Mom Haircut At Home Part 1

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It was summer season. It was very hot. It was afternoon. When I came home from school, I saw that my mother is making her hair. (My mother’s name is Farida and my name is Rohan. My mother is 38 years old. She is a housewife.) So I saw that my mother hair are damaged. have gone bad. Means a lot of breaking is happening while making hair. My mother does not take care of her hair in household chores. My mom got her hair cut on 08-01-2021. Then his hair was 20 inches, then after getting cut it became 14 inches. and today her hair 29-08-2022 is 20 inches in. He had not even cut his hair for a long time. I went to them and said, you have to take a haircut because you have not got the hair cut for a long time. Then my mother said, I am busy with my household work, I do not get time to get a haircut. I said, then at home, we will tell the Salon person and he will come home and make a haircut. And your hair has become so bad that I think hair will have to be cut 8-10 inches. I said, do we write the appointment? Mom said, yes. I said when to get the haircut done? Mom said, keep it at 3:30 PM on Sunday. I wrote the appointment.
Then on Sunday morning, the mother saw her hair and said that now these hair will separate from me. I said that they will also grow back, in a few months. Mom said, It take time to grow hair. I said do this that, you keep your hair open and take out the photo. And I will take out the video, when your haircut will start . Mom said okay. Me and Mom sat down to eat food for lunch. Mom said, I am changing the clothes, otherwise the clothes will get dirty while haircut. I said okay. Then Salon person came at 3:30 pm. He said that you have a kupboard. I said yes, why? He said that, in kupboard there is mirror in Kupboard, so I will cut the haircut in front of him. I said okay. And I took them to the room. He seated the mother and opened her hair. While opening the hair, the hair was breaking up. He said that hair should not be tied. otherwise it Hair breaks. Then they sprayed the hair. Make hair after wetting hair. After making hair, he said, the hair has deteriorated. You will have to get a haircut up to maximum Shoulder Length. And Hair Straighting will also have to be done. Mom said, okay do it. Then he said, did you apply mehndi in your hair a day ago? Mom said. He said okay.
I started taking out the video. Then he made Mom hair and cut the hair first 8 inches. Because they were to cut hair and it would be good for them to have a haircut in the remaining 2 inch. When Mom 8 inch hair was cutting, the hair was 20 cm. When the mother looked different after cutting her hair. As if the weight has become lighter than their head. Then Salon person started cutting hair. When the mother looked different after cutting her hair. And Mom hair was cut 10 inches/ 25 cm. Then he straightened the hair, because the hair had become zig-zag. After straightening the hair, when the mother saw her hair, she was surprised that I feel different. He could not believe it. Salon person said, that you have to get your hair cut every 2 months, then only your hair will be good. Then he went after cutting the hair. Then I took out a photo of my mother’s hair and I wrote the first photo of the haircut to it, that this is the first photo of the before haircut and it is after the haircut. Later, the mother bathed and tied her hair a little. Mom was I looked very cute in this haircut.
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