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I’m a man with a haircut fetish.  I just love it when women barbers take it upon themselves to cut my hair pretty short.  I look for new stylists and barbers who open a shop in my very small town, of which there are only a half dozen choices, or less than a dozen anyway.  Heidi had been cutting my hair for the last two years.   she took me from hair a couple inches or three inches long to a clipper cut number 2 on back and sides, and two inches on top, from hair hanging down long on my neck and below my ears!  All on her own, cutting it shorter each time i went in.  I knew it’d be shorter each time, but that’s what i liked about going in to see Heidi!

Somewhere along the way i had a desire to go to someone else just for a change.  so I started going to Janet.   For 6 times in a row Janet cut my hair.   One day I got a message from Heidi.  It simply said, “Greg!!”   I answered what?   she said, I have not cut your hair in ages, what’s up.?   I said that everytime i tried to get in to see you Heidi you were busy or not around.   She said, wel, just message me,  I’ll make time for you.

I felt bad, but my new stylist was cutting my hair much better than Heidi, although not as short.  And as a haircut fetish person, I liked it short!

ONe day I messaged Heidi, with the intent on maybe going back to her for a cut.  All because of a post she made on social media.  It said, I’m trying to grow my business, and for all former clients, please contact me so I can give you a discount.  It kind of gave me the opportunity to message her to go back to her.  I said in my message,  hey, how about if I stop in and we flip a coin.  If I lose, i will pay you double.  If I win, I get a free haircut!   she immediately wrote back.   “Deal,” she said.    I wrote again and said, ‘message me sometime in the next few weeks and I’ll stop in for the coin flip.   she said,  ‘will do.”

For a week I anticipated the message from Heidi,  But nothing came.  I thought she forgot.  But during week 2 i got a message.  It said, “can you stop in tomorrow for the coin flip of how I will cut your hair, my choice or yours?”    I read it as if she wanted to choose to cut my hair short if she won.   I was interested.  I thought,. maybe she means she will decide ‘how’ to cut my hair, not if I will pay or she will.

I stopped in the next day!   ok, she said, let’s do this.  coin flip.  If I win I cut your hair for free my choice.  If you win, you get to pay nothing.   hmmm, i thought,    she is thinking she will decide how short my hair is if she wins!     Then i thought,,, let’s just  do this.  either way is a win for me.   I’d like her to choose the length if I lose, and I’d be willing to pay extra fjor it.

Well, of course i lost the coin flip.    She said, have a seat.   I said,, oh wait, today is just the coin flip, the cut comes later.   Ok, she said with a smile,  but the longer you wait, the more I win.   Meaning, the longer I wait, the shorter it will be cut!

I realized that later that evening, and messaged her.  I will be in tomorrow for my haircut.  I will pay double.

I went in at 10 a.m. as agreed.  It’d been 6 months since she cut my hair and was probably angry at me that i’d been going somewhere else for 6 months.  She caped me.   She turned me completely away from the mirror.   The clippers started in the back.  Hair fell on my cape immediately.   Long chunks of hair.  She was giving me a revenge haircut for going to someone else to cut my hair.  I knew I’d been had.  there was nothing i could do but await the outcome.

The outcome was severe.  A number one guard in the back and sides very high up.  The top scissored very short.  I’d been sheared.   But,  I loved it.  every minute of it I loved.  The feeling of the clippers on my neck especially.    At the end of the cut, she said, “I think you should come to me next time, don’t you?”     meaning, if you go somewhere else and come back to me, i will do this to you again.    I said,’ I will be back to you, let’s make an appointment right now!”    I loved the feel of my short cut, but loved the control she had over me when cutting it.  Haircut fetishes are arousing.    I was aroused for weeks after!

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