Cut it all off ……

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Cut it all off

By JimB ©opyright December 2019


“Well, you could say it began when I was,” Kat said as she lay on the couch.

“You don’t have to do that,” Dr. Ruth Meyers told Kat as she sat in the chair across from the couch.

“I thought you were suppose to!” Kat replied as she stretched her legs out.

“I saw in the movies and television programs when you talk to a.”

“Psychiatrist,” Dr. Meyers said.  “They must have been old movies.

“We no longer do that.  Besides that was Hollywood in its heydays.

“So, you were saying!”

“I think it began when I was four, maybe five!

“My mom would take my brother to the barber for his hair cut when dad was making a long run.

“He worked for the railroad and was an engineer.  Long runs were when he was gone for two day, there and back.”

“Did you miss him when he made the “long runs”?” Dr. Meyers inquired as she made note of the comment.

“NO, not really,” Kat responded as she turned and looked up at the ceiling.

“He went to different places and always brought us something back.”

“So, how did your mom feel about your dad’s “long runs”!” Dr. Meyers ask.

“Well, I don’t think so.  I mean she never said anything about it,” Kat said turning her head to Dr. Meyers

“But, then again they would always send us, me and my brother.

“To bed or one of our grandparents for a few days.”

“I see,” Dr. Meyers replied.  “Would you mind sitting up?”

Kat sat up and turned and faced her.

“You were saying!” Dr. Meyers told her.

“Your mom would take your brother to get his hair cut.

“And, you!”

“O’”, I would tag a long,” Kat said with a questioning look.

“Well, barber shops are usually “men’s world”,” she mentioned.  “And, they felt.

“Well, their space was being invaded?”

“Okay, if you say so,” Kat commented.  “I mean Mr. Jason had ladies for customers, too.

“Mom would, ever so often, get her hair trimmed by him.

“And, there was Mrs. Ways, Mrs. Coole, Miss Cousin, she was my brother and mine third grade teacher.

“I think he and the other barber, had about thirty or so ladies getting their hair trimmed, even cut shorter when it got warm.

“NO, like I said when I was about four or five.

“NO, I was six!  YES, six.

“I remember now it was when I was six because it was Deb!”

“Deb?” Dr. Meyers asked as she made note.

“What about Deb!”

“She was my best friend back then.  We haven’t seen each other since we graduated from high school.

“That was about thirty years ago.”

“So, what about Deb?” Dr. Meyers inquired as she held her pen ready to made note.

“She would come with her mom when she brought her three brothers to Mr. Jason for their hair cuts,” Kat continued.

“Her dad was in the military, active duty she said.

“So, he was away from home like days.

“When the boys needed a hair cut she would bring them to Mr. Jason and Deb, like me, would!

“You know, tag a long.”

“So, what was it about Deb, you think was?”, she asked Kat.

“She ….. She …..,” Kat began as she laughed.  “It was so funny.

“She was trying to catch hair being cut off John’s head.  He’s her older brother.”

“And,?” Dr. Meyers inquired with some interest and ready to make a note or two.

“She bumped into Mr. Rich, one of the other barber.

“He was walking behind his barber chair with the clippers.

“It was buzzing away and he lowered his hand as he turned his barber chair a little with his other hand.

“And, Deb’s head.

“Well, everyone jumped.

“Mr. Rich, Mr. Jason, my mom, her mom as well as Mrs. Stanly, who was the customer in Mr. Mike’s barber chair, got out and looked at her.

“They thought the clippers cut her head and they were looking for blood.

“The only thing she did was.

“Well, not her but the clippers took a large chunk of her hair.

“I mean right on the top of her head.

“Mr. Jason started apologizing.

“But, Mrs. Stanly told him, ‘It was Deb who should apologize.  After all she was doing something she should not have been doing and was told to stop a lot by her mom’.

“Her mom put it like this.

“IT might get her to start thinking about things she does and not do them.”

“Was that all!” Dr. Meyer asked with a questioning stare.

“Yes,” I answered

“And, what happened?” Dr. Meyer inquired as she began writing.

“Mrs. Stanly looked at Deb and told her, “Can’t have you going around with a big slice of your hair cut off’’, can we!” I again began telling her.

“SO, young lady you will have to have all your hair cut off.

“And, I think everyone agrees that Mr. Rich should have the honor of completing your hair cut.

“And, as punishment for not leasing to me, you will have your hair clippered every week by Mr. Jason.

“I mean what could a six year old say when your mother tells you something like that.”

“I see!” Dr. Meyer told her.  “And, what did you think about it?”

“I was six,” I said with a wondering thought.  “I just thought, “it’s not me”!”

“How did Deb fell about the impending hair cut!” Dr. Meyer asked.

“She shrugged her shoulders like she always did and waited,” I continued.

“When Mr. Rich was finished cutting John’s hair she was put in the barber chair and all her hair was cut off with the same clippers.

“Funny thing, when she got out the chair she walked around rubbing her hands over her head and smiling.

“Asking everyone if they wanted to feel her head.

“Did you feel her head?” Dr. Meyer asked.

“Yes,” I told her with a smile.  “I liked how it felt.  So, soft and strange!

“I even looked at my mom.”

“Why did you look at your mom?” Dr. Meyer asked troublesome.

“I wanted to get my hair cut like Deb,” I said.  “But, she said “NO” quickly.”

“Did it get you upset?” Dr. Meyer said as she wrote something in her notebook.

“No and Yes,” I said watching as she wrote more notes.  “I really wanted all my hair cut off like Deb.

“WE were close friend.  We did a lot of things together.”

“You did not tell me that,” Dr. Meyer said.  “What kind of things did you and Deb do that made you close friends?”

“Everything,” I mentioned.  “Like going to the park, swinging, running after the boys, kick ball.”

“You never mentioned when this happened,” Dr. Meyer inquired.

“When I, we, were six,” I replied.

“No, I mean what time of year when you were six?” Dr. Meyer inquired as she wrote again.  “What time of the year…..

“What month?

“What was the weather like?”

“Okay, I understand,” I quickly, but somewhat angrily mad.  “It was in the middle of March and it was a warm and sunny day.”

“Okay, now we are getting somewhere,” Dr. Meyer answered.  “You said Deb’s mom had her go every week to get all her hair cut off!

“Am I correct?

“Did you ever go with her?”

“Yes and Yes,” I told her.  “I would go with her.  She asked me to do to and I said “yes”, like the friends we were.”

“You said you wanted to get all your hair cut off like her,” Dr. Meyer inquired as she wrote.  “How did you feel sitting and watching Deb getting all her hair cut off every week?”

“Yes, a little,” I replied.  “I was first, after her, to feel her hair and how soft it was.

“I even tried to ask my mom if I could get all my hair cut off the next week, when we went back to Mr. Rich.

“She always said “NO” and I got upset.”

“Why did you want all your hair cut off?” she asked me.

“WE were close friends,” was all I could say.  “Friends do things together, no matter what it is.”

“I see,” Dr. Meyer said and wrote it down.

“That,” I began saying.

“That?” she asked quickly.  “That what?”

“July,” I replied.  ‘That July ……

“We, our families, were at the park for the fourth picnic and ‘that’ is when it happened.”

“What happened!” she asked and looked at me with interest but not writing down.

“Well, Deb and I decided we wanted to go see the boys swimming in the lake with no clothing on.”

“Really, WHY!” she asked making a short note.  “Why did you and Deb want to see the boys swimming with no clothing on?”

I smiled, “We were six and we.

“We had read some books we got from the Public Library on sex.  It had a lot of pictures and we wanted to see the real things.

“But, we got caught by our mothers.  And, “that’ is when it happened.”

‘Really happened?” she asked.  “What happened!”

“The next week,” I told her.  “Next Tuesday to be exact.  When Deb had to go to Mr. Rich to get all her hair cut off, as usual.

“Only this time our moms went with us.”

“I see,” Dr. Meyer wrote and said.  “Why did both of your mothers go with you and Deb?

“Did Deb’s mom think she was not getting all her hair cut off?”

“Sure her mom knew she was getting all her hair cut off,” I answered crazily and looking at her oddly.  “I mean, she could see all Deb’s hair was cut off when she got home.  She would brush her hands over Deb’s head every time.”

“So, what happened this Tuesday?” she asked with interest this time.  “Was it because of what you and Deb did on the Fourth?

“Did you and Deb get caught looking at the boys, without their clothing on?”

“Somewhat,” I said taking a deep breath.  “YES, we did see the boys without their clothing on, specially Ryan.”

“What about Ryan?” she asked.

“He was eight and boy was he BIG,” I told her with a smile, remembering Ryan.

“Let me put it this was.  He was almost five feet tall and it just hung almost to his knees.

“We both smiled and wished we could be swimming with him.”

“I see,” Dr. Meyer answered with a smile, her self as if she knew a Ryan.

“Those books you and Deb checked out at the Public Library must have been every interesting and exact!”

I just smiled at her, thinking back to that Fourth of July.

“So, what happened Tuesday?” she asked again, not noting any thing.

“Well, this time we both got all our hair cut off,” I began telling her.

“BOTH of you!” she asked.

“Yes, both of us,” I answered with a big smile of pleasure.

“You see Ryan was shaving his head.  But, we did not know it and we found out that Tuesday.

“First Deb then me.”

“I see,” Dr. Meyer answered and wrote.

“Deb was first,” I began again.  “When she sat in the barber chair her mom walked to Mr. Rich and told him something.

“Something Deb found out first.

“After he to took those clippers and cut all Deb’s hair off, this time closer to her head than before.

“When he turned the clippers off and removed the cape, she started to get out the barber chair.

“Then, it happened.

“He wrapped her head with a hot towel and her mom told her to set back and do not move.

“Mr. Rich removed the towel and began lathering her head with warm shaving cream.

“Her mom told her, “You seem to like Ryan’s hair cut.

“So, I thought you would love to show him how much you love his “shaven head”.

“I thought she would start trying to get out the barber chair.  But, she sat back and smiled.

“Before she knew it Mr. Meyer was shaving her head with a sharp straight razor.”

“And, you!” she inquired.  “What did you think, feel?”

“I was confused,” I told her.  “I was wondering why my mom came too.”

“Why did she come with you?” Dr. Meyer asked and writing.

“As I sat watching Deb getting her head shaved,” I began.  “I asked my self the same question.

“And, before I could ask her, she looked at me, patted my left knee telling me, “You are next”.

“You are getting “ALL your hair cut off, rather SHAVED OFF”, too.”

“How did you feel?” she asked.  “I mean you said you wanted to get all your hair cut off like Deb.

“Friends do things together, you said.”

“All cut off with clippers, like Deb was getting every Tuesday,” I told her, still questioning my feeling of that Tuesday.

“Instead I was going to get ALL MY HAIR SHAVED OFF, like Deb was now getting.

“I mean her mom told her, back when she started getting all her hair cut off by Mr. Rich with clippers, it was for a year.”

“I see,” she replied.

“It was my mom who told me how long,” I said.  “You will be keeping your head SHAVED until you are thirteen.

“And, I will let you feel how BIG Ryan is.”

“Kat,” Mr. Rich announced as Deb was stepping out his barber chair, all her hair clippered and shaved OFF.

Mom said as she nudged me to the barber chair, “MY way or My way!”

“I got up, smiled at her, brushed Deb’s shaved head, and sat in Mr. Rich barber chair.

“YES, I am”, I told him as he caped me.

“I sat there like I had wished I could back then when Deb’s first got all her hair cut off.

“Only my first time I was going to get ‘all my hair off, was going to end with me getting my first head shaving, too.

“Then, I thought about what mom had just told me, “You will be keeping your head SHAVED until you are thirteen.

“And, I will let you feel how BIG Ryan is.”

“This kind of made getting all my hair cut off and SHAVED OFF great.

“Like Deb, Mr. Rich cut all my hair off with the clippers and it felt great.

“I sat in the barber chair watching all my hair being cut off and liked seeing all ten inch long hair leave my head.

“I did not care where it fell.  Nor what was going to happen to all my hair.

“All I knew, I was finally getting my wish, all my hair cut off.

“I finally got to feel what Deb said she was feeling as Mr. Rich cut off all her hair.  A feeling of a pleasure and her body shivering.

“How she crossed, uncrossed, and recrossed her legs.  How her toes pointed outward and relaxed.

“How her head felt after Mr. Rich cut all her hair off.

“Now I was going to enjoy those pleasures and more.

“Too, soon Mr. Rich was turning the clippers off and all my hair cut off.

“I watched as he wrapped the warm towel around my “all hair cut off” head.  It felt warm.

‘Then, he lathered my head with warm shaving lather and slowly began shaving ALL MY HAIR OFF MY HEAD.

“I uncrossed my legs and recrossed them.  My toes stuck out and relaxed as he began shaving all my hair off my head.

“Too, soon, too quick, Mr. Rich had shaved my head.  I felt my head as he lowered the barber chair.

“My body did a quick shiver.  I hope my mom did not see it.

“Deb was first to feel my shaved head, shaved all off.

“We hugged and smiled.  We gave each other a kiss on the cheek.

“Friend do things together”, we told each other at the same time.  Our mothers looked at us oddly, wondering what we mean.”

“So, you were happy!” Dr. Meyer asked.  “So, how long did your mom keep your head shaved?”

I smiled, “Ryan was as BIG as he looked back then and some.”

“So, your mom kept her word,” she asked as she read from her notes.  “You and Ryan, as she told you!

“You will be keeping your head SHAVED until you are thirteen.  And, I will let you feel how BIG Ryan is.”

I smiled at Dr. Meyer, “There were some other great books in the Public Library about sex and I read them all.

“Then, there was the local bookstore with a big adult section of magazines and videos.”

“So, if you were so young,” she asked.  “How did you …..

“Did you sneak in the adult section?”

“Let’s say, ‘I knew the young boy who cleaned the front of the shop’”, I told her.

“I returned them to him the next day.

“As for the videos.  My mom and dad took a lot of videos of us growing up and kept it in their closet.

“They were very interesting one, as Deb and I found out.  More interesting than the books from the Public Library!

“And, showed us more, too.

“We even did a little with each other, like we saw women doing.  It was not for us.”

“And, Ryan!” Dr. Meyer wanted to know.  “Did your mom keep her words, “You will be keeping your head SHAVED until you are thirteen?

“And, I will let you feel how BIG Ryan is.”

“Some what,” I told her.  “But, I was twelve when I go a closer look at how BIG he was.

“I was eighteen when I found out and felt, how BIG, and I mean BIG, he was.  Three time to be exact.

“I was sore a few day, did not have problem with going to take a …..

“And, almost chocked.”

“I see,” she said.  “Ring around KAT.”

“Like I said, three times,” I continued.  “The second time, a few weeks later, was a little easier and the third time was great.”

“What about Deb?” she inquired.  “Did she get to see how BIG Ryan was?”

“Who do you think he is with?” I told her.

“I went off to college and she got him.”

“So, why may I ask,” she said.  “Why are we having this secession if Deb and Ryan are married.”

“No, not really,” I replied.  “She had no problems with him doing me the day we did it.  She told me it was easy and she enjoyed every drop.”

“Again, I ask you why are we having this secession?” she asked again.

I looked at her as I brushed my finger through my two feet of light brown hair, “HOW do I ask my best friend if her BIG husband can shave my head.

“You see Ryan is Mr. Rich’s oldest son and he became a barber like his dad.”

By JimB ©opyright December 2019

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