Cynthia’s Fetish Assumes Control

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Cynthia’s Fetish Assumes Control

Part 2 of 3



By Shorngirl


“Cynthia!” Her closest friend, Emily, was standing over her in the stall. Cynthia was still reeling from her enormous orgasm, which had shaken her to her core. “My God, what did you do? Your hair!” Emily was beside herself, trying to figure out what had happened. It had only been an hour since Cynthia left the park to go home. Not only was her gorgeous mane of hair completely shaved off, but she was splayed open on the toilet, her pants around her ankles.

“Oh my God, Emily! It was horrible!” Cynthia didn’t dare tell Emily what she was really feeling, but relayed the barber story with fairly accurate details to her friend, save for the last part. Emily was helping to put her back together and get her pants back up. Lying through her teeth, she told Emily that the whole thing had made her have to pee so bad that she almost passed out from the relief. For whatever reason, Emily believed her story. As they were about to leave the stall, Emily reached down beside the commode and picked something up off the floor.

“Is this yours?” Emily was holding two wrinkled-up twenties in her hand.

“Oh, my God!” Cynthia cried. “They must have fallen out of my pocket when I sat down.” Now she was really upset, as the whole experience could have been avoided if she had just spent a little more time looking through her pockets.

“Was this the money you were supposed to pay the barber with? You had it the whole time? Oh, Cynthia!” Emily scolded.

Once again, there were tears in Cynthia’s eyes. Emily consoled as best she could and when she had gathered herself they made their way out of the restroom. Cynthia put the two bills back in her pocket and headed out across the park.

“Emily, we absolutely can’t run into anyone. Is anybody still here, in the park?” Cynthia ran her hands over her bald head. “I can’t be seen like this.”

Emily turned around and looked in the direction of the picnic table to see that most of the gang was still there, although far enough away as to not see who the bald kid was.

“They’re all still here, Cyn. Everyone saw you running across the park and into the restroom. They didn’t know it was you, but I figured some bald person running into the ladies was a little weird, so I checked it out” Emily tentatively ran her hand up over Cynthia’s head. “Man…what the hell are you going to do?” She seemed honestly concerned “We still have three days of school left. What are your parents going to say?”

“Oh Emily, don’t remind me. I’m gonna have to get a wig or something.” Of course, Cynthia somehow knew that a wig was not in her future, but she had to say something to that effect.

“Listen, Cyn, I’m heading back over there. I promise I won’t say a thing, Okay?” Emily assured her. “Good luck with your parents.” Emily headed back to the table to join their friends.

Cynthia walked the half-mile or so to her house, and certain shame. Her mother was going to have a coronary, and her father, well, she was trying to imagine how he was going to react to this.

As if Karma was king, she rounded the corner of her street to find her two brothers right there. They spotted her right away. Their first reaction was to stare, with their mouths gaping. Then came the laughter, as they ran in front of her all the way back to the house. She could hear them, as they sprinted to the front door

“Cynthia shaved her head! Cynthia shaved her head!” By the time she got to the front porch, her mother was standing there, right next to her father, who must have just arrived home.

“Cynthia Anne Moore! What on earth!” Her mother screamed. “Your beautiful hair!”

Not knowing what else to do, she sprinted past her parents and up the stairs to her room, slamming the door and locking it.

Of course, it wasn’t long before both her parents were outside her door. “Cynthia! You open this door right now, young lady!” Her father seemed genuinely upset, his voice cracking with the stress. “I mean it!”

Cynthia had no intention of rehashing this thing with her parents. “I don’t want to talk about it right now! Please! Just leave me alone!” Cynthia faked some sobbing to make her pleas more convincing. “Please, I’ll explain it all later! I just want to be alone right now.” She could hear her parents speaking softly to one another and then heard them walk back down the stairs.

Finally alone, Cynthia stared at herself in her dresser mirror as she sat calmly on the edge of her bed. She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out the two twenties, setting them on the dresser below her reflection, and smiled. Cynthia watched herself as she brought both hands up to her head and ran them from front to back.

She never realized just how big her ears were. How could she have ever known? Cynthia had had long hair since she was a little girl. She tried pinning them back with her fingers to see how she looked, but of course, they popped right back out as soon as she let them go. “Oh my God. I’ve got Dumbo ears” Whenever a boy in school had really large ears they would always tease them about having Dumbo ears, now it was going to be her turn, and hers were larger than any she had ever seen on any boy.

Just like clockwork, Cynthia was getting very aroused, her fetish rising slowly from her center all over again. Without thinking, She began stripping out of her clothes to stand naked in front of her mirror, her hands running repeatedly over her scalp.

“It’s not quite bald, is it?” She thought, feeling the slight sandpaper that still remained on her scalp. As if on automatic, Cynthia slipped on her bathrobe and padded into the bathroom. She looked through her bag until she found her razors. “They work on my legs. Why not?” She justified. Turning on the water for the shower, she stepped in, two brand new Silky Touch razors in her hand.

The water felt amazing on her bald head as she began to lather it up with some of her expensive shampoo. The razor felt different than when she shaved her legs. It didn’t glide smoothly over her skin, instead, meeting the resistance of so many follicles, it grated coarsely. Using short, deliberate strokes, Cynthia slowly but surely, removed the last tiny bit of stubble on her scalp.

Reaching up, she caressed the silky-smooth surface behind the path of the razor. Picking up the pace, she began shaving with more conviction, feeling where she needed to shave. Strip after strip was scraped away, until finally, the deed was done. She stepped back into the stream of the shower and felt the water splashing all over her slick dome. When her hands reached her head this time, it was sheer bliss. Nothing had ever felt that smooth to her. It was like wet glass.

Washing the hair from the rest of her body, she pulled on the sparse brown fur that covered her sex and frowned. “Well, that’s definitely got to go.” The razor made short work of Cynthia’s pubic hair. Seeing her pussy so smooth and hairless, only drove her harder to the edge. She had always said she would never shave down there, and yet, there she was, bald as a baby.

She stepped out of the shower and realized that she looked quite different with her head shaved completely smooth. Even that fine stubble had provided a little velvet covering. Now, as she peered into the bathroom mirror, her head gleamed. She dried it off thinking that it was just wet, but the gloss was even brighter after she dried it.

Cynthia walked the four steps back to her room, naked, locking the door behind her. The sun had begun to set, and her room was getting that soft orange glow, as she sat, naked and hairless on her bed.

She could smell her own scent as she sat there, knowing that she was soiling her comforter with her juices. She laid back against her pillow, the satin surface caressing her bald head softly and sensuously. Just as she had in the restroom at the park, Cynthia allowed her left hand to rub her hairless head, furiously, and her fingers struggled to find just one errant grain of hair. There was nothing!

She groaned, audibly, as that overpowering sensation overwhelmed her. The fingers on her right hand stroked between her slick, hairless folds, driving her close to coming again, even though she knew she was exhausted from the first time.

The hairlessness of her pussy allowed her fingers to squish lewdly through her gushing juices, her scent almost overpowering. Switching hands, Cynthia rubbed the fragrant moisture over her scalp, and that act alone was enough to send her soaring over the edge.

Cynthia allowed her hand to trail roughly over her face, unable to stop her tongue from jutting out, tasting herself for the first time. In the afterglow of her orgasm, Cynthia sucked on her fingers like a pacifier, her clitoris swollen, throbbing with every beat of her racing heart. She was going to need another shower.


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