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The cheer team consists of five members.

Their leader is Megan, she has long, straight, blonde hair that reaches her knees. She is curvy and has E-cup breasts, but those are just silicone.

Britney is the second in command. She has brown skin, and dark, curly hair that reaches her lower back, and B-cup breasts.

Lindsey is the most flexible. She is curvy and has C-cup breasts and she has wavy, ginger hair that reaches her waist.

Jessica is the shortest, she is Asian and has straight, black hair past her shoulders. She has a boyish figure with AA-cup breasts that are barely there.

Last, but not least, is Stacey. Out of the group, she is the bitchiest. She is very curvy with natural D-cup breasts and has thick, auburn waves that reach her butt.

Angela, a girl who attends the same college, asks cheer team members if they would like to participate in a charity. The cheerleaders rudely dismiss her and laugh about it. After that, Angela is out for revenge.

That night, Angela drugs the cheerleaders. She drags them all into one room, strips them, arranges them onto chairs, ties them down, and gags them. Angela puts on a mask and sets up a camera to film them. The cheerleaders wake up, terrified. There are gags in their mouths to muffle their cries.

First, Angela approaches Stacey with a straight razor. Stacey looks at her in terror, she tries to struggle free from her bonds, to no avail. Angela moves to stand behind her, holds her head secure and carefully scrapes the sharp blade over the middle of her scalp. She catches the brown tresses and puts them in a bag. It takes a while for Stacey to realize what is happening, then she looks terrified for different reasons. The assailant continues to methodically shear off Stacey’s long waves. Stacey goes through multiple emotions: from afraid, to crying, and ends up glaring at her in rage. When Angela is done, Stacy is left with a smooth, denuded scalp. She strokes the bald head before moving to her next victim.

Angela approaches Jessica next. Jessica has seen what happened to Stacey and starts shaking her head, desperately. Angela stands behind her and forces her head still. Jessica freezes when she feels the sharp blade on her forehead. A long swipe of the razor and straight black locks start separating from her head. Angela collects the hair in a different bag, lock by lock. Slowly, but surely, dark hair makes way for smooth skin. When the last of her hair is shorn, Jessica also receives a pat on her bald head. Jessica cries big, fat tears, sobbing.

Then, is Lindsey and after her Brittney. The pair put up less of a fight, realizing that the razor could do serious damage if they struggle. Angela slowly and thoroughly shears their heads, until all of their hair is in its respective bags, and their scalps are smooth. At the end, Lindsey pouts and Brittney hangs her bald head in resignation. Both of them receive a pat on the head as well.

Lastly, it’s time for Megan, the only one left. She glares at her assailant. When Angela comes closer with the razor, Megan starts struggling more intensely. Angela tries to put the razor on her forehead, like with the other girls, but Megan is not staying still. Then, Angela yanks her hair roughly and puts the razor against her throat. The effect is instant and Megan finally stills. Angela shaves her head angrily, not caring if she leaves small cuts all over the scalp. Finally, the last of Megan’s hair is in the final bag. Angela pats the bald head, puts the bag with the rest.

The assailant considers all the bald cheerleaders for a while, before she decides that she is not finished yet. Angela has a big bin of hair removal cream, which she retrieves from her bag. Going in the same order as before, she applies the cream over their heads and bodies, wherever she can reach. She also wipes some over their faces. The girls have no idea what she is even putting on them, but struggling gets them nowhere. Angela waits for some time, the substance on their skin burns.

Finally, Angela uses a water hose to rinse all the cheerleaders from a distance. Then, she holds the bin of hair removal in front of the camera for a second, showing the label. After that, she turns the camera off, collects her things, and leaves. The cheerleaders are left in that room naked, cold, wet, and bald.

It is a great shock when the cheerleading team is discovered in that state, the next morning. All five of them tied to chairs, completely naked and completely without any hair, not even eyebrows or eyelashes. 

The cheerleaders go to the police to report the crime.

Soon after that, the video appears online of the assailant brutally shearing the cheer team. Unfortunately, the police have little to go off. Only that the assaulter is a female of slight build and that she wears a distinct ring.

Most appalling, is that the attacker applied permanent hair removal cream all over the girls’ skin. She showed the label on screen. When they look the product up online it has great reviews, because it works amazingly well.

When the cheerleaders discover that, they couldn’t believe it, so they get their rich parents to book appointments with the best dermatologists. Every single one of the doctors confirm that the effects are permanent. The girls have no hair follicles anywhere on their head and body. None of the girls will be able to grow a single hair ever again. The cheerleaders are devastated, but also furious.

A couple of weeks later, Megan spots a girl walking on campus, wearing a familiar ring. Immediately, Megan realizes that it is the very same ring that the attacker wore. The girl who wears the ring has a familiar face. It is none other than Angela.

Megan tells her fellow permanently hairless cheerleaders about what she has discovered. At first, Lindsey and Jessica want to go to the police. However, Megan and Stacey, soon convince the entire group to take revenge. They start planning.

One day, the girls gang up on Angela. They drag her to the field in front of the main building. The weather is nice, so a lot of students are outside, enjoying the sun. They tie her to a pole there. They announce that she is the attacker from the video. People in the crowd rip and tear off her clothes. Then, the cheerleaders pull her hair in all directions and brutally chop it all off. Hair goes flying everywhere.

When Angela is left with a short, choppy mess on her head. Megan takes a bin of the same brand of hair removal cream out of her bag. The team pours the cream on Angela’s head and rubs it all over her body. Megan slaps a handful of cream in her face, for good measure. The cream is left to do its job for a while, and then Angela is washed off, by dumping a bucket of dirty water over her head, which someone stole from a janitor. Angela is now in the same state as the cheerleaders were before: naked, tied up, shivering and wet, and permanently bald.

Angela confesses to what she did and apologizes, begging for forgiveness.

However, the cheerleaders decide that they are not done yet. 

They have found a substance that will cause someone’s teeth to fall out. The stuff normally comes with a kit to make dentures, but they will not allow her to even have that. They force Angela’s jaw open and inject her gums with the substance. After a while, the girls start pulling her teeth out. Each cheerleader keeps one and the rest goes to the bystanders.

Angela is ugly crying and drooling on the floor.

After that, Angela gets an ultimatum: either she has to do everything the cheerleading team commands for the rest of the year or she has to leave college. Angela chooses to stay and become the cheerleaders’ pet. She can’t go to the police, because then she would implicate herself.

With that, someone comes in with a tattoo gun and writes “sex slave” on her forehead, “free gumjobs” on her cheek, “traitorous slut” on her chest, “use me” on her pubic bone, and “cumdump” on her ass.

Angela is not allowed to wear anything at all nor cover up her baldness or her tattoos.

The cheerleading team needs a new image now that all of them are permanently and completely bald. Their video has gone viral on social media, so the whole world knows. Additionally, wigs will not stay on during cheerleading.

The coach designs them new uniforms. Their old uniforms consisted of a yellow, sleeveless shirt, with white details and school logo, white skirts, with a yellow stripe along the edge, and white tennis shorts underneath, and white knee-socks and sneakers. The new uniforms have an extremely short, cropped, yellow, long sleeve top, and white thigh high stockings, with a yellow stripe, and white sneakers, without any bottoms. Thus, the cheerleaders walk around with their chests, ass, and pussies exposed. The team paints the college logo on their bald heads. The girls decide to get their nipples and clits pierced.

The new uniforms are a great success. The completely bald cheerleading team turns a lot of heads. Performing athletic stunts for competitions while flashing everyone their tits and pussies leaves the other teams distracted and prone to make mistakes. The cheerleaders have become more popular than ever and more people come to watch cheerleading practice. Doing their routines with bare heads and mostly bare bodies feels amazing. The girls have fallen in love with their hairlessness.

The bald cheerleaders have become so popular that other teams start to mimic them. More and more cheerleaders from all over the country choose to become bald and start wearing revealing costumes. If this continues, bald cheer teams will be a majority at cheer competitions. There are so many athletic, hairless girls. Even regular girls who want to be popular start following their example.

Angela has gotten immensely popular by proxy, but in the worst way. Guys love her gumjobs and love coming on her bald scalp pretending it’s one of the cheerleaders’. She has grown to love her hairless, toothless, and tattooed self. She adores her new life as a sex slave. She probably will never be able graduate, since she spends all of her time getting abused, but it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t care about the fact that she can’t eat solid food anymore. She loves gumming on all the cocks, and drinking semen. She is addicted to her new life, so she isn’t going to stop after only one year. She has heard of official campus sex slaves and plans to apply for that role. If only her parents could see her now.

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