Brains to manes (p2)

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The noise grew louder as I walked upstairs, until I saw its origin. In front of a window, two girls were playing chess and having a lot of fun, by the sounds of it. On the left was a short girl, with a dirty blonde ponytail, held up with a pink ribbon that matched her headband. On the right was a pale, skinny, and tall girl with a curly black fro.

With confidence at it’s peak, I set down the jar, gelled up both my hands and strutted up. Before they could react, I was already working on them! Their cheering and laughter was replaced with stifled moans as their hair took shape! Surprisingly, the blonde’s headband stayed in place, even as her hair spilled out by the second! The other girl’s hair grew out in a wild bramble, and was soon wider then her! In a minute, they were both left with hair down to their knees! They both groggily opened their eyes and looked at each other.

“Oh my gosh! You’re sooo pretty!”

“Look at your hair! You’re sooo cute!”

They turned to me, eyes lit up.”Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I smiled as I went to pick up the jar. But soon, both my sides were occupied by my latest ‘fans’. “That’s what you used? Do it again!” I was shocked! After all the draining, they still had that much reasoning? Maybe they would be useful…

“Ok, let’s play a game!” I told them. “Stay quiet and follow me!” They muffled their giggles, as our new targets appeared. Three girls at a table, each one real catch: a platinum blonde, a stick straight redhead, and a golden blonde. “So, we each take one: If you grow yours’ hair longer then mine, you win!” My cohorts eagerly shook their heads as I poured out the gel in our hands.

We each struck at once! Curly got the redhead, and ribbons got the golden blonde. They started feverishly working on the mewling girls. “Grow! Grow!” But alas, the platinum blonde was a fake, just as I figured. But as she was quickly overtaken by dark brown locks, the other two proved the real deal! My fans grinned happily as velvety red and gold locks crept too the floor! My two assistants put their hands out to me, asking for another helping! Now the jar was almost empty, but how could I say no? As they added the second dose, our victims stopped moaning entirely, accept mine. Her dye was reduced to ombre ends, which highlighted a fetchingly deep burnette. “We win!” I hear from across the table. “Let me see…”

On the other side of the table, there sat two piles of silky straight hair! I didn’t realise just how much overboard they had went! The vibrant tresses were stacked up in neat tidy mounds. The girls sitting down were straight faced, and did nothing but drool. I took out the hairbands and got to harvesting these two! In no time at all, their heads were as empty on the outside as they were on the inside! “What about us, what do we win?” The assistants crossed their arms at me, packing up the lengths. They’ve been so helpful, it felt like a waste just to drain them. Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t tested the love potion yet!

“Here’s something better!” I pull out the tiny bottle of red liquid. “Say ahhh!” The curly haired girl leans forward, “Ahhh…” a red drop lands on her toungue. As she opens her eyes, I noticed they turned a pastel pink! “Ooh… Much better…” her friend darts up to me. “Let me try!” As she tips the container into her mouth! I pull it away, with only a drop left inside! “Wow…” she cooes, with the same pink eyes. This is bad! If I can’t get Mei with this one drop, then what’ll I do? Taking out my ‘safety net’ I find that it’s spilled in my backpack, what a waste!

I was panicking. Taking out the red and gold silk once again, saturated in the crimson fluids. This gave me an idea. I scoured the shelves for something… Aha! Two pitchers sat in the cabinets, dusty, but they’ll do. “Hold these!” I told my new servants. I shoved the lengthy hair into each, and dumped some clear gel on top. “Mix these, then drink them!” They nodded without a word. I gotta work fast, just in ca-

I turned around to buzz the once-platinum blonde. But standing there, watching this entire charade, was her. Mei Yuun. She was staring daggers at me. With my two cohorts occupied, it was just me and her. When she turned and ran!

Grabbing the last of the green ooze, I lob it at her as I chased. From down the stairs, a wet splat called out. I caught up as she dashed out a back door! Outside, she was running the edge of the building, her hair growing as she ran. I took hold, and yanked! But there was no resistance, as her silky black hair was flowing fast enough to keep me at bay. She gave chase, with me wrapping her ends around my arm. I tossed and teased her hair as she ran, letting the gel do it’s magic. But it grew so fast, my arm was soon fully enwrapped in her jet black mane! By my estimates, it was longer then anyone I’ve tried the gel on!

She turned suddenly, and sprinted into the front lobby. Behind her desk, miss waverly prodded at the modest bun on her head. “Teacher!” She could still talk! Just how smart was she? “Miss-Teacher-lady! Call campus police! Now!” Miss waverly sat up, only to respond. “Oh, I miss my hair…”

“Wha-” Out of nowhere, two figures jumped out! Mei was tackled to the ground by one, and the other tied her up in Waverly’s shorn braid.

Two girls stood over her, my once simple minded helpers had become something new!
The once wild curls one had smoothed into rippling waves, accented with heavy scarlet highlights.
The other’s dirty blonde hair was anything but dirty, now waterfall of molten gold; in the sunlight it shone faintly of amber.

“We knew you’d try and get a teacher.”

“How predictable.”

They spoke less like a pair, and more like two of the same person!

“Now, we’ll give you two options.”

“So choose carefully:”

The blonde walked up to me, planting a kiss on my cheek as she takes the love potion.

“One, you drink this, and join us.”

“Together, we’ll be the smartest women in history!”

Her wavey friend takes the near-empty green jar from me, planting another kiss as she does so.

“Or two, you can say no, and lose your mind.”

“You’d be swallowed by fog so thick, you’ll forget forgetting.”

Damn, did I pick the scary ones…

Mei’s gaze flicked back and forth from the two girls, the last two gears in her head turning, until she makes her desicion…



Our whole class got free scholorships that year, they think there was a chemical attack in the library. We just finished packing our things, I keep asking the girls where we’re heading, but they just smile and laugh. Last box, and I’m outta here! Heading to my car, Mei is waiting for me in the driver’s seat. Her hair’s black color was full of streaks, both ash blonde and deep brown! “So, where to first?” I ask.

“You said your roommate had that stuff?” She meant the very same stuff used on her. “Yeah, why?” For once, she tells me. “We’re going to bail him out.”

“Ok, then what?” And it’s right back to that cute laugh, that cheeky smile…

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