Colt and Samantha

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As Samantha sat on the bench seat of Colt’s truck, Colt said “I always ask my female clients three question during their first session”.Colt took a brief pause, and then said “Tell me about the first time you saw someone use illegal drugs, or tell me about the first time you saw someone abuse prescription drugs”. After getting that out, he took a brief pause.

When Samantha didn’t say anything, he said “Tell me about your first sexual experience, or tell me about the first time you viewed someone having sex”. When Samantha didn’t say anything, Colt said “This is how counseling works, Samantha. I ask questions, and you answer them to best of your to best of your ability”. He took another brief pause, and then said “I have had great success with my methods”.

In an effort to give into Colt’s demands, she said “What is the third question”. Without hast, Colt said “Tell me about a time you felt abused or over punished by a parent”. When Samantha didn’t respond quick enough for Colt, he said “I don’t have another appointment till 1pm, tomorrow. I’m willing to sit here all night, if that is what it takes to make some progess here”.

When Samantha heard that, she feared this man meant what he said. She didn’t like this style of counseling. They where sitting in a old truck at a rural rest stop. Samantha was open to counseling, but not this style of counseling. She hoped that if she didn’t give into this man requests, he would give up on the idea of having her as a client.

There was a moment of silence, and then Colt said “Your leaving me no choice but to recommend that you be sent to the girls boot camp in Utah”. When that didn’t get Samantha to talk to him, he said “My hope is that I can recommend that you go to a therapy camp, and I counsel you until you leave for camp”. In an effort to get this session over, Samantha said “Just recommend that I go to the boot camp”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “take me home”. Once Samantha said that, Colt said “You may have given up on yourself, but I have not given up on you”. As Samantha tried to open the passenger’s side door of the truck, Colt said “The driver’s door is the only door that will open, now. If you assault me an effort to escape counseling, you will be going to adult jail”.

When Samatha heard that, she slammed her hand against the passenger’s side window. When she realized that escape was probably not possible, she said “I’m fucking here, because I made a fake haircut note”. In an effort to keep Samatha talking, Colt said “Your mother made an emergency appointment with me, when she found out that you wrote the note”.

Without hast, Samantha said “You want to know the truth”. In a calm tone of voice, Colt said “The truth would be better than a lie”. Samantha shook her head, and then said “I assumed you know my cousin’s boyfriend is Little”. Rather then respond to Samatha’s question, he said “Little is not a fair nickname for that monster”. He took a brief pause, and then said “I tried to counsel him in this very same spot”.

Samantha laughed, and then said “your method of counseling didn’t work out to well for you that day, either”. Before Samantha could say anything more,Colt said “My methods are solid”. Without hast, Samantha said “You got what you deserved”. In a calm tone of voice, Colt said “You better start talking to me in a respectful matter”.

After Colt said that, he made eye to eye contact with Samantha. Once they had eye to eye contact, he said “You don’t have the size or strength as Little does. I suggest you tell me why you wrote that note”. Colt took a brief pause, and then said “I would hate for an accident to happen during our session”. When Samantha heard that, she feared that Colt was suggesting that he would hurt her, if she didn’t do what he wanted.

In an effort to get this session over, she said “I was dating Jennifer’s son. He broke up with me”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I made the note, knowing that Little wouldn’t let them touch my cousin’s hair”. She took another brief pause, and then said “It felt so good to see that bitch fall. I wanted to laugh my ass off when she started bleeding”.

When Colt heard that, he feared that he had a problemed person on his hands”. In an effort to keep her talking, Colt said “How did you feel when you saw Little dead on the ground”. Colt took a brief pause, and then said “I would have loved to see that”. Without hast, Samantha said “Why do you think Little is dead”.

Just as Samantha said that, a patrol car drove in the rest area. When Colt saw the patrol car, he said “We are just in here doing counsing”. He took a brief pause, and then said “I will kill you and the officer, if you suggest anything else is going on”. Colt took another pause, and then said “Your death will be slow and painful, Samantha”.

Once Colt said that, Samantha said “go fuck yourself”. As soon as Samantha finished saying that, Colt belted her a cross the face. Soon after Colt belted her, the patrol car pulled up to his truck. It didn’t take long for the officer to make her way to the driver’s side of the truck. When the female officer got to the side of the truck, she said “I would like to ask you a few questions”. When Samantha hear this, she began to get more worried.

Normally, law enforcement asks for a driver’s license and proof of ownership on the vehicle. Without hast, Colt said “what would you like to know”. “I would like to why you decided to pull into here” said the officer. “My friend asked me if I would talk to her daughter about some issues she is having in life” said Colt.

Colt took a brief pause, and then said “I work with at risk youth at my church. My friend, Taylor, asked me to speak with her 15 year old daughter about a fake haircut note that she wrote”. Once he got that out, the officer said “she sure doesn’t look 15”. Samantha looked like she was atleast 18 years olds.

Before Colt or Samantha could say anything more, the officer requested their IDs. Colt provided the officer with his driver’s license. Samantha offered up a school ID. As the officer was about to walk away with the IDs, She looked over at Samantha and said “our still having your party at grandfather’s house ”.

“Yes” said Samantha. Once Samantha said that, the officer began to walk back to his SUV. When Colt thought he heard the door close, he said “do you know her”. When Samatha looked over at him, he said “I asked you a question”. As soon as Colt got this out, Samantha started to laugh.

In quiet and stern voice, Colt said “stop laughing”. When Samantha stopped laughing, she said “The officer is my aunt”. Colt took a brief pause, and then said “Stop lying, Samantha. She is not your aunt, and Little is dead”.

When Samatha heard this, she said “I’m not lying”. Before Colt could say anything to Samantha, Samatha said “He took one to the chest”. Without hast, Colt said “Everyone is trained to shoot two rounds, then think about what is going on”. Before he could say anything esle, Samatha said “Sue’s Shop has stylist chairs. Stylist chair don’t have a plateform on the bottom of them.

They just have a foot rail. I was able to put my foot down, and turn the chair”. Samatha took a brief pause, and then said “I was able to kick her”. As Colt began to believe Little was alive, Samatha said “Do you really believe someone like Little would ever leave his house without putting on his vest. When Colt heard that, he started to get mad. Everything Samatha was saying was probably correct.

The car went silent for about 7 minutes. The silence was broke when the officer returned to the side of the rust bucket. When he got up to the side of the GMC, she said “It looks as if you are both clean”. After she said that, he handed Colt both the IDs.

As soon as Colt handed Samantha her ID, the officer said “clearly, it is time for Samantha to go”. Before Colt could make a response to that statement, the officer said “I’ll follow you to Bret’s on Edwards roads”.  Without hast, Colt said “That is not where Samatha lives”. The officer made eye to eye contact, and then said “That is where her mother is current location. If you don’t wish to drive her there, I will take her myself”.

Colt though about it for a second, and then said “That will be fine, officer. I will take her to the tattoo shop”. As the officer walked away, Samantha looked over at Colt. Colt had no idea what to say to her. As the officer backed up the SUV, Colt said “you better start talking”. As Samantha sat there, she worried about what was going to happen to her.

After what seemed like a million years to Samantha, Colt said “I want to get to know you. I’m dropping you off at a tattoo shop, so I”m sure the stories will be good”. He took a brief pause, and then said “Is your mother’s whole body covered in tattoos”.Just after Colt said that, he began to apply the car’s brakes. He was preparing to come to a stop, because they were about to cross over train tracks.

He always came to a complete stop and looked both way before he crossed. He did this, because he didn’t trust the signal lights. He didn’t trust the lights, because they were always messing up. Sometimes, they would go off when a train wasn’t coming. Sometimes, they wouldn’t go off when a train was coming. As they got closer to the tracks, Colt could see a train coming from his left side. Despite Colt being able to see a train coming, the lights weren’t going off.

Colt believed he probadly had more then enough time to make it. However, the officer may not have enough time to make it. Colt didn’t want to give the officer a reason to question what was going on, so he came to a complete stop. After he stopped, he looked to his right. He knew this area was infested with FTROA members.

Many people claimed to have been robbed by this group. When looked over, he saw that there was a train coming towards them. When Colt saw the train, he became very worried and scared.The train was carrying steel tubing and fertizer, as it came to the 45 mph curve. The train was traveling faster then 45 mph. The train was going almost 90 mph hour, because it lacked the braking power to slow down or stop.

It had nowhere near the braking power needed to stop, because the loaded weights of the cars were off on the paperwork. The company believed they were transporting a lighter load through the mountains, so they knowingly put on an engine in the back that didn’t have working brakes.

What they didn’t know was the 3rd engine in front also did not have working brakes. They didn’t know this in the beginning, because the brakes made the noises they did when they were working. A run a way train was heading straight for Colt, Samantha, and the officer.

The company tried to limit the amount of damage that this run away train was going to cause, but the conductor on the  train failed to follow a signal lights. Had the conductor of the train did was he was supposed to have done, the train would have stopped on a section of double track 25 miles away.

The conductor of the train had fallen asleep at the wheel. The train was equipped with a “dead man’s brake” pedal. If the conductor’s foot wasn’t applying pressure to the pedal, the train should have stopped. The train didn’t stop when the conductor fell asleep, because he had his lunch box holding the pedal down.

Colt didn’t know the conductor on the train had fallen asleep, but he did know that the train was going to derail. He thought they had a better chance of making it, if they were futher down the road. Before it was too late, Colt put both their lives in danger, and drove over the tracks. Once he got over the tracks, he floored that old truck.

When Colt took off, the officer began chasing him with her lights on. They drove at a high rate of speed for about a mile. Apparently, the officer wasn’t too aware of the things that were going on around her. It would have appeared that the officer thought Colt was trying to escape with Samantha in his care.

This wasn’t the case at all. Colt was trying to get to a safer area. He felt the safest place for them to be would be behind a barn or house. He picked Dr. Deereson barn yard to make their stand, because it had an exposed basement. The exposed area was big enough for the truck to fit into. Once the truck came to a complete stop, Colt took off his seat belt.

As Colt took of the seat belt, he said “don’t get out of the truck for anything”. When Samantha heard this, she wanted to laugh. Colt had parked the truck so close to the wall, that she wouldn’t get the door to open more then a few inches. Once he got the seat belt off, he reached for the door handle.

When Colt began to open the door, he said “everything is going to be alright, Samantha”. As he said this to Samantha, the officer got out of the vehicle with her weapon drawn. Before Colt could even get one foot out of the vehicle, it happened. As Colt believed, the train derailed. Colt saw the officer making her way back to her vehicle.

When the officer got to her vehicle, she got in the vehicle and began to drive away. What surpised Colt was the direction the officer was going, when she left the Deereson’s farm. Colt would have expected the officer to drive towards the wreckage. It shocked him, when her saw take off in the other direction.

As he watched the officer take off, he said “I think it is high time we get out of here” Once he said that, he fired up the truck. Samantha didn’t respond to what Colt said. At this point, she had a lot on here mind. Not only that, but it upset her that the officer didn’t  at least go down by the wreckage.

As Colt pulled out of the exposed area, he said “don’t worry about that house”.  As they made their way towards the Deereman’s driveway, he said “when was the first time you saw someone abuse drugs”. When Marry hear his, she realized that this was no going to end. Samantha said “My dad was camping. My mom and I stayed home”.

Samantha took a brief pause, and then said “My mother was recovering from back surgery. I thought she took too many pills, so I called my cousin. With in a few minutes, her and Vollie showed up at the house”. As Colt sat there, he was glad that Samatha was finally talking. Just as Colt thought everything was going to be fine, Samantha went silent.

As the truck began to move, Colt said “keep talking, Samantha”.When Samantha didn’t say anything, Colt said  “I understand that you may feel that this may be easier with a female counselor, but your wrong”.  Samantha didn’t think that was the case at all, so she said “I think your wrong”.

Without hast, Colt said your next session can be with one of the female counselors, but right now your here with me”. When Colt said that, Samatha got happy. She didn’t like Colts methods. In an effort to show her gratefullness, she said “When JD got back to the cabin, he was pissed off. He checked her breathing and heart rate.When he was convinced she would make it though the night, he told us to pack a bag”.

Before Samantha could say anything else, Colt said “he was just going to leave her in that state, and take you all camping”. As Samatha sat there, she wondered what Colt thought he should have done. There where a few moments of silence, and then Samantha said “Dad was going to take us to the campsite, until he got a phone call”. At this point, Colt thought they where making some progess.

Before Samantha could tell Colt who the caller was, Colt said “Who was the person that called”. Samantha thought about it for a few seconds, and then she said “I’m not sure if it was Brock or Little”, but they needed a ride”. Samantha took a brief pause, and then said “When we got to the house where they where at, they came out running. Brock got into the front passanger’s seat, and Little rode in the back with us. I was sitting behind dad, and Mary was sitting between Little and myself”. As soon as Samantha finished saying that, Colt said “Why do you think they where running out to the car”. Samantha was only 9 years old at the the time. In reality, she could only guess why they where running out of the house.

Samantha didn’t feel that it was all that important, so she said “I don’t know why they ran out of the house. I just know that they came back to our cabin. Little and Mary went into her room, and Brock and Dad went into the kitchen. After a few hours of drinking, Dad decided to shave off my mother hair”.

When Colt heard that, he said “Like an under cut”. Without hast, Samantha said “no. She shaved it all off”. Colt would have assumed that someone ran a clippers with no guard on the sides and back of Samantha’s head. The top hairs where still very long.For some reason, Colt thought this was called a A line bob with an undercut. As Colt looked at how short Samantha’s hair was, he said “Is this the style of haircut you set out to get, when you wrote the fake haircut note”.

Samatha shook her head, and then said “No, I expected to get a bald fade or something to that effect”. At this point, Colt began to feel sorry for Samantha. Clearly, the person cutting her hair just did what they wanted. Colt didn’t want Samantha to stop talking, so he said “Are you going to cut off the bangs, and borrow a wig from your mother or sister”.

Mary looked down at her shoes, and then said “can we just finish the three question, so I can go home”. Colt put his hand on Samantha’s leg, and then said “Let us not worry about those three questions for this session. Let us try to talk about what happened to you, today”. Once Colt said that, he removed his hand from her leg. At this point, Samantha feared this was some sort of trick.

She was not sure what to say, so she said “OK”. Without hast, Colt said “I too know what it feels like to be targeted for a hate crime”. As Samantha sat there, she didn’t feel like she was targeted for a hate crime. Before she could express her feeling ons on the matter, Colt said “I was out of town on business, when I was assulted by a barberette”.

Colt took a brief pause, and then said “I needed a haircut, so I went into one of these chain store places. I liked the feel of the place, when I walked in. I made eye to eye contact with a very beautiful barberette. She helped me get signed in for a haircut. I liked her personnality very much. I was thinking this was going to be a very positive experience”.

When Colt took a brief pause, Samantha said “That is nothing like the experience I had”.When Colt heard Samantha say that, he gently touched her lips with his middle finger. Once he did that, he said “I didn’t get a haircut from her”. Colt removed his finger from Samantha’s lips, and then said “I got stuck with one that was skinny as a rail. I felt like she was reading a script, when she talked to me. The back and sides where short enough, but she left the top long. She made no effort to blend it”.

Colt took a brief pause, and then said “When I refused to pay, they jumped me”. When Colt went silent, Samantha said “Did you pay them”. When Colt heard Samantha say that, he began shaking his head.

When he was done shaking his head, he hit the driver’s window. Before Samantha could ask Colt if he was alright, he said “We were talking at the payment area. Two guys waiting for haircuts grabbed me. They forced me into one of the styling chairs, they shaved all my hair off. One of them held me down, as the other fucker ran the clippers. Once they were finished destroying my hair, they took my wallet.

They gave the bitch all the cash I had in it.  Once she had all my cash, they helped me out to my truck. I was lead out with one of my arms behind my back. They beat me up pretty bad before I was allowed to leave”.

Once he got all that out, he pulled over to the side of the road. Without hast, he hit the unlock button of the truck. Before Samantha could say anything, Colt said “I’m too upset to keep trying to work in a professinal matter”. When Colt said this, Samantha became very concerned. She didn’t believe Colt was acting in a professinal matter at all.

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