Casting Off

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‘Have you got any idea what this would do to your dad if he found out?’

‘He’s not likely to.’

‘Really? You don’t think your dad might just have a peek at a dodgy website in a moment of boredom?’

‘Eew! That’s disgusting!’

‘Says the girl who has just done Lord knows what in front of a stranger, who just happened to film the whole thing!’

‘It wasn’t like that’ the girl objected.

‘I don’t want to think what it was like.’

‘He said it wouldn’t go on the internet and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m 18, I can do what I want!’

Joanna used the silence to reflect on the wisdom of what they had just done. The only sound was their heels clicking the paving stones as they walked back to their car. What choice did she have? Katy wanted to be a model. Like a lot of girls, she thought that she had what it takes and couldn’t see why an agency wouldn’t just sign her on the spot. They had talked about it long and hard beforehand, with Joanna deciding that it was probably best not to oppose Katy completely, because she would only go and get involved with something totally disreputable. She decided that it was best to accept it, even if she couldn’t bring herself to actively support the idea. She had told Katy what was likely to happen, but it didn’t put her off. When the moment came and Katy stood her ground, Joanna had to leave the room. It was one thing to imagine what her daughter was doing, it was something completely different to sit and watch her do it. She wasn’t daft, she knew that Katy had been sleeping with various boys for three years or more, but the thought of her on a “casting couch” was too much to bear.

Joanna had left the room and gone to sit in the agency’s reception area. At least the place was respectable enough to warrant a receptionist, she thought.
That gave her a modicum of hope for her daughter. She had wondered about getting Katy’s father involved in the discussions, but even though they were divorced, the idea of his daughter embarking on a career in such a way would destroy the relationship he had with her, Joanna was sure.

Maybe she was being too hard on Katy. What if nothing had happened in that room? But then Katy would have told her that nothing had happened, rather than telling her “it wasn’t like that”. Her thoughts about Katy were interrupted by her recollection of her chat with the receptionist while she waited.

The receptionist was older than Joanna, probably early fifties compared with Joanna’s mid-forties. She had a disarming smile and made sympathetic noises in a bid to convince Joanna that that they were a reputable agency and that Katy was quite safe with them. It was the woman’s next comment that had caught Joanna off-guard. She had said that they would be happy to consider Joanna for modelling work if it would make her feel better about Katy. When Joanna asked what sort of work, the woman told her that there was plenty of work for more mature woman, fashion-type work, even hairstyle models.

Joanna had declined the offer as politely as she could, but even as she walked alongside Katy, she could still recall the sense of flattery that she felt when the woman suggested that she could be a model, even if that was as a “mature” model. She started to get an inkling of why Katy’s young head had been turned so easily.

A truce was called once they got home. Joanna didn’t want to fight with Katy and whatever was done was done. The chat with the receptionist had taken the sting out of the situation, even if Joanna had felt that it was her duty to appear against the idea. All she could do now was to wait to see whether anything came of Katy’s meeting.

That night, Joanna stood in front of the mirror when she got out of the shower, looking at herself differently because of what that woman had said. She told herself that she was being foolish, but then looked again. She wasn’t model material in the way that she thought of models, but if they really were looking for a more mature type, they surely weren’t expecting stick-thin creatures. She had a slight belly, but nothing that couldn’t be easily tamed by the right underwear. She always thought that her boobs were too big at 36C, but she had never heard of a man that complained that a woman’s tits were too big and certainly no-one had ever objected when she was naked with them. Not that that had happened for a year or more, but she hadn’t given up hope. All she needed was for the right man to be in the same aisle as her in the supermarket and who knows what could happen? She towelled her shoulder-length blonde hair,  wondering what being a hairstyle model would entail. It had to be easier than showing off her figure. She flicked the switch on the hair-dryer.

In the morning, Joanna retrieved the agency’s card from her bag, turning it over in her hand. She stuffed it back quickly when she heard Katy moving about upstairs, but the fresh sight of the card had been enough to re-ignite the thoughts that she had had.

After Katy went out, Joanna got the card out again and rang the number, wondering what she would do when the phone was answered. She recognised the voice as the woman she had spoken to at reception the previous day and explained who she was. She was pleased that the woman remembered her. She ignored the butterflies in her stomach and asked how she went about finding more information on what they had talked about.

Within the hour, Joanna was sitting in an office with the receptionist at the agency. Except that she wasn’t the receptionist, she was the co-owner who took on the role of receptionist to save on a salary. That made perfect sense to Joanna. She was starting to like Ruth the more she talked to her.

Ruth explained what the agency did in more detail, candidly telling Joanna that they did do adult-type stuff, but that they also did perfectly normal shoots where the models got to keep their clothes on. Joanna found her to be quite disarming and was starting to regret giving Katy such a hard time.

‘So what do you think I should try, if I were to decide to try anything, that is?’ Joanna asked.

‘It depends entirely on how adventurous you are. I can think of several jobs that I could use you for today.’

‘How many involve taking my clothes off?’

‘Most of them’ Ruth admitted with a smile.

‘Can we talk about the ones where I keep my clothes on?’ Joanna asked.

Ruth smiled.

‘I thought you’d say that. Maybe you’ll feel more relaxed further down the line. I know we’ve got a lot of customers who’d love to see what you’ve got under that shirt.’

Joanna felt herself blush, but waited for Ruth to continue.

‘Anyway’ Ruth said ‘I’m looking for models for hair videos at the moment, how does that sound?’

‘It all depends on what’s involved’ Joanna replied.

‘Well, we produce a line of hair-cutting videos.’

‘Sort of instructional videos?’ Joanna interjected.

‘They’re not really for the professional hairdresser, they’re more aimed at people who just like watching haircuts, seeing what the models look like with a different style. It’s a bit of a niche market, but they sell well.’

Joanna touched her hair.

‘It has to be cut? A good brushing wouldn’t be enough, would it?’ Joanna joked.

Ruth laughed.

‘If only’ she replied.

‘So what sort of cuts do you do?’

‘The more you lose, the more we pay’ Ruth answered succinctly.

‘So how much would I get for a good trim?’

‘There’s not much of a market for trims. People can see those for free on the internet’ Ruth replied.

‘So you’re saying I’d need to go short’ Joanna asked, starting to wonder about the implications.

‘At least’ Ruth replied.

Joanna was baffled for a moment. She looked at Ruth, sitting with her enigmatic smile, her dark hair in a perfect chin-length bob.

‘You mean you’d want to cut it all off?’

‘To make it worth everybody’s while, yes.’

Joanna’s thoughts turned to other sorts of modelling, just so that she could tell herself that she had explored all the avenues. ‘You said you were also looking for mature models?’

‘We do from time to time, but the only jobs I’ve got at the moment aren’t ones that I think would interest you.’

Joanna could sense her fledgling modelling career breathing its last.

‘So for someone like me, it’s a choice of cutting my hair off or getting my kit off?’

‘Or both’ Ruth replied.

‘You’re joking?’

‘Not at all. Take your clothes off, let us cut your hair and you’re maximising your earnings potential’ Ruth replied.

‘All off?’

‘Clothes and hair’ Ruth clarified.

‘I think I’m wasting your time’ Joanna apologised.

‘Not at all. It’s been a pleasure. I just wish that you’d let me show you that you’re braver than you think.’

‘How would you do that?’

‘We could do a screen test. A sort of casting session, but without doing anything for real. No charge, no obligation.’

‘How would that work then?’

‘You’d get to sit in one of the sets. I’d take some pictures, you could see yourself on camera.’

‘But I wouldn’t need to do anything?’

‘Not if you didn’t want to.’

‘I’d need to think about it’ Joanna said.

‘The screen test is your time to think. If you go away, I’d only see you again if you were going to do it for real’ Ruth said, a slightly more business-like approach becoming apparent in her voice.

‘If I go, I don’t think I’d come back’ Joanna replied.

Ruth looked at her, waiting patiently. Joanna tried to think what to do. How could she get involved in something like that after what she had said to Katy?
Then she thought that she had made comments to Katy without the benefit of the follow-up meeting with Ruth, the benefit of what Ruth had told her. But what had Ruth really told her? That they make porn films of varying degrees of explicitness. How was that a comfort?

‘Would it help if I did this?’ Ruth asked.

Joanna watched in near disbelief as Ruth reached up with her hand. Ruth’s hair slid backwards, or so it seemed. The perfect bob was a wig. Ruth sat there with her hair in her hand, her scalp completely bare. Joanna didn’t know what to say.

‘Come on, I’ll show you the studio’ Ruth said, getting out of her chair without further reference to her hairless scalp. Joanna followed, her eyes fixed on the perfectly bald head in front of her. Was she bald by choice? Had she been in one of her own videos? Ruth was elegant, moved gracefully, like a model,  Joanna thought to herself, before telling herself that that was precisely what Ruth was, in all likelihood. Ruth held a door open for Joanna to follow and she found herself in a poorly lit room until she heard the flick of a switch. More lights came on, giving Joanna the chance to look around her. There was a room within a room, or at least a part of a room. Joanna realised that it was a film set.

Ruth beckoned Joanna to join her within the set, which was laid out like a small hair salon.

‘Now you can say that you’ve been on a set in a film studio’ Ruth said, still making absolutely no reference to either her baldness or the wig that she held in her hand.

‘I suppose I can’ Joanna said, trying to work out if there were any cameras recording them. Not that she could see.

‘We’ve done our best to make it look as authentic as possible. We pride ourselves on high production values.’

‘It’s very impressive’ Joanna agreed.

‘Here, have a seat’ Ruth invited, turning the styling chair round.

Joanna sat down gingerly and Ruth turned the chair back so that Joanna was facing the mirror.

‘So, this is where you’ll be. You won’t be in street clothes, but we can do something about that in a minute.’

‘Are all your hair cuts filmed in the nude?’ Joanna asked.

‘Not many.’

‘So why are you so keen for mine to be naked?’

Ruth smiled.

‘Picture yourself sitting in that chair. Try to think like a man. Unless he can see these in all their glory, he’ll feel cheated.’ Ruth emphasised what she was saying by cupping Joanna’s right boob, as far as she could anyway. Joanna was well-aware that there was more boob than hand. She looked up at Ruth, who continued to think that she needed to emphasise the point.

‘Go on, try it’ Ruth said, taking her hand away.

‘I couldn’t possibly’ Joanna said.

‘Don’t be bashful, we don’t stand on ceremony here’ she said. ‘Here, let me show you something’ Ruth said, turning away. She beckoned Joanna with her index finger, placing it quickly to her lips to indicate that Joanna should be quiet. Joanna trod in the same careful way that she saw Ruth doing as they moved out of the set and into another part of the studio. Joanna couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked through the observation window. Ruth had taken her to a fully-fledged porn set. There appeared to be a lull in the action, but there was a man half-lying on a bed with a very impressive erection, waiting while a make-up artist attended to his female co-star, who was also naked. A pair of twenty-somethings, both beautiful, both care-free in their nudity.

‘All that could be yours’ Ruth said, pointing to the man’s cock. Joanna wasn’t sure that she would know what to do with it. There would surely be some left over, she thought.

‘Have you made one of those films? Is that why you…?’ Joanna asked, changing the subject away from the impressive specimen in front of her.

‘I’ve done a couple of hair shoots in the past, but now I just do it because I like it’ Ruth admitted.

‘It’s such a strong look’ Joanna said.

‘It isn’t for everyone’ Ruth said, before adding ‘but it is for you, if only you’d let yourself go a little bit.’

‘What makes you say that?’

‘You’ve got the features for it,  you’ve got the body for it. You’re perfect for what we want.’

‘Surely you need pretty young girls.’

‘I’ve got lots of those. You’d outsell nearly all of them.’

‘You’re just trying to flatter me’ Joanna said.

‘Let me introduce you to someone.’

Ruth opened the door to the set and walked towards the people that they had been looking at.

‘Hi folks. This is Joanna. Joanna, this is Martin and Tina and some of the crew.’

Joanna smiled a sheepish acknowledgement, not quite knowing where to look amidst all the naked flesh.

‘Have you got a sec, Martin? Ruth asked. The erection got up and came over to where Ruth and Joanna were standing.

‘Joanna is Katy’s mother, the girl from yesterday’ Ruth informed him.

Joanna looked at him as he nodded knowingly.

‘It was you she was with?’ Joanna asked.

‘She did very well, we’ll be asking her back’ Ruth answered on Martin’s behalf. Joanna looked down to see in more detail what her daughter had had to contend with. She was shocked and a little envious at the same time.

‘Are you going to be working with us?’ Martin asked.

‘She is, aren’t you dear’ Ruth replied, without Giving Joanna the chance to speak for herself. Ruth was a lot more certain than Joanna.

Martin excused himself and went back to what he was doing, leaving Joanna looking at his taut buttocks as he walked away.

‘Don’t worry. Martin only had a chat with Katy. It wasn’t a practical interview, if you know what I mean.’

‘So he didn’t…’

‘He even kept his clothes on’ Ruth smiled.

‘That’s a relief.’

‘I’m not so sure that he’d do the same for you though. I could tell that he liked you’ Ruth said.

Joanna smiled, relieved that Martin hadn’t done what she thought he had. She was also intrigued that Ruth considered her of more interest than Katy. Ruth turned away and led the way out of the studio.

‘I don’t know what else I can say to convince you that you should work with us’ Ruth said as they got back to her desk.

‘You’ve been very kind, but I just don’t think it’s for me’ Joanna replied.

‘Think about it when you get home. We’re nice people, we’re clean where we need to be, dirty when we need to be’ she said, not for the first time by the sounds of it.

‘I just wouldn’t like to think of Katy finding out that her mum did something like that.’

‘Maybe you could do it together, that way there’s no secrets’ Ruth replied.

‘I wouldn’t ever be able to look her in the eye if we did that’ Joanna replied, picking up her bag.

‘Just an idea’ Ruth said ‘but you, you must come back and see us, for a haircut at least.’

They said their farewells and Joanna left, walking back to her car with her head spinning. She hadn’t been in there long, but what a revelation it had been.
She was so against Katy getting involved in that world, but she could see the allure. She left her car in the studio car park and walked to a coffee shop,
wanting to clear her head before she went home. She sat and drank her coffee, flicking through the pages of a magazine, but not taking anything in. There was an advert for men’s underwear on one of the pages, which she dismissed without a second glance. The image of Martin flashed across her mind instead. She wondered what it would feel like to be with him, before telling herself not to be so stupid. She thought of her surprise when Ruth slid her wig off to reveal her clean-shaven skull. Ruth hadn’t been forthcoming about the detail of how and why she did it. Maybe she should ask to buy the film and see for herself.

Ruth’s elegant baldness was as clear in Joanna’s mind as if she was standing in front of her. The woman had no hair, but she was more striking without the wig than with it. Was that just down to the wig? Probably not. The wig wasn’t cheap, it was a style that was well cut and still probably quite daring for a lot of women. Joanna thought about her own solidly middle-class hairstyle. There was nothing daring about it. It made her look like a successful businessman’s wife, which is what she was until three years ago.

She thought about the two prospective challenges that further involvement with Ruth entailed. The idea of getting her hair cut and the idea of doing it while naked. She wasn’t overly sentimental about her hair, even though she hadn’t really considered going shorter than she was at the moment. It might be nice to be free from the hassle of washing it and drying it, so there was certainly obvious advantages in going short. The next question was how short? Would Ruth really shave her head straight off? She didn’t think so. Maybe she’d do some sort of pixie cut to ease Joanna in and then they could talk about going further. Joanna wasn’t sure how she would react if that final step was suggested, but she was probably open to the first stage.

The other thing to consider was having to do it nude to get the most money. Did she want people to see her naked and vulnerable. Her body wasn’t something that she was ashamed of, but she equated being naked with other people as an intimate thing, a prelude to a shared experience. The idea of someone pausing a video of her while they ogled her wasn’t overly appealing. Was she doing it for the money though? Would she do it if she had clothes on and there wasn’t much
money on offer? She thought that the best way to find out what she really thought was to take the concept of money out of the equation altogether. Would she do it for nothing?

Joanna paid and left the coffee shop, heading down the street. She passed a hair salon, but stopped after a few paces. She peered in the window of the adjacent shop, looking but not really seeing anything. She was wondering whether she should cut her hair there and then, trying to work out why she found the idea exciting when she never had before. It had always been something that she did as part of a routine, something that made her feel good when she came out of the salon, but that was as far as it went. She felt cared for, tidy, but after talking to Ruth she felt excited at the prospect of just going in to the salon that was only feet away and asking them to take her short. She looked at her reflection, the familiar sweep of blonde hair around her face, the ends curved against her chest. What would it be like to take that away? She turned and went to her right, clutching the handle, pushing the door open.

‘Hi’ the breezy voice said. It belonged to a nice looking girl with cropped dark hair.

‘Hi, I was wondering if you have anyone free?’ Joanna asked tentatively.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t have anything until after lunch’ she replied, looking down at the appointment book for confirmation.

‘Never mind. It was just a thought’ Joanna said.

‘Darren can take you at two’ the girl said, sensing a missed opportunity.

But could he take me the way that Martin could, Joanna thought, surprising herself.

‘It’s okay. I’ve got plans for this afternoon. I’ll have a think’ she said.

Joanna left the salon clutching the card that the girl had offered her.

Joanna headed home, back to her normal life. She had proved to herself that money wasn’t the motivation that she needed if she was going to get to hair cut. It was something that now knew she could do because she wanted to, because the idea turned her on in a way. The brief peek into the world that Katy was trying to enter had shown her that she was missing out on things that she wanted. She wanted to feel excited by something that didn’t need imagination and batteries. She needed a thrill and that thrill was available with a simple pair of scissors anytime she wanted. It was a couple of days before she was in town again.

Joanna pushed the trolley down the tinned vegetable aisle wondering if she was the only one in the supermarket at that moment who was dressed like a hooker underneath her dress. She had dug out the full kit, purple and black with bows and straps and everything. It was an idea that popped into her head in the shower that morning, just as the notion to hack off her bush had appeared from nowhere. She had found herself looking at porn on the internet while Katy was out with her friends and the thing that struck her most was how unfashionable pubes seemed to be. Even the men were shaved in a lot of cases. She had looked down at her thatch of horse-hair, as her ex used to call it, and felt naughty. She had picked up some nail scissors and started to cut it at each side. She wanted to fashion a strip that would preserve her modesty, yet make things more interesting. She cut carefully and then reached for the soap and razor. She worried about getting a crick in her neck as she stood, hunched over, a foot resting on the side of the bath.

She shaved with short, deliberate strokes, revealing pristine flesh that contrasted with the band of dark blonde hair that remained. It looked a bit silly, naked at the sides, long in the middle, like one of those Mohicans that youngsters used to have. She tried to picture some of the ones that she had seen on the computer. They had been much shorter, sometimes just bristles. She wondered how they were done. Probably not with scissors and certainly not while standing like she was. She cut the hair shorter anyway, before thinking that there weren’t that many of the women she’d seen on those porn sites who had anything at all. Even the women’s magazine articles she read were mostly about shaving completely. She reached for the soap again. She turned to the mirror and looked at herself, a strip of lather down her belly. The razor moved in, increasing the gap between her belly-button and the top of her pubes in a couple of strokes. She moved further downwards, stripping away the hair as she went. She got to more delicate territory, pausing briefly before steeling herself. It took quite a while and several different positions before she became a belated member of the sisterhood of the hairless pussy.

It had only been a short leap from there to wanting to dress up in her finery, wanting to see how her bald pussy looked, show-cased in a basque and stockings. She felt brazen, wanton, wasted when she looked in the mirror. She could see curves and folds and missed opportunities. She looked at her boobs, barely contained by the bodice and reached up to squeeze them. She didn’t want to take it off. That was how she ended up in the supermarket feeling secretly slutty, although she had put on the matching knickers to give the illusion of respectability. She pushed the trolley, smiling at the thought of her naked pussy. Her bald cunt. She rebuked herself for even thinking that word. She hated it. It was a man’s word.

Joanna looked at the contents of her trolley. Nothing frozen, so she wouldn’t have to go home straight away. She went and paid, before heading to the car. She loaded up and then got in, sitting behind the wheel clutching her handbag. She opened it and pulled out a couple of business cards and her phone. She closed her eyes and shuffled the cards as well as you can shuffle two cards. She mixed them up well enough that she no longer knew which was which. One would lead back to the hair salon that she had popped in to a few days ago. The other would lead back to Ruth. She knew which one she wanted, but couldn’t bring herself to make a conscious decision to ignore the other. A couple of minutes later she had parked her car again and was locking it.

‘Hello again’ Ruth said. ‘I knew you’d be back.’

‘I didn’t’ Joanna confessed. She was slightly surprised to see Ruth with long blonde hair, rather than the black bob that she had worn last time. That was the advantage of wigs, Joanna thought. Change your hair with your mood.

Ruth had come around the front of the receptionist’s desk and led Joanna straight down the corridor. Joanna had started to think of this route as the road to temptation, deciding that Ruth had known very well how much harder it would be for Joanna to refuse once she had seen the delights that lay beyond the double-doors. She led them into the set where Joanna had first seen Martin. Martin was sitting on a sofa wearing a light blue robe, a robe that was wide open.

‘Hi Joanna’ Martin said, as casual as if she was meeting him at a friend’s house.

‘Hello’ she replied nervously. She looked for somewhere to sit.

‘He won’t bite’ Ruth said, a hand on the small of Joanna’s back, gently pushing her forward. Her other hand managed to take Joanna’s handbag from her.

Joanna wasn’t conscious of Ruth anymore, all she could see was a cock. It wasn’t fully hard yet, it was resting, but with one eye open, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before it would be called into action. Joanna approached Martin and stopped briefly, before sitting next to him as indicated by the patting  motion of his hand. He started to make small talk, one hand resting on her thigh. Her legs were crossed, but not for long. His hand went exploring, her dress rode up, his eyebrows raised as he encountered stocking top and flesh. All Joanna could think was how different this was from what would have happened if she’d chosen the other card. She doubted that Darren would have as much to offer as Martin was displaying now.

Martin asked her to stand up and take her dress off for him. She was pleased that her dress buttoned down the front. She locked eyes with him as she undid each button in turn, watching for his reaction as she slipped it off her shoulders to reveal her underwear in all its glory. She thought that he must be sick of seeing women in their skimpies, but the snake nestled at his crotch said otherwise. It appeared to like purple. Martin beckoned her closer, his hand filling the gap between her legs. She gasped, knowing that he would already feel how much she was looking forward to him. She found herself on her knees, her mouth vainly trying to accommodate him. She licked and sucked, her tongue enjoying the texture of the puckered, bare skin of his balls. She took them in her
mouth, an idea that was more appealing without their natural nest. She was starting to see more and more advantages of a life without hair. She licked them and rolled them, knowing that she was only putting off the moment where she would find out just how pliable she was these days.

Martin eased himself out of her mouth, pushing her back on the sofa, spreading her legs wide with a hand on each knee. She felt so exposed with no pubes to hide behind, but relished the sensation as his fingers ran the length of her exposed lips, opening her up. There was a moment’s pause while he eased a condom on and then his tip was nuzzling her. He was a true gentleman the way that he paused when his tip was only just enveloped by her lips and then slid slowly into her. She held her breath, hoping that vital organs would be able to get out of the way as he impaled her. Her eyes were locked with his and she smiled when she felt his hairless belly meet hers. She had done it, she had tamed the monster. Except that he had barely woken up. He started to move, tried to get in deeper, pulled back to check if there was another way. He was getting impatient, frustrated, hammering back and forth. Joanna closed her eyes and held on, hoping to weather the storm. She could hear someone crying out in time to each thrust against her body. She didn’t know who it was, it could have been her,
but she didn’t care.

When Joanna had gathered herself again, she realised that Ruth wasn’t in the room. She and Martin were alone. He bent forward and gave her a gentlemanly peck
on the cheek.

‘I hope we can do that again sometime’ he said. It wouldn’t surprise her if he sent her flowers and a written thank-you note, she thought. He was lovely, his cock was gorgeous. She took a last look as he got up and walked out. She sat back on the sofa, her breathing starting to settle down. She looked at herself, the cups of her basque pulled down, her boobs free and proud. Amazingly enough, her stockings appeared to have survived unscathed. Her knickers were on the floor, hopefully still in one piece, although she couldn’t be sure. She took a deep breath and tugged the basque up to where it was meant to be.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ Ruth asked, surprising her. Joanna hadn’t heard her come back into the room. She closed her legs and sat up properly, wondering how she could get her knickers back on without too much embarrassment.

‘How long before that gets on the internet?’ Joanna asked.

‘That wasn’t on camera. Think of it as a favour. Martin said he wanted to, you looked like you wanted to, and I thought why not, it might relax you. A bit of fun for the pair of you, nothing more than that.’

‘So it was like a “golden hello”?’ Joanna asked.

‘Those words would probably mean something different round here. I’m not sure you’re ready for that’ Ruth chuckled.

‘But there’s nothing on film?’

‘Does that disappoint you?’

‘I’m very relieved’ Joanna confessed.

‘There are still some folk with a bit of integrity you know. Anyway, there’s a shower through there and plenty of fresh towels. Come back when you’re ready’ Ruth said.

Joanna went through into the bathroom, which was of a surprisingly high standard. Much better than she had expected. She stripped off her stockings and suspender belt, standing under the refreshing jet of water, making sure that she kept her head away from the spray so as not to spoil Ruth’s plans for her.
She smiled to herself when she thought about what she had just done, hoping against hope that Katy wouldn’t find out for herself just how much fun it was
with Martin. Had she really taken that whole thing?

Joanna dried herself off and wrapped a fresh towel around herself before going out. She was clutching her bits and pieces of underwear as she went back into the main room.

‘Sorry’ she said, realising that she had just walked in on Ruth getting changed.

‘Come on, dear, don’t be shy’ Ruth said, turning to face Joanna. Joanna tried to ignore the fact that Ruth was naked, realising that she couldn’t have been getting changed because there were no clothes anywhere near her. She was just naked, waiting for Joanna, who now felt over-dressed in the towel. A quick inquisitive glance showed that Ruth wasn’t one for pubes either. Joanna felt awkward showing interest in another woman’s privates, but she couldn’t help herself.

‘See something you like?’ Ruth asked with a smile.

‘Sorry’ she said again ‘I’m curious. I only went bare down there for the first time today. I’m a bit behind the times, obviously.’

Ruth smiled. ‘I’ll soon have you fully caught up, don’t worry’ she said.

Ruth came closer and reached for the top of the towel where Joanna had folded it in on itself. She teased the corner out, undoing it. Joanna felt an overwhelming urge to catch the towel, but realised that she had to let it drop.

‘I thought so’ Ruth said, cupping Joanna’s boobs in each hand. ‘They’re magnificent!’ she said. Joanna felt herself blush, feeling it only polite to look at Ruth’s boobs, so that she could return the compliment. She let her gaze linger, rather than trying the furtive approach that had failed so spectacularly a few moments ago. They were smaller than Joanna’s, nicely shaped for their age, each one having a small gold ring through the nipple. Ruth saw where Joanna was looking.

‘A little present to myself. You should get some to top these off’ she said with a quick flick of Joanna’s nipples. Joanna had certainly seen women with other women in some of the porn she had seen, but wasn’t sure what she thought of it. Maybe she had led a sheltered life, but it wasn’t something that attracted her really. It didn’t disgust her, it just wasn’t something that she had thought about. After her encounter with Martin, she wasn’t sure why a woman would want to forego a man, although the way that Ruth was now caressing the underside of her boobs might just make her think again. She wasn’t sure about getting her nipples pierced though.

‘How about we go through here?’ Ruth said, taking her hands away. Joanna followed her, realising that they were in the hairdressing set. She was all too aware that she was aroused, but whether it had been Ruth’s touch or the prospect of getting her hair cut, she wasn’t sure.

‘There are cameras in here and they are on’ Ruth warned her.

Joanna looked around her, feeling self-conscious. She was naked and pubeless with nowhere to hide. She sucked her tummy in.

‘Is it alright if I sit down?’ Joanna asked, realising that she would be able to retain some dignity that way.

‘Just before you do, I want to tell you that for this sort of film, I prefer it for the model doesn’t talk. For some of them we chat, but I just don’t want anything to distract from you.’

‘That’s fine, although I don’t think that I’m going to be the only one who gets looked at’ Joanna replied nervously.

‘All eyes will be on you dear, I’m sure of that.’

‘Can you tell me what you’re going to do?’

‘I’m going to make you beautiful’ Ruth replied, taking her wig off.

Joanna went to the chair and sat down, crossing her legs, just like she would in an ordinary salon. Except there she wouldn’t be looking at a reflection of her own boobs looking back at her. She was looking at herself differently now. This wasn’t like looking at yourself in the mirror at home, where you would hardly notice your nakedness. This was very different. She was seeing tits, full and ripe, nipples that had recently been pulled, sucked, caressed by Martin and then fondled by another woman. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t think that her boobs were too big. This was foreplay, after-play, all part of a new sexual experience. Ruth was behind her, combing her hair. She wanted to fold her arms, but held onto the armrest instead, remembering that whoever was watching this would want to see as much as they could. Her self-consciousness seemed to diminish if she thought of herself as displaying for a potential lover, someone who was starting to get aroused at the sight of her naked body. Or were they? Would the audience be more interested in her having her hair cut? Was that possible when she was there with just about everything she had on display?

Joanna thought about Katy, wondered what she would say when her mum came home with a different hairstyle. What could Joanna say to her? She just felt like a change? She didn’t even know what Ruth had in store for her. Joanna looked at her longish, blonde hair, the wave that she managed to get into it a casualty of the encounter with Martin and the steam of the shower. He had gathered her hair in his hands as he fucked her from behind, pulling her head back as he pumped. He wasn’t the first man to have done that, but as the cause of the end of her abstinence, he was the best. Biggest cock, best fuck, nicest man. He had been perfect. She watched almost disinterestedly as Ruth put the blades of a big pair of scissors just above her shoulders and cut without a pause. No
hesitation, just a big chunk lopped off. Joanna wondered if she would have got the same liquid sensation if Darren had been the one to do it in the salon.
How long would he have taken to discuss what he was going to do, every word diminishing the excitement for her.

Ruth worked her way round, Joanna able to see the ends of her hair now as a rough bob, just above her shoulders. It wasn’t something she’d been able to do for a good few years. She liked it, but she didn’t think for a moment that she would be able to keep it. Ruth combed hair down over Joanna’s face. Joanna started to picture herself with a Cleopatra-type bob. Maybe Ruth was going to colour it for her, dye it jet black. What would that look like? She tried to picture herself with a perfectly straight fringe brushing her eyebrows when she felt the scissors an inch or so higher. That would look good too, Joanna thought. Ruth started to cut, but she was definitely higher than that.

The barrier fell away enough for Joanna to see what was being done. Rather than the fringe she expected, she had a forehead. Ruth had cut her hair right back to the hairline, so that it couldn’t really be called a fringe anymore. Not the sort of thing you would see on the High Street, but interesting, Joanna thought. Joanna felt like she was more like someone watching a film rather than the subject of the film itself. She was excited, wondering what was going to happen next. She could see that her nipples were erect. Everyone would know that getting her hair cut like this was turning her on. She uncrossed her legs.

Joanna was admiring Ruth’s nipple rings, wondering if you could get them as clip-ons, when Ruth changed the angle of the scissors. Joanna watched her new bob become much shorter on the left-hand side. What was a generous chin-length had suddenly become a rather miserly cheek-length. That made quite a difference!
Joanna’s right hand slid off the armrest and into her lap, hoping that there was no camera that could see her part her legs. A salon cut could never compete with this! Joanna watched Ruth’s now familiar progression behind her and then round the other side. Joanna’s index finger was making the tiniest movements,  applying pressure where it was needed. She was looking in the mirror at her dramatic bob. She really wanted Ruth to dye it black, turn her into a fringeless Louise Brooks. God, that would look sexy! Her eyes followed Ruth, watching the scissors, mesmerised by the gold rings.

Joanna watched Ruth put the scissors down. She picked up some electric clippers, taking a moment to make sure that the cord wasn’t tangled. Ruth touched them to the ends of Joanna’s hair at her cheek, carefully evening the line. She moved along a little, painstakingly looking along the line as she went. Joanna watched her, slightly stooped, her boobs hanging, rings glinting in the light. Joanna decided that she was going to get bigger rings than those. They wouldn’t be clip-ons either. Ruth went all the way round, checking in the mirror to make sure that the ends were level on both sides of Joanna’s head. She put the clippers down and stood directly behind Joanna, leaning forward so that she could rest her chin on the top of Joanna’s head. She reached round and took the weight of each of Joanna’s boobs in her hands, caressing them, rolling Joanna’s nipples between thumb and forefinger. Joanna’s index finger pressed harder. She looked at what was almost her fringe, dramatic in its absence. Ruth stood up, a hairdresser once again, and ran the flat of her hand up Joanna’s
neck. Joanna shuddered.

Ruth reached for the clippers again and pushed Joanna’s head so that she was staring at the guilty finger between her thighs. The clippers started to hum and Joanna felt them make contact with the nape of her neck. She was glad that the camera couldn’t see her face as she responded to the vibrations. Ruth clearly had some more sculpting to do. The clippers nibbled and kissed the back of her neck, she could feel them dart in and out around her neckline and then they started to hug the contour of her head, a tongue licking higher and higher. Joanna closed her eyes, knowing that it was getting harder to explain to Katy what she had done.

Joanna straightened her head as Ruth indicated, seeing in the mirror that she looked exactly as she had previously. There was the ultra-short fringe and the helmet of blonde hair that she so wanted to be an exotic black. The clippers touched the side of her hair in front of her ear and with a deliberate sweep upwards, the helmet was deformed. She kept going over the top of Joanna’s head, the fringe receding backwards by the width of the blades. Ruth paused, leaning forward to plant a kiss on what was now a hairless expanse at Joanna’s forehead and then she stood upright again, sweeping more of Joanna’s hair away. So much for Louise Brooks, Joanna thought.

As soon as she had taken her seat, Joanna had thought that going bald was likely, but she had started to wonder whether Ruth would leave her with some sort of dramatic hairstyle. Now she knew that those cuts were only stops along the way. She wanted to enjoy the process, but she very much wanted to be somewhere where there were no cameras so that she could finish herself off. Ruth had just about finished revealing the curves of Joanna’s head now, she was so close that Joanna could already think of herself as bald. She looked at the contours of her head, strangely excited now that the “old Joanna” wasn’t looking back at her. This was someone new, someone adventurous, someone fun.

Ruth was covering her head with shaving foam now. A few minutes ago, Joanna hadn’t thought of herself as having anything other than a rather unusual bob, now she was watching her head being covered with shaving foam, wanting to be as hairless as she could possibly be. She wondered just how long she could keep her nipples erect for. She waited for the discomfort of the razor, but none came. Ruth was deliberate, but gentle, each stroke clearing away some of the foam, giving Joanna more of the baldness that she so wanted. Joanna forced her finger away from her clit, not wanting the camera to record her coming. Instead, she focussed on what Ruth was doing, until she realised that this was probably more arousing than touching herself. Joanna could still scarcely believe that she was sitting naked while another naked woman shaved her head, but there was no doubting it. When she had got up that morning, she had been an everyday middle-aged mother with hair in all the right places and a vague hope of meeting someone for a relationship that may become something more serious. Here she was, hours later, pussy and head shaved bare, having let a stranger screw her bandy on a porn film set!

Ruth dabbed Joanna’s head with a towel, clearing away any last vestiges of foam. She was being rather meticulous considering that they were effectively making a soft porn film for consumption in darkened bedrooms, but Joanna was pleased that she was. After all, in a short time, she was going to have to walk out onto the street and face the world. She wondered whether Ruth would lend her one of her wigs until she could get to a shop and buy her own. That was another unexpected aspect of doing this, she was going to have to buy a wig or maybe a selection of wigs. Was she going to try to get one close to the way that she had done her hair that morning or was she going to go for something completely different. Once people knew that she wore wigs, it wouldn’t be so bad. She could chop and change the way that she had already seen Ruth do, different hair for different moods. She quite liked the idea of that.

Ruth tossed the towel to one side and then she was bending down again, posing with her bald head resting on Joanna’s. Ruth’s hands found their way to Joanna’s boobs again, tweaking her nipples. Joanna reached up and backwards, her hands finding Ruth’s head where her fingertips explored the same smoothness that she knew that she now had. She felt a light kiss on the top of her head and Ruth released her, moving away to one side. Joanna didn’t know what she was meant to do, but just stayed looking at herself in the mirror, silently welcoming her new self.

‘You can relax now’ Ruth said.

Joanna turned to her, to make sure, but then stood up. She was afraid to look back at the seat, knowing that it probably had a story to tell. She reached up to feel her scalp for the first time, the pile of her blonde hair a blur on the edge of her vision. It was so smooth, so unlike a woman’s head should feel, except that she knew that she really liked the way that it felt.

‘I didn’t think you were going to do this straight away’ Joanna said, a hand still stroking her head.

‘You’re glad I did, though, aren’t you?’ Ruth took the opportunity to steal a caress of Joanna’s boob.

‘I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really wanted you to do it, even though I’m going to have to get a wig from somewhere’ she said, planting the seed for her next request.


‘I can’t go out like this’ Joanna said, thinking more about her bald head than the fact that she was standing there naked.

‘Of course you can, if you want. You’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. You’re beautiful’ Ruth told her, her fingers making their way tantalisingly down Joanna’s body.

‘I think I’ll feel better in a wig.’

‘I’ll lend you one of mine if you want, but I think you should just go for it.’

‘I don’t know. I need to work out what to tell Katy.’

Joanna’s eyes followed as Ruth turned her head.

‘I thought I’d save you the trouble’ Ruth said, her fingers reaching Joanna’s smooth mound.

‘Katy!’ Joanna said, seeing a figure in the shadows at the back of the set. Joanna looked at Ruth, taking a step back to break the contact that she had started to enjoy.

‘I gave her a call earlier to see if she wanted to come in. She was in town already’ Ruth said. Joanna started to do calculations.

‘How long have you been here?’ Joanna asked.

‘Long enough’ Katy replied, coming closer. Joanna felt the urge to cover up, but there was nothing to hand that would have been useful. When she thought about it, it was a little pointless.

‘I need to go’ Joanna said, memories of what Katy had seen flashing through her mind.

‘Don’t you want to wait for Katy?’ Ruth asked. Joanna looked at her. ‘Katy’s next in my chair’ Ruth added.

Joanna looked at Katy, trying to work out what to say. She didn’t have to explain what she had done, but she felt that she needed to explain why. She put a hand to Katy’s face, looking at her, stroking her long blonde hair. The excitement was gone, replaced by a sudden sadness.

‘You don’t have to, love’ she said.

‘I want to mum. You look amazing’ Katy said.

Joanna was shocked.

‘You think so? Really?’

‘I can’t believe you’ve done it. I just stood there and thought “good for you”, it’s about time you had a bit of fun.’

Joanna had a hand on each of Katy’s shoulders.

‘How long have you been here’ she asked again, knowing the answer.

‘Long enough to see you happier than I remember’ she replied. ‘You look great. I can’t wait to see the film.’

‘I don’t think I’d be very comfortable with that’ Joanna replied.

‘Why not. It’s not every day you find out that your mum’s not an old fossil, is it?’ Katy said with a smile. Joanna had to agree. For her, it hadn’t been so much of a casting, more of a casting off, where she had undone the mooring rope and was now moving away from safety into the great unknown, going wherever the current might take her. It was a journey that she should have begun a good while ago, but the important thing was that she had set off.

Someone appeared, holding out a robe to Joanna.

‘Thank you’ she said, before realising that it was a fully-clothed Martin who had handed her the gown. He left them to talk.

‘You’d never guess what he’d got tucked away in there, would you?’ Katy said with a smirk.

‘Katy!’ Joanna chastised.

‘What? I’m not the one who got to find out, am I?’ she said with a defiant smile.

‘We’ll need to talk about this when we get home’ Joanna said, feeling that she could be more motherly now that she had regained some of her modesty. Ruth re-appeared, wearing a black tunic. She was wearing a wig again, a flame-red bob this time. She swept away Joanna’s hair, while the mother-daughter talk turned to what Katy was going to do.

‘You’ll have to wait and see, but I won’t be going bald’ Katy said.

‘You don’t like it, do you?’ Joanna said, touching her scalp again. She felt a tingle, despite Katy’s apparent reservations.

‘It isn’t that. I want to get there in stages.’

‘So you are going to shave your head?’

‘Ruth wants to do a series of videos, I’m back again tomorrow for another one. I mean it, though, when I say that you look gorgeous.’

‘Thank you’ Joanna said.

Joanna slunk back towards the rear of the set, into the darkness that had concealed her daughter while she had been in the chair. Katy’s film was different, it was more of an everyday scenario, with dialogue and a plot where a young woman goes to a salon, happy to leave it up to the salon to create a new look for her. While Joanna stood there, Martin brought her her clothes from earlier. It excited her that he watched as she put her stockings back on, clipping them to her suspender belt. Then she realised that just about everything had excited her since she had got up that morning. She didn’t want to force herself into the basque again, so ended up going bra-less under her dress. By the time her attention had returned to the main action, Ruth had cut Katy’s hair to collar length. Martin had put his hands on her hips from behind, still managing to surprise her with how light his touch was. She eased back into him, as if she was easing back into a comfortable old sofa. She wasn’t looking for a repeat of what happened earlier, she just wanted reassurance that she was still attractive without hair. What better opinion to seek than that of a man who had fucked her when she had hair. The interlocked fingers over her belly were a clue that he wasn’t repulsed by her bald head and the lips nuzzling her ears added further weight.

‘I’d love to take you to dinner’ he whispered.

‘I’d like that, but you’ll need to tell me what colour hair you like so that I can get the right wig’ she replied quietly.

‘I don’t want you in a wig’ he replied.

That was all that Joanna needed to hear. The sound of clippers forced her attention back to Katy. Ruth was doing the ends of Katy’s new bob, but as Joanna watched, she could see that Ruth was cutting it higher at the back than at the front. The front was chin-length, but the back was higher than that. Joanna watched, admiring Ruth’s skill as a hairdresser as she perfected the angle of the bob, but her stomach sank a little when Ruth turned the clippers over and started to shave the hair at Katy’s neck. Katy hadn’t wanted to shave her head. Not yet anyway. Joanna wanted to shout over to Ruth to tell her to stop, but realised that it would spoil Katy’s film. She didn’t want that. She took comfort from Martin’s calmness, from the gentle strokes across her belly, the warmth of his body against hers.

Joanna realised that Ruth wasn’t going very high with the clippers, not the same as she did with her, anyway. She was lifting hair out of the way, shaving some of the hair underneath and then letting the hair fall so that the shaven part was concealed again. It was skilful, it was something that Joanna would like to try one day. One day when she didn’t want to be bald anymore, that was.

She started to think about dinner with Martin. Did she really want to get involved with someone who made porn films? What would Eddie say when he found out that his ex-wife was seeing someone like that? His bald ex-wife who had made a film where she was fondled by the woman who shaved her head. She liked being held by him. She’d liked being fucked by him. He would have to give up being in films, that was all there was to it, if there was to be anything beyond a nice dinner. There must be other jobs in porn where he didn’t have to touch the merchandise, she thought, watching intently as Katy got out of the chair.
Even at that distance, Katy looked older, more mature with her new haircut. Joanna watched her daughter reach up to feel the back of her head. She watched her say something to Ruth and then sit back down again.

In moments, Ruth was smearing shaving foam over the back of Katy’s neck. She said that she hadn’t wanted to shave her head just yet, but she clearly couldn’t wait for a taste of what her mother had had. Ruth shaved her slowly, reminding Joanna of what she had felt so recently. Martin’s fingers were on the border between belly and mound, stroking her as if she was the most delicate thing that he had ever touched. It was such a contrast with her earlier encounter with him when she had first been astounded at her ability to take him and then amazed at the feelings as he pounded into her. Now here he was, apparently afraid that the lightest touch would bruise her.

She could see that Katy was ready for a second time and turned round to kiss Martin gently on the lips.

‘We’ll need to talk about your work’ she said, wondering if it wasn’t very premature to be saying such things.

‘Don’t worry, I only do it if I’m single. I’m usually management’ he replied.

‘In that case, I want the key to this’ she said, her palm cupped around his groin.

He smiled. ‘I’ll call you’ he said. ‘And then I’ll feed you.’

‘And then?’ Joanna asked.

‘That’s up to you’ he replied.

‘In that case, I think I’ll want you to fuck me’ she replied, deciding that her inhibitions must have gone the way of her hair.

He smiled. ‘I’ll see what I can do.’

Joanna went over to where Katy was standing, checking to see that the cameras were off.

‘What do you think?’ Joanna asked.

‘I love it.’

‘It’s so elegant. You look all grown up’

‘Mother, I am grown up.’

‘Not to me, you’re not’ Joanna replied with a smile.

‘What about Tripod, are you seeing him again?’ Katy asked.

Joanna paused for a moment before working out what Katy meant. ‘Don’t call him that!’ she said with a playful tap on Katy’s arm.

‘Well, are you?’

‘Maybe’ Joanna replied.

‘I knew it.’

‘Knew what?’

‘Knew you’d see him again. You just looked so good together.’

‘Katy, that is an image that I want you to delete from your mind immediately.’

‘Okay, I suppose I’ll just have to watch your film instead.’

‘Listen to me young lady. You are never to watch that film, do you hear me’ Joanna said, aware that her voice sounded exasperated.

‘Just wait until I bring someone totally unsuitable home’ Katy said.

‘Do you think you’re ever going to bring someone home who is less suitable than a porn actor?’

‘So you’re seeing him again?’

‘Maybe’ Joanna replied.

‘Sorry to interrupt’ Ruth said ‘but do you want to come and pick out a wig?’

Joanna looked at Katy.

‘You’re very kind Ruth, but I don’t think I do at the moment. I’m fine like this.’

‘You know very well you’re more than “fine”, you’re stunning.’

‘There was one thing I wanted to ask you’ Joanna said.

‘What’s that?’

‘Katy, can you go and wait for me in reception?’ Joanna said. Katy looked at her with a frown, but walked away.

‘She’s going to hound you until you tell her, you know’ Ruth said.

‘I know, but I don’t want to make it too easy for her.’

‘What was it you wanted?’

‘I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your, you know, your piercings done.’

‘Nipples and clit’ she replied quickly, smiling wickedly, before continuing ‘oh, you mean who did them for me? I’ll text you the details. You must get them done, you won’t regret it’ she replied.

Joanna took a look around the studio as she left, acknowledging just how much had changed for her since she had walked in. She got back to reception and saw Katy sitting there waiting patiently. She looked so different with shorter hair, but at least she still had hair, Joanna thought. She wanted to feel her own bald head, but didn’t want to make it look like she was self-conscious. There would be plenty of time to explore when she got home. The drive home was quiet, with both of them lost in their own thoughts. The one thing to the forefront of Joanna’s mind was that the tension between her and Katy had gone completely. Katy had clearly decided that there was nothing that Joanna could say about her choices anymore as there would always be the shared events at the casting to spike Joanna’s guns.

Katy smiled as she looked up.

‘What?’ Joanna asked.

‘I’m so pleased for you’ Katy replied.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I’ve thought for a long time that you should let your hair down and now you’ve really gone and done it. Shagged a porn actor, shaved your head, see what you can do when you put your mind to it’ she said. Joanna tried not to smile and tried not to react to Katy’s comment. It was true that she had hidden herself away for too long and it was also true that her abstinence had ended in a rather dramatic fashion, but it was still not something that she was completely comfortable that Katy had seen.

‘I know you can’t forget about today, but you must promise me something.’


‘Never breathe a word of what you saw, not to anyone. I’d just die if your dad found out.’

‘One condition’ Katy said.

‘I’m waiting’ Joanna said impatiently.

‘You come with me tomorrow.’

‘To get your hair cut again’ Joanna asked, her fingers still clutching the car keys in the ignition.

‘It’s more than that.’

‘How much more?’

‘Pretty much what you’ve just done, except not with Tripod.’

Joanna didn’t know what to say. She took a breath.

‘Which parts of what I’ve just done?’

‘I’m having my hair cut again and doing a film too’ Katy replied.

Joanna looked at her. From Katy’s slight hesitation, Joanna knew that it had to be one of those films.

‘I’m not sure which part of that I find most difficult. That you’re doing it or that you want me to be there.’

Katy reached for her mother’s hand in an attempt to show sympathy for the turmoil that she knew she had just induced in her mother. Joanna started the car, not sure whether Katy was joking or not. She turned the comments over in her mind as she drove, conscious of Katy sitting beside her expectantly.

When they got home, Joanna went for another shower and Katy went to her room. The shower was a chance for solitude and reflection, as well as a chance to relish her hairless self. Joanna squeezed her boobs, trying to imagine them with gold rings through the nipples. She had intended to go and get them done the following day, but that was before Katy told her about her own plans. Could she really stand there and watch Katy with some stud? It wasn’t the sort of thing that a mother should even think about. Memories of Martin flowed through her mind, her fingers a poor substitute for the real thing. Joanna eventually went downstairs wearing her robe, realising that she was ravenous. She prepared a late lunch, which she and Katy ate with barely a word exchanged.

‘Are you angry?’ Katy asked eventually.

Joanna looked at her. ‘I just want you to be sure that you’re happy doing what you’re doing’ Joanna said. Katy tried a reassuring smile, without too much success.

Trying to put aside any misgivings, Joanna drove Katy to the studio the next day. Katy was whisked away almost as soon as she was in through the door, leaving Joanna alone with her thoughts in reception. It was the worst thing that could have happened. At least if Ruth had been there, Joanna could have asked her about what was planned for Katy. It was worse than sitting in the waiting room after Katy had her tonsils out all those years ago. After almost an hour of solitude, she was relieved to see a friendly face.

‘Hi Joanna’ Martin said, opening the door, but not actually coming through it. ‘Do you want to come through?’ he asked.

Did she? Common sense told her that she didn’t, but she couldn’t resist. She smiled nervously at Martin and stood up. He gave her a chaste peck on the cheek as she reached the door, but took the opportunity to squeeze her buttock as she walked past him. She smiled to herself, trying not to think about Katy, but knowing that she was about to come face to face with her daughter’s choice of career. She instinctively headed for the same observation window where she had first seen Martin. Lights were on, but the room was empty.

‘They’re just finishing her make-up’ Martin explained. He stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her.

‘Don’t worry. Paul’s got a good reputation, he’s a good guy’ he told her. That was some consolation at least. In moments, Joanna saw movement on set and a man that she assumed must be Paul came in. She hadn’t realised at first, but the man’s pristine white trousers and tunic, coupled with the treatment table, made her realise that this was meant to be a massage studio. Katy was most likely going to be the one on the receiving end. Paul was joined by a woman with a camera who appeared to be doubling as the director. Paul appeared to be in character and the filming was underway. He was folding towels, straightening out the cover on the table and then the door opened. Katy came in, wrapped in a pristine white towel that contrasted with her cropped black hair. They’d cut it quite a bit shorter and dyed it while Joanna had been sitting in reception. Joanna wasn’t sure whether it suited her like that, she wondered what Katy thought of it. Paul reached up and pulled the towel away.

Joanna stared at the scene in front of her, knowing that she shouldn’t but not knowing what else to do. She was grateful that Katy had been turned away from her as the towel fell and that she got on the table quickly. Joanna watched as a small towel was placed over her bare backside, although how long it would cover her modesty, she had no idea. She was conscious of Martin nuzzling her neck. Paul drizzled some oil on Katy and started the massage, making it look quite convincing. It was slow and in different circumstances, she was sure that it would be quite relaxing. She wondered what was going through Katy’s head.
Martin’s hands started to wander at about the same time that Paul’s hands were making moves further up Katy’s thighs. Joanna was transfixed as a few innocent passes were followed by an “accidental” longer stroke that went well into territory that would normally be out of bounds. He ran his hands the length of her leg, scurrying away from the “danger zone”, but this was only a ploy to ease her legs apart under the guise of a brief foot massage. His hands made another advance, closer and closer. Then there was no pretence. Paul’s hand was pressed between Katy’s buttocks, just as Martin’s hand was now pressing against her own mound. There was something wrong about the whole scenario as far as Joanna was concerned, but she defied anyone not to be aroused by the sensation of being sandwiched between Martin’s cock pressing through their clothes and his hand roaming up her dress.

Joanna wanted to look away, but also wanted to keep a protective eye on her daughter, although how the notion of protecting your daughter can be valid when some guy looks like he’s trying to use her as a glove puppet is questionable. She could see Katy responding to the fingers inside her and then they were taken away and the pretend-massage started again for a minute or so before Paul stood upright again. Katy eased up on an elbow and then turned over. For a moment she was naked, until Paul draped the tiny towel over Katy’s lower belly. It seemed so futile, given that he had just had his fingers in her. His hands swooped over her torso, deliberately avoiding her boobs at first, but then his hands moved in ever decreasing circles towards their prize. Martin’s fingers were allowing Joanna to participate to the full, her sighs providing a soundtrack to events within the soundproofed room.

In an instant, the towel was swept away, Katy’s legs were spread wide and Paul’s incursion began in earnest. Joanna watched Katy accept the invitation to undo Paul’s tunic trousers just as Martin’s left hand joined his right in the twilight world under her skirt. Both hands worked together, Joanna wondering quite what Martin was trying to achieve, until she felt him tense and heard the material of her knickers rip. She would have happily taken them off for him, but that probably wouldn’t have made her quite as wet as she became in that instant. He brought the tattered fabric into the light, holding it like a trophy rather than the expensive pair of knickers that it had been just a few moments before. He had just granted himself unrestricted access, matching what she was seeing play out in front of her.

Katy adjusted her position so that she could take Paul in her mouth. His hand was still lodged between her legs, its movement becoming more insistent. He stroked her hair with his free hand. Joanna watched wide-eyed as Katy’s hair moved with Paul’s hand. Paul pretended to be surprised by what had just happened, but the only surprised onlooker at that moment was Joanna. She ignored Martin’s attempts to position her to be entered from behind and stared at her daughter’s bald head. They’d shaved her already.

Paul reached for the oil bottle again and held it over Katy’s head. He oiled her scalp, running his hands over it tantalisingly slowly. Joanna wanted that done to her, but wondered whether it would be as big a turn-on for the basic porn watcher, compared to what it would do to those with an interest in shaved heads. Joanna relaxed enough to change her stance so that she was braced against the window sill, with her backside pushed out invitingly. Martin was just entering her as Paul and Katy manoeuvred into position for Paul to enter her from behind. Joanna gasped, unsure whether it was in response to Martin sliding home or to the sight of Paul’s large cock disappearing inside her glistening, oily daughter. Joanna wasn’t sure whether she was responding to Paul’s thrusts into her daughter or Martin’s thrusts into her, but she knew that she was going to cum quickly.

Martin appeared to be mimicking Paul’s actions, caressing Joanna’s head in the same way that Paul was exploring Katy’s fresh baldness, all the while pumping into her slowly but surely. Joanna wondered if Katy knew that she was there, watching her. Watching her get fucked, she almost thought, before shying away from the phrase. Katy and Paul switched positions, so that Paul was lying flat on the table. Katy had been mostly obscured so far, but now she was facing Joanna, reverse-cowgirl on top of Paul. She leaned back to rest on her locked arms, provocatively, unnecessarily, Joanna thought. Her daughter’s clean-shaven pussy was on full display while it feasted on Paul’s considerable offering. Katy’s boobs were smaller than Joanna’s own, but they were clearly trying to make their presence felt, their nipples impressively erect. Joanna couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter, even though she was on the verge of cumming herself. She was watching Katy’s face, wondering how much was genuine and how much was acting. If her own experience with Martin was anything to go by, there would be very little acting talent required. Katy was impaled on a bigger cock than she had probably encountered in her limited experience, so how could it fail to excite her? Paul was reaching up to stroke Katy’s head, drawing her further back so that her sex was forced even further forwards. The woman with the camera was occasionally obscuring Joanna’s view, getting close-ups where Joanna really didn’t want her to take close-ups. She was splitting her time between traditional areas of interest and Katy’s bald head. Joanna had wanted to be there when Katy got shaved, just to give her some encouragement, provide a little support, but it seemed that Katy had taken that in her stride, just as she was taking Paul now.

Joanna’s arms were starting to ache. She wanted to be somewhere comfortable so that she could dwell on what Martin was doing, but given that it wasn’t practical, she urged him to finish. She suspected that he could have matched Paul for staying power, but this wasn’t for the cameras, it was for them. The thrusts became more forceful, Joanna came. She quickly pulled away from Martin and straightened her dress. He stood there, naked and semi-erect as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He leant in and kissed her on the cheek again.

‘She’s doing great’ he whispered.

Joanna looked back through the window, squinting to see if she was really seeing what she thought she was seeing. She turned to Martin.

‘Is he..?’ she asked.

Martin nodded.

‘They would have asked her first’ he said.

As if that was any consolation. Not only was Joanna watching her daughter getting fucked, she was now watching her getting fucked where the sun doesn’t shine.  At least there was plenty of lubrication available already, Joanna thought.

‘Is that what I’ve got to look forward to if I go out with you?’ she asked.

‘If you ask me nicely’ Martin replied. That was probably the wrong answer. Joanna bit her lip, deciding that she couldn’t watch anymore. She went back to reception to wait for Katy. She tried to compose herself, tried to calm down, deciding that she couldn’t judge what Katy had done when she had just let herself be screwed in a semi-public place and her knickers were now lying in tatters somewhere. Martin brought her a cup of tea and apologised for being insensitive, disappearing down the corridor fairly quickly. It was another hour before Katy appeared, dressed in jeans and a shirt. She’d put large hoop earrings on. Joanna got up to give her a hug.

‘Are you okay?’

‘A bit knackered, but fine, yeah’ she replied.

Joanna took her by the arm and headed for the door.

‘Did you know it would be like that?’ Joanna asked.

‘You saw?’

‘You did ask me to come with you, didn’t you. And yes, I did see. More than I needed to’ Joanna replied.

‘That makes us equal then’ Katy replied.

Joanna laughed and rubbed Katy’s head as they walked across the car park.

‘Any regrets?’

‘Not yet’ Katy replied, getting into the car.

‘Did you know they were going to shave your head today?’

‘That wasn’t the plan, but they cut it so short that I asked them if they would do it properly for me. It just means that they only get one hair video rather than two.’

‘I’m glad you’ve tried it. Not the only thing you’re willing to try either’ Joanna said with a wry smile.

‘You saw that too?’

‘Don’t you think you’re trying to run before you can walk?’ Joanna asked.

‘Believe me, I won’t be running anywhere for a couple of days’ Katy replied.

‘Nooo, don’t tell me that’ Joanna said.

Katy thought for a moment.

‘He was bigger than I thought’ she said.

‘This isn’t a conversation that I want to have’ Joanna said.

‘Sorry. Anyway, I’ve got your knickers in my bag. Martin said that you’d dropped them in the corridor. I wasn’t sure what he meant’ Katy said trying to keep a straight face.

‘That’s enough of that’ Joanna said, deciding that it was best to focus on the road. She couldn’t believe that she was taking her bald daughter home after watching her make her porn debut. Not every mother can say that.

When they got home, she let Katy walk in front of her so that she could try to get used to her daughter’s new image.

‘It really suits you’ she said when they got inside.

Katy hugged her. ‘Thank you for coming today.’

‘I wasn’t the only one’ Joanna laughed.

‘Mum!’ Katy chastised.

Try as she might, Joanna couldn’t help looking at Katy differently after what she had watched her do. She had no idea whether it would be repeated, whether it would be phase or what. She decided that it was best just to do everything she could to support her daughter, rather than do or say anything that might drive her away. The shared experience seemed to have brought them closer together. Joanna just had to accept that her daughter was grown up now and would make her own decisions. Katy was striking, she was bald, she was confident within herself.

They were sitting watching TV together after dinner. They hadn’t exchanged a word for ages, even if they had stolen glances at each other.

‘Katy?’ Joanna said eventually. Katy looked towards her. ‘I’m going to go into town tomorrow to get my nipples pierced. Do you want to come?’

Katy looked at her, expressionless for a moment and then started to laugh. ‘You’re determined to be the first with everything these days, aren’t you?’

‘It does look like that a bit doesn’t it’ she agreed. ‘Are you coming though?’

She nodded slowly. ‘Maybe I’ll get my clit pierced’ she replied provocatively.

‘Katy!’ Joanna exclaimed.

‘You started it’ Katy replied.

‘You’re not really going to?’

‘You’ll have to wait and see’ she replied, turning her attention back to the television.

Joanna could see that Katy was going to match her step for step on this journey of hers. She was pleased that they could do it together.

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