Completely bald

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The husband says to his wife to shave yourself. So the wife went in the shower with his clippers and only shaved part of her pussy and didn’t shave anything else. She came out and her husband asks to see her naked so that he can make sure she didn’t miss any hair or she’ll be punished. Well once she got naked she still had hair on her pussy, legs, arms, underarms. He was not happy with her at all. He tugged at her pussy hair and asked what is this? I told you to shave not trim. We are going to the salon to get you waxed as a punishment. They get the salon and the person who normally does the waxing is gone but either they can come back different day or have a machine shave her and do laser. The husband chose laser. So she was literately naked laying on a table getting every part of her body shaved including her head, then the laser came. She was not a fan of the laser or having a machine shave you because they shave the parts she’s already done and it wasn’t gentle either. She learned her lesson to just listen the first time.

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