Chloe’s Extreme Transformation

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Chloe needed a change. She was tired of her style, or lack thereof. She was always said her style was based mainly on comfort. She wore athletic clothing: black joggers that hugged her curvy thighs and tight fitting tank tops that exposed her middrift. She always pulled her hair tight into a high ponytail. She wants to change her look, something shocking and completely different.

It’s the weekend and Chloe is downtown doing some shopping. Maybe she should try to find a salon? A new haircut might be just the change she needs. A quick search on her phone indicates a place nearby called Radical Look Salon. Sounds exactly like what I need Chloe thinks to herself. The outside of the Salon looks promising, the windows have images of models with fashionable short hairstyles. Chloe opens the door and steps inside.

The interior has a clean, modern aesthetic. A young woman greets Chloe.

“Hi, I’m Nicole, welcome to Radical Look. What can we do for you today?”

“Hey Nicole, my name’s Chloe. So… uhmm… I’m not sure exactly. I just want to completely change my style, but I’m not really sure what I want.”

Nicole laughs. *Hahaha* “Well that’s what we’re here for. Radical Look offers many different hairstyles. We also offer complete makeovers. If you want to take a look at our menu…” Nicole indicates a black book on the counter. Chloe opens the book and pans down the list of haircuts: Bowl-cut, Pixie, Chelsea, Headshave, etc. The makeover section had styles like Punk, Goth, and Military.

“What’s this one?” Chloe points to a style at the very bottom of the list: the Ultimate Extreme Makeover.

“Ah. Yeah. Uhm, well, like the title says, it’s the ultimate makeover. It’ll completely change your appearance and it’s pretty extreme.”

“I think I’ll go with that one.” Chloe says.

“Are you sure?” Nicole asks,” Look, I don’t want to seem rude, or presumptuous, but maybe you should try something at little tamer first.”

“No, it’s cool, I want an extreme change,” Chloe says firmly.

“Alright,” Nicole says, “If you’ll just follow me.” Nicole leads Chloe to a private room. It’s empty apart from a large black leather chair, which Nicole indicates Chloe should take a seat in. Chloe faces a gigantic mirror which takes up an entire wall of the room. “I’ll be back in just a moment.” Nicole says. Chloe looks at herself in the mirror, her excitement building as she imagines her new, extreme look. She couldn’t wait to surprise her boyfriend Greg; he’s never going to see this coming! Nicole wheels in a metal tray containing a few glass vials with different colored liquids. Nicole takes one of the vials from the tray and offers it to Chloe, “I need you to drink this for me please,” Nicole says.

Chloe takes the vial. It’s filled with a light blue liquid. After a moment of hesitation she puts the vial to her lips and takes a tentative sip. It’s sweet, and slightly reminiscent of blackberry, but with an astringent finish. Chloe finishes the rest in a quick shot, and hands the vial to Nicole, who sets it back on the tray. “When you start to feel a tingling sensation we’ll know the serum is working,” Nicole says in a explanatory manor, “It should only be a few minutes.” Chloe starts to feel a static sensation; pins and needles creep up her spine to the base of her neck, and spread across her head.

“I can feel it,” Chloe says.

“Well that was fast,” Nicole says, “Huh, I guess different people are affected differently. That’s interesting. So lucky for me you already have your hair tied back, which makes this next part easy. Are you ready?” Nicole asks, with a grin.

“I’m ready,” Chloe says, still unsure what she’s ready for.

With a sudden motion, Nicole jerks on Chloe’s ponytail. Chloe braces herself for the painful tug, but there is none. Instead, with a terrible ripping noise, Chloe can see her bare scalp exposed in the reflection of the mirror, as Nicole effortlessly tears Chloe’s hair from her head. A few strands of hair still manage to cling on; Nicole places Chloe’s ponytail on the tray, puts her hands on her hips, and, looking at Chloe’s mostly bald head, lets out a sigh, “I was hoping to get it all in one clean motion. Ah well… maybe next time. If you’ll just close your eyes for me we’ll get you cleaned up.” Chloe closes her eyes and she can feel Nicole’s fingers running across her smooth scalp, removing the last vestiges of her hair. “Almost done,” Nicole says, “Just the lashes and the brows.” Chloe can feel Nicole’s finger trace across her brows, and the slightest tug on her eyelids. “Alright, all done!” Nicole says excitedly.

Chloe opens her eyes; she feels numb, disassociated, but the reflection of her shiny bald head in the mirror is a stark reminder of reality; “Oh my god, my hair,” Chloe says in a low voice, “I’m completely bald.” She can hardly recognize herself; without her eyebrows she looks expressionless, without her eyelashes she looks alien, or maybe reptilian. “Wow…” Chloe says slowly, “it’s… ith’s just…” trying to find the words.

“Incredible, isn’t it?!” Nicole says excitedly, “Seriously, Hardison Labs has been revolutionary for the beauty industry! Some of the stuff we do would’ve been impossible even a couple years ago, but with these serums,” *gesturing to the vials on the tray,* “they’re quick, easy procedures. This guy,” Nicole says, picking up the empty vial Chloe had drank from only a few minutes prior, “Pilar & Dental Root Remover, Painless, Permanent. Even a year ago you would’ve been talking at least twenty laser treatments, plus you’d have to make appointments with a dentist and an oral surgeon; it’d be a huge pain in the butt!”
Chloe’s stunned; she wanted and extreme change, but a permanent change? “Thith ith permanenth?!” Chloe slurs her words.

Nicole lets out a laugh, “Yes, and by the sound of it, the second phase of the serum has worked and we’re ready to start extracting your teeth.”

“Whath the fuck, are you therioutth, my teeth?” Chloe’s in disbelief.

“You’d be surprised. It’s actually one of our most requested treatments. It’s a great way to spice things up in the bedroom; plus with 3D printing and quick resin casting it’s easy to find inexpensive and convincing false teeth. If you want we can even cast your teeth into a substrate during the removable; so they’re still your teeth, but now you can take them out if you want! Honestly though, you’re so beautiful, I bet you’ll look better without em.”

“Thankth.” Chloe says uncertainly, “Tho you can catht my teeth?” she asks.

“Yeah!” Nicole says, “Did you wanna do that?”

“Yeth pleathe.” Chloe says.

“Alright, hold on.” Nicole leaves the room and returns with two molds. “I kinda like pulling the teeth one at a time, and with the Ultimate Extreme Makeover there’s not much point getting dentures, but you’re the client; it’s up to you. If you’ll just open your mouth for me.” Chloe opens her mouth and Nicole carefully positions the two molds. “Bite down for me,” she instructs, and Chloe bites down. “It’ll just be a couple minutes and the resin will cure. Then we can remove your teeth.” After few minutes Nicole tests one of molds with her finger; a gentle press and the mold gives way with the soft sound of suction being released. Nicole pulls the mold from Chloe’s mouth and holds it up for her to see. The roots of her teeth stand in a jagged, semicircular ring in the mold. Nicole sets it on the tray and pulls out the other molds. Chloe looks at herself in the mirror, she cheeks look sunken and her lips pout. She runs her tongue across her gums, probing the sockets where her teeth were. Nicole stands back, “So,” she says, “Part one of the makeover is done. Whadya think?”

“Thith ith inthane. Thith ith inthane.” Chloe says, shaking her head.

“It’s a big change for sure,” Nicole says encouraging, “But trust me, you’re gonna look amazing!” Nicole takes a second vial from the tray and offers it to Chloe.

“I can’th believe I’m doing thith.” Chloe murmurs. She takes the vial and puts it to her lips, downing it in a single shot. “Here we go.”

The story will continue in Part 2

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  1. Just when I started to wonder where the fresh, talented, imaginative writers of fetish haircutting stories were … you appear. Nice story. I am really looking forward to Part 2 to see what the effect drinking the second vial has on Chloe, and what Nicole has planned next as part of the ‘ultimate makeover’.

    Just one minor observation/suggestion pertaining to the readability factor of your story. You might want to break it up occasionally into short paragraphs. Particularly, after a quote by each person. Even if it is just to frame just a single sentence from one character. Then skip a space, and start a new paragraph to set up a quote from the other character. From a writer’s point of view, it will make it look better … and from a reader’s point of view, it will make it easier to follow and to read.

    Looking forward to your next submission …

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I updated the text to be visibly easier to scan. Probably going to make some minor changes to the plot so maybe give this a quick re-read before you read Part 2. It’s on its way, but it may be a little while. I have a few partially finished stories so I may finish one of those first. Also if there are any requests for a story, feel free to message me with your ideas. When I do have the time, I’m a fairly decent writer.

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