Buzz for sister-in-law 2.

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The day after I gave her the best haircut I had ever given. A super short clippered pixie. Her sister called her a dike with a boy haircut. i assured her that was far from the truth and reminded her the way it affected me.  Life continued and the insult was forgiven but not forgotten. It was almost a year later and my wife had not even allowed me to talk about cutting her hair again. My sister-in-law found herself in a bad situation. Her husband left her and she was completely broke. My wife was away on business in Japan while I had the two kids when  I got the call from Sandy. She ask me for a thousand dollars so she could fly back to her parents house. Sure I said I’ll loan you a grand. But I want you to go see the barber on the way to the airport. She informs me Janice my wife had told her it would be fine I could loan her the money. I agreed but she was in Japan for two more weeks. So I had the check book. I ask her are you going to the barbers or are you going to spend two weeks on the street?  I was good either way. She switched from demanding to begging. I had her by the hair. I said I’ll send you an address.

When she arrived at the barber they informed her I had given instructions to perform a commitment cut and for it to be videoed. Her behavior was that of a ten year old kid. Stomping feet,fit throwing, and crying. I loved every minute. He sat her down, put the cape on her, then started messing with the tools of his trade making her more anxious than ever.

He picked up the clippers and placed them by her ear then brought them to life. Running one strip up and over her right ear letting the long red hair tumble to the cape in plain sight. Then he pushed her head down and made one strip in the center of the back of her head. He spun her around and performed the strip up and over the left ear. Seeing that long red hair being reduced to a near stubble was making my day. Then he informed her she was done for now and removed the cape. She called me and ask what she was supposed to do. I informed her I bought her and her daughter a plane ticket to my house. I will pick you up when you land and finish the cuts. Cuts she screamed at me. I said yes you and that 15 year old brat that has been making fun of my wife for the last few years. About 5 hours later  I met them at the baggage claim. Oh the revenge was sweet. The strips of stubble were apparent even tho she tried so hard to cover them with the flowing mid back length read hair. Nothing was said till we reached the car. As we took our seats first words she spoke your an ass. I replied, yes.

Then ask how much hair do you want to keep cause she wasn’t starting off to good. She started pleading her case trying to get out of the haircut. Saying how sorry she was and asking if we could just leave as it was but I was set in my mind on what should happen. I had already set up the bathroom for the occasion. Clippers and scissors out on the counter top. Chair in front of the mirror and the camera on a tripod to record the event. I let her relax about 15 min then said it’s time. And invited her to the chair where she resumed begging not to cut it. I shook the cape out and popped it. Then I drew it up her body and snapped the snaps slowly and deliberately one by one. Tears were flowing and she was shaking scared that I was going to buzz it short. I reached over and picked up the clippers and pushed her head forward. Janice walked out of the bedroom unannounced to sandy and took the clippers from me. She placed them against her neck turned them on saying to Sandy you’ll be the boy in just a minute. Janice slid the clippers up her neck allowing the red locks to fall to the floor. She carefully worked her way to the side making sure no hair escaped the # 2 guard. I heard Janice say I’m going to cut you a break on the top and use a #4. Janice stepped of to the counter and removed the guard. Sandy said I thought you was out of town. Janice replied I was but didn’t want to miss this. Sandy commented. You’ve always have been a bitch. Janice turned pushing the unguarded clippers right down the middle. Leavings perfect 2 inch bald strip.

I chimed in don’t ever call a barber a bitch. Janice shaved and shave till nothing was left not even stubble. The 15 year old brat was next and she knew it. Janice took it easy on her and just shaved the sides and back. Leaving the top at a long # 3.

Janice even sat down and let me trim her up to the pixie I so loved.

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