Carolyn’s Curls

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A couple of weeks ago I had just finished mowing the lawn and getting things put away in the garage. Kelly had just finished doing several chores in the house.

Kelly had taken her shower by the time I came into the house. It was a hot and humid day and I was a sweaty mess. Took my sweaty work clothes off in the kitchen and threw them down the stairs. Ran down the hallway in my birthday suit and zoomed into the bathroom. Kelly was putting the last of her makeup on and I surprised her when I came barging in!

Well, to go on, Kelly was going to run some errands in town and I was finished with my shower, dressed and was having a beer on the deck while watching a baseball game on TV.

I heard the doorbell ring and cruised through the house to answer it. I thought it was dinner delivery, but to my surprise it was Carolyn. I opened the door and Carolyn asked if Kelly was home. I told her that she was running a couple of errands in town and should be back in a couple of minutes. I asked her if she would like to wait for her? She said yes if it wasn’t too much bother. Said no, just watching a baseball game. She came in and we went back to the deck and Carolyn sat on the deck sofa and I back in my recliner. I asked Carolyn if she wanted something to drink. She said she would like a really cold beer.

Carolyn was a good friend of both Kelly and me. We have known her almost 20 years. She is about 5’4″ tall, nice shape but not too much of anything. Just a nicely proportioned young lady. But, she had the thickest light brown curly hair and it was just past her shoulders. There was so much hair that she could hide under it ! And she was a super pleasant person to be around and very funny.

I asked her if all that hair was hot? And her reply just about knocked me off my chair. She told me that she was here to talk to Kelly about how she liked her hair and she was thinking of getting her hair cut like hers. My wife has had more women donate their hair to the floor than Lady Godiva!

Kelly arrived home about 15 minutes later and was commenting about how hot it was out side and was happy that she didn’t have to worry about having all that hot hair those women were having to deal with.

When she saw Carolyn, they hugged and did the girls started to talk. After Kelly settled in and sat down with her wine on the deck, Carolyn said that she just loved her hair and wanted to know where she went to have it done because she wanted her hair cut so bad because it was so hot and a pain to take care of! Kelly looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and then Kelly said that I cut her hair and cut it about every two weeks to keep it short and neat! Kelly told Carolyn that at one time that she was totally bald! She said to Carolyn that you must have looked perfect being bald! I would love to try that! Do you think he would shave my head? I looked at Carolyn and told her if that is what she wanted to try, then yes I would shave her head for her. Kelly went to the kitchen to get a bar stool and a glass another glass of wine for her and one for Carolyn. I gathered my cutting supplies from the hall closet and a towel from the bathroom.

Carolyn stood up to take her seat on the barstool and took a big drink from her wine glass. Without saying anything, Carolyn took off her shirt and said that she did not want any hair sticking to her shirt.

She sat down, I draped the towel around her shoulders, but she removed it saying it would make her too hot! And then, the next thing she did shocked both me and Kelly, she unfastened her bra and said that this was the hottest thing on the planet. So, Carolyn was sitting on stool topless. I could see Kelly’s nipples get hard just for the heck of it!

I plugged the clippers into the outlet and flipped them on! This startled Carolyn a little and I just told her to relax and to enjoy the ride. She really did because I heard her moan loudly as so did Kelly, and she said that she just squirted in her shorts. Sure enough, there were her juices dripping off her stool. I asked her if she needed the towel and she took it and wiped her crotch. She apologized and we said not to worry.

As not to disappoint Carolyn, I tilted her head a little forward and with a firm and gentle motion, ran my clippers right down the middle of her head! This left a 3″ swath of stubble. She reached up to feel it and I stopped her hand and said not until I am finished. Kelly had retrieved the mirror from our bedroom but was gone for a long time! I knew what she was doing!  I continued to shave the top and them moved to the back. I ran the clippers up the back and could feel her almost purr. I was finished with this part. Carolyn reached up and rubbed her hands over her head and said this fantastic. I told her I was not finished. I turned on my trimmer and proceeded to shave her head to a half of millimeter and then turned them off. Picked up my skull shaver and turned them on. I gently used them in a circular motion over her perfectly shaped head and in about 3 minutes, she was a perfectly shaved smooth and an absolutely stunningly beautify woman.

She felt her head again and said this was what she always had wanted! This should be cooler than those curls. I asked her if her husband knew she wanted to do this. She said yes but she did not know how short until just now. I told her if she wanted to stay smooth, purchase a skull shaver or come and see me every two weeks! She hopped off the stool and apologized for the mess! No problem I told her. She put her shirt on and carried her bra with her when she left. She hugged Kelly and then gave me a kiss and said she would be back. She was smiling ear to ear when she left our house that evening.

Well, this made Kelly so hot that we made love on the couch the rest of the evening. I do not know if I ate dinner or not! Just love these girls!

If you have ever thought about shaving your head, just do it.It is hair and it will grow back. And this goes for you guys also! Have your wife shave you and then shave your wife. It is amazing what a little haircut will do for your sex life. Just do it!

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