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As Taylor finished up work for the day, he just had one more task on his list to complete: getting a haircut. To the average person, this would seem to be a minor, regular errand. To a hair fetishist and member of the military, it was not only an obligation but a thrilling experience.

You see, Taylor’s fetish is centered around losing control. Having a scissor or clipper happy barberette take matters into her own hands. A rare but exhilarating occurrence. Taylor enjoyed frequenting new shops and unisex salons to allow for a higher chance of a much shorter or even embarrassing haircut at the hands of a controlling stylist.

As Taylor climbed into his truck, his heart rate quickly began to climb at the thought of the barbershop. Would today be the day he was shorn shorter than expected? His hair was currently around 3 1/2 inches on top and around 5/8 of an inch on the sides. Much too overgrown for the military’s standards.

Just as he was about to leave, a knock on his passenger side window startled him. Taylor’s girlfriend Kim stood outside. Kim worked in the squadron across the street from Taylor. They met while in processing to the base. He quickly unlocked the door. Kim climbed inside and asked Taylor where he was headed. He explained that he was headed to get a haircut.

Kim began to run her hands through Taylor’s hair explaining that his hair was quite overgrown and that he could use a good clean up. Kim was so excited she even asked if she could accompany Taylor to the barbershop since she had never been. Even with his nerves, Taylor agreed as he knew it would make Kim happy and maybe even increase the thrill of the experience.

After a short 10 minute drive from base, the young couple arrived in the parking lot of the CK’s barbershop. As they opened the door, they found the shop free of customers. The owner, sue was an older Korean woman in her late 50’s. She was seated in her chair and quickly rose with a smile welcoming the couple in. She politely motioned for Taylor to step up and have a seat in her chair.

As he sat, Sue swung a large black cape over him. She then tore off a tissue strip and placed it snuggly around his neck before finally snapping the cape shut. She began to pump the chair up and looked up to Kim. “What are we doing today?” Kim was a bit surprised but produced a child like smile. “Clean him up nice and short, it’s much too long.” Sue nodded her hair and turned the chair away from the mirror.

The next thing Taylor heard was the loud whirring of Sue’s Oster 76 clippers. Taylor was used to this as he usually got a short back and sides haircut with more length on top. Before he knew was happening, Taylor felt the blades of the clippers running from the front of his head just behind his bangs back. Sue was using a number 2 blade to buzz the top of Taylor’s head. Taylor looked at Kim in shock, but she was grinning from ear to ear with excitement at Taylor’s shearing.

Sue made quick work of Taylor’s thick hair. She quickly switched blades to a 1 1/2 and continued to buzz down through Taylor’s crown. Taylor could feel the cool breeze on top of his head. Kim was really enjoying seeing Sue make a man out of Taylor.

Sue finished the top of Taylor’s hair and turned off her Oster’s. She grabbed her hair dryer and blew off the loose hair from the cape. Taylor could see over 3 inches of his hair now in the floor. Kim just chuckled and said “don’t worry babe, you’re looking MUCH better already. I’m going to have to bring you back to see Sue every week.”

Taylor heard Sue switching on her small Andis trimmers. Sue took her trimmers and ran them straight up the back of Taylor’s head. She was giving him a high and tight skin fade. Sue continued all the way around his head until only the faintest stubble remained. Sue then picked up her Oster clippers again and expertly blended the skinned sides into the buzzed top of Taylor’s hair. All that remained were around an inch of his bangs.

She picked up her comb and began to comb Taylor‘s bangs upwards before using her clippers over the comb to blend them into the buzzed hair behind them. Satirized with the front, Sue blew the hair off of Taylor again.

She then unclipped the cape and removed the tissue. Taylor heard a loud whirring sound followed by the feel of warm shaving cream being rubbed all over the sides and back of his head. Sue then slowly and precisely shaved the sides of his head, with and then against the grain. Once finished, she ensured all the extra shaving cream was off. Lastly, Sue got the smallest amount of gel in her fingers and stood up Taylor’s hair in the front.

As the cape was removed from Taylor, Kim was grinning from ear to ear. Taylor paid and thanked miss Sue and the couple headed out to the truck. Once inside, Kim could’ve keep her hands off of Taylor’s new hair. She took Taylor’s hand and placed it between her legs, Taylor was surprised at how soaked Kim was. Kim told Taylor “You’re going to have weekly appointments with miss Sue, until I learn to cut your hair that is.” The two couldn’t wait to get home.

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