Daddy’s Babydoll

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This story has Big Daddy/Little Girl themes. If that isn’t your thing, don’t read.

Kara closed her eyes and brought her hand to her breast as she felt the wave of her first orgasm of the morning coming on. She pinched her nipple as her she felt her boyfriend’s hand tighten around her throat. Her other hand firmly gripping the wand vibrator press against her clit. Kara surendered to him and her urges, softly moaning and squirming as she came.

Kevin looked down on Kara as he kept thrusting into her hard and deep. He could feel Kara’s pussy tighten around his cock as she came. She looked and felt so perfect to him. Soon he was has matching his wife’s orgasm. He loosened the grip on her neck as he finished deep inside her.

Kara’s green eyes flicked open as her orgasm started to fade. Every twitch and movenent he made inside her felt so good. She felt so satisfied, full, and safe in his arms. Being under his control always made her feel safe and cozy. She switched the vibrator off and dropped it to the side as she felt him grow soft.

Kevin carefully peeled the condom off and discarded it before snuggling into Kara. He held her close and played with her red hair while they enjoyed each others closeness. Once he felt Kara drift off to sleep he gave her nape a little kiss. Then he slid out of bed and walked to their large walk in closet.

Once in the closet Kevin started preparing for the next part of their evening fun. He walked to the back of the closet where an old fashioned hardwood vanity was situated. In front of the vanity was a vintage salon chair and above it a hood dryer.

When Kevin and Kara had first started becoming intimate they confided in each other their fantasies. Kevin was surprised that Kara was willing to indulge him in his hair fetish. Although Kara loved her red long hair she was not overly attached to it. In fact ten years ago, when she turned eighteen she had buzzed it all off just for the heck it.

Kara stired from her nap, awakened from her nap by Kevin moving things around on the vanity. She stayed tucked in bed and tried to determine what he had planned for her based off the noise of the items. She heard the russel of a cape, the metalic clink of scissors against wood, and the clunk of the rollers being organized. The noises confirmed to her that she was at least in for a trim and roller set.

Kara waited in bed for Kevin to come for her, she never walked to the closet on her own. Him taking her to the chair gave her the big daddy vibes that she liked. Kevin did come for her soon after. He had put on a pair of sweat pants. Kara didnt move in bed and instead stayed snuggled under the covers pretending to be asleep.

“Time to wake up Babydoll. We need to do your hair before we can go out.” Kevin said as he gently pulled the covers down and placed a hand on her upper arm.

Kara pretended to stretch and wake up.
“Okay Daddy.” She replied as she let herself be led to the salon chair in the closet. Kara took a seat and looked at herself naked in the mirror. It had been a while since Kevin had given her a haircut. Lately he had just been braiding or styling her hair when he got her ready.

“I am going to take some of your length off today Babydoll. It has been six months since you had anything more than a trim.” Kevin informed Kara as he pulled her hair into a claw clip so it was out of the way. Then he took the cape off the armrest of the chair and a strip of tissue. The cape was Kara’s favorite color: purple.

“Are you sure Daddy?” Kara asked as she tilted her head backward to look at him. Kara liked that her pet name also ment that Kevin played makeover and dress up with her.

“Yes, you are due for a change babydoll…a fall makeover.” Kevin told Kara as he wrapped the tissue around her slender neck. Then he tossed the huge thick nylon cape over Kara’s body and drew it up to her neck.

“Yes daddy.” Kara said as she fidgetted in the chair as the silky nylon covered her ivory skin. Her sensitive pierced nipples also growning hard from the stimulation of rubbing agaist the material

The cape was something Kara had ordered custom made. She ordered it specifically oversized to make her feel like a little girl. The center of the cape had a clear vinyl window so Daddy Kevin could keep an eye on her. Additionally, the cape had a high collar with a double row of snaps for extra security. To top it all off, the cape had a strap that looped around the neck so it could be pulled tight just like when Daddy choked her.

Kevin wasted little time as he snapped the double row of buttons closed tightly around Kara’s neck. Then he looped the strap around Kara’s neck and through its ring. The strap was long enough to reach the floor; so Kevin could step on it to pull it tight. Since Kara was to get a haircut Kevin also placed a heavy rubber cutting collar around her shoulders. When he was finished caping Kara up he double checked the tissue, cape, cutting collar and even gave the strap a little tug.

“Alright you are all ready Babydoll. I want you to be a good girl and sit still for me.” Kevin said as he pumped up the chair some. Then he removed the claw clip from Kara’s hair and let it fall free down the back of the cape.

“Ill be good Daddy.” Kara promised as she straightened herself in the chair and wiggled her feet against the foot rest. The cape always made her feel cute and girly. She let out a soft groan as the strap was pulled tight and tucked her hand between her thighs. It excited her that Kevin could see her playing.

Kevin pulled Kara’s hair into a loose ponytail and measured twelve inches. Then he fastened a ziptie at the mark; which was at the base of Kara’s neck. Before he started cutting he knew Kara would want to suck her thumb, however the big cape prevented it. So he placed her pacifer in her mouth for her to suck instead.

Kara could feel where he tied her hair. This was the shortest he had ever taken her before. He had never chopped her ponytail off before. Kevin had read her mind about wanting to suck to release some tension. She happily took her paci in her mouth. When he had said she was getting a fall makeover he wasnt joking.

With Kara’s hair measured and banded he lifted a big pair of scissors from the vanity. He opened them and placed them right above band. He pulled the neck strap tight and started cutting away at Kara’s red ponytail. Her hair was straight, but rather thick. It took a number of big slices to free it from Kara’s head. Ultimately, hair was no match for the scissors and Kevin placed both on the vanity.

Kara closed her eyes tightly as sound of the scissors filled her ears. She gasped as she strap grew tight around her neck and she rubbed her clit harder. The haircutting did little for her, but the Daddy knows best attitude was a huge turn on. She felt herself getting close but when Kevin’s foot came off the strap she stopped playing letting the building orgasm fade.

Kara opened her eyes and looked at he ponytail and how her hair hung around the middle of her neck.
“That is alot Daddy.” Kara muttered around her pacifer.

“Yes it was, but you were a brave girl. It is about time I give you a little girl bob.” Kevin smiled as he began wetting down Kara’s hair. He shielded her eyes as he sprayed down the top.

Even though no water got on her face kara still wrinkled her noise. He always sprayed her hair before cutting.
“I have not had a bob in along time.” Kara said as she watched Kevin section and pin her hair up. It always amazed her that a big handsome shirtless man could be so deft with hair.

“I know. It wasn’t even this short when we started dating. It will look too cute.”
Kevin reasured her as he pinched her cheek. With Kara’s hair sectioned and wetted down, Kevin picked up the smaller scissors and comb. He began combing and cutting, little snippets of red hair landing on the cape.

Kara watched closely as Kevin worked. She gently edged herself as he cut layer after layer. He even thinned her hair some with thinning shears. She watched as she hair was transformed into a perfect a-line bob. Then Kevin moved infront of her and started sectioning her bangs. “Daddy are you going to give me bangs?” Kara questioned as she playfully blew the hair off nose.

“Yes Babydoll. Please be still for Daddy. Little girls need bangs to keep thier hair out of thier faces.” Kevin explained as placed the scissors at her forehead and started snipping. The hair sliding down the front of the cape to the floor. He kept combing and cutting until Kara had the most perfect babydoll bangs.

Kara did her best to stay still for Kevin. She was ligitmently anxious to see the result, as she had never had bangs before. They would certainly make her look more girly. She felt the cold steel of the scissors around her forehead. When Kevin finished he moved out of the way so she could see.

“Oh love them Daddy.” Kara said as she bounced in the chair and clapped her hands. This caused the cape to billow up around her and any hair in her lap tl fall to the floor.”This haircut is soooo cute.” Kara cooed as she wiggled around and shook her head playing with the new short length. However, her celebration was cut short when she watched Kevin plug in a pair of clippers.

“Daddy those are for boys!” Kara exclaimed as her eyes popped wide open. She had not had hair cut with those in ten years and was a little nervous.

“They can be used for girl’s haircuts too Babydoll. Your hair is so thick that an undercut will help it lay better.” Kevin explained as he straightened the cape. Next he sectioned her hair in preparation of the nape undercut. With her hair sectioned he picked up the clippers and snapped a number four gaurd over the blades. Then he placed a hand on top of her head and switched them on.

“Just keep being a brave girl.” Kevin said as he straighted the cape and pulled the strap tight. He placed the roaring clippers into her hair at nape and pushed them into her hair.

Kara jumped a little bit when the clippers popped to life, but Kevin’s hand held her still in the chair. This time Kara didn’t close her eyes when strap tightend. She watched as the clippers made pass after pass up the side of her head. She slipped two fingers inside as she played this time. She sucked on her paci hard as she heard the clippers buzzing and hair tumbing into her lap.

Kevin watched Kara play with herself through the cape. Her legs were wide open now and he could see she was using both hands on her little girl parts. He pushed Kara’s head down as he made his passes higher up to her occipital bone. This made the strap tighten even more around Kara’s neck. He could hear her breathing becoming more ragged and her body arch under the cape.

Kara could hardly concentrate on the amout of hair that was being shorn from her head. However, she could feel the cool are hitting her scalp. She began to feel light headed now that Kevin had pressed her head down so far that her chin was in her chest. Her small hands worked her already sore pussy to orgasm, soaking the the front of the chair.

About the time Kara had came, Kevin finished her undercut. He switched off the clippers and relaxed the strap allowing kara to lift her head. As kara moved her hands away, he could see that she had cum so hard she squirted.
“See how nice it feels Babydoll.” Kevin told her as he played with her freshly buzzed nape.

“Yes Daddy.” Kara said as she raised her head pushing it against Kevin’s hand. She looked at herself in the mirror; her face was flushed red from her orgasm. The new haircut looked cute on her; she definitely looked more girlish with the bangs and bob. Now that the cutting was done and she was well satisfied, she gave up her pacifer.

“We are almost done, just keep being a good girl.” Kevin insisted as he removed the cutting collar. Then he removed the big purple cutting cape and neck tissue. He opened the lid on a box of wipes and started cleaning Kara up; lifting her legs over the armrests as necessary. Before he let her legs down he reached for a purple jewel butt plug. After lubing it he gently worked it inside her.

Kara got a little chilled when the heavy collar and cape were removed. She let Kevin clean her sticky body with the wet wipes. She liked how he lifted her legs and made sure her little girl parts were clean. She felt the plug nested deep inside her when she lowered her legs. She also held out her hands to be wiped clean. He was such a caring Daddy.

She watched as Kevin took a pink cotton cape with lace around the the perimeter from its hook. When she saw the pink cape she knew that ment he was going to use the rollers and hood dryer on her. She wondered how her bob would looked curled with babydoll bangs

Kevin wrapped fresh tissue round her neck. With her hair short there was no need to clip it out of the way. Kevin lofted the large pink cape over Kara’s body, then he pulled it up around her neck. This cape had long ribbon ties to secure it. Kevin criss-cross the the ribbons around Kara’s neck a few times before tieing the ends in a bow.

Kara sat still as Kevin caped her for the second time. The ribbon wrapping her neck made up for the lack of the high collar on this cape. Kara grinned when she saw Kevin pick up a pair of nipple clamps. His hand gropped her perky B cups through the cape until he found her nipples. The cape provided some cushion as he clamped the clips in place over the cape.

“You got my boobies Daddy.” Kara said as she noticed that anytime she moved caused the cape to pull at her very sensitive nipples. Between the clamps and plug she felt herself getting wet again.

“Yes I did babydoll.” He said as he began wetting down her hair until it was almost dripping. Then he began rolling her hair up with medium sized roller. He secured each roller with a clip. He used smaller ones for her bangs, so they would really curl forward. With her head full of rollers Kara’s nape was fully exposed. When he finished Kevin secured the rollers with a pink net and lowered the hood dryer.

The hood dryer was Kara’s favorite part of having her hair done. She loved the feeling of the warm air and the cozy cape. Kara also noticed that with her nape buzzed she the air was even more cozy. She started playing again to keep herself amused while the time on the dryer went by. Every movment tugged at her nipples and the plug hit her g spot.

Kevin cleaned up his tools and the vanity while Kara was under the dryer. Once the vanity was cleaned up he swept up the red hair littering the floor. He could tell by the russeling of the cape that Kara was enjoying herself. He watch her body arch and the cape pull taunt as she let out a loud moan. She pulled so hard that when she came the clamps popped off and fell to the floor.

Kara slumped back in the chair after she climaxed. It wasn’t nearly as intense of an orgasm as before and she managed not to squirt. She placed her arms against the armrests as she waited for Kevin to get her. She knew that he normally had her sit under the dryer twenty minutes. While she sat in the chair she heard Kevin start the bath for her.

When Kara’s time was up Kevin turned off the dryer and raised it back to the ceiling. Then he untied the net and started removing the rollers. One by one he put them back in their rack on the vanity. When all of the rollers were removed he combed each of Kara’s curls and made them lay right. Then he finished her off with a good bit of hair spray.

Kara looked in the mirror as her new look was revealed. She thought it was very cute and girly. “Thank you Daddy.”
Kara said as he removed her cape and tissue. She really did look like a little girl dolly with a head full of short curls.

Kevin placed a shower cape carefully over her head so it would stay put during bathtime. “Your welcome babydoll. You may take a bath now.” He told her with a kiss as he lowered the chair and helped Kara to stand.

(See alternate ending below)

Kara wiggled her round butt, the plug clearly visible as she headed to the bath tub. She lowered herself in and played with the bubbles as she relaxed. As she laid in the tub she couldn’t wait to see what she would look like all dressed up.

When Kevin came to check on Kara he was carrying the out fit she was going to wear for the day. Other than the ruffled panties and bralette no one would know Kara liked playing little girl.

As Kevin entered the bathroom he saw that Kara was relaxing in the tub. I was happy that she left her shower cap in place. He kneeled by the tub as he lathered a wash cloth and began washing her back, underarms, and shoulders. Then he moved the wash cloth over her breasts and tummy. When he finished with her upper half he had her stand up while he pulled the plug from the tub.

Kara loved that he always cared for her. Bath time was one of her favorites. She played with a little turtle toy while he washed her. When it came time for her to stand up she turned around and bent over with her legs spread wide out of habit. She held onto the walk to keep from slipping. She always was fully waxed from the neck down. She didnt mind that he always liked to wash and play with her butt first.

Kevin scrubbed her round butt first with the wash cloth. Then he groped and played with her wet soapy making sure it was squeaky clean. Finally he pulled her cheeks wide open exposing the plug fully. He wiggled it around in her bottom before finally removing the plug. He watched as her tiny hole winked at him as it tightened back up.

Kara let out a soft groan as she felt the wide portion of the plug stretch her as it made its exit. She momentarily felt weird at its absence. Play time was coming to an end she sighed to herself. Once the plug was removed he brough the wash cloth between her legs and gave her a good scrubbing front and back. Then he washed her legs.

Once the washing was complete he turned on the shower and rinsed her off from the neck down. He held a towel out to her to wrap her in. Kara stepped out of the shower and he wrapped the huge beach towel around her body. Just like the capes the towel was oversized for Kara by design.

“I love you Daddy.” Kara said as she gave him a kiss and a hug. Then she let him help her get dressed. She stepped into her ruffled little girl panties and kevin gave her a couple playful spanks. Kara giggled and wiggled her butt at him. Next he put her bralette on. Normaly he would have to hold her hair out of the way but not anymore.

“I love you too Babydoll.” Kevin kissed her as he helped her into her jeans. Then he helped her into an olive green top as Kara held her arms above her head. Now that she was dressed no one would ever know the games they played.

Kara got out her makeup for Kevin to finish her look for the day. Kevin opened the the make up case and gave her a quick foundation. Then he turned his attention to her eyes; alittle eye shadow, mascara and eye liner with a tiny wing. To finish the look he used a deep red lipstick.

“Cute!” Kara said as she looked at herself in the mirror. She gave him a big kiss on the kiss on the cheek, that Kevin to wipe away. She slide her petite hand into his and they left the house to get lunch together. Kara was all very happy the rest of the day knowing that she was Kevin’s Babydoll.


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6 responses to “Daddy’s Babydoll

  1. Alternative Ending

    Kara wiggled her round butt, the plug clearly visible as she headed to the bath tub. She lowered herself in and played with the bubbles as she relaxed. As she laid in the tub she couldn’t help but to think about how much see didn’t want to be seen in public with her curled little girl bob. It would be fun just at the house, but it was just to girly even for her to be seen in public. So she pulled the shower cap off and dunked her head under the water. She knew Daddy would be mad with her.
    As Kevin entered the bathroom he saw that Kara had ruined her roller set. “What did you do that Babydoll?” Kevin asked as he grabbed her by the upper arm.

    “I dont know…I slipped Daddy!” Kara knew full well that he wouldn’t believe her lie. She looked up at him with her green lies.

    “You are lying. You were a good girl all day. Now we are going to be late for lunch.” Kevin said as he grabbed the back of her nape. Then he dropped his sweat pants letting his big cock swing free. “You are going to have to make it up to me.” He told her as he press the head of his cock to her lips.

    “Sorry Daddy. I will…I will.” Kara said as she took him in her mouth and started sucking and licking his cock. She felt Kevin get even harder once he was in her mouth. Instead of doing a good job she started teasing him instead. She was now in the mood to be punished.

    “You are still being a naughty brat.” Kevin said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth with a popping noise. Then he pulled her up and drained the tub. I shoved her in the corner and started spanking her wet butt. Once her bottom was nice and red he pulled the plug from her ass. He reached above her head for the lube on the shower shelf.

    Kara yelped with each hard swat.
    “Im sorry Daddy.” She whined knowing full well he was going to use her bottom hole; so she wouldn’t cum. She arched her back wanting to please him. She could feel his fingers working the lube into her tightest hole. Anytime she as much as moved she got another series of hard spankings.

    By the time Kevin finished preparing her asshole for use, the spanking had made her so red. As he pushed his fingers in and out of her bottom he could tell the plug had stretched her out some. When he was please that she was lubricated inside and out he pressed his cock to tight hole.

    Kara balled her fists and groaned as she felt his shaft sink inside her. The spanking and cock up her bum made her feel so punished. Sometimes she was in the mood to be a punished dolly. It didnt take very long before she felt him cumming deep inside of her. She wondered if this was the end of her punishment as he pulled out of her and turned on the shower.

    Kevin rinsed off then took her by the arm. When he exited the shower he wrapped Kara up in her princess bath robe. “I want you to go fetch daddy’s clippers.” He ordered as he pointed to the closet.

    “No Daddy, please I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”
    Kara pleaded as she looked up with her pouty faced.

    “No naughty girls that dont take care of there hair dont deserve it.” Kevin replied with a hard spank to the center of her ass. It wasn’t often that he punished Kara or distroyed his creation but he could tell she wanted it.

    Kara yelped in pain as she his hand smacked her ass so hard. She pulled up her robe and rubbed her sore cheeks as she slunk off to the closet for the clippers. She picked them up up out of the vanity drawer he kept them in. Then she walked back to the bathroom with her head hung low.
    “Here Daddy.” Kara said solemnly as she handed them over.

    Kevin plugged them in and raised the lid on the toliet. Then he pulled her over and make her kneel bent over the with her hung over the toliet bowl. He then switched on the clippers as he stepped around her so she was between his legs. With the number four guard still on the blades he started buzzing her down from the back forward.

    Kara didnt really care that he was buzzing her hair off. A buzzcut once a decade didnt seem so bad to her. She watch as hanks of red hair fell in the potty. What she liked was that Kevin was punishing her like a brat with cum still leaking out her asshole.

    Due to Kara’s hair still being damp hit took longer for him to buzz it all off. He went over her head one last time to make sure he got it all even. When he was pleased he switched off the clippers and let her stand up. Kara rubbed her head playing with the spikey pelt of hair that she had left. She knew she would still look cute even with a buzzcut. Kevin made her watch as he flushed the remnants of her hair.

    He pulled her back to the tub and made her sit while he lathered up a wooden bath brush. He started scrubbed her from head to toe making sure to get all the hair and cum off her. He held her up by her waist and paid particularly close attention making sure her holes were clean. She moaned and wiggled as the bath brush bristles rubbed her sore cheeks; which earned her a few good whacks with the back of the brush.

    When Kevin had finished he he dried her off with an oversized bath towel. Then he started getting her dressed for the day. He pulled on her little girl bra and panties. Instead of the jeans and green top he had picked for her he got a blue sundress from the closet. He knew her butt would be too sore jeans.
    “Did you learn your lesson babydoll?” He asked as he got out her makeup.

    “Yes Daddy. Sorry for ruining my hair.” Kara said as she walked over to the mirror. She stood still and watched as Kevin did her make up for the day. He quickly put together a natrual look with a nude lipstick. Then he put two gold studs in her ears. Kara was surprised how feminine she looked even with short hair. Who said Babydoll’s couldn’t have short hair.

  2. I enjoyed your latest story very much. The detail was terrific as you explored the “Daddy” theme. Very few authors take the time to develop the story so fully. I liked the first ending best, as I prefer a well sprayed roller set to a buzz cut, but the spanking and anal sex were great. I hope you write a follow up!

  3. I think this has gotta be my favourite story on the site, i appreciate the attention to detail with the daddy/little dynamic, i often find that especially with websites like this that are heavily focused on one singular kink, that things like that kink can be overlooked and are just being used for certain peoples pleasure. (read: people who have no real awareness of the daddy/little community) but youve got it perfect!! cant thank you enough for taking the time out to be careful with your writing!! love it!☺️☺️????????

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