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Renee’s heart pounded so hard against her chest, she thought she would explode, right then and there in front of everyone. But, nerves are funny things. It was a part thrill, part anxiousness of what was about to happen. Particularly, the impending fate of her long, gleaming curtain of sienna brown hair.

The world kink had no boundaries, as long as it was safe, sane and consensual. And hair fetish was a big part of it for some people.

Being the long term submissive and wife, Renee was keenly aware of her Master and husband, David’s fetish for her hair and haircuts. David was also the enigmatic owner of Club Citadel, where they played mostly on weekends.

“Hey, are you okay?” Lana asked Renee in the locker room, who almost jumped at her voice.

“I am…fine, I think,” Renee answered, unsure.

Lana smiled warmly at her and gave Renee was of those friendly bear hugs without another question. Yes, Renee needed it the most right now.

“Thank you,” Renee said. “I am really nervous as hell.”

“Well, it takes courage to consent for a demo like that,” Lana agreed.

It was a ritual followed at Club Citadel, that on every third Saturday of the month, a seasoned Master would demo a scene involving a variety of kink. Sometimes, it was Shibari, electric play, any kind of edge play or a kind of fetish. Today’s demo was: hair fetish. Master David took it upon himself to demonstrate to the crowd how to make a sub climax while giving her an extreme haircut that a Dom preferred for the Sub.

When David asked for Renee’s consent for a demo like this, she couldn’t say no to her Master. It wasn’t force or blind submission, but the deep longing to find your own pleasure in serving your Master. The thrill intoxicated her.

“I am excited and scared; it’s difficult to explain,” Renee admitted to Lana.

“I know the feeling. I felt the same when Xan picked up the cane for the first time,” Lana reminisced. “But you’d do so well in this demo, Renee. I am really excited to see it. In fact, I am supposed to stay quiet and kneel by Xan’s feet the whole time,” she admitted with a giggle.

Renee closed her eyes and bit nod her lower lips. “God! Everyone would be there,” she reminded herself.

It wouldn’t be the first time that she would be up for a demo, but this was a really crucial one.

“I think you should be at the hall by now,” Lana reminded Renee. “Master David hates tardiness.”

Renee quickly fixed the silk robe around her. “Oh, yes. I can’t afford a punishment right now. Bye!”

She hurried over to the hall as quickly as her wobbly legs could carry her and relaxed a little knowing she wasn’t late. But the giant leather-padded barbershop chrome chair with proper pedestal, placed at the center of the hall, whooshed the breath out of her lungs.

“I can do this,” she told herself and slowly padded towards the chair.

Obediently, she knelt by the chair while the people gathered around. There were mostly doms and subs, masters and their slaves and a few trainees. Renee did expect a big crowd as nobody gave up the chance to watch the mastery of a seasoned master like her husband, David.

The low murmur of the crowd suddenly dissipated as she felt a masculine hand petting her head gently. She knew the touch all too well and greedy leaned into it.

David bent a little, murmuring in her ears, “High protocol, Sub. Make me proud.”

Renee nodded. She knew “High protocol” meant she was not to speak unless otherwise permitted. The safe word was a proviso, but she hardly ever needed it with David.

As the graceful owner and host, he welcomed the people around him and turned to his beautiful sub. “Stand,” he ordered while offering his hand to her.

As graceful as a swan, she did. Swiftly, the robe was untied and shrugged off of her body, leaving her gloriously naked. He bunched her mid-back length brown hair at the back and helped her into the chair.

Renee squirmed a little when the cool leather came in contact with her naked derrière. The chair was exceptionally large. Swiftly, her hands were strapped to the armrests, and her thighs were pried apart as her legs were restricted, too.

“Binding the hands are optional,” Master David addressed the crowd. “But make sure her legs are wide open for your access.” To demonstrate, he swiftly channeled his fingers through her already wet slit a few times.

The low hum of agreement from the crowd intensified the exhibitionist in Renee.

Next, at the snap of his fingers, a trainee pushed forward a trolley of instruments. For the corner of her eyes, Renee gaped at it. It had various pairs of shinning hair cutting scissors, a few clippers and at least a handful of attachments, along with combs and hair styling products.

He picked up a wide tooth comb and began brushing her in the gentlest manner. “My sub has lovely hair, so long and beautiful, as you all can see,” he said with pride and then added, “Although it won’t be much longer once I am done with it.”

His words were like adding fuel to the fire in her nerves. He divided her hair into two ponytails, secured by flimsy rubber bands, at the lower back of her head.

With one hand, he tugged at her hair, while with the other hand he picked up a shiny new pair of scissors from the trolley. “If you are planning to give your sub one hell of an experience, I’d suggest you skip the cape,” he advised. “Let her feel every snip of her hair on her delicate breasts. Or the cool water droplets when you will be using the spray.”

With that, he brought one of the ponytails between the sharp scissor blades and began the shearing. The movements were slow and deliberate; Renee could feel the cold steel at the back of her neck while incessant ‘schnick, schnick’ kept humming in her ears. When the sound finally stopped, she heard a low gasp from the crowd. The women, especially the subs of other doms, stared wide-eyed at her.

David held up the severed long bunch of hair like a trophy and then dropped it at her feet. He calmly cupped her naked breasts in his large hands and murmured, “You are doing great sub. Relax. I have just begun.” David was deliciously intimidating; the duality of his actions has always kept Renee on the edge of thrill.

A slight tug yanked at her head once again as he began shearing the second ponytail off of her head. The ominous sound of scissors through her precious hair danced in waves around her and abruptly stopped again. This time the crowd cheered a bit more as the ponytail joined the previous bunch.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful without all this long hair?” David happily conversed with the crowd, simultaneously running the callused fingers over her sensitive nape. By now, Renee had a rough idea that her 16inch long hair was gone.

He picked up the spray bottle next, wetting her hair liberally. The water was exceptionally cool; a few droplets traveled down her neckline and flowed down the valley of naked bosom. “Make sure your sub’s hair is nicely damp. She better have the feeling that you are chopping off her beloved hair,” David demonstrated the crowd.

“Let’s give her some bangs now.” He combed down a good chunk over her face, the curtain of hair caressing her chin now. A strong grip held her crown while the scissors began severing the locks about half an inch above her forehead.

The snippets of damp hair slid down and settled between her splayed thighs, tickling. Renee began squirming in her seat in order to rub her thighs together to satisfy the growing wet heat.

David swiftly twisted her nipples, rebuking her. “Did I give you the permission to move?”

“No, Sir,” she meekly replied.

He picked up the clippers next notifying the crowd, “Now the real haircut begins.”

Renee swallowed a gasp wondering how far he was going to take this. Maybe if she climaxed sooner, the whole ordeal would end. But he was ready to drag this at his whim.

The deadly clippers were plugged in and roared to life instantly. He attacked the back with a vice-like grip on top of the head and pushed her chin down to her chest. Severed hair rained all around her, the vibration against her scalp shot down to her toes. An involuntary moan escaped her lips when the sensation began to assault her nerves.

The hairs at the back of her head were clipped down to half an inch by now. Suddenly she felt her head tilted sideways as the menacing clippers traveled towards her left. A huge chunk of hair accumulated over her shoulders, but some slid down her lap again. The little panic she in her bones at the thought of losing the glossy brown mane mixed with the excitement of clippers against her virgin scalp was titillating.

“I love how her cute ears are exposed,” David chuckled as he folded her ears and drove the clippers around it. The crowd murmured in excitement as well.

Renee was throbbing down below in heightened pleasure when abruptly the clippers were switched off. To add to her mortification, he deftly ran his fingers through her slit, which was sopping wet now.

“So wet and beautiful,” he murmured for her ears, and then licked around the rim of her ears to intensify the heat.

“Never tell your sub what haircut he or she is about to receive,” he instructed the crowd and began shearing the other side of her head. The strong grip of her Master with the humming machine against her temples was driving her insane now. Renee couldn’t see how short he was clipping her, except the growing pile of severed hair on her lap grew larger by the second.

Among the crowd, Lana sat by her Master’s feet. Her Master, Master Xan had bent down slightly and asked her, “How would you like me to do that to your hair, little one? Should I buzz your hair or shave you bald?”

Lana didn’t know what to say. Part of her wished to climax while her master would buzz her head, while another part was scared shitless. How would she look with a crew-cut?

“Whatever pleases you, Master,” she managed to eke out.

Xan chuckled lightly into her hair and placed a kiss on her head. “Lovely, my little one,” he complimented.

On the center stage, Master David had successfully severed Renee’s back and sides to half an inch. Right now, he was working on top of her head. He would deftly grab a section of hair between his long, masculine fingers and snip off the hair to an inch from the scalp. Damp snippets of hair clung against her cheeks and naked skin all over, adding to the pile of raging sensations.

“Should I remove the bangs?” he asked the crowd cheerily. The answer was affirmative as everyone enjoyed how she was shorn like a sacrificial lamb.

“Yes,” David agreed with them. “I don’t like the bangs, too. I would prefer the hair much shorter, like a short, neat look.”

Instead of using the scissors, he used clipper over the steel comb technique to promptly sever the blunt bangs, which he had cut previously. But he didn’t stop at that. The comb would brush the hair backward, hold it between his fingers and the Clippers would do the job.

Once the top of her head was little less than an inch, nicely tapered with half an inch with the back and sides, he began to run his fingers through the short hairs to shrug off the tiny bits. Renee finally could fathom how drastically short her hair was.

“Doms and Masters, if you are not proficient in cutting hair or tapering the look, I suggest you go for a butch cut. All you need is a good barber clipper. But always cut the hair in stages, all the fun lies in anticipation,” he added with a satisfied smile.

“Are you going to take it shorter?” someone from the crowd asked him.

“Absolutely, yes,” he answered, whilst playing and kneading her breasts. “My beautiful sub had long hair all her life. With this haircut, she won’t need a comb or hairbrush for a long time.” Electricity shot through her veins at his words as she almost climaxed.

He held up the clippers and asked the crowd, “How about a number two all over?”

Renee had no idea what ‘number two’ meant, neither did the women in the room. But somehow everyone approved with a cheer.

“Very well, then.”

A different clipper came to life with a growling roar. David stood behind her with a hand-hooked to below her chin to hold her head upright. “My sweet lamb,” he whispered. “I will give you a little hint of what I am about to do. You are about to receive the shortest barbershop haircut.”

Unceremoniously, he drove the clippers over her head – from crown to forehead – as large masses of hair added on to the pile. “How could the pile get anymore larger?” Renee wondered before the hum of the clippers deepened.

Deliberately, David slowed the movements, letting the vibrations against her scalp send a shiver down her body. Renee was uncontrollably moaning and begging for a release.

To add onto her surging thrill, her Master pushed down her head in the rawest dominating fashion and ran the clippers over of her head to buzz down her head to 1/4th of an inch. Renee’s exhilaration had already reached its limit, with her panting against the restraints.

David, sensing her reactions, bent down whisper, “Say goodbye to your fancy combs, conditioners and hair styling tools, sub.”

She climaxed, then and there. The threads of tightening nerves came undone, unraveling a new wave of pleasure. Every sound around her died except for her Master’s unyielding raspy tone and the dreadful clippers.

And when her brain finally returned to normal, she realized how enlivening the whole experience was. The crowd took note on how to make a sub-climax with a mere haircut. It was all about control and subjugation to the master’s will. Fear and excitement was a deadly combo, Renee realized.

“I hope my sub enjoyed that one because I am still not done with her yet,” he announced with pleasure. David’s own arousal was tightening in his pants at the thought of what he was about to do next.

“As much as I love wielding the clippers on her, I hate the attachment on it.” With a smile, he took off the guard and clamped his hand on her head once again. “Let’s take it down to another notch,” he said.

This time the machine attacked the remaining soft pelt of brown hair on her back, mowing it down to nothing. “Oh, my God,” Renee whispered to herself, realizing he was scalping her.

“No, no, no, no,” she kept on whispering to herself as another swelling wave of unbridled pleasure began to rise.

The Clippers only traveled up to the occipital bone, leaving behind white skin in its wake. Tiny hairs tickled her everywhere, provoking the imminent climax. Next, the balding clippers climbed above her ears to an inch.

“Should I take the sides a little higher?” he asked the crowd amusingly, even though he did plan to take it higher and tighter. As expected, the crowd acquiesced.

“I thought so.”

The machine hummed loudest near her ears as she felt it moving upwards, almost her eye level. Renee tried so hard to imagine what she looked like with short hair, but she failed miserably. There was no mirror and she was at the mercy of her exacting Master.

By the time David was done scalping her sides and back, Renee was covered with a fine sheen of sweat. The muscles were coiled tightly while warm liquid pooled between her legs. She kept on gyrating her hips discreetly to allow a little friction against her swelled clit.

“Let’s taper it nice and clean now.” David selected another type of clipper and kept blending soft stubble of hair on top of her head.

Renee couldn’t take any more of it. The second wave of pleasure went through the roof with the vibrating clippers against her scalp that were blending the soft pelt with the bald scalp on the perimeter.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful when she cums like that?” David smiled proudly. His mastery over his sub was startling.

Renee was out of breath and beautifully spent. The fear of being shorn naked had already transformed into a delicious experience that she was not going to forget any time sooner.

“For the final touch,” David pronounced. Before Renee could realize, she felt warm foam being massaged with hard fingers over the back of her head. Soon it was spread at her sides, traveling upwards. She looked a little weird with white foam covering her head except for a little portion at the top.

The crowd watched with great interest the final step of the hair fetish demo. Renee wasn’t the only one who was sopping wet. Lana, whose breasts were heaving up and down in thrill, was equally wet. The thought of sitting bound and naked and receiving an extreme induction haircut shook her to the core. That and her master’s hand kneading and massaging her breasts.

“Don’t you dare cum,” Master Xan whispered against Lana’s ears, even though he knew how dangerously close she was. And then he added another delicious threat, “If you do, you would find yourself in that chair – strapped and naked. And I would gladly shave you bald in front of everyone.”

“Oh, God,” Lana closed her eyes, wondering how tremendous the feeling would be. But deep down, was she ready to be bald at the cost of an overwhelming orgasm?

Master David, on the other side, brought forth a sharp razor, but Renee had no clue. “Unless you know how to use this properly, never use this on your sub,” he warned the crowd in a serious tone and then turned to his sub. “I want you to stay very still for this.”

With that, he began scraping off the foam in small, careful strokes. Whatever tiniest length of hair was left at the back of her head and sides were carefully shaved off with the blade. The skin left behind was as smooth as ever and there was no hairline around her nape. Instead, only a small pelt of hair covered her top and front.

A warm damp cloth wiped away the remaining foam, followed by an aftershave. There was nothing left of her hair that a comb or hairbrush could alter. So, David took a dollop of hair styling gel and massaged her head vigorously.

The thorough treatment of rough massage felt like aftercare.

“Thank you, everyone, for participating,” David addressed the crowd. “I would like to take care of my sub in private.”

He undid her straps, freeing her completely. Knowing that her hands were all cramped, Master David scooped her up in his arms as she wrapped her arms around him, and walked out of the hall to one of the private rooms.

“Can I please see my haircut, Master?” she purred cutely, and he simply couldn’t deny her.

“Alright,” he said and walked her over to the mirror. “Here’s your new look, little sub.”

Renee froze as she stared at the mirror. She couldn’t recognize herself. Instinctively, she ran her fingers over the back of her head and was surprised to find it smooth. It was truly an extremely short haircut, as he promised.

As if reading her mind, he answered, “It’s called High and Tight. It’s a popular military haircut.”

“Oh.” That was all she could muster. “It’s really… really short, Master.”

“Do you like it?”

“I am still processing the whole look,” she answered truthfully. “It will grow back again,” she said, consoling herself.

“It will, yes,” David agreed with a smile. “But I am not going to let it grow for now. I like this high and tight on you, little sub. Be prepared, you are getting scalped again in two weeks.”

With that, he kissed her hard, obliterating every rational thought from her mind and consuming her body in the most pleasurable way known to her.


Hey guys, did you like the story? I am planning to do Master Xan and Lana’s story next, so pour me all your lovely ideas.

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  1. It is really awesome.. loved the way you depict the whole story..i feel like it was happening in front of me.. i would love if you do the scissor over comb in lana’s story…no use of clipper.. i think this decrese the joy of shearing..hope you will accept my request..

  2. That was great and I hope we see Rene’s next cut. As far as Lana is concerned, to make it last and hard on her, I’d see a cut by steps, with many steps, showing it to her along the way… and maybe ending with a whole body shaving!!! Thanks for sharing.

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