Chloe’s Drastic Transformation

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This story has graphic sexual content, and scenes of extreme brutalization and transformation. This content is sexual fantasy and any attempts to reproduce the descriptions here would be strictly illegal. It is for entertainment value only. Continue reading at your discretion. I apologize sincerely to anyone who may be offended by this story, but I include this disclaimer at the start as a warning. You have been warned. To anyone who wishes to continue, I hope you enjoy the story.


Gregory has an unusual obsession with appearance and had become convinced that the key to true beauty was the absence of all hair, teeth, and other imperfections. He had a strange desire to see women completely hairless and toothless. He had been searching for a willing participant for years until he met Chloe. Chloe’s a beautiful woman with wavy, brown hair and perfect teeth. Gregory was fascinated by Chloe’s beauty and couldn’t resist the urge to experiment on her. Gregory approached her one day and told her that she would look stunning without hair and teeth, and that it would be an experience that she would never forget. Chloe was hesitant at first, but Gregory was persistent. He told her that he would make her feel beautiful in a new way, and that the sensation of being hairless and toothless was something she had never experienced before. Chloe was flattered by Gregory’s attention and fascinated by his ideas about beauty. As she listened to him talk more and more about his extreme beauty standards, she began to feel excited to see her appearance so drastically transformed. Chloe agreed enthusiastically to the extreme makeover.

Greg shaved Chloe’s head and plucked out all of her shorn hair. As her hairs fell to the ground around her, Chloe felt a mix of excitement and relief. No going back now. After many hours Chloe had a wreath of hair around her feet. Chloe stared at her reflection in the mirror, her scalp now bare and smooth. Greg spent hours meticulously removing every strand of hair from her head, and the result, while striking, was missing something. Her eyebrows, which had always been well-groomed, now looked bushy and unkempt in comparison to her hairless head. Greg tweezed away Chloe’s eyebrows, intent they should match her new look. For years, she had been hiding behind her hair, using it as a shield to protect herself from the world. But now, with her hair gone, Chloe was exposed, and vulnerable. Chloe smiled at herself in mild disbelief, she actually did it. Wow, she looked strange; somewhat expressionless. Stranger still, she knew she loved it. It was so weird, so different, and so unique. She wondered what other people will think. Greg wasn’t finished though. The eyelashes have to go too. She has to know what it’s like to be totally bald. It was difficult at first, grasping the individual lashes without blinking, and her eyes water after he removed each lash, but eventually he was finished. What a difference such a little amount of hair makes? She blinked her lashless lids and she felt their absence.

Greg arranged for Chloe to have all of her teeth removed. After a routine teeth cleaning one day, Greg asked her dentists “Do people ever opt to get a full set of dentures?”

Her dentist looked at her with surprise, but after a moment, he nodded. “It’s rare, but I have had a few clients ask about it,” he admitted. “In fact, I know an orthodontic surgeon who would be willing to perform a full mouth extraction if you’re interested.”

The procedure was scheduled for the very next day. Chloe was nervous but excited to finally see what it would feel like to have no teeth. As she sat in the waiting room, she felt a mix of anticipation and fear. But she knew that this was something she had to do. The surgery went smoothly. She had a mouth full of gauze and a sense of excitement mixed with anxiety. As the anesthesia wore off, she began to feel the absence of her teeth. It was strange at first, but she soon got used to it. Chloe spent the next few days recovering in bed, exploring her toothless mouth with her tongue. When she finally looked in the mirror, she was amazed at the sight before her. Her toothless grin was both surreal and exhilarating. Chloe was shocked, but she was also excited by her new look and the unfamiliar sensation of being totally hairless and toothless. When she looked in the mirror, she saw a completely different person staring back at her. Without her teeth, Chloe’s cheeks appeared sunken, and her lips either pouted or puckered. She looked older, more mature, and oddly vulnerable. But as she ran her tongue over her gums, she realized that she actually liked the way she looked. It was strange, but also liberating.

Gregory was pleased with his handiwork. He knew that he had found the perfect canvas to fulfill his obsession, and that Chloe would never forget her experience with him. Gregory was so pleased with the transformation, he continued to manipulate Chloe. He told her that she was now his creation and that she should be grateful for the opportunity to be so beautiful.

Chloe became addicted to the feeling of being hairless and toothless. She would spend hours looking at herself in the mirror, admiring her new appearance. She had never felt so vulnerable and exposed before. The sensation of being completely hairless and toothless was foreign, but it was also thrilling. She felt like a completely new person. Greg insisted that Chloe maintain her new appearance, having hair retweezed regularly. Chloe wondered excitedly what Greg had planned for Chloe’s next extreme makeover.

While scrolling through the internet, Greg stumbled upon a plastic surgeon who offered unusual operations. Intrigued, he clicked through to the surgeon’s website and began reading about the various procedures. That’s when he saw it: the option to have Chloe’s nose completely removed. At first, Greg thought it was a joke. But the more he read about the procedure and looked at the photos of other patients who had undergone it, he realized this was legitimate. He started to feel excited. What would she look like without a nose? Would it be weird? Beautiful? He had to know. Greg emailed the plastic surgeon and asked if they would be willing to perform the procedure on Chloe. The surgeon emailed back personally, saying they would be happy to make a consultation.

At the consultation Chloe was nervous but excited. Greg explained to the surgeon that he was never been satisfied with Chloe’s nose and would rather have it completely removed than get a standard rhinoplasty. To Chloe’s amazement, the surgeon consented, and Greg scheduled the surgery. The day of the surgery was nerve-wracking. After the operation, Chloe’s face was wrapped with gauze, leaving only hoses for her eyes and mouth, but she could feel the flat spot where her nose had been. It was a strange sensation, but she was thrilled.

Over the next several weeks, Chloe’s face slowly healed. She went through a rollercoaster of emotions as she waited for the day when she could finally remove the gauze and see her new face. Would she be happy with it? Would she regret what she had done? Finally, the day arrived. Chloe stood before a mirror, her heart pounding with anticipation, and Greg began to unwind the gauze from her head. As he pulled the last of the gauze from her face, Chloe gasped. Her nose was gone. She could see inside her nasal cavity, it was strangely exhilarating.

She loved her new appearance and the attention it brought her, but she couldn’t help but wonder how her family would react. She couldn’t wait to show her mother. She knew her mom would be shocked, but she didn’t care. Her mother cried when she saw her, unable to comprehend why her daughter would go to such extreme lengths to change her appearance. Chloe, on the other hand, was thrilled by her mother’s reaction. She reveled in the shock and disgust on her mother’s face, feeling more alive and powerful than ever before. “I’m not finished yet,” Chloe declared, her voice filled with determination. “I love how Greg has transformed me. I’ll get my tongue split. I’ll have more entire body covered in tattoos and piercings. Whatever Greg wants, I’m ready. I’m excited to see the changes he has planned for me!” Her mother could only watch in horror from afar, as Chloe was determined to become Greg’s plaything.

One day Greg brought Chloe a present: a collar. It was a thick, black leather collar with a heavy metal ring in the front, and Chloe couldn’t get enough of it. Oftentimes, Chloe would find herself playing with the metal ring, feeling the cool steel against her toothless gums. When Chloe wanted to wear her collar, she would pick it up in her mouth and carry it over to Gregory, dropping it at his feet with a satisfied thud. Gregory knew just how much Chloe loved her collar, and he would fasten the buckle in the back, making sure it was snug and secure. Chloe’s head would be forced upright, and she would feel the weight of the leather around her neck. But she loved it. The collar made her feel Greg truly owned her. When she would suck his cock he held her firmly by the collar with one hand and rub his other across her naked scalp. She would buck and fuck, bobbing her head, caressing his shaft with her plump lips. His breathing would grow heavy and he’d emit low moans. She knew he was almost finished when he’d grab her head firmly with both hands and force himself deep into her throat. His cock would give a few excited pulses as he dumped his load down Chloe’s throat. Chloe loved sucking Greg’s cock. Watching his arousal fueled her own. When Greg would take Chloe for walks around the neighborhood, Chloe was constantly trying to loosen Greg’s belt. She’d nuzzle her head against his crotch and look up at him with a naughty smile. Their neighbors were aghast by such overt sexual behavior. They’d yell things like, “Slut!” and “Whore!” and they’d accuse Greg of abusing Chloe and threatened to call public services and report them. Despite their often negative reception, Chloe loved these interactions and she took the insults and owned them. She was a slut, and a whore, and she loved the control Greg exercised over her. It made her feel secure. She loved the changes he’d made to her appearance and eagerly anticipated her next transformation.

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