Next Thursday afternoon soon came around. Suzie was busy doing a cut and perm at her special area and was just taking the rollers out. The mirror was covered as usual. Fiona had a regular in for her usual shampoo and set and was just going through the consultation as Chrissie walked in with Teddy a bit behind her. Jodie greeted them. She said he wasn’t going to come and is scared but I’ve forced him as he does need it sorting. He seemed to think Suzie said he’s getting the same as me. Actually he probably would like that and maybe it would look cute on him. See giggled. Jodie said who knows what he will agree too once he’s in Suzie’s hands at her special area. He blushed.
Jodie grabbed a pink silky gown and told Chrissie to go and take her dress off and put it on as she didn’t want to get it messed up put it on in the changing room. Chrissie soon came out, Jodie went behind her and tied it tight. Oh these gowns are so lovely to wear naked, can  you faster if properly for me?  Make sure you try yours on naked too Teddy, its devine. Teddy got aroused thinking that his wife was naked under the nice silky robe and wondered if it was a nice feeling on her skin.
Right let’s discuss what I’m going to be doing for your restyle and colour. Teddy, you sit there, Suzie will come and get you when she’s finished. I’m sure you will enjoy one of her specials. All the girls do. That one at the moment is. She only came in for a wash and blow dry!  How adventurous.
He sat and watched Suzie shampoo her client and everything she seem to do was so sensual and seductive. The client seemed flushed and was gasping. That was a lot of straight hair scattered around the floor and some little curly ones on the cape.  He noticed the mirror covered by the cape. He started to get a bit concerned. If this girl had only come in for a shampoo and blow dry and going to leave with a short tight curly perm what  might be in store for him? Was Suzie really going to do him a restyle and colour like Chrissie’s? He was getting aroused and felt his cock start to grow.
He looked to see Jodie putting a neck strip and big silky pink cape over Chrissie’s silky gown until just her pretty little head was sticking out. She kissed her on the forehead. Right you wanted a restyle. I think we need to go a fair bit shorter with a long pageboy nicely curled under  at the edges and then take it to a darker rose blond  and massaged her shoulders.  She was a medium light blond at the moment. Erm I’m not sure about the shorter bit. Oh you will look beautiful darling. Let’s get your neck done, that will warm you up ready for the main cut! Chin down. Her head was pushed forward and firmly held down as the clippers hummed into life and were gently and carefully run up the back and side of her neck. Teddy heard her gasp, the same noise she gave when they made love. Surely not he thought. Jodie said we’ve gone with a shorter undercut today too so will need to get it smooth later with the razor once your rollers are in. Chrissie was now relaxing into her next Cut and Curl experience and just nodded. We’ll finish off with full make up and you will look stunning when you walk out. Jodie said she was going to trim some of it shorter dry to start with and would finish it off when it had been dyed and shampooed. She started snipping away starting at the front and her centre parting soon became bangs and worked her way around the sides and back. She was left with what looked like a long helmet of hair over her head. A lot of hair was coming off and Teddy thought that he must have longer hair than her now. At least for the moment.
He looked back at Suzie. She was dressed in a silky white skirt and had a silky red low cut blouse on and clearly no bra as her erect nipples were poking through. He thought how hot she looked and how sensual and seductive she was but it seemed to only be with women not men. She was grinding her pussy on her client’s hand and really enjoying herself. His cock was twitching and making a lump in his trousers now. She looked across at Teddy, pointed to the permed hair, the hair on the floor at him, blew a kiss and said you’re next darling. I’ll be over to get you all gowned up in a bit and I think your going to enjoy being with me sat in this chair. He gulped and wondered what he had let himself in for. Was it too late to make up an excuse to leave.
A colouring cape and towel were now being placed around Chrissie’s’ shoulders.
Suzie was now drying off her client and Teddy thought that it looked really good on her. Soon every curl was covered in a cloud of hairspray and the cape and neck strip were removed. Teddy missed Suzie doing something with some straps too as he was too focused on the lovely head of curls. The cape was removed and as the girl saw herself in the mirror she gasped and her cheeks flushed. Suzie I only wanted a blow dry for going out tonight. How did it get to leaving like this. I look great. Suzie smiled gave her a big kiss on the lips and said your welcome. They walked to reception and Teddy caught a waft of Suzie’s seductive perfume. The girl soon left.
Suzie turned to Teddy. Right then sweetie I’m glad you came even though you know the rules which I made very clear to you. She checked the appointment book. So makeup, restyle cut, colour, and set it is then just like Chrissie. You will have more fun if you just relax and totally submit to me.  Ermm he said I’m sorry but I think I need to go home as I’m not sure that I locked the front door he said. Jodie heard that and said oh don’t worry I can call Chrissie’s dad to pop around with our spare key. We’re only just round the corner. You don’t get away that easily and miss a pamper at this salon. He gulped.
Right then lovie you agreed that if you came back it was no special treatment for you just all the usual girlie stuff that we all get, right. Nothing missed out. I think that you’ve secretly wanted that and you get a thrill out of what goes on in a ladies hair salon. He nodded, secretly he wanted this but was scared at the same time.
She said right I think we’ll be needing this and grabbed the special silver silky gown, grabbed his hand and said let’s you all gowned up. You need to take you clothes off like Chrissie did and feel this soft material on your skin. Chrissie, who’s hair was now covered in dye shouted. The silky gowns feel even better on bare skin. You will love it. It always makes me feel a bit horny darling.
He was surprised when Suzie entered the changing room with him. With a special I do everything and whereas I do prefer girls I’ll make an exception with you as we’re going to turn you into one soon anyway.  She then unbutton his shirt very sensually, removed his trousers and silky boxer shorts. My, my silky boxer shorts you little perv. She noticed his cock growing and winced. She said I normally do a breast massage at this stage so went round behind him put her arms around him and pulled him back into her silky clad breasts. Her perfume engulfed him and he strangely started  to relax. Mmm. This perfume has some special ingredients in it that entranced people and just stops you resisting. He felt her soft silk clad breasts and erect nipples stick into his bare back. Then she massaged his chest, circled his nipples and tweaked them. He had never had this done before and they got large and erect and made his cock twitch. He gasped and his cock started to leak pre-cum. She went lower, her hand brushed his cock and she whispered in his ear my my your man clitty is very swollen you naughty girl and I see that you are very hairy down there but don’t worry auntie Suzie will sort all that out. Let’s get you in this lovely gown. She first put a neck strip tightly around his neck. She held out the silver gown and slid it over his arms and body and tied it tightly at the neck and 3 the ties down the back.
His erect nipples and clitty were poking out and he liked the feeling of the silk on his body. Just as he realised that this gown’s arms had ties on and were too long for his hands to show she had grabbed both arms, crossed them over in front of him and tied them at the back securely.  Oh just how I like them all tightly wrapped up. Let’s get you to my special area and give you and Chrissie matching his and hers styles. He gulped.
As they walked out Chrissie was sat under the dryer with her dye on. I see you must be having fun, noticing the erect nipples and man clitty, and you’ve got the special gown on too. Doesn’t it feel devine being all tightly wrapped up in that silky cacoon. I’m under here for a while so I can watch Suzie do you for a while. Should be quite fun. I didn’t realise that you really are getting the same as me and that was what you agreed to by showing up today, how sweet of you. He gulped even his wife was keen for this now.
Suzie led him to her chair put her arms around him from behind and whilst hugging him pulled him back into the chair, leaving him to breathe in the sensual perfume. Whilst in that momentary trance she quickly secured the straps around his body, neck, arms and feet. Right you’re not going anywhere now. It’s best if you now just relax and enjoy the experience as you can’t do anything about it. Take one last look at yourself in the mirror now. She then covered the mirror  with a cape and said the next time you look into this mirror you will see a beautiful woman looking back at you and I don’t just mean me. I know you fancy the pants off me however I’m a lesbian dominatrix but if I transform you to a women I think I can make this work.  So we will do the make up first sweetie. She put a makeup cape around him, pulled the head rest up at the back of the chair and tilted the chair back slightly and started to apply cleanser and toner, then foundation, dark mascara and eyeliner, bright blue eyeshadow, blusher on his cheeks and then a bright red lipstick. That’s better I fancy you now and leaned in and gave him a big French kiss. Mmmm. She spun the chair around and Chrissie shouted. Wow you’ve done a great job already he looks so hot. I gact lets call him she now. You know I’m bi Suzie, she’s my husband and all that, but I really fancy her. Mum will my make up be the same? Yes darling we need to get that dye washed out soon though. Can I just watch the next bit to get some tips off Suzie with what to do?
Teddy thought what did she mean? Suzie fully reclined the chair and raised it. Let’s get your man clitty and pussy all smooth shall we. I see your clitty is still swollen you little slut. The clippers went on and Suzie walked her fingers up the inside of his thighs as her head disappeared under the gown. Then he gasped as the humm changed to a  crunching  noise as his pubes were stripped down to a stubble.
You like that don’t you she said. He gasped and moaned as he released a wad of cum into her face. Oh that’s disgusting. She wiped it off her face with her fingers and put it in his mouth and made him swallow it. Think we need to cover that man clitty with condoms to stop it making a mess everywhere every time it squirts. She went back under and rolled a condom on and then smothered all with shaving foam and carefully razored all his pubes away. This is the bit where I check it is smooth so get ready to explode again. She eagerly licked all around and sucked on his big swollen clitty and he came again. Mmm I’m not used to sucking on clitties  that big.  Suzie said right now this is the bit where my vibe goes up your man pussy and all of a sudden Teddy winced and gasped as the vibe was roughly shoved up his man pussy. Nothing had been up there before and it felt tight but good once it was in. Just because you’ve got such a big man clitty I’m going to put this vibrating cock, I mean clittie, ring on it as well. They will both start to vibrate every five minutes and get faster and then stop after 10 minutes and start again after five minutes. Chrissie will place the other vibe in my pussy in a minute sweetheart. This is such fun. Chrissie loves it when she gets one of my specials. She smiled as she raised the chair back up and tilted it upright. She then looked at the rack of capes and said I think the nice bright big silky pink girlie one will be just right for you darling and grabbed it off the shelf and snapped it out in front of him and sensually flipped it up over his body. She fastened it tightly round his neck, and made sure it was covering his full body and the chair. Only the head of a pretty girl with beautiful make-up and scruffy long light blond hair peered out of the cape, no-one would have known it was a man. Suzie combed his long light blond hair out and said so it’s already decided let’s get you looking the same as Chrissy with a matching page boy cut and colour shall we. You’re a lot lighter than she was so will be more dramatic for you than her. I think we may have to do your’s a little shorter too but that’ll be alright won’t it. You’re going to look so pretty. She lent forward and gave  her (they all considered him a her now and part of the salon sisterhood) a big French kiss and ground her pussy on and up  her leg which was strapped to the chair. Oooh I’m getting all nice and wet and gooey down and I think I’m ready to get my vibe inserted by Chrissie now. there now and walked over to Chrissie and gave her a long deep french kiss. Plop this up for me darling. With a squelch and a big sigh from Suzie the vibe was placed into her pussy. She then grabbed the remote off the counter pressed the button and licked her lips mmm this is going to be nice.
She then circled him and turned the chair to face Chrissy who still sat under the dryer and then firmly held his head and said right I need you to put your chin right down on your chest so I can get to that neck. She pushed his head forward and down harshly and firmly held it it place. She sensually ran the her fingers slowly up his neck with the clippers crunching through his hair following them. Chrissy shouted across isn’t that really nice darling. And it’s such a turn on watching you get this done.  I’m glad you agreed to it. Now you know why I like to come to the lovely Cut and Curl Ladies salon so often. After a minute Suzie was nearly done but Teddy gasped and moaned letting out another large orgasm as her vibes both peaked. Suzie gasped and let one out too and gave him a big lingering kiss. She melted into that perfume aroma. I will get the shaving foam and razor on that later to make it smooth when your curlers are in. Right let’s get you all dyed up now to match Chrissy. She tied a colouring cape around her shoulders and started to brushing the mixture which she had been given by Jodie and half of which had already gone onto Chrissy’s hair. Right she said once this is on I’m going to turn you away and place you under the dryer for it to set for 20 minutes. I will close the curtains behind me and you can enjoy the lovely vibrations of the clitty ring and vibrator down there. Mentioning the word vibrator reminded her of the one in her pussy again and she exploded into another orgasm gasped and moaned out loud.
Chrissie had been led over to the shampoo basins to get her colour rinsed out and a conditioning treatment put in. When she sat up to wait 20 minutes to allow it to soak in she noticed Suzie had closed the curtains but could hear Teddy’s dryer blowing away and him moaning and gasping and just chuckled to herself. This was getting her quite aroused so she reached under the gown and cape and inserted a finger. All of a sudden Suzie came from out of sight, smiled and put a finger to her mouth. Ssshh. Allow me, and removed Chrissie’s hand.  She gave a her a deep slow French kiss then massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples which were now poking through the silky material and then roughly groped Chrissie’s pussy through the silky material. That felt so good and she gasped. She then leaned in, Chrissie became  another victim of that perfume as Suzie sucked her nipples through the cape and gown and then moved  down to her lap. Suzie lifted the cape and gown slightly and then her head disappeared under. Chrissie felt her kissing up the inside of her thigh and spread her legs wider and then a jolt of electricity shot through her and her pussy was being lapped up and her clit being licked and sucked enthusiastically. She was in  ecstasy and after about 5 minutes of that and trying to resist just let rip a big multiple orgasm as Suzie came at the same time from the vibe in her pussy. Suzie emerged and said mmm, good girl, that was good. Your clitty may not be as big as the man one but your pussy sure is sweet and tasty. Better get back and rinse that dye off Teddy.
Jodie took Chrissie away to get her conditioner rinsed out and to give her a long head massage.
Suzie opened the curtain as Teddy broke into his next orgasm. She turned off the dryer and vibe remote saying that’s enough for now. Teddy just sat there in shock and was drained. Suzie Then lifted the dryer off and spun the chair around, removed the colouring cape replacing it with a towel and lowered her back into the sink. Oh this has taken so well, we’ll get you all rinsed off and you can have a shampoo and head massage too.
Once Jodie had done Chrissie she is going to do her make up the same as yours and for fun we will do both your haircuts exactly the same at the same time. Neither of you will see your own haircut, nape being razored, or it’s colour  but will see each other’s being done just to build up the tension. You will both be beautiful girls. I would take either of you to bed with me once we’re done. Bet when you’ve been in before you never guessed this would happen did you, sweetie? She leaned into her face in the shampoo bowl and kissed her forehead. Teddy melted into a long sensual head and scalp message and drifted off. Before she knew it she was at upright again with her head tightly being held against Suzie’s firm breasts and erect nipples as she towel dried her hair. Her hair was combed forward over her eyebrows and down the back and sides and fell onto the cape. Suzie moved out of the way and Teddy saw Chrissie directly opposite facing her with a face beautifully made up with heavy bright makeup and rose gold blond medium length straggly hair hanging down the sides of her head and over her eyebrows. Teddy gulped realising that she must look very similar. Her man clitty started to grow again as she realised how hot Chrissie looked. Chrissie gasped and said wow if I look that hot I will  be quite satisfied. Then both Suzie and Jodie put the scissors to just above both their eyebrows and cut them some straight bangs with lots of hair dropping into their laps. Then they tilted their heads and snipped an angled line up from below their left ear up to their bangs. Chrissie gasped seeing how much was  chopped off Teddy and wondered if hers was the same. She loved the new colour too. The right hand hand side was done the same and a lot more hair was chopped off the back. They both soon had shorter matching helmet like haircuts. Soon they were both being doused in the scented setting lotion and big rollers put in, curled under to give the wedge some volume. Teddy saw Chrissie’s cape moving near her lap and realised she was pleasuring herself but she couldn’t do the same, as her restraints stopped anything like that. Hairnets we’re tied on and they both went under the dryer.
After 30 mins of girl time under the dryer they were released. Both heads were forced down and the tingly menthol shaving  foam spread on their stubbly necks. They were soon smooth there and the rollers removed and their new dos were being brushed out and under.
Teddy gulped as he looked at Chrissie’s. It was like a big bouncy helmet of gingery blond hair with it curled under all around the edges and looked very feminine. Had they really done his the same or were they just joking?
After a bit of combing and tweaking of hair they were both then under  a fog of hairspray for 30 seconds until every hair was dripping in it. Teddy thought it smelt nice too. The spray soon dried and every hair was secured in place. The capes were removed and Teddy’s restraints undone.
Right the big reveal. Teddy was spun towards the mirror but the cape was still on. Chrissie was spun towards her mirror. Suzie removed the cape. Teddy gasped as she saw a hot woman staring at him who looked just like she had seen Chrissy a few seconds before although In a silver gown not a pink one.  She looked beautifully made up and although the pageboy was shorter than on Chrissie it was a beautiful shiny sleek rose gold colour that bounced and swished with every turn of the head with the ends curled under giving it more body. Suzie leaned in and kissed her passionately.
Chrissie squealed in seeing herself and said oh my god I look so hot and Teddy does too. Think we should leave him like that or at least at weekends. We can have such a good time doing girlie things together and could get our hair and makeup done here together always.
Jodie said that’s up to her but she is definitely leaving this ladies salon like that. Teddy agreed to submit to the whole  feminine experience and certainly seems to have enjoyed herself.  I’ve got one of my old dresses, some sexy lingerie, and a pair of shoes for her to wear so she looks the part when she walks out too.
As Teddy was still sat in her chair, Chrissy got up and Jodie released her from her gown. She was just wearing her stockings and suspenders. Teddy thought my my she does look hot and found his man clitty growing and poking up in his silk gown.
Chrissie gave him a knowing look and licked her lips. I wonder if your big swollen man clitty would fit up my tight little damp pussy. Shall we find out? she walked across lifted the gown till the clitty was exposed and gently eased herself onto the chair and mowed down with a big squelch and the squeal as the man clitty disappeared. They both gasped.
Suzie said arhhh that’s nice I think we’ll leave you two for awhile. Walked away and closed the curtain behind her
Jodie was now sat at her chair brushing through her long curly hair wavy hair. Well I think we did a good job there again didn’t we, said  Suzie. Jodie nodded leaned in  and gave her a big lingering kiss.
Will let me do this for you Suzie said  and started to brush her hair through.
Jodie all of a sudden had a flash of a worry as she realised Suzie was showing a lot of interest in her hair. brushing it this way, that way, up, forwards, tilting the head backwards forward sideways
Emm Judie your hair is getting a bit long and looking like it needs a good tidy up and bringing up to date a bit more. You’re the only one who hasn’t had a transformation for a month or two. would you like me to do it for you?
Jodie said oh no don’t worry about it we’re too busy. Don’t forget Fiona has got Sarah in for her colour change soon  and you are doing her friends makeover too.
Oh yes said Suzie but I’ve not got anything to do later tonight though and you’ve got nothing in the appointment book either, so I think it’s time we gave you something a bit more dramatic and fitting for the reputation of the salon. I think a full bodied stacked perm would be great with your hair and whilst it’s setting we can get Big Bertha out for you. Jodie was enjoying the attention and smiled and just said well I’m just going to give in to you because there’s no point in doing anything else, as long as you put me in that special silver gown and your special chair and give me one of your special dominatrix  experiences. I’ve not had a lot of pleasure down there for a while so I’m  just going to submit myself to you and trust what you are going to do, Suzie. But can you please ensure that I do get a multiple orgasm.
Soon Chrissy and Teddy were both out of their gowns and in their lovely floaty dresses and walked out arm in arm.
And at the same time Sarah and her friend  Caroline walked in apprehensively to be greeted by Fiona. They took their coats off and inhaled the lovely salon aroma.