. On the rest of her head, where she used to have a heavy mane of hair up to a few minutes ago, there was nothing now but pink skin. She moved her head left and right, trying to adjust to her new look. The naked skin really went on and on everywhere. Her head seemed smaller and for a moment it looked silly. Yet she noticed she had a perfectly round head, and that her bangs complemented her face quite nicely.

I actually look alright, she thought, genuinely surprised. She didn’t know what she had expected, but she look good. Come to think about it, it was just another kind of haircut, right? It will take some time to get used to it… but it would be OK.

Kate was back again, and Melissa gave a start as the barberette starting spreading a white foam all over the naked skin of her head. It felt cold on her hot skin, then the mentholated sensation blended in and it just felt really, really wild. And it was still nothing compared to the feeling she got as Kate was shaving her head with a straight razor.

As the woman was carefully shaving her, Melissa peaked at her sister. She wasn’t crying anymore now, but she looked quite sad and resigned to her fate. With her new found appreciation for the bald look, Melissa suddenly realised her sister would also carry it extremely well. She suddenly felt excited about the prospect of seeing her sister undergo a similar haircut, although she wondered what her mom may have in store for her. She was still a bit confused and angry about her mother making her get all her waist long hair shaved off, but it was all getting washed away by all the new sensations she had experienced.

It topped off when Kate wiped her head off and pronounced her done. The sight of her hair tumbling to the floor as Kate took the cape off her was quite something. She walked back to the waiting area in a daze, not even noticing that her sister was being led to the chair by her mother.

She took a sit and stared at her image in the mirrors off a nearby station. Suddenly, she realised that she was dying to touch the skin on her head, her virgin skin that had never before felt direct touch.

She closed her eyes. She tentatively raised a hand, and placed a finger on her temple. She was still wired to her former sensations. She expected to meet a silky sideburn and then the thick sheet of her hair. Yet there was nothing there but warm skin. Slowly, she raised both her hands and placed her palms on her head. She thought she would faint at the sensation. This was more than words could tell about. How can you describe knowing that you’re supposed to be running your fingers through waist long hair and instead finding only warm, naked skin under your palms? She ran her hands all over her head, in a frenzy, oblivious to anything else, from her bald top and her silky bangs to her naked nape, which made her shudder with delight to the touch.

She opened her eyes after a while, blushing. She had just realised how she must look should anybody watch her right now. She looked around and, oh my God, the cashier, Brenda, a very nice young woman she had known for a while, was smiling and trying to pretend she didn’t see her. Melissa blushed even harder, and in an attempt to hide her embarrassment finally remembered to look at the chair.

“Right, there you go, young lady,” she heard her mother say.

Christine thought she was living a nightmare. Here she was, seated in the chair of the barbershop, all caped and with her butt-long jet black hair all gathered at the top of her head, and Kate was just caping her. Except unlike the usual trims, she was about to get the haircut from hell, just like her sister. Her eyes darted madly at her mother and Kate, trying to guess what it would be.

“You are not going to give Kate any trouble, do I make myself clear, Christine?” her mother asked. The girl just gave her an angry look and said nothing. “Christine, you can get a haircut here, or you can get a haircut back home. You heard me talking to Kate earlier. You’re going short one way or the other. Except one way will make me very mad.”

Christine ground her teeth as she considered her situation. Making her mother mad was definitely not something she wanted. Her mother had extremely annoying ways of punishing her. And she had a VERY long memory.

But… getting her hair cut off, for God’s sake…

“What will it be, Christine?” her mother asked once more. I can’t believe I’m going to willingly let myself be shorn, thought Christine, like that stupid sister of mine. But she nodded nevertheless, although she was steaming with anger. “Good,” she heard her mother say.

Kate finally stepped in, now that it was settled. “So what are we doing here, Paula?” she asked. “Same thing as Melissa?” “No, Kate,” said Paula, “I don’t think Christine looks particularly well with short bangs. Just give her a full clean shave, please. Let me know when you’re done.”

The black-haired girl clenched her fists under the cape and bit her lips so she wouldn’t scream with frustration. She could not BELIEVE this was happening. Just this morning she was making a thousand plans about how she was going to spend her summer. Now she’d have to start making plans about how to make her way down the streets in broad daylight.

For a second she seriously considered ripping off the cape and marching out the door. Except she was a very rational girl, and she knew it would be useless. Her mother was right, of course, she’d still get the very same haircut eventually and just be a lot worse for it. There was nothing she could do.

She watched as Kate busied herself cleaning the clippers. She felt so mad she could take a bit out of the chair she was sitting on. She fucking loved her hair, it was just so perfect. She had spent years getting it just right. She had taken care of it, brushed it, conditioned it, trimmed it, did everything so it would grow to be waist long, jet black and shining. And now it was simply going to be cut off, just like that, on a whim.

For a moment she felt like bursting into tears again, but she stuck her nails in her palms until the pain made her angry again. I won’t cry, she thought. I don’t want to cry.

Suddenly she saw Kate turning around with the clippers in hand. Christine threw her the dirtiest look she was capable of right then and cut her short through clenched teeth, her voice an angry whisper that her mother couldn’t hear: “Just get it over with, Kate. No stupid baby talk. I’m SERIOUS,” she barked, raising her voice for a moment. “Just take it all off, as fast as you can.”

The barberette was still hesitating, obviously taken aback by the sudden change in the nice girl she had known for so long. “Move it, Kate,” the teenager ordered, her eyes throwing flaming darts at the poor woman. “I can’t promise I’ll be in this chair for much longer. Do it NOW or all hell breaks lose, I’ll promise you THAT.” She sat up in the chair and threw her head up, defiantly.

Finally, Kate shrugged and decided to get on with it. Actually, now that she was thinking about it, she half expected something like this to happen. She had seen young girls brought in by their mothers and shorn against their will a number of times, and if anything Melissa was one of the most mellow out there. She had just assumed her sister would also take it quietly, but she’d obviously been wrong. Oh well, better get it done.

Moving quickly, she pulled the clips from the girl’s hair and the thick sheet of shining black hair flowed like a waterfall all over her shoulders. She used the comb in her front pocket to comb back the hair in front over her head and clear her face and forehead. She moved closer and picked up the clippers. She turned them on and placed her left hand on the back of the girl’s hair, then she placed the blade at her forehead, right in front of her centre parting.

The clippers hummed as they started cutting through the thick hair like a hot knife through butter. Impossibly long sheets of hair started falling from the girl’s head down to her shoulders and landed in her lap. Kate’s steady hand drove the clippers straight through the parting, until she reached the top of her head. She pulled them out quickly, placed them next to the bald strip, to the right, and started again.

Another unbelievable amount of shiny tresses started sliding from the girl’s head down to her lap. Christine was staring straight ahead, without moving, while her fists clenched so hard under the cape they threatened to break their bones.

One more swipe and Kate reached the right temple. She quickly ran the clippers up the girl’s temple, then turned them around her small delicate ear. She stopped for a moment and went behind her. She gently pushed her head toward the left shoulder, then started shaving up her nape, behind her ear. She repeated the strokes a few times to get everything behind her ear, then she turned her attention to the back.

She had to move the thick hair out of the way and slid the clippers under the black sheet, at the hairline. She started a new pass up the nape, next to the already denuded part of her head, and drove it all the way up to the top of her head. She had to stop and move out of the way to let a new hair waterfall make its way down to the floor.

One more swipe, and now Christine was perfectly bald on the right side of her head, while the left looked just like it normally did. Even Christine blinked for a moment, confused by the sight. If she concentrated on her left side, she looked just like she was supposed to, like she normally did. But at the same time, the right side of her head looked completely strange.

Before she had the time to take it in, Kate was already getting busy again. Before she knew it, the hungry clippers were nuzzling up her nape again. Even with all her anger, Christine couldn’t help feel her entire body shudder as the vibrating blade exposed the virgin skin over the small bump at the back of her head. She blinked again, even more confused, then tried to remember she was angry.

Another pass of the clippers and this time Christine involuntarily moved her head slightly to meet the blade. She could actually hear the huge sheets of hair swishing as they made their way down her back toward the floor.

And again, another swipe, this time behind her left ear. By now, her entire head was feeling extremely cool, as if she was outside in the winter breeze, yet somehow it was a colder sensation than it had ever been. And she also felt her head very very light, as if she was floating.

Kate changed her position again. This time she came to the front and without much ceremony placed her right hand on Christine’s naked skin at the back of her head. The girl gasped quietly at the alien sensation. But before she could fully acknowledge it, the clippers were placed at her forehead again and pulled back over her head. Yet more impossible amounts of hair started sliding down to her lap. She ventured a look and her eyes just about popped out at the sight in her lap. She simply refused to believe that much hair had been on her head. And that was without even counting the hair that had fallen to the floor.

Meanwhile, Kate placed the clippers at her forehead again and pulled them back once more, finally denuding the top of her head completely. Then she moved sideways and shaved off her sideburn. A couple of quick passes around the left ear and then she stopped.

Before Christine had the time to take it in, the clippers were applied to her head once more. This time Kate’s warm fingers kept roaming around, pushing her head in various directions, as the hot clipper blade raced all over her head, shaving every last trace of hair. Finally, they stopped, and Kate pulled back.

Christine just stared in the mirror. She didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. Her usual image, with her long flowing raven tresses flowing over her head and shoulders, was burned too deeply in her brain. Yet the girl in the mirror had a completely naked head, and she could actually felt her head colder and lighter than she ever remembered it.

Suddenly, her mother was next to the chair and was nodding approvingly at Christine. “That’s very nice and clean, thank you so much, Kate. We’re running late, I’m afraid, so we don’t have time for a shave too. I’m going to be back today or tomorrow to buy some clippers and get a few pointers about keeping the girls shaved clean, if that’s alright with you.”

Kate answered that was very well, as she was uncaping Christine. The huge mound of hair slid to the floor as Christine got up and the still dizzy girl watched it in abandon. Whatever feelings she had started the haircut with, had long mixed in a hot and cold mess ravaging her body from within. She absent- mindedly stepped away from the chair and walked to the waiting area as her mother was still chatting with Kate. She felt as if she was walking on cotton, through white fluffy clouds.

She stopped next to her sister and sat down quietly. She looked in the mirror at the sight of both of them, bald. That’s funny, she thought. It’s incredible how much alike we look without all that hair.

For some reason, Melissa seemed to be bursting with inner joy. Poor kid, thought Christine. I hope she didn’t lose it. Her sister nudged her in the ribs. “Touch it!” she whispered. “What?…” answered Christine, as if in a dream. “Your head, silly. Aren’t you dying to touch it?” The older sister met her sibling’s gaze in the mirror, wondering what the hell she was talking about. Melissa’s eyes sparked with excitement. Then her eyes turned to her own image, and slowly, very slowly, she raised her hand and placed the palm on her naked pate.

It had undoubtedly been the strangest feeling she had ever experienced. It felt… funny. The freshly buzzed skin had a bit of a rough, sandpaper-like feeling to it. Yet it was… so… so maddening. So out of this world. She placed her second palm on her head and started exploring her bald head, oblivious to the world.

“Melissa, will you get over here already,” said their mother. The former blonde sister made her way to the chair, still giggling at the sight of her sister. “Go ahead, Kate, we are really late,” she heard her mother. She was pushed in the chair and Kate quickly placed the cape across her lap. Before the knew what was going on, the clippers were placed at her temple and pulled through her bangs. A couple of swipes later, and she watched as her bangs fell clear down to her lap. “That should do it for now,” she heard Kate. “Make sure you shave the front again when you get the chance.” “Thanks, I will,” answered Paula as she was pulling Melissa to her feet. “My, you really do look better without the bangs after all,” she said.

She paid Kate, making sure she left a good tip. Then she grabbed her daughters by the hands and pulled them out of the shop and toward the car. The girls gasped as one as they were walking next to her. They were BALD, walking the main street, and everyone could see them.


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