Cindy Hatches a Plan Part 2

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Green gel expanded into white foam in Cindy’s well manicured hands. Moving in circular
motions she spread it, smoothly, against her uneven stubble. When she was happy her head
was thoroughly covered she offered a three bladed safety razor to Martha.

It hadn’t been five minutes since Martha opened her front door to the sight of her
incredible long haired friend sporting a rough, bald head. She was still processing this
twilight-zone turn of events while Cindy prepped her scalp for a wet shave, as if it
was the most common thing in the world. “You want me to shave your head?” Martha cautiously
took the safety razor.

“I’m kinda already there, Martha.” Cindy chuckled. A small white tank-top landed in the
corner.” I just need you to clean it up.” The clips on her bra let go, allowing conditioned
air to chill her nipples. Instinctively admiring her body in the mirror, Cindy burst into
laughter. Her usual ankle-length hair was replaced by thin layer of cream. “I bet it’s just
like shaving your legs.”

Without Cindy’s usual body length cover of auburn, Martha found her to be somehow even more
attractive than before. Maybe it was the fully exposed c-cup breasts. Or the ass perfected
from countless hours at the gym. Everything seemed to be enhanced without the distraction of
her gorgeous hair. “We’ll see.” She averted her gaze while grabbing a towel from a metal
shelving rack, near the shower. “You really wanted short hair…”

Cindy, half-nude, sat uncomfortably atop a step ladder, in the middle of the bathroom. “How do
you not?” Her neck steadied her head with the muscles built from years of carrying the thing
she hated most. A knee-length pendulum of blonde tapped against her left side. “Put that up!”

“Sorry, one sec.” Martha grabbed a large hair clip from her counter. Having wrapped the braid
a couple of times, she secured a portion of it to the top of her head, leaving the remaining
two feet to hang down her back. Cindy sat like a statue of a goddess before her. Before Martha’s
oggling could be noticed she placed the razor to Cindy’s head, and drew in towards herself.
“How are you not more emotional about this?”

Water sloshed, removing the used foam mixed with Cindy’s auburn stubble from the razor.
“It’s just hair…”

“Just five feet of perfect hair that…” Martha wasn’t quite sure if an ungodly amount of hair
was a good or bad thing, anymore. Plastic clicked against the porcelain of the sink.

Quiet tension filled the air, interrupted only by light rasping against Cindy’s scalp.
“Did you ever care what I thought about it?” The silence broke, and the tension grew.

“I mean… You were beautiful with that hair.” Martha wasn’t ready to admit just how much
she enjoyed the new look.

Cindy’s resentment of her friends apparent affection for her hair grew. “Did you care about
me, at all?! Or were you just friends with me to get your hands on it?”

“No, I mean, yes, I cared about you… I mean… I do care about you…” Anxiety about her
choice of words caused Martha to forget how to breath. “C – Can we please, just talk about
something else?”

Cindy’s temper flipped to bemusement. “Wait, wait. Like, up really care? I thought
you were into boys.”

Martha backed into the sink. Her hands bared most of her weight against the counter.
Combating the knot in her throat she managed a short “Yes.” Relief from the admission
relaxed her breathing enough to add “I’ve liked you for a long time.”

“And now? Without the insane hair…?” Cindy stood up so Martha could get a good look.

“Umm… I think, I think, I like you more…” Martha gently bit a small portion of her
bottom lip. Her heart pounded in her ears as she reached out her right hand to feel her
friend. She flinched in surprise when it was tapped away.

“I didn’t say you could touch.” A devious smile took over Cindy’s face. “What about how
I feel about you?” Martha’s tight body, and toned ass were very much plusses. But, Cindy
couldn’t stand the thought of that horribly thick, and obscenely long hair covering it
all up.

“Am I not what you want?” Martha’s chin tilted down in dejection. Watery eyes looked
up. “It’s my hair, isn’t it?”

Cindy gently lifted Martha’s chin with her slightly bent pointer finger. Gazing deep
into light blue eyes she spoke softly, “It doesn’t have to be.”

“Do I have to do it?” Martha looked meekly back into Cindy’s brown irises.

Cindy softly kissed Martha’s lips. “Only if you want me.” Drawing back Cindy pinched
Martha’s hair clip, letting gravity take the full length Martha’s wrist thick braid.
“Do you want me?”

Martha brought her braid around, holding it’s length to her small breasts. “But… I
love my hair.” She stroked the soft, bound locks like a beloved pet. The smell of the
morning’s argan oil wafted into her nose.

Cindy removed Martha’s unexpectedly compliant fingers from around the contested braid
of silk. “I think you love me more.” She breathed lightly on Martha’s neck, then
nibbled lightly on her ear. “Imagine this with nothing to get in the way.”

Tingles spread over Martha’s body. Her right hand, moved to cup her left breast.

Cindy smacked Martha’s hand before it could reach its desire. “No thinking about me like
that when you still have that mess on your head.” She borrowed Martha’s trimming shears
from the counter, and beckoned her to come into the bedroom. “Maybe you’ll think better
in here.” Her left hand patted against the satin sheets at the end of Martha’s queen-sized

Obeying Martha followed to sit beside Cindy. Her blonde braid bobbed between her thighs.
“Please…” Her shaking hand reached for Cindy’s taunting tits.

“No. First you need a haircut.” Metal snipped sharply in the air. “Show me you’re a good
girl. Then I’ll allow you to touch.” Cindy held out the shears.

The pink hair-tie holding Martha’s hair in a rope came free into Martha’s hand. One after
another the bumps of her prized braid became a river of gold at her left side. Flowing
longer, and longer as she progressed upward. Waves formed from being bound from the
previous night. “It all has to go?”

Cindy took Martha’s left hand, and kept it an inch from her exposed tits. “It’s what
you need.”

With her right hand, Martha separated a thin section. Starting at her hip she moved her
shears higher, and higher waiting for Cindy’s approval. With each move her left hand was
brought closer to Cindy’s perky breasts. Only when she rested the shears on her scalp was
she rewarded with the briefest of touches.

“Oops, you’re not quite there.” Cindy delighted in her new found control. “Do you not
want me?”

A feeling of wetness grew between Martha’s legs. Her body shook with nerves. Closing her
eyes she felt her heart pound. Shears that had once been friends of her hair, now closed
to destroy it. *SNIP*, her left hand was yanked against Cindy’s chest. With fear of being
stopped any moment she explored this new body with zeal. The shears dropped on the bed as
her hand raced between her own legs.

“No!” Cindy stopped Martha before she could unbutton her shorts. “That’s going to cost
more than one lock.” She looked at her friends tight red t-shirt. “And, this is coming off.”
Without comment or objection she lifted Martha’s shirt over her head. A torrent of blonde
passed through it’s neck, and spread audibly over Martha’s sheets. “Feel that softness?
How it distracts you from me as it caresses your back?”

Martha nodded.

“It needs to be gone. So you can focus on me, right?” Cindy ran her right hand along Martha’s
left leg.

Martha breathed deeply grabbing another sacrifice for Cindy. “More?” Her clit desperately
needed to be touched. She parted from rational thought.

“More.” Cindy’s hand stroked further up Martha’s thigh.

Martha gulped as she took more of her pampered locks, and place them between the blades.

“Cut it.” Cindy unbuttoned Martha’s shorts. Then with a shudder from Martha they unzipped.
“Cut it.”

*SNIP* Martha’s shorts disappeared, showing her wet panties.

“Oh my, you’re really liking this…” Cindy ran her hand up Martha’s panty covered pussy
causing Martha’s moan softly. Stretching the underwear Cindy waited. “More… When you stop,
I stop.”

*SNIP* “Please!” Martha released the payment to fall where it may, instantly grabbing
the next. Goosebumps covered her body from her Cindy’s teasing movements. *SNIP* Martha’s
pussy throbbed. *SNIP* A light touch of her clit made her squeal.

Cindy slowly kissed the inside of Martha’s thigh. “That’s a good girl. You can do it.”

Martha squirmed in pleasure at the half foamed head between her legs. That’s what she was
to become. And her pussy dripped in anticipation. *SNIP*

Cindy slurped the wetness. “You taste so fucking good.” *SNIP* She answered with
her fingers penetrating Martha. Slowly she tapped upwards to keeping time with the
falling silk. *SNIP* *SNIP*

Grabbing the last of her hair in a, still thick, makeshift ponytail, Martha sliced with
abandon. Her cropped head snapped back from suction on her clit. Her pussy clenched on
Cindy’s fingers. “MAKE ME BALD!” She screamed with acceptance of her buried feelings,
falling backwards onto her former, golden love. Hips bucking into the air. “YES!” Cindy
followed upwards with her fingers. Martha’s ass crashed to the bed.

Cindy laid down beside Martha. Her hand moved in calming motions over Martha’s sensitive
body. “I will.” Her soft lips gently kissed Martha’s flushed face. “But, good girls
deserve a rest.”

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