Clip it short please, please Julie! Haircut can make all the difference

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Julie was one of the most beautiful women to ever cut my hair. She cut my hair up until about 8 years ago, and even though she would sometimes ask me if I were daring and wanted a shorter cut, I’d always say no.

My boyfriend always seemed to like my shoulder length hair in a bob, and I never dared to have Julie cut it any shorter, although every single time, every darn single time I went in for a haircut she’d always ask me if I were daring today, and wanted a short cut.

Julie’s hair was short. It was cut up over her ears on the side, spiked on the top, and clipper cut at about a number 4, half inch in the back. She always wore just enough makeup to make herself look incredibly beautiful, but never too much makeup. And she always kept her hair trimmed nicely. I always noticed the nape of her neck was always trimmed up nicely with the neckline shaved with clippers. I could always see the stubble of where it had been clippered if it had been a couple weeks or more of her last haircut, although I doubt she ever went more than three weeks.


I always felt aroused when she cut my hair. Primarily because I felt she looked so damn pretty. I wanted to kiss her. Her lipstick was just barely there, but enough to be noticed. She always wore hoop earrings to augment the short haircut she rocked. And when there was someone ahead of me in the ‘chair’ I always watched closely as Julie clipped their hair. But mostly I was watching Julie. Her short hair, especially at the nape, and up over the ears aroused me. I got wet just watching her cut another woman’s hair when I was waiting for my own haircut. If only I could have the courage to ask her for a short cut.

Julie left the salon and I regretted asking her to cut my hair short. I knew it would cause me to have an orgasm right there in the salon chair, watching as she took control and used the clippers to tighten up the short hair on my nape, after she had cut off 5 inches.

Well, a year later I had it cut that way. But, not by Julie. I gathered the courage to ask Shelly to cut my hair really short, and showed her a picture of a cut that was clipper cut in the back, and over the ears. I was ecstatic that I had gained the courage to ask for it, and to go through with it. But, I always wished I had asked Julie to do that! Now she was not cutting hair anymore.

As it happened, about 3 days after Shelly buzzed my hair at the nape, I was at a local nail salon when Julie walked in. She was all smiles, greeting me with a hug and a “I absolutely love your hair Jenn!” “I can’t believe how nice your short hair looks! I adore it!” I felt she was going overboard! At that point she reached out and ran her fingers over my nape. It gave me the shivers, and I’m sure she felt it! We talked awhile, and as we left, she said, “Jenn, you know, I do still cut about half a dozen people’s hair that I used to, at my house. If you ever want a trim, let me know, just call me, please!” “Because I would very much enjoy your company and clipper cutting your hair at the nape as it is now. How come you would never let me cut it short?”

I looked at her, her hair was now even shorter than when she used to cut mine. Her own hair was clipper cut super short in the back, over the ears, and spiked very short now on the top. I said, “I wasn’t ready for a shorter cut back when you cut it Julie.”

Well, now that you are ready, would you let me know if you are going to keep it this short, and if so, please let me know so I can cut it again for you?”

She still sported the hoop earrings, the short hair, and bright smile that made her so beautiful.

Of course, I will do that,” I said. “I will let you know next time I need a haircut!”

thank you so much,” Julie said. “I will be happy to keep you trimmed up nice.

4 weeks had passed and I’d had no messages or texts from Julie. But, I thought about what she said. She had said, “Please let me know so I can cut if again for you.”

I texted her one evening, but after no reply text after 3 days I texted her again. Still, no reply. I tried messaging her on social media. Still no reply after 3 days. So, I decided to call her one evening. “Hello Jenn!” was the reply when she answered!

Julie, how you doing?” I asked.

I’ve been good, how about you. Sorry I saw your text last night and was going to respond today, but I’m not so good at texts and messages, I apologize.”

Oh, no worries,” I said. I was just wondering if you wanted to meet at the down under for dinner this week?

That’d be fantastic,” she said! We agreed upon a time and date, and she said, oh that’s three days from now, it will give me time to spiff myself up, get a new outfit, and get my haircut.”

I hung up thinking, oh my word, maybe I need to dress up and get my hair cut.

I thought to myself, when I meet Julie for dinner on Friday, I’m going to ask her if she will cut my hair! It was my dream from a couple years ago that she cut my hair super short.

I’d last had my haircut 4-5 weeks ago by Shelly, when she buzzed my nape. I thought, maybe when I meet Julie I can make an appointment with her to get my haircut, as she had said she was cutting a few people’s hair at her house. If Julie, who I adored, whose looks were the pinnacle of what I wanted to project, would cut my hair I’d have an orgasm! Julie’s hair was even a bit shorter in the back now, buzzed up even higher off her neckline, maybe even shaved up and inch bald at her neckline, I couldn’t tell for sure, but the last time I saw her her hair looked so sexy I wanted to grab onto her and kiss her and run my fingers over the back of her head and feel her short haircut.

We met for dinner Saturday night. She said, “Jenn, I can’t believe how nice your hair was cut last time I saw you 4-5 weeks ago. Are you going to keep it short, because I think it looked absolutely amazing.”

I’m not sure,” I said. I had images of Julie buzzing my nape at that point. “I probably will get it cut short again,” I said.

Julie interjected immediately when I said that and asked, “Can I cut it?”

I hesitated only a very short moment. “Yes, of course!” I said. And, I meant it. I hoped that Julie would cut it even shorter next time! I’d never given up on the fantasy that she would clipper cut my hair short at the nape and up the back of my head.

Great,” she said. “I’ve never seen your hair look so good as the last time you had it cut, clipper cut up short in the back and up over the ears.” “Can I trim it up like that cut that you had last time?” “It looked simply amazing!”

Actually, I felt my hair did not look so great last time I had it cut. It was short, just like I wanted, but I didn’t feel it looked great. But the thought of Julie cutting it turned me on. I said, “Of course you can cut it like last time!”

We agreed I’d go to her house on Sunday for a haircut. I arrived at noon as we planned. We had a couple of glasses of wine and chatted for an hour before she went to a drawer and pulled out a brown cape and scissors, comb, and clippers. “OK, let’s do this,” she said.

She caped me in her dining room, there was no mirror. “So, Jenn, the last haircut that you had looked amazing, nice and short. Shall we do that again?” I knew why I was here. I said, “yes.”  She said, “Want to try something shorter?”    Just as she’d said 6 years ago, and I’d said no.   I looked at her eyes and said, “YES.”  She smiled a huge, beautiful smile!

     At this point I was aroused by the fact that Julie was even cutting my hair, and ten times more aroused that I had said for her to cut it short like last time.

I”m thinking a 2 in back, and a 3 on the sides,” she said.

I really didn’t have a clue as to how short that would be, but at this point I didn’t care. I said, “cut it as short as you think will look good, Julie.”

OH!” she said. “OK, let us do a number 1 up to a 2 in back, and a 2 on sides then!”

Again, I didn’t know what the numbers meant. I said,”Julie, I trust you.” “Cut it as short as you think will look good without being too short,” I said.

Yes, I think a 2 to a 3 will look good, maybe even a 1 up a bit in the back.” “Do you trust me?”



When she finished the cut, she said “put your chin right down on your chest please.”   I thought she was going to cut more in the back, but she started kissing my nape.  And, I kept my head down as she instructed!  Then, she put her hand on my own hand that had been rubbing myself under the cape, and replaced my hand with hers.  She kept kissing my nape, and telling me to keep my chin down, and she kept reaching under the cape to rub me.  This was absolutley the haircut of a lifetime.

I had no idea what the clipper numbers meant, or how short,  but after the haircut and subsequent kissing,  I ran my fingers over my haircut and was still so aroused that I asked Julie to come to my place for dinner and a drink. We didn’t have dinner. We did have drinks. And when she began to run her fingers over the short, number 1 cut bristles at the base of my nape, I go so wet again it reminded me of sitting in the chair after the shearing.

I looked at Julie with her own short haircut, and as she ran her fingers over my shorn nape that she just shaved, I had several orgasms as she felt my hair.  I said, “will you cut your own hair as short as mine please?”     She said yes. 

I will never go to anyone else for the future to get my haircut. Julie will be shaving my hair at the nape and over the ears, and scissoring down the length of hair at the top to a fairly short inch or so, for as long as I can hope. She is so beautiful, and I am going to try to convince her to get her own hair as short as mine. A haircut can make all the difference!

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